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Chapter 22 – Kiss

The remote underground parking lot was quiet and cold, and no light could penetrate.

Shi Ran bit Chen Ruoyu’s arm, but she didn’t speak.

The delicate skin, like cold jade, exuded a faint fragrance.

Shi Ran was a little wicked.

The tip of her tongue rolls on the skin of Chen Ruoyu’s arms, swaying the person who looks cold and dignified in front of her.

Chen Ruoyu’s heart tickled, and her throat, which could not be illuminated, rolled secretly.

She pretended to look at the fox in front of her calmly and asked, “Are you angry”

“That’s right.” Shi Ran let go of Chen Ruoyu’s arm and said truthfully, “It’s agreed that I will be with you for your birthday today, so I won’t see anyone early in the morning, and I won’t reply when I send a message.

Those who don’t know will think they have an appointment with someone else.”

Shi Ran lowered her head and nodded at the cigarette between her fingers, and the ashes with a few flames were extinguished on the ground.

She seems to be used to being put out by others, learning to control her expectations.

But the act of lighting a cigarette carries a lot of loss that she did not realize.

They were disappointed that Chen Ruoyu might break the appointment.

“Sorry.” Chen Ruoyu looked into Shi Ran’s eyes and said sincerely, “I have a foreign meeting tonight, and it was postponed until this morning.

Some plans were disrupted, so I didn’t have time to reply to your message.”

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who explained it to her in surprise.

-She had never been explained by Song Yi before, like Chen Ruoyu was now.

Shi Ran was still a little uncomfortable with such an atmosphere, so she lowered her head and said “oh” dryly.

I was secretly happy in my heart.

It’s just that this happiness didn’t last long when it was interrupted by a hand that suddenly entered Shi Ran’s line of sight.

Chen Ruoyu said unceremoniously, “Gift.”

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment, remembering that the gift she had prepared for Chen Ruoyu was placed on the workstation by her.

-She originally came down this time just to smoke a cigarette!

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s hand that was reaching out to her and couldn’t bear to let her down, so she took it out of her pocket and put the candy in Chen Ruoyu’s hand with smiling eyes.

The light in the corner was a little weak, but Chen Ruoyu could still distinguish this familiar shape.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s gaze at Huamei Tang and explained, “Your gift is upstairs.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll go up and get it for you now.”

Shi Ran dexterously sneaked under Chen Ruoyu’s arm that was on her side.

But before she could leave, there was a slight chill in her wrist.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran expressionlessly and put the candy in her hand into her pocket: “No hurry, come with me.”

Shi Ran was still a little confused about what Chen Ruoyu was going to do when she saw a car parked in the dark in the distance light up.

This was the first time she had seen black that could shine in a dim environment, and an Aston Martin, which had been referenced on the Internet, appeared in front of her eyes.

“Wow, Chen Ruoyu, didn’t expect you to be so rich You know, Shi Yu likes this kind of car very much.

The old man loves him so much, and he refuses to buy it for him because it’s too expensive.

” Shi Ran couldn’t help sighing.

It was the joy of seeing beautiful things.

Chen Ruoyu stood aside, took Shi Ran’s joy in her eyes, and flatly opened the passenger’s door for her.

The warm air in the car was still on, and the car radio was agitating the heavy snow in today’s weather forecast.

Shi Ran’s eyes were bright, and she looked at the configuration of the car curiously and asked, “Where are we going with such a good car”

Chen Ruoyu heard the words and threw out a word that fits the definition of a sports car: “For a ride.”

Just as Shi Ran was about to complain that Chen Ruoyu’s answer had a serious joke, she saw a shadow cast over her head.

Unexpectedly, Chen Ruoyu stretched out her hand towards the seat belt beside Shi Ran, as if she was just trying to fasten the seat belt for the person who was only watching the car.

The familiar fragrance followed Shi Ran’s sense of smell because of the bite just now, and slowly fermented on the tip of her tongue.

The drooping strands of hair fell on the side of Shi Ran’s face, itching her cheeks gently and smoothly, reaching into the bottom of her heart.

Plop, plop…

Shi Ran felt that her body was going to freeze, and her heart was beating thumpingly, which was especially obvious in this quiet carriage.

She just watched Chen Ruoyu’s fingers across her line of sight, and the hurried passing reminded Shi Ran of what Xiao Ba said just now-thin, long, clean, and beautiful.

want to…


The sound of the seat belt being stuck in the slot rang out from Shi Ran’s ears, interrupting her initial imagination.

Shi Ran regained her senses but saw that the person who had just started the provocation had seriously fastened her seat belt.

Straightforward, without flaws.

If Xiao Ba interviewed Shi Ran about how she felt about being a top sports car, Shi Ran might only answer two words: comfortable.

She started the car after Chen Ruoyu fastened her seat belt.

The two hosts of the radio station were still excitedly discussing today’s heavy snow.

She didn’t know if it was because the leather seats were so comfortable.

Shi Ran fought as soon as she sat down after working all day.

The warm air in the car was a little hot, and when Shi Ran opened her eyes again, the snow she heard on the radio had turned into real snowflakes falling in front of the windshield of the car.

Under the dark knight, the neon lights and the fluttering snowflakes fell on the viewing platform on the shore in the river breeze, and the tiled floor was already covered with a thin layer of snow.

Chen Ruoyu was standing in front of the railing not far away, wearing that pure white coat, with a slim figure, in the surrounding noisy and happy environment, as if she was alone in the world.

The bright lights set off the lively snow scene at night, but Chen Ruoyu looked away independently.

Her cold eyes didn’t know what to do on the other side of the river.

The long-awaited snow did not make her look happy, and her slightly drooping eyelashes were still filled with loneliness that was difficult to read.

But that day was her birthday.

Shi Ran quietly got out of the car, closing the door much lighter.

Although many people, including herself, were not happy with their birthdays.

But at this second, at this moment, Shi Ran wanted Chen Ruoyu to be happy.

The observation deck along the river was the location of many Internet celebrity shops.

Shi Ran walked through the street with small lanterns and pushed the door into an Internet celebrity cake shop.

Because it was about to close, the beautiful cakes in the display cabinet were sold out, and there were only a few left, which were a bit out of sight because of the time of the day.

Shi Ran felt dissatisfied and asked, “Can you make a cake for me”

The lady at the cash register showed a very embarrassed expression when she heard the words: “I’m sorry, miss, we have just packed the cake embryo and prepared to throw it away.

If you look at the cake in the display cabinet, it is very good.”

Shi Ran looked at the cake in the display cabinet and still wanted to win for Chen Ruoyu: “That’s it.

One of my friends has her birthday today, but she’s been busy all day, and she hasn’t eaten a single bite of the cake, no matter how big it is, as long as she can just put in a candle.”

Just when the lady at the cashier was embarrassed, a woman’s voice came from the inside of the cake shop.

She also wore a hygienic mask and gloves, and pointed to the two stacked cake embryos on the workbench with a cheese knife: “Is this big enough I can make you a Black Forest cake with the remaining chocolate chips.”

Of course, Shi Ran didn’t dislike it, and he immediately nodded, “Well, yes.”

The cake chef’s hands were fast and steady; the chocolate cream was used as the base; the cheese knife was neatly smoothed; and a black forest cake sprinkled with chocolate chips was ready in no time.

Shi Ran watched the cake chef put the cake into the box.

Just as she was about to pick it up, she heard her say, “Send it to the person you like.”

When the words fell, Shi Ran couldn’t help taking the cake, and hurriedly pretended to explain calmly, “No, you misunderstood.”

“Misunderstanding” the cake chef repeated, looking at Shi Ran with a little more scrutiny.

It’s just that she said nothing.

She waved her hand and urged, “If it’s not, then go back quickly, while the taste is good now.”

Shi Ran nodded and left the store quickly.

The snow that had been announced was getting bigger and bigger, and Shi Ran’s heart beat faster as she stepped on the pure snow.

She didn’t know why a guess would make her feel like someone had uncovered her secret, and her heart, which had always been strong, was inexplicably flustered.

Does she like Chen Ruoyu

She just broke up recently.

How could she fall in love with someone so quickly

And this person was Chen Ruoyu…

Shi Ran thought so and returned to the observation deck.

Chen Ruoyu was still standing in front of the fence by the river, raising her head slightly and looking at the other side of the river.

Sparkling waves floated in and out in the night, reflecting on her face, still lonely.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Although the winter nights were getting colder and colder, there was still an endless stream of people taking pictures and playing around the observation deck.

Chen Ruoyu was looking away from the distance, but suddenly she heard singing coming from a loud voice.

The voice was familiar and unfamiliar, and it felt closer and closer to her in the cold air.

Chen Ruoyu, who had always set aside from reality, suddenly had many unrealistic thoughts in her heart.

She held the cold railing like this and turned around with some anticipation.

At this moment, the crowd in Chen Ruoyu’s site was marked with a phantom, and Shi Ran was standing in the center of her sight, holding the cake and walking toward her.

The slender golden star candle was burning with scorching light, which made Shiran’s face in the back especially clear and bright.

Shi Ran smiled and held the cake in front of Chen Ruoyu and said to Shou Xing, “Make a wish.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran say this, she was at a loss for the first time: “What do you promise”

“I wish Shi Ran a substantial fortune.

I wish Shi Ran to have delicious food every day.

I wish Shi Ran…”

Shi Ran said stubbornly, taking up the first two wishes in one breath.

Then she paused and returned the last wish to Chen Ruoyu: “I wish Chen Ruoyu a happy day.”

After saying that, she raised her eyes to look at Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu also seemed to take advantage of this gap to make a draft in her heart, and she closed her eyes under Shi Ran’s gaze, imitating Song Yi, who celebrated her birthday recently.

After a long period of silence, Chen Ruoyu opened her eyes and blew out the candle.

Shi Ran had been greedy for the cake in her hand for a long time, took out a small spoon from the bag on her wrist, and said, “Shou Xing’s first taste.”

Chen Ruoyu also cooperated and took the spoon, digging a spoon into the side of the cake.

Chen Ruoyu’s mouth was melted with chocolate mixed with vegetable cream.

What was supposed to be sweet and greasy at the time became extremely delicious at this time.

Shi Ran watched Chen Ruoyu eat the cake from the spoon, and asked expectantly, “How is it Is it delicious”

Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes but felt that her thoughts were not rigorous.

There was an existence in this world that was more delicious than the cake in Shi Ran’s hands.

The snowflakes swayed under the light above the two of them.

Shi Ran didn’t wait for Chen Ruoyu’s answer, but a cool hand.

The soft fingertips rubbed the line of the lower jaw, and the tightly pressed wrist was tied with the pulse of the neck, leaving a silent ambiguity.

A face the size of a stretched hand could be held in one hand.

Shi Ran was a little dazed and seemed to have expected something, so she raised her eyes and looked at Chen Ruoyu.

The snow crystal that fell on Chen Ruoyu’s eyelashes just now melted in the hot air burning between them.

The warm air carried the fragrance of dyed snow to Shi Ran.

Her creamy lips imprinted a touch of sweetness on her lips.


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