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Chapter 27 – She was bewitched by the little fox

The light in the corridor fell silently between Song Yi and Chen Ruoyu, and even though the ground was warm enough, the light still radiated cold air.

The stairwell and the living room on the first floor were raised.

Chen Ruoyu stood on it and was a full head taller than Song Yi.

She looked down at the person in front of her who was used to this kind of trick, and asked, “Also”

“That’s right.” Song Yi nodded, thinking that Chen Ruoyu didn’t know the truth, and lied: “That was raised by me and Shi Ran together.

It’s my thing.”

But Chen Ruoyu didn’t like her, and refused: “I’m sorry, maybe it was yours in the past, but it’s mine now.”

Whether it’s people or things.

Seeing that this road was not working, Song Yi decisively changed another rhetoric: “Ah Yu, this is just a cactus.

You have kept it in the greenhouse for so long, and it still doesn’t get better.

You give it to me.

Shall I give you a new one”

“Not good.” Chen Ruoyu did not give Song Yi any face and immediately rejected it.

This person has always been eloquent and eloquent.

The truth contains lies, and it was meaningless to discuss things with her.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to entangle with Song Yi too much, and after saying this, she turned around and walked towards the upstairs room.

Chen Ruoyu’s room was very simple.

She originally didn’t want to live at home when she returned to China, but she couldn’t beat Chen Yinbing, so she stayed.

Originally, Chen Shiwei wanted to rearrange it for her.

After all, she hadn’t lived there for over seven years.

Although the simple style of black and white was not out of date, it was still old.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu didn’t let her, and she didn’t plan to stay here for long, so why bother

Chen Ruoyu changed into silk home clothes from the cloakroom, and as soon as she sat down on the bed, she felt exhausted.

In this way, she picked up the charger on the bedside table to charge the mobile phone first, and she inevitably saw the photo of her mother on the bedside and frowned slightly.

The reason Song Yi could have a certain sense of existence in this family, which has almost no blood relationship with her, was that she was similar to her mother between her eyebrows and eyes.

If she didn’t have this face, what her father found out about Shi Ran’s ghostwriting at the last birthday party would be enough to make her lose a foothold in the painting world.

Maybe she and her mother wouldn’t even have today.

Song Yi was a shadow that Chen Yinbing used to miss his deceased wife.

And he was the culprit who indirectly killed his wife, whom he didn’t want to face.

The two little ones have no guesses.

They were childhood sweethearts.

The story, which had been praised since ancient times, could even make people blind.

Chen Ruoyu leaned on the soft pillow and closed her eyes.

She didn’t want to think about it any longer.

Thinking about things that couldn’t be changed would only increase resentment and couldn’t lead to any solution.

There were two light knocks on the door of Chen Ruoyu’s room.

Aunt Yan, the old servant at home, came in with the chicken feet that were already hot: “Miss, it’s already hot.

I heard you like to eat this kind of thing with beer now, so I’ll take it for you too.”

“Thank you, Aunt Yan.” Chen Ruoyu sat up politely and took the small table board she was holding from Aunt Yan’s hand.

“Don’t bother with Song Yi; she wants her, we just don’t give it.” Aunt Yan said, and she magically turned the cactus that was the center of the conversation between Chen Ruoyu and Song Yi from behind.

She used to be the one who took care of Chen Ruoyu’s mother, a role similar to that of the housekeeper of the Chen family, and one of the few people in the family who turned to Chen Ruoyu.

Just because she was a servant, her preference for Chen Ruoyu could only exist in such subtle places.

“I became vigilant when I heard Song Yi ask me who the cactus belonged to.

When she left, I hid it.

She came over several times in the afternoon and couldn’t find it.”

“We finally supported this thing.

She wanted it, but Aunt Yan refused.

You should keep it well, and it’s better to put it where she can’t see it.

It’s not that you don’t know that this child is not righteous.” Aunt Yan put the cactus ball on the small table supported by Chen Ruoyu’s bed and whispered to her.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the intact and fresh cactus in front of her and nodded lightly, “En.”

“Okay, eat it quickly.

It won’t be delicious when it gets cold.” Aunt Yan smiled and said with emotion, “Our Ah Yu has changed a lot since she came back.

She’s a bit like an ordinary little girl.

That’s good.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer.

After the door was shut, her indifferent eyes became obscured.

All the changes after she came back depended on Shi Ran or courage.

The snow had not yet melted, the old city was covered with snow, and the moonlight was also bright.

Chen Ruoyu just looked at the bright moonlight outside the window, and the profile of her face that she had touched appeared in her mind.

She didn’t know what Shi Ran was doing.

Shi Ran did nothing.

After eating chicken feet to replenish her energy, she worked overtime to draw little foxes for the gold master’s father.

Here, she was posing in the mirror and hugging the fox, and the phone on the table vibrated, reminding her of the news.

It wasn’t anyone else who sent the message, but Chen Ruoyu.

She sent Shi Ran the song, and by the way, she shared the song with a link.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu’s action was very considerate, saving her the trouble of finding the song again, and she replied with a smile: “Received.

Thank you.

I have already started listening.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the news that Shi Ran jumped out, and clicked the microphone in the middle of the shared music interface, trying to see if Shi Ran was listening.

Chen Ruoyu put her lips on the microphone and whispered Shi Ran’s name: “Shi Ran”

It’s just that the voice fell, but there was silence on the other end of the phone.

Shi Ran didn’t respond.

The window glass was on one side of Chen Ruoyu’s profile and the moonlight shone on it, which was a visible loss to the naked eye.

The wind blew, and the dry branches hung with a few dead leaves, making a hoarse rustling sound.

It was in this vague voice that Chen Ruoyu’s mobile phone heard a clear, coquettish anger: “Chen Ruoyu, what are you doing”

Shi Ran called out Chen Ruoyu’s name, casually folded her legs on the chair, and asked with scrutiny, “Are you trying to test whether I was perfunctory to you just now Huh”

When Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s words, she felt a little guilty in her joyful heart.

Pressing the small microphone, she didn’t know what to say to Shi Ran for a while.

Because of her job, she didn’t like that someone could see into her mind, but she only opened a skylight for Shi Ran.

However, Shi Ran didn’t give Chen Ruoyu a chance to explain.

She leaned her head on the back of the chair, said “I’m listening” proudly, and hummed softly along with the tune.

“If you go, I’ll stay.

You come back.

I’ll be right here.

Like a barge at sea, in the storm, I stay clear…”

Shi Ran’s English was not very good, and her pronunciation was a little vague.

But it was because of this ambiguity that her voice added a languid magnetism, which was particularly in line with her usual temperament.

Chen Ruoyu just sat on the bed like this, turned up the volume of her earphones, and enjoyed the private concert she gave herself that Shi Ran didn’t even realize by herself and secretly.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Ruoyu’s phone vibrated.

It was another account of hers, but the person who sent the message was Shi Ran.

She sent her a sketch of the little fox.

Although it was only a sketch that had not yet been refined, the little fox in Shi Ran’s painting was still charming and moving.

Even if it was wrapped in layers of heavy clothing, only a pair of eyes could easily hook the soul of a human being.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it, clicked the microphone, and asked, “Still working”

Shi Ran hurriedly glanced at the phone when she heard the words and asked in surprise, after confirming that it was not wrong: “How do you know”

“Guess.” Chen Ruoyu replied without changing her face.

Shi Ran also believed that Chen Ruoyu had such magical powers.

She had no doubt, nodded, and admitted: “Yes, I am working for the father of the gold master.”

Shi Ran’s dull nerves seemed to have just reacted, and she asked nervously, “There is no express rule in our studio that employees may not take private work!”

Chen Ruoyu could also imagine Shi Ran’s panic at the moment through the phone, as if she was deliberately trying to tease her, and asked in a flat tone, “Have you only reacted now”

Shi Ran couldn’t figure out the meaning of Chen Ruoyu’s tone, so she pulled the corner of her mouth: “It doesn’t exist, does it”

Chen Ruoyu did not answer but asked, “What if there is”

Shi Ran listened to Chen Ruoyu’s words and guessed that there should be none.

The nervousness suddenly eased, and she leaned back on the back of the chair again.

The pair of long legs resting on the table swayed recklessly under the light.

Shi Ran’s tone was charming and playful: “Then you secretly help me keep it a secret, for the sake of our common interests.”

She was bewitched by the little fox.

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran say this, not only did she not clarify as before, but she followed her words and nodded: “Okay.”

A single song looped many times, and the two chatted with each other, and neither of them quit at first.

Chen Ruoyu had finished eating a box of chicken feet, and the smell in the room became a little strong.

Thinking of ventilating the room, Chen Ruoyu put on her headphones and went to the bathroom outside to wash her hands.

The running water washed those slender fingers, Chen Ruoyu’s appearance reflected in the mirror, and the air pressure in her eyebrows showed she was in a good mood.

Just when she was about to take out a tissue to wipe her hands after washing them, the door of the bathroom was pushed open from the outside.

Song Yi looked a little surprised when Chen Ruoyu was inside, but it was very clumsy: “Ah Yu, so you are here.

I thought no one was there.”

Chen Ruoyu gave a cold “um,” lowered her eyes, and pulled out a piece of paper, wiping her hands carefully.

Song Yi didn’t mean to quit when she heard the words, but stood in front of another pool and explained, “I’m leaving.

Let’s wash my hands.”

Then she followed the words and asked tentatively, “By the way, Ah Yu, I think your relationship with Shi Ran seems to be very good recently.”

Chen Ruoyu still wiped her fingers, ignoring Song Yi.

Just wash your hands There was a bathroom on the first floor, so why go up to the second floor

Even though Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to talk to her, Song Yi didn’t stop there and said, “You also know that I had a little conflict with Shi Ran.

She was very angry.

Can you help me persuade her”

“You can keep that cactus.

I won’t go back.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she raised her eyes and looked at Song Yi, and said straightforwardly to her: “The cactus ball was given to me by Shi Ran, not stolen from you.

You have no right to say a word.”

Song Yi’s heart tightened suddenly, and the warm water that washed over her fingers became a little colder.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu’s look at herself, as if she had guessed something, and said, “I know I did something wrong before, but Ah Yu, you know, Shi Ran has liked me for seven years.”

“Ah Yu, do you know the concept of seven years” Song Yi asked, deliberately adding emphasis to the number “seven,” “No one can easily give up a seven-year relationship, even if she has a new one later.

Those seven years of memories are still unforgettable for her.”

After her hands were wiped clean, Chen Ruoyu pressed the crumpled paper on the marble table and raised her eyes a bit: “You know, human memories are often more memorable than the good ones, and hard to forget.

In medicine, these memories are called mental shadows.”

Song Yi was choked and hurriedly explained: “How can this be called a psychological shadow Ah Yu, you don’t know what happened to Shi Ran and me.”

“I know that you have been arrogant and arrogant since you were a child.

The boys and girls around you said they dare not approach you, so you haven’t experienced this, and you can’t understand the unforgettable and unswerving relationship between Shi Ran and me.”

After saying that, Song Yi looked up at Chen Ruoyu and made her usual weak expression, with a magnanimous look: “I don’t blame you for the innocence of those who don’t know.

In the end, it was I who offended you today.

It was I who was abrupt.

I’m sorry, Ah Yu, forget about it.”

Chen Ruoyu listened silently, took off her earphones, and nodded in front of the mirror with an unclear meaning: “You’re right, I haven’t experienced this and have no right to speak.”

Song Yi was looking forward to hearing the words, thinking that her show of weakness had persuaded Chen Ruoyu.

But often deliberately, the eventual result was a bamboo basket to draw water.

Chen Ruoyu raised her head and looked at the woman in front of her with contempt in her eyes.

Her thin lips parted lightly, and what she said was more “considerate” than Song Yi’s just now: “Why don’t I go after Shi Ran and try, and experience the unforgettable words in your mouth, until you die, and then I will give you my opinion.


Song Yi’s face suddenly turned pale.

She was always arrogant and complacent as if she had crashed from the sky and was completely shattered.


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