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Chapter 26 – Say yes to me

The roasted chicken feet in the small shop were made quickly.

Just now, Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu were still at the end of the line, and now they have arrived at the very front position.

What could be warmer than seeing the white smoke with the aroma of meat rising in front of you on a cold winter day

Shi Ran pointed her toes and looked at the roasting chicken feet on the grill in front of her, and her stomach was a little hungry after finishing the small three.

“Roasted chicken feet seem to be boneless.”

“Then do you want to buy one”

“Okay… But there are so many people in line.

How long will it take”

“It looks pretty fast.”

“But I want to eat now.”

The conversation between the two girls slipped into Shi Ran’s ears along with the aroma of roasted chicken feet.

She always felt a little familiar listening to this conversation, so she couldn’t help but squint her eyes and secretly look in the voice’s direction.

The girl who spoke in a delicate voice just now was holding the tall girl beside her coquettishly, not like a friend, but like a couple.

The two of them didn’t know what to say, so they walked away from here.

Shi Ran thought the girl had given up the long queue and felt a little pity in her heart.

It’s just that her pity didn’t last long, and was interrupted: “Miss, hello, I have an unkind request.”

The person who spoke was the tall girl who just said, “Can you buy one for us My girlfriend wants to eat it.

I can pay you, please.”

The tall girl said, with a bit of embarrassment on her face, but she still had a friendly smile on her face because she was asking for help.

Shi Ran saw that the light behind the man was suddenly particularly dazzling, and she suddenly realized why she thought the conversation between the two people was familiar.

In the past few years, she and Song Yi had had such a way of getting along.

She acted coquettishly and compromised herself, but whatever she wanted, she had to bite the bullet and satisfy herself.

“She doesn’t really like you.” Shi Ran addressed the tall girl in front of her abruptly.

The light couldn’t penetrate her pupils, making her look particularly gloomy and obscure.

“If she likes you, she will be reluctant to let you line up.

She just uses you as a tool to satisfy her desires.”

The tall girl was startled when she heard Shi Ran’s straightforward words.

She thought that Shi Ran was just an ordinary man of justice, complaining on her behalf and hurriedly explained: “My girlfriend is not what you said.

She is very nice.”

It’s just that the tall girl hadn’t finished speaking.

Shi Ran continued as if she knew what she was going to say, “gentle and well-behaved, good at acting like a spoiled child, and very considerate of your hard work.”

“But her thoughtfulness is all because of what you did for her before.”

The tall girl was stunned, and the silence seemed abrupt in the hustle and bustle.

Shi Ran looked at the tall girl standing opposite her as if she was looking at her past self.

“You shouldn’t be like this.” Shi Ran said again, “Even if you like her, if the price is for you to lose yourself, become her accessory, and be manipulated by her, you might as well leave.”

She spoke to the girl word for word like this, as well as to her past self.

The tall girl’s eyes flickered as if she had been punctured by something she had been unwilling to face.

She gave Shi Ran a convincing smile and forced an explanation: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

I like my girlfriend very much, and my girlfriend likes me very much.

I’m sorry.”

As soon as the voice fell, the tall girl turned around and ran away.

Shi Ran just looked at the tall girl’s back in the crowd, her heavy eyes becoming more and more obscure.

She suddenly realized that she seemed to be interfering in other people’s private affairs just now, and she asked Chen Ruoyu, who had been silent, in a slightly lower voice, “Don’t you think I have a lot of things”

To attract customers, the stall was always lit up brightly.

Chen Ruoyu could see clearly why Shi Ran did this.

But she said nothing.

She didn’t nod her head, she didn’t shake her head, she just took out the hand she had just copied in her pocket and motioned to Shi Ran to stretch out her hand: “Hey.”

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu was going to give herself something to eat, so she shook her head: “I’m not hungry.”

But Chen Ruoyu didn’t.

She shoved the thing in her hand into Shi Ran’s hand in silence and didn’t give Shi Ran a chance to reject her.

Then she blankly repeated what she said to herself when she helped Shi Ran move: “Eating will make you feel better.

You said it.”

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s serious expression, and the gloomy mood just now became much better.

She took Chen Ruoyu’s love like this and opened her palm obediently.

It’s a candy cane.

It’s the same taste that I often eat.

Shi Ran was a little surprised: “Did you give it back to me”

“I bought a box,” Chen Ruoyu explained.

“My ability to carry goods is not bad.” Shi Ran smiled proudly, removed the sugar coating, and put the glass candy in her mouth.

The sourness of plums wrapped in brown sugar bloomed in her mouth, and the sweet and sour taste made her very satisfied.

“Thank you.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer, just stood quietly beside Shi Ran, accompanying her to move forward two steps and two steps as the team progressed until they stood in front of the window of the small shop.

Shi Ran skillfully ordered two copies of the signature spicy chicken feet and another copy of the signature original flavor for Chen Ruoyu.

The chicken feet have been prepared, and the accounts of these two people have not yet been settled.

Shi Ran thought of what had just happened and frowned: “Actually, there is nothing good about falling in love.

If you like each other too much, you will easily lose yourself, and if you are too insistent on yourself, it is easy to compete.

Where can you find such a suitable one Be alone.”

Chen Ruoyu noticed Shi Ran’s negative attitude toward love now, so she remained silent and did not express her opinion.

She held the plum candy in her pocket like this and pressed the eagerness in her heart deeper.

The injured little fox did not know how long it would take to return to the crisis-ridden human world.

It was cold at night, and it was already 8:59 when the two walked into the car.

Shi Ran looked at the display time that had just changed to nine o’clock, put the chicken feet box on her lap, and fastened her seat belt neatly.

Chen Ruoyu was still driving the Maybach today, but there was a faint scent of perfume in the calm black.

Shi Ran looked at the meticulous environment in the car and suddenly felt that the chicken feet with a strong smell on their legs were out of place.

Shi Ran endured it and went home and ate again.

But at this moment, a cold reminder came from beside her.

“If you don’t eat it, it will get cold.”

After saying that, Chen Ruoyu started the car, looking a little careless.

Shi Ran was thrilled to be granted the charter.

The elegant aroma in the car was no match for the spicy taste released by the carton.

As soon as the car door was opened, the whole car was filled with the deliciousness of spicy chicken feet.

There were few cars at night, and the traffic lights were very smooth.

Shi Ran arrived downstairs in the apartment where she lived before she finished eating a box of chicken feet.

It’s just that this person seems to be oblivious to what she eats, and she didn’t notice that the car stopped not because of the traffic light but because she had arrived home.

Chen Ruoyu sat aside without remembering, just watching Shi Ran eat chicken feet.

Although Chen Ruoyu could eat in her car, Shi Ran still ate carefully.

All the tiny bones were kept in the bag on her leg, and the bright light from the window glass on one side fell on her face, which made the originally rambunctious person extraordinarily well-behaved.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it, and she didn’t have a good appetite at first, but she also had a little more appetite.

Suddenly, Shi Ran felt a little warmer on her face.

Without saying a word, Chen Ruoyu put the cold fingertips on her cheek, and the edge touched the corner of her lips.

Shi Ran’s body froze immediately.

The windshield framed the pitch-black night.

Unlike the snowstorm that froze people’s minds on Chen Ruoyu’s birthday, the warm air in the car kept people awake.

Shi Ran clearly knew that it was Chen Ruoyu’s hand that landed on her cheek, and every slight rotation of the finger pulp moved her sensitive nerves, and her heartbeat was also speeded up.

Shi Ran tried her best to calm herself and looked at Chen Ruoyu with innocent eyes: “What are you doing”

“Hair.” Chen Ruoyu explained briefly and then moved her fingers to draw up the strand of hair on Shi Ran’s face that she almost ate into her mouth.

Chen Ruoyu’s answer was serious, and her actions were also that of a gentleman.

Shi Ran looked at it but felt that her thoughts just now were petty.

The kiss as a gift had become an unspoken secret between the two after the birth.

The snow under the sun, moon, and night cast a thin layer of frost on the surrounding scene, and the ambiguity was frozen inside, like a crystal ball limited by festivals.

Some moments make people even more fanciful.

But these were not supposed to be.

“’cause I’ve got my mind on you, I’ve Got My Mind On You.

Say Yes To Heaven, Say Yes to Me… “

The sound of the music playing in the car became clear, and the singer’s ethereal and lazy voice lightly interrupted the confusion in Shi Ran’s mind.

Shi Ran’s English wasn’t very good.

She only staggered through the fourth grade and floated through the sky, and she couldn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics, but she liked the melody very much.

She gathered up the chicken feet in the bag and asked Chen Ruoyu, “What song is this”

“‘Yes to heaven’” Chen Ruoyu replied, paused, and said, “I will send it to you when I go back.”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded, accepted Chen Ruoyu’s consideration, and then noticed that she had come downstairs to her apartment.

The little fox sighed, “It’s coming so soon!” and was about to open the door and get out of the car.

It’s just that she was about to wave goodbye to Chen Ruoyu when she saw the untouched chicken feet she put in the back seat and couldn’t help but instruct, “The chicken feet will be cold when you go back.

Remember to warm them up.”

“Okay.” Chen Ruoyu nodded, and Shi Ran’s farewell voice came from her ear: “Then I’m leaving.

Pay attention to safety on the road.”

The night hides people’s emotions in the darkness.

Chen Ruoyu just sat in the car and watched Shi Ran walk into the apartment building, and that had just brushed Shi Ran’s cheeks gently rubbed together.

The intertwining tree branches of the old town’s residential area form a unique picture on a winter night as the Maybach’s headlights illuminate the snowy road.

In the innermost part of the residential area, the Chen family’s old house slowly opened the door to the front yard, as if opening a delicate and quaint picture.

Chen Ruoyu handed over the car to the servant at home and pushed the door straight into the house as usual.

In the open studio next to the living room, sat Chen Yinbing, who was a real painter, while Song Yi was standing on the table in the middle, drawing the same strokes repeatedly on her wrist with the plaster.

Since she was revealed by Shi Ran’s suggestion on her birthday, Chen Yinbing asked her to come to the house every night to practice basic skills.

Xu Shi saw that Chen Ruoyu was back, and Chen Yinbing motioned to Song Yi: “Let’s take a break first.

Don’t you have something to ask for Ruoyu Practice later.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Song Yi nodded obediently to Chen Yinbing after hearing this, and put down her sore wrist.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want anything to do with Song Yi.

She handed the chicken feet in her hand to the servant, and after asking her to give them to herself, she walked upstairs to the room as if she hadn’t heard Chen Yinbing’s words.

Not wanting Song Yi to speed up her steps, she quickly called out, “Ah Yu, wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter” Chen Ruoyu stopped.

Her eyes turned cold.

Song Yi rubbed her wrist, which was attached to the plaster, and asked weakly, “Ah Yu, is this cactus in the flower room from Shi Ran Can you give it back to me now”

Just like that year, she came to find the second-hand love letter she wanted to give back to Shi Ran.


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