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Chapter 19 – Do you think we are having an affair

The rain finally stopped at night, and the sky the next day was as blue as washed away, adding a bit of fresh color to the bleak winter day.

It was still not a busy day in the Final Studio today.

Shi Ran saved the picture of the person who was progressing steadily according to the work progress.

Xiao Ba stole the nuts on Shi Ran’s table and squeezed half of her face into Shi Ran’s mirror: “Yo What are you going to do after you get off work”

Shi Ran’s hand to make up the lip glaze paused calmly.

Despite the fact that her relationship with Chen Ruoyu was far from innocent.

That’s because this was not considered innocent, so she couldn’t tell Xiao Ba.

As the name suggests, Xiao Ba was a person who liked to listen to and talk about gossip.

If she told her she would go out with Chen Ruoyu after getting off work later, everyone who came to work tomorrow would look at her differently.

Shi Ran pursed her lips and asked calmly, “Can’t you touch up your makeup to get off work”

“I’m single now.

What if I run into a good-looking woman on the bus and miss it because I took off my makeup Will you accompany me”

Xiao Ba clapped her hands in surprise.

“As expected of you and my beauty, Shi, I have learned and learned.”

Then she touched another piece of dried fruit, looked at Shi Ran in the mirror, and said vaguely, “But you are good-looking.

Even if you take off your makeup, you look good with a single blow.”

Shi Ran was very helpful to Xiao Ba’s words, and in an excellent mood, she pushed the macadamia nuts she had been reluctant to eat to her: “Come on, eat more.”

It was that Shi Ran’s phone lit up.

Xiao Ba noticed that a line of digital coordinates flashed across the screen: “F2, D area, 054”, but before she could understand the mystery, Shi Ran quickly took it over the next second.

The person who sent the message was Chen Ruoyu, who gave the location of her car in the underground parking lot.

“What It’s like Morse code.

” Xiao Ba was very curious when she saw Shi Ran’s concerned look.

Shi Ran looked at this row of numbers and quickly brainstormed: “What else could it be It’s a booth at a friend’s comic convention.

If I have time to go, I’ll go there to find her.”

“Let’s go out of the booth so soon” Xiao Ba asked.

Shi Ran immediately showed a secret state when she heard the words, whispered close to Xiao Ba’s ear, and said, “Shh-inside information.”

“Oh oh oh.” Little Eight rarely takes part in this kind of thing, and it’s easy to believe, and nodded like a squirrel, “It’s really as expected of you.”

It’s almost time to get off work, and the people in the original painting team have already packed up.

Shi Ran was relieved when she saw that Xiao Ba was also getting ready to pack her things and get off work.

Then she took a piece of paper and wiped the sweat from her palms, and then she put on her makeup again.

Chen Ruoyu made her almost reveal her secrets just now.

Why did she make her wait in the parking lot for a while

When the people in the original painting group were almost gone, Shi Ran walked into the elevator with her bags.

There was a big temperature difference between the office building and the underground parking lot.

Shi Ran was wearing a pair of black suede boots today, and when she knocked on the empty concrete floor of the parking lot, she was very imposing, but it was freezing.

The dim light added a situational coolness to the cold, and the green signs exuded a cold light.

Shi Ran walked forward quickly, looking for the coordinates that Chen Ruoyu had given her, and couldn’t help wrapping the profile down jacket around her body tightly.

Shi Ran didn’t know if Chen Ruoyu did it on purpose.

The location of District D was much more remote than the other three districts.

She thought that when she arrived, she would ask Chen Ruoyu what she was thinking, but she didn’t want to see a straight woman standing under the sign as soon as she walked to Area D.

Chen Ruoyu, who had originally expected to sit in the car warmly and wait for her, was now putting her hands in the pockets of her coat and looking at herself as she walked toward her with a blank expression.

She seemed to stand here and wait for a while.

The faint fluorescent light on her head fell on her face as if there was a hint of cold red.

Shi Ran felt a lot of guilt in her heart, so she sped up her steps, walked to Chen Ruoyu’s side, and asked, “Have you waited for a long time”

“Not long.” Chen Ruoyu replied in a light voice, then turned around and walked in the direction where she was parked.

The breath that was exhaled with the voice was filled with a slow white mist, and Shi Ran could see it clearly from the opposite side.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was walking in the direction of the parking lot, and couldn’t tell if she was angry.

She hurriedly followed her and said, “Sorry, I should have come down earlier.” Not next time, please don’t.”

“I’m not angry.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

That face still looked as indifferent as usual, as if it were the surface of the silent sea.

Shi Ran couldn’t see whether there were waves on the bottom of the sea, but she was still ashamed, so she quickly stepped forward to stop Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu just watched the man beside her suddenly appear in front of her like a fox, and paused.

Shi Ran’s eyes looked bright in the dim environment of the underground parking lot.

She had not experienced too much complexity, and her bright eyes were filled with sincerity and guilt that could be seen at a glance.

Chen Ruoyu sniffed the light fragrance that belonged to Shi Ran floating in the air, and her complexion, which was a little stiff from the cool wind, softened a little.

With a bit of helplessness and doting, she repeated to the person in front of her: “Really not.”

She would wait outside, so how could she be angry because she was late

Shi Ran breathed a sigh of relief as she finally got the correct answer.

As she said that, she put her hand into her pocket, flipped it inside twice, and then took it out and put it in front of Chen Ruoyu: “Hey.”

The surrounding lights were a little dim.

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t see what Shi Ran was holding, so she lowered her head slightly.

An old-fashioned black and white package of plum candy was lying quietly and well-behaved in the center of Shi Ran’s soft and fair palm.

“Brown sugar flavored.

It could be considered warding off the cold.” Shi Ran added, feeling that this reason was far-fetched.

Maybe people like Chen Ruoyu won’t like it.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu didn’t dislike or dislike it and silently took the candy from Shi Ran’s hand.

The warmth of Shi Ran’s palm remained on the candy wrapper, so Chen Ruoyu peeled off the candy in front of Shi Ran and put it into her mouth.

is sweet.

There was also a little sour taste of a plum.

But still sweet.

Chen Ruoyu felt that her description was too pale, so she walked forward silently and rolled the glass candy twice on the tip of her tongue.

Not far away, a car slowly started, and the dust it brought up flew into this space, and the exhaust gas rubbed the two of them a little.

But Chen Ruoyu still felt that the candy on the tip of her tongue was sweet.

After the car drove away, the empty parking lot became quiet again, with only two figures on the ground moving slowly.

Shi Ran secretly looked at Chen Ruoyu beside her and found that her complexion was much more relaxed than before.

Her footsteps also slowed down unconsciously, and she became bold again.

She looked at the D area where there were almost no cars parked here as if thinking of something, and whispered to Chen Ruoyu next to her, jokingly, “Do you think we are having an affair”

Shi Ran said this, and leaned slightly towards Chen Ruoyu, with a pair of slightly raised eyes, looking at Chen Ruoyu with a smile.

The slightly curly long hair floated a warm fragrance in the closed environment, and all the ambiguous and seductive expressions fell on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulders.

As soon as the words fell, Chen Ruoyu’s teeth pressed against the plum candy.

The round glass candy ball was bitten out with an obvious crack, just like the crack on the face of this woman who had always been calm.

Chen Ruoyu knew that Shi Ran was just a joke, but it broke her mind.

Fortunately, the light in the underground garage was dim enough that no one noticed Chen Ruoyu’s changes.

Pretending that nothing happened, she rolled the sugar ball back to the tip of her tongue and stopped directly in front of her car: “Get in the car.”

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s ice-like expression on her face and said “boring” in her heart, but she obediently opened the passenger’s door and followed her into the car.

The setting sun brought the last rays of sunlight to burn the sky red, and Chen Ruoyu drove in the opposite direction of the rush hour traffic.

Shi Ran watched the sunset in front of the windshield, gradually being swallowed up by the night, and the old tree with withered vines gradually climbed into her sight in the darkness.

Chen Ruoyu took Shi Ran to an ancient street and alley in the old city.

The thick cultural heritage keeps the brick walls and bluestone slabs very well here.

Although the road was widened, it still does not destroy the style here.

Driving along the alley, a cheongsam shop appeared.

Chen Ruoyu parked the car under the plane tree at the entrance of the store and walked in with Shi Ran.

The shop didn’t look huge, and at a glance, all kinds of cheongsam fabrics were already piled up in this small shop.

Shi Ran was used to shopping in big shopping malls and had some doubts about the reliability of such small stores.

The wind bell rang in the quiet alley.

A woman wearing a dark green embroidered peony cheongsam came out of the house, and she saw Chen Ruoyu, who walked in with a smile on her face: “Yo, this is what kind of wind brought us Ayu”

“Come and buy a cheongsam.” Chen Ruoyu replied simply.

“Custom” the woman asked.

“Take it today.” Chen Ruoyu said.

The woman first pursed her lips and then smiled helplessly.

“You just rely on me to understand me and take advantage of me.

I got a pair of aqua blue satin shoes last month.

It’s exquisite, and I’ll press you.

I made a piece for my body.

You wait for me to give you…”

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu interrupted before the woman’s words were finished: “It’s not me.”

Then she pointed to Shi Ran next to her and said, “She had a pretty standard figure.

I think you should have it here.”

Hearing this, the woman raised her eyebrows, and while looking at Shi Ran, the raw face she had seen for the first time, she approached Chen Ruoyu and whispered, “What is the standard method Have you ever slept”

The woman’s voice was low, with a bit of indecent ridicule.

It’s just that she didn’t know that her joke was a real thing by mistake.

The small cheongsam shop quieted down.

Chen Ruoyu glanced at the woman with one head lower than her and looked at her without saying a word.

The silent oppression fell on the woman’s shoulders, forcing her to put away her jokes; “Okay, okay, I won’t joke with you.”

Then she walked to Shi Ran, who was standing aside, and said politely, “Miss, can you take off your coat first I’ll measure your data and give you a cheongsam to try.”

Shi Ran didn’t know what the two of them said just now, but just looking at the very familiar interaction between her and Chen Ruoyu, she could feel that the two had a close relationship, and a feeling of indescribableness arose in her heart.

She didn’t dare to be negligent, so thinking about it, she nodded cautiously and took off her slightly bloated coat.

Seeing Shi Ran take off the loose down jacket, the expression on the woman’s face instantly changed color, and she couldn’t help sighing, “This is more than a standard, it’s simply beautiful.”

“Wait, I have a cheongsam.

Wait a moment.”

After speaking, the woman walked into the inner room with some excitement that Shi Ran couldn’t understand, and the curtain on the door was rattled by her.

“Her name is Yan Ning, and she’s my friend.” Chen Ruoyu introduced Shi Ran as she watched the woman leave.

Shi Ran was a little curious and answered, “What a good friend”

But she didn’t want to get only a straight answer from Chen Ruoyu: “Ordinary friend.”

Shi Ran smiled helplessly.

She thought for a moment and then asked, “What about Sister Zhou Yuan”

“Ordinary friend.” Chen Ruoyu replied again.

Shi Ran narrowed her eyes when she heard the words and blurted out, “Where’s Song Yi”

It was already completely dark, and the lights in the store were bright through the reflections of several glasses.

Chen Ruoyu stood in front of a clear standing mirror, with no flaws in her calm face: “Unfamiliar.”

It was that Yan Ning’s voice came from inside: “Did I have hallucinations just now Why did I seem to hear the name of that white lotus flower”

The stilettos rattling on the wooden floor made an unfriendly sound.

Chen Ruoyu deliberately covered Shi Ran and replied lightly, “No, you heard wrong.”

“It’s not the best.” Yan Ning’s face softened a little, but she said as if she couldn’t hold back her words: “I guess this person is about to graduate this year, and I don’t know how much blood I will continue to rely on in your house.

In the beginning, I acted pitifully and weakly in your family because of such a thing, and now I have today I underestimated her back then.


Yan Ning’s words became more and more indignant, and Shi Ran was also keenly aware of the unpleasant past between Chen Ruoyu and Song Yi.

It’s just that before Yan Ning’s words were finished, she heard Chen Ruoyu’s voice: “Yan Ning.”

The voice was cold and clear and immediately pulled back the question that Yan Ning had run away.

She smiled lightly, opened the box in her hand, and said to Shi Ran, “Let’s not talk about this today.

Come and try this, cheongsam.”

Shi Ran had no reason to let Yan Ning continue talking, so she had to secretly hide what she had seen in her heart, nodded, and took the cheongsam and petticoat that Yan Ning handed over.

The cheongsam just fell into Shi Ran’s hands, which gave her a feeling of surprise.

The soft and light material draped down her palm, and the slightly cold feeling didn’t make her feel biting.

Instead, it was as warm as jade.

Baoxiang peony was paired with tangled lotus to make dark patterns, with sea ripples appearing in them, and it was amazing just to put them under the light.

And there was a green chrysanthemum embroidered on the button, and the colors of the same color changed alternately and vividly, just like the finishing touch.

Shi Ran suddenly felt that this was not a person, and the shop could not despise it.

She politely said, “Then I will go in and change it.”

Yan Ning nodded, watched Shi Ran walk into the fitting room to change clothes, then sat on the sofa beside Chen Ruoyu, looked at her friend with some scrutiny, and said, “A Yu, who is this person”

“Shi Ran, the original artist in my studio.” Chen Ruoyu replied calmly.

“Just an original artist can ask you to bring me here in person.” Yan Ning didn’t believe it and sighed.

“Oh, some people want my baby, but they still don’t tell me the truth.

Do you know that this cheongsam of mine is a flower draft I drew, and I went to the south to find the embroiderer of Su Embroidery for more than a month It was just made a few days ago.

The people you brought have met.”

However, Chen Ruoyu said ruthlessly, “You can’t wear it.”

Yan Ning was choked by Chen Ruoyu and looked at this petite girl with resentment and helplessness in her eyes, “A Yu, how can you sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds Even if she is your new prey, “

“No.” Yan Ning was interrupted by Chen Ruoyu before she could finish her words.

Yan Ning’s voice paused, and the cheongsam shop suddenly became quiet.

Suddenly, a gust of winter wind blew past the door, and the withered leaves at the door of the stone rolled away.

Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes slightly to look at Yan Ning, who hesitated to speak, and said, “It’s her.”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was light, and the sound of the central air conditioning quickly disappeared in this small cheongsam shop.

But the sound was like a thunderclap on the ground, and it exploded silently, causing Yan Ning to sit up straight.

Her amber eyes suddenly widened, and her red lips opened and opened, unable to utter a word.

“No, she, she is not with us.”

“It’s over,” Chen Ruoyu said.

Yan Ning paused abruptly when she heard the words, and then there were countless smiles on her face.

If she hadn’t been afraid of Shi Ran in the interview room, she would have applauded: “The score is good.

I knew she stayed.

Don’t live with anyone.

Don’t worry, I sacrificed my life for you today, and I will dress her up beautifully for you.”

“It doesn’t have to be…”


Before Chen Ruoyu could finish speaking, she heard the curtain being drawn from the fitting room opposite.

The dark brown linen curtains were gathered in one place, and Shi Ran walked out from inside wearing a copper-blue cheongsam.

The light was cast from above the fitting room, and the dark lines on the satin floated slightly with the owner’s movements, as light as yarn.

The gracious waist loomed beneath the slightly loose tailoring, and it was subtle but full of amorous feelings, far superior to those who deliberately pinched the cheongsam out of the waist.

Chen Ruoyu sat on the sofa and watched from a distance.

Her eyes were no longer restrained, and unconcealed stopped on Shi Ran’s body.

The light and shadow just fell on Shi Ran’s face just right, and delicately depicted her facial features in Chen Ruoyu’s mind, which she already knew by heart.

In a trance, she remembered a poem she read a few days ago.

“My excessively violent passions perverted me,

Too much love makes my love dumb.

But my eyes must have shown you,

Why am I silent Why are the strings slack”

“How is it” Shi Ran walked up to Chen Ruoyu and Yan Ning and put their wrists together.

Xu was the reason Yan Ning wore a cheongsam herself.

The temperature in the entire store was much higher than usual.

Shi Ran took off her clothes and changed into a petticoat and a cheongsam.

She didn’t feel that it was too cold, but she had never worn one.

With these clothes, every step she took, she felt restrained, and she didn’t know where to put her hands and feet.

Yan Ning nodded in front of Chen Ruoyu and affirmed: “It’s so beautiful, it’s as if I drew this draft just to make you wear it.

I don’t need to change my waist, I don’t need to fix the length of my skirt, and all my chrysanthemums were kept.”

Yan Ning’s voice was filled with joy, and Shi Ran’s restraint was suddenly reduced by half.

With a bit of bright confidence and anticipation, she looked to Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting on the side without speaking: “What do you think, Director Chen”

Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran’s voice and turned her eyes away from Shi Ran without making a trace.

But she never spoke, walked silently to the dressing table, and carefully picked out a pearl necklace from it.

Shi Ran didn’t understand the meaning of Chen Ruoyu’s action, or she already knew it.

The nameless rapid heartbeat made her heart beat again.

She stood there as if she had expected it, but also as if she had not expected it.

She lowered her eyes and watched the shadow belonging to Chen Ruoyu on the ground walking towards her little by little until the shadow of her toes rested on her own.

The slender figure covered half of Shi Ran’s face, and round pearls fell on the bronze satin under her gaze.

The familiar faint fragrance wiped her nose again, along with the warmth generated by the sudden closeness of the two of them.

The cheongsam shop was quiet, and Yan Ning walked inside to look for something.

All that was left in Shi Ran’s ears was her own heart, and she didn’t dare look at the person standing in front of her.

The lights above her head all fell on Chen Ruoyu’s profile and outlined her profile finely.

Shi Ran breathed lightly and saw that the drooping eyelashes trembled slightly because of her, but she was also focused because of the pearl necklace that was not yet on.

Chen Ruoyu’s movements were elegant and measured.

She kept a very regular distance from Shi Ran, and her behavior was entirely that of a gentleman.

It’s just that her rolled-up sleeves exposed her forearms, and her delicate and cool skin seemed to rub against Shi Ran’s neck, just like how she felt when she hugged her neck and whimpered softly that night.

Qingxiang and Gugao were dyed with ambiguous colors because of his eating marrow and knowing taste, which became the most deadly provocation for Shi Ran.

She just stood there, and the skin that was accidentally touched by her fingers became hot as if it had been scorched, and it was extremely fatal.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu put the pearl necklace on Shi Ran.

She took a small step back to help Shi Ran tidy up the necklace, looked calmly at the crimson earlobe she hid under her long hair, and answered the question she asked her just now: “It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Shi Ran came back to her senses after hearing the words.

She was quiet and well-behaved, unlike the usual little fox.

The two sentences that came back and forth fell silent, and there was no other sound in the store.

The two people stood opposite each other like this, but under the warm yellow light, there was a lot of an ambiguous feeling of silence rather than sound.

At that moment, Yan Ning, who had just gone inside, came out holding a dark brown woolen coat and draped it over Shi Ran’s shoulders without saying a word.

The weight of the coat was very heavy.

Shi Ran was unprepared, and her shoulders collapsed because of the pressure.

“This is a vintage I bought from City B last month, and it goes well with this cheongsam.” Yan Ning looked at Shi Ran’s outfit with great satisfaction.

“This pearl necklace is the finishing touch, and I will wear this outfit when the time comes.

No matter what the occasion is, it can hold back.

Although Shi Ran had never been exposed to these things, she had also read fashion magazine tweets.

Even though she didn’t know the price of the cheongsam, she also knew that the vintage coat and pearl necklace on her body were not cheap.

She only had the 100,000 yuan given by the gold owner’s sponsor yesterday, which was not enough: “This can’t be done…”

It’s just that Shi Ran’s refusal was interrupted by Yan Ning before she finished speaking.

“Clothing fits people, and people have to support clothes.

It’s not a loss for me to give you these clothes.”

As she said that, she looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside Shi Ran, and said, “Right, A Yu.”

Chen Ruoyu knew how much wealth Shi Ran had and understood what Yan Ning meant, so she nodded along with Yan Ning’s words: “Yan Ning is right, you don’t have to feel guilty.”

However, Shi Ran still hesitated.

After all, the relationship between her and Yan Ning was not at the level of taking one of her vintage clothes for nothing.

She thought about it seriously and chose a compromise solution: “Well, Boss Yan, I borrowed this coat.

I’ll send it for dry cleaning after use and then return it to you.”

Yan Ning didn’t expect Shi Ran to choose not to take this rare advantage and looked at Chen Ruoyu with a little more approval.

She was also refreshed, so she didn’t go back to Shi Ran to be polite.

She nodded and walked toward the counter.

“Okay, I’ll give you an order.

Today is a friend like you.”

Shi Ran’s fox-like eyes curled when Yan Ning said this.

She didn’t know if she was happy to have made such a friend, or if she was happy that she was gradually integrating into Chen Ruoyu’s circle.

The time soon came for Song Yi’s birthday party, and the morning light fell on the flowing satin especially brightly.

The light rain predicted last night was replaced by the warm Dongyang.

She didn’t know if it was to celebrate Song Yi’s birthday today or pave the way for what Shi Ran was going to do today.

In the morning, before the alarm clock went off, Shi Ran walked down the stairs lazily.

After a simple wash, she sat in front of the dressing table in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, carefully preparing for today’s makeup.

Shi Ran just drew a pair of exceptionally beautiful eyebrows at one time, when the phone vibrated several times and two messages were hung on her list.

Chen Ruoyu: “At home”

Song Yi: “Do you want me to pick you up”

Shi Ran automatically ignored the following one and clicked on Chen Ruoyu’s chat box: “Why are you coming to pick me up”

“By the way,” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Shi Ran was a little surprised: “Why do you want to be there for her birthday party too”

“Ok.”Chen Ruoyu tapped the screen expressionlessly.

Her eyes darkened.

She didn’t like occasions when Song Yi was around, from childhood to adulthood.

It’s just that she had never been overjoyed.

In the eyes of all the elders, she was a well-behaved and obedient child.

She had grown up step by step, and no one had ever asked her if she was willing.

So when she suddenly went abroad in the third year of high school, she shocked everyone in the family, and the old man was even more furious.

But she originally had a backbone, but she was dormant under her spine and was not noticed by anyone.

Not being noticed didn’t mean it didn’t exist.

The phone lit up when the screen was about to die, and Chen Ruoyu blinked slightly when she saw the message sent by Shi Ran.

Shi Ran still remembered the conversation she had with Chen Ruoyu in Yanning’s cheongsam shop a few days ago and asked half-guessingly: “Mandatory requirements at home Can’t you go”

Since it exists, it must be noticed by someone.

Chen Ruoyu was thrilled, and the one who noticed this was Shi Ran.

The sunlight filtered through the thin clouds and fell softly into the parked Maybach on the side of the road.Even Chen Ruoyu’s expression was gentle.

She looked at the message from Shi Ran like this, tapped the on-screen keyboard lightly with her fingers, and replied calmly, “That’s why I came to pick you up.”

Seeing the message from Chen Ruoyu, Shi Ran smiled, “What Is it because of the same sickness”

Then she glanced at the cosmetics she had spread on the table and said, “Then you have to wait for me.

I haven’t finished my makeup, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, so don’t wait outside!”

Two messages in a row were sent out, and the room was suddenly too full.

Shi Ran was watching the breathing light on her phone while curling her eyelashes, but she still didn’t wait for the news when she had finished applying her mascara.

Song Yi annoyingly sent several messages asking Shi Ran to take her home.

Shi Ran was very upset when she saw the news, so she wiped it all away.

Then she picked up the vintage shirt that was put on the sofa by her baby and walked out the door with her bag in hand.

Although Shi Ran had already told Chen Ruoyu not to wait for her outside, to prevent her from waiting for her outside for a long time like last time, she still went out early.

Sure enough, as soon as Shi Ran walked into the hall, she saw the familiar Maybach and the familiar person through the glass door.

The sun always favors beautiful women, even in winter.

Pedestrians coming and going around were marked with blue.

Chen Ruoyu just stood in front of the car.

Her expression was cold, her eyes were faint, and she didn’t know where she was looking.

Today, she wore a light apricot coat that perfectly matched her skin tone.

The cocoon-shaped outline enveloped her entire thin body, revealing only a slender calf wrapped in off-white short boots.

The long, supple hair was piled up at the neck, and the right curl reduced the chill on her body while also adding a lot of quietness and gentleness that Shi Ran had never seen before.

The automatic door at the door opened slowly, and the icy wind suddenly blew on Shi Ran’s face, making her absent-minded return quickly.

She clenched her stiff hands slightly, looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing in the wind, walked up to her, and asked, “Didn’t I let you take the car Why are you waiting outside again”

“I just came out.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly.

Shi Ran saw the slight redness on her cheeks that she couldn’t hide: “Liar.”

Chen Ruoyu did not deny or admit it, but only helped Shi Ran to open the car door, “Go in the car.”

The inside of the car was much warmer than the outside, so Shi Ran couldn’t help but put her hand on the air outlet to warm up.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting in the cab from the other side, and continued education just now: “Don’t wait for me outside in the future.

I’m so old.

Can I still find you”

Shi Ran swore an oath, but Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer.

Her eyes became dark for no reason, and even light could not penetrate.

After sinking for a moment, Chen Ruoyu turned around and handed a steaming breakfast to Shi Ran like magic, “Here.”

Even if Shi Ran still wanted to argue with Chen Ruoyu, her eyes were instantly drawn to this breakfast.

She looked at the outer packaging of the pancake fruit and soy milk and was very surprised: “This is the pancake fruit and soy milk from our school.

I haven’t eaten it for a long time, so I’m still wondering.

When did you buy it “

“By the way,” Chen Ruoyu answered lightly, thankful that she remembered correctly.

The mellow bean aroma was intertwined with the taste of egg batter, filling this clean and high-end car with the smell of fireworks.

Shi Ran hadn’t eaten breakfast at the high school for a long time, and she felt a lot better in an instant with some reluctance, completely forgetting that she had to go around half of the S city from No.

1 Middle School to her home.

The sun had gradually risen above the dome, and the car had slowly merged into the traffic.

Shi Ran seemed to recall something, so she placed the half-drank soy milk on the cup holder, stretched out her hand, took her coat pocket out, and said, “Hey.”

The sun shines on Shi Ran’s open palm from the windshield.

Another plum candy.

As if bartering.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it without hesitation and took it from Shi Ran’s hand.

That finger lightly skipped Shi Ran’s palm, bringing a bit of exclusive warmth.

Chen Ruoyu held the candy and mumbled, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Shi Ran answered and took a bite of the pancake fruit, which was as rude as she said.

When winter comes, the trees on both sides of the road have already lost all their leaves, and they look a little lonely on both sides.

Because it was past the rush hour for work and the journey was smooth, Chen Ruoyu and Shi Ran soon came to Xiaobei Gang, where Song Yi’s birthday party was.

A typical Soviet-style garden building in Xiaobei Gang was graceful and beautiful.

There was a pavilion next to the parking lot.

Although there was no snow scene in the north, just looking at the sparkling lake was also pleasing to the eye.

Shi Ran looked at the scenery that kept approaching her through the glass.

Although it had been a year since the last time she was here, the surprise she brought to her last visit was still true.

There weren’t many cars parked in the parking lot, but Chen Ruoyu’s Maybach was parked in it, but it seemed a little overwhelming.

In the courtyard, with the shadows of trees on the opposite side, many figures flashed by.

Song Yi seemed to intend to make her birthday party bigger this time and invited a lot of famous people.

She thinks she will graduate from graduate school this year, and she wants to create some momentum for herself to enter the painting world.

Shi Ran thought that Mr.

Chen was also coming back and then thought of the relationship between Chen Ruoyu and Mr.

Chen, thinking that she was here to smash the scene today, and thought it was better not to cause trouble for Chen Ruoyu, so she avoided the suspicion and said: “I’ll go down first.”

Chen Ruoyu heard the words and turned to look at Shi Ran.

But she still didn’t have time to say anything.

Shi Ran simply unbuckled the seat belt and walked out of the car.

The dark brown coat swayed in the warm winter sun with the owner’s neat steps, and occasionally the copper-blue satin was the only color in the lonely winter, and it seemed to bloom in Chen Ruoyu’s lonely vision.

She knew that Shi Ran was evading suspicion with her.

But why didn’t she ask herself if she would like to help her

A sigh of breath was slowly sighed in the quiet carriage.

Chen Ruoyu stared at Shi Ran’s back, who was farther and farther away and peeled off the candy she had just given her.

Still sweet.

But there was a little more sourness that she didn’t taste last time.

Today was a rare sunny day in winter.

Shi Ran smelled the freshness floating in the air and relaxed a little.

It’s just that her good mood didn’t last long when she saw a very familiar figure standing at the door of the banquet entrance.

Song Yi wore a low-waisted silhouette dress with a distinct 20s style today.

The champagne-colored satin was covered with fine diamonds.

The luxurious and decadent look reminded people of “The Great Gatsby”.

Shi Ran didn’t want to have contact with Song Yi, but Song Yi seemed to wait for her at the door all the time.

The moment she saw Shi Ran, her eyes lit up.

The short-heeled leather shoes tapped the uneven floor tiles, which made the master’s voice cheerful: “Shi Ran, you’re here.

Why don’t you reply to my news I’ve been waiting outside since just now.

Your hands are cold.

Song Yi put her hand in Shi Ran’s pocket as she had in the past.

But this time, her hand just brushed the back of Shi Ran’s hand, and then suddenly fell.

Some people said that just now their cheeks were cold.

Some people say that all the time, but the hands were hot.

Shi Ran watched Song Yi’s performance with a bitter expression, took a half step back to the side with a blank expression, distanced herself from Song Yi again, and stretched out her hand: “Give me the bracelet.”

Song Yi’s hand was empty, and her expression collapsed for a moment but quickly recovered.

Shi Ran retreated, and she went in, her voice as sweet as a spoiled child: “Didn’t I say that you would come to my birthday party, so I could give it back to you You didn’t even enter my home, and you didn’t even have a cake.

Why did you even attend my banquet”

“You said that you came alone, and you are not familiar with this place.

I have to take you with me.

By the way, I will introduce to you a few elderly people from our family who came here today.

All of them are meticulous painters.

After saying that, Song Yi took a step toward Shi Ran, stretched out her arm towards Shi Ran, and motioned for Shi Ran to hold her.

She made a huge network and calculated that Shi Ran’s interpersonal relationship would be alone here, and she would have to rely on herself.

As long as she showed care for her today and thought about her in everything, she would come back when she was moved.

Song Yi believed no one could easily bypass the seven-year relationship.

But she forgot she was the exception.

Shi Ran would too.

The winter breeze blew across the lake in Shi Ran’s sight, causing ripples on the stagnant lake.

In the sparkling waves, Shi Ran noticed that Chen Ruoyu, who had already parked the car, was walking toward her.

like a savior.

Shi Ran whispered, “I’m sorry” in her heart, and walked to Chen Ruoyu calmly.

Those fox-like eyes reflected the bright and splendid light on the lake and were slightly curved in Chen Ruoyu’s sight as if they were sandwiched between many summer stamens of honey.

Shi Ran took Chen Ruoyu’s arm in front of Song Yi like this, her red lips raised an ambiguous smile, and her voice sounded three points sweeter than Song Yi’s: “Why did you stop for so long Let’s come in, it’s cold outside.”


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