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Chapter 28 – As if she was by her side and would not be taken away by anyone

The light in the bathroom fell brightly on the clean, long mirror.

In the mirror, Chen Ruoyu looked at Song Yi with a blank expression, then bypassed her, threw the paper in her hand into the trash can, and pushed the door without looking back.

At that moment, there was also a strong wind with snow outside the window, and the sound was extremely sharp through the gap in the glass.

Aunt Yan hurriedly ordered the servants to go to the backyard to look.

Chen Yinbing was drinking tea in the tearoom calmly.

I care about how ugly the expression on Song Yi’s face was.

The heavy curtains rose and collapsed because of the sudden wind.

As soon as Chen Ruoyu opened the door, because of the window she opened when she left, she collided with the chilly wind, and her tense expression became even colder as she walked all the way.

She looked at the cactus on the head of her bed.

After closing the window, she seemed to have relieved her whole body and lay on the bed.

The soft mattress wrapped her along with her movements, and the long hair that stuck to the side of her face made her extra thin under the light.

The moon outside the window hangs alone in the sky, and the bright moonlight casts a hazy layer on the entire glass.

Chen Ruoyu touched the earphones in her pocket and put them back on, and the single looping music resumed where it left off.

At this moment, Chen Ruoyu suddenly wanted to make sure Shi Ran was still there.

Still not listening to music, still not by her side.

“Shi Ran.” Chen Ruoyu pressed the small microphone on the screen and tried her best to remain calm.

And Shi Ran didn’t make her wait too long, “um,” and then asked, “Sleepy”

“Why” Chen Ruoyu was puzzled.

“I don’t think you’re in a good mood.” Shi Ran replied, put down the capacitive pen in her hand, and yawned, “It’s all this time, it’s not sleepy.

Can you still encounter any trouble Who is so short-lived Are you making trouble for our Director Chen and Producer Chen”

When the words fell, Shi Ran took a sip of water from the water glass at hand.

It’s just that before she could drink the sip of water, she heard a soft sound from the earphones, as if there was an electric current that instantly penetrated the fragile eardrum and reached her heart.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to smile.

Shi Ran blinked, her mouth opened and closed, but she couldn’t say anything.

The scene of them eating at a restaurant on the day of the movie suddenly flashed in her mind.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to smile too, but it was a faint flash.

Shi Ran looked at the laughing little fox on the screen and only thought that if Chen Ruoyu smiled, she would look better than she had.

“Are you still working” Seeing that Shi Ran didn’t speak anymore, Chen Ruoyu asked.

“Yes, this is a social animal.” Shi Ran nodded, and the faint sound of a pen tapping on the tablet could be heard through the microphone.”I want to finish detailing the picture today.”

Shi Ran said that Shi Ran stopped writing.

She put the phone closer to herself, pressed the small microphone, and asked, “Why do you want to work overtime with me”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu did not hesitate.

When the words fell, Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu had made a voice call to her.

She said it was just a joke, but she didn’t want to get Chen Ruoyu’s nod, so she called directly.

Shi Ran felt like a light pink bouquet bloomed in her heart, and suddenly, she no longer felt lonely on a winter night.

She pretended to be calm and answered Chen Ruoyu’s call, reminding her: “I can tell you the ugly.

Don’t fall asleep first, otherwise I will hear your snoring from the phone, but I will.

I’ll record it for you and share it with Sister Zhou Yuan and the others.”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu responded softly, her body curled up on the bed and relaxed for some time.

She just listened to the subtle voice of Shi Ran’s work, as if she was by her side and would not be taken away by anyone.

Time quietly walks on at night.

The moonlight was hazy.

She didn’t know which of the two of them fell asleep first, but when the same moonlight fell into their different rooms, both of them fell asleep.

The next day was sunny, and the snow that had accumulated on the roadside had melted.

Shi Ran’s workstation was in a suitable position, and the sunlight projected from the side window could fall on her desk well without being dazzling.

Because of Chen Ruoyu’s guidance yesterday, Shi Ran’s character design was much smoother than yesterday.

Just as everyone was slowly entering the working state, the art team headed by Da Xiong walked into the pantry with two boxes.

“Da Xiong, did you post it” A girl who was making coffee in the tea room watched Da Xiong take out piles of snacks from the box and fill the snack rack that had been abandoned for a long time.

Her eyes widened.

“Where did I send it Someone invited me.” Da Xiong said.

He opened the other box and neatly sent a message to the group: “One person from each group will come to the tearoom to get a snack package.

Everyone has it.”

As the so-called one stone stirred up a thousand waves, when they heard that there was something to eat, many people gave up their work and started chatting in the group.

“Wow, snacks! Who asked for this So generous”

“Not only that, but also let Da Xiong fill the snack rack.”

“Who else could be Sister Yuan It must have been bought to reward us for our hard work recently.”

“It’s not me.

There is someone else.”

“Capturing Sister Yuan.

Which rich woman is walking”

Da Xiong looked at the news that kept swiping across the screen and shook his head: “Wrong!”

“It’s Director Chen.”

Xiao Ba, who touched the fish, suddenly widened her eyes when she saw Da Xiong’s new message.

She hurriedly pulled Shi Ran’s arm and said, “Oh my god, Ah Ran, did your old classmate win the lottery recently”

Shi Ran was busy drawing without looking at her phone, and asked with a puzzled look, “What’s wrong”

“She asked Da Xiong to bring a bunch of snacks, filled the snack shelf in the pantry, and sent a snack gift package to everyone in the studio!!” Xiao Ba exclaimed in shock, her face filled with expressions., “Look at your phone.”

Shi Ran also found it inconceivable to hear it.

She took the charged phone and clicked on WeChat.

But it wasn’t just the constant rainbow farts against Chen Ruoyu in the crowd that greeted her on WeChat, but also the message Song Yi sent to herself this morning.

This person finally calmed down for a few days.

She didn’t know which gust of wind was blowing.

Since last night, she has chatted with herself on various topics.

It’s not that she’s tired of practicing the basics these days; it’s just that she saw the clothes were beautiful and the two people who invited her to go to the cinema with her had seen a movie.

Shi Ran looked at the news on different topics at different times, and a hill was raised between her eyebrows.

Late affection was cheaper than grass, not to mention that this person’s affection was still purposeful and impure.

Xiao Ba looked on, very puzzled, and shook her arm exaggeratedly.

“Ah Ran, those are snacks! Why do you still show such an expression when you eat snacks What’s wrong with you, Ah Ran “

“There’s always someone who’s haunted.” Shi Ran said, in a critical tone.

Xiao Ba was also taken aback.

Looking at the page Shi Ran showed her, she complained unforgivingly: “Mom, it’s been more than a month, she’s not finished yet Has she ever practiced for a marathon Endurance is so good.

“Whether she has practiced a marathon or a donkey pull, I don’t want to spend it with her.” Shi Ran clicked on Song Yi’s avatar from the chat box, and while operating, she preached, “I originally thought that by ignoring her, she would stop by herself, and she doesn’t know what medicine she took again for a while.”

Xiao Ba watched Shi Ran’s operation and remembered: “There are also phone numbers, penguins, Weibo, and friends in the game.

Check the app on your phone again, so as not to miss anything that is bound to her.”

“It’s still our little eight who are thoughtful.” Shi Ran nodded in approval of the little eight and quickly blocked Song Yi’s various contact information.

It’s not that she didn’t give Song Yi face, but her tolerance was now her limit.

After all, it was still someone else’s story.

At this moment, the shock of a heavy object falling interrupted the secret conversation between Shi Ran and Xiao Ba.

Da Xiong returned to the original painting group with a box larger than the picture in the box and said, “Come on, this is our original painting.”

“Why do you look bigger than the other groups” Hachi asked.

“The boxes of each group are different.

Maybe the boss ordered them from different places.” Da Xiong explained, and then he covered his mouth with his hand and whispered to the few people who came around: “But I have seen it.

Everyone in our group got more points than the other groups.”

“As expected of the boss, she likes us.” Nina smiled.

“Hey, guess what I saw when I met the boss at work this morning” Da Xiong asked mysteriously while sharing snacks with everyone.



Sun is courting the boss again.”

“Is there beauty beside the boss”

Shi Ran originally stood by and listened to their guesses, but when she heard the phrase “there are beautiful women around the boss,” she was unhappy, and this unhappiness didn’t pass in a flash.

It became more and more obvious as they discussed it.

Shi Ran looked at the excited colleagues they were discussing, and her expression was not as active as before.

She knew she was unhappy, but she didn’t know why she was so unhappy.

Is it because the anger that Song Yi provoked just now hasn’t passed yet


Shi Ran thought about it, and Da Xiong’s negative voice sounded.

He stiffened her stomach and said mysteriously, “I saw the boss take another pot of cactus today… No cactus!”

Nina heard her take out a bag of dried mangoes from the snacks she was holding and put it into the empty box in the bear’s hand, saying, “I bet this time for three months!”

“Then I’ll bet for half a year!” Another person also took a bag of walnuts and put them in the box.

Seeing this, Xiao Ba became confused, pulled Nina’s sleeve, and said, “What are you doing”

Nina smiled and explained to Xiao Ba: “You don’t know, our boss can grow plants.

Everything that passes through her hands will die.”

“Ah” Xiao Ba was taken aback.

“The boss was too busy with work and couldn’t care about what she raised.

At first, Sister Zhou Yuan gave her a few green radishes in the office, but all of them died, and then she gave her Hanlian, which also died.

In the end, Sister Zhou Yuan didn’t believe in evil and put the pot away.

The cactus died in less than half a year.”

Da Xiong explained, shaking the box in his hand, tempting: “Would you like to gamble The person closest to the correct time can have this box of snacks.”

Xiao Ba, thinking she was crazy, took a bag of dried peaches from her arms, and said, “Then I’ll bet a year and a day.”

“You are too conservative.”

“Yes, this will be lost.

The plants in the boss’s hands will not survive for a year.”

“You are so dramatic, you might as well bet 233 days.”

Several people persuaded Xiao Ba, but their voices sounded even more staggering.

Shi Ran put the most expensive bag of durian candy in her arms into the box and said, with a loud laugh, “I bet it will never die.”

Everyone looked at Shi Ran in astonishment.

Just as Xiao Ba was about to ask why, a gentle smile sounded from behind everyone.

Zhou Yuan didn’t know when she had come behind a few people, looked at the people beside her with a smile, and jokingly said, “Ah Yu, someone has full confidence in you.”

The sun reflected the melting snow shadow into the huge original painting group.

Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were staring at her lightly as if she had been watching for a long time.


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