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Chapter 29 – “Damn it, the boss is looking for a girlfriend!”

Time seemed to get lost in the huge original painting group, and the warm air was blown into the room through the central air conditioner, and there was a slight stagnation.

Chen Ruoyu stood without saying a word and put her hands into her pure black coat.

Her indifferent eyes seemed to repeat to Shi Ran what she said just now: “Never die”.

Shi Ran didn’t expect that Chen Ruoyu would see her bet, like a fox that was stealing food and fell into the trap of a hunter, feeling guilty and flustered.

But since she’s a fox, Shi Ran, the little white rabbit who fled in the desert, was disdainful.

Therefore, even though Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were incomprehensible, Shi Ran did not show weakness.

The little fox looked at the hunter like this and secretly tightened the hand holding the snack spree.

Shi Ran was bold, but Xiao Ba and Da Xiong didn’t dare.

They all showed nervousness, and they all showed a guilty conscience.

After all, this kind of thing is just for everyone to play in private.

At most, Zhou Yuan ridiculed a few words while dancing in front of the main lord.

This was the first time.

“Would you like me to press it once, too” Zhou Yuan looked at everyone’s reaction, smiled, and said, “Xiao Ba, I heard you were pressed for a year and a day.”

Xiao Ba was shocked but had to answer obediently.


“Then…” Zhou Yuan raised her finger as she spoke, swept through the pile of snacks in Xiao Ba’s arms, pulled out a bag of dried strawberries, and said, “Then I’m just like Xiao Ba.

I won the two of us alone.

Half, lose two bags of dried strawberries for you.”

Perhaps Zhou Yuan was too gentle, overshadowing Chen Ruoyu’s coldness, and Xiao Ba was not as restrained as before.

She nodded and happily replied to this lucrative business: “Okay.”

Zhou Yuan smiled at Xiao Ba again, then withdrew the tenderness on her face, and announced to everyone: “Okay, the bet is over.

We’re going to announce some serious business now.”

The voice fell, and everyone’s hearts that had just been put down were raised again.

Thinking about it, there must be something wrong for a busy person like Chen Ruoyu to come here to Zhou Yuan.

It’s just that this time everyone’s hearts hadn’t completely melted, and they were pressed back by Zhou Yuan’s words: “Because our art team is currently progressing smoothly, and it is ahead, I will discuss with you Director Chen on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve and prepare.

I will take you to the Dongjiao Hot Springs Pool for team building.

One person is 500, voluntarily sign up, not forced.

After all, New Year’s Day is a festival, and it is natural to go home to accompany your lover.”

“Dongjiao Hot Springs! I remember that ordinary hot springs cost 800 people.”

“More than that, my boyfriend and I wanted to book a New Year’s Eve, but we were told that there were no rooms, and the rest were luxury suites and private soup pools.”

“Then the boss and Sister Yuan won’t contact us for a mountain!”

“I also contracted a fish pond for you.

It’s pretty beautiful if you want it.”

It was like a pie in the sky.

Everyone was very excited, and even Shi Ran, who was still playing a childish game of eye contact with Chen Ruoyu, turned her attention.

Shi Ran still remembered that when she left the eastern suburbs, the hot spring tourist resort had just entered the development stage.

She used to take a wild bath with the little old lady when she was a child.

She went back several times over the years and was reluctant to go in because it was too expensive.

Unexpectedly, she could catch up with this new job.

Shi Ran was excited to hear Xiao Ba’s chat, and when she turned her head to make fun of her, she met Chen Ruoyu’s eyes again.

The sun outside the window was blazing hot, but this man’s eyes were still cold.

But what happened in a flash was frozen into a pause of a few seconds, as if the lines that were originally disconnected were reunited.

Shi Ran was still a little surprised, but because she was happy about this, her eyes were full of smiles.

The sun hit her face with a warm color, and the room with a suitable temperature made Chen Ruoyu feel as if spring was coming.

Shi Ran wanted to ask Chen Ruoyu if she would go with her eyes, but she saw that this time Chen Ruoyu looked away first.

“Let’s go.” Chen Ruoyu spoke calmly to Zhou Yuan beside her, ignoring Shi Ran without a trace.

In a moment, the fluctuations that she couldn’t restrain just now were restrained.

She didn’t know if it was the Dongjiao Hot Springs that brought back Shi Ran’s memories of the past or whether the sun was exceptionally good today.

Shi Ran took advantage of everyone’s rest time and went up to the rooftop to have a cigarette with a cigarette case.


The flames dyed the cigarette with red sparks, protecting the palm, but at this moment, the door of the rooftop was pushed open from the outside.

Shi Ran heard the sound and took a puff of the cigarette she had just lit and turned to look at the door of the rooftop with obvious dissatisfaction.

The misty white smoke swayed in the wind with her breath, and through this layer of light white mist, Chen Ruoyu walked out of the door.

No one else.

The thought turned and disappeared from Shi Ran’s mind, and the vigilance and dissatisfaction of being invaded by strangers also dissipated.

She turned around like this, leaned against the railing, and took a deep breath, not caring that the person walking over was her big leader.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t feel angry or disappointed at Shi Ran’s indifference to her, so she stood beside Shi Ran with no rush.

Half of her shadow fell on her shoulder, and half of her shadow stood beside her on the ground.

The surroundings were quiet.

Only a cigarette held by Shi Ran in her hand made a slight noise as it burned.

Shi Ran couldn’t bear to be quiet.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside her, broke the peace first, and asked jokingly, “Have you made a fortune recently”

“What” Chen Ruoyu was puzzled.

“So many snacks.

You also invited us to the Dongjiao Hot Springs.

Isn’t it a fortune” Shi Ran said.

The person who asked was just joking, but the person who wants to answer hides a lot of selfishness that cannot be explained.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who knew nothing about what she was doing.

She didn’t know for a while whether or not she was doing too well.

The former question could not be answered.

Chen Ruoyu only answered the latter question: “I have shares in Dongjiao Hot Springs.”

Shi Ran was surprised by what Chen Ruoyu said.

She remembered what Da Xiong and the others had just discussed, and asked tentatively, “You don’t have a mountain, do you”

“Half seat.” Chen Ruoyu corrected her calmly as if she was stating a fact.

Shi Ran rolled down her throat jerkily.

She raised her hand and smoked a cigarette silently after feeling that Chen Ruoyu’s wealth was incomparable to her nouveau-riche father’s.

“So confident in me” Chen Ruoyu asked again in a light voice.

The question was about the morning bet.

When Shi Ran heard the words, she let out a breath of white smoke, raised her head slightly, looked at Chen Ruoyu, and exclaimed, “Of course.”

The wind blew over with a bit of sun-drenched temperature, and the sunlight fell into Chen Ruoyu’s sight with no hindrance.

This little fox’s eyes were smiling, and besides the firm trust in her mouth, there was also some cunning that was unique to her.

Shi Ran didn’t want to hide from Chen Ruoyu and continued: “And durian candy is not bad.

I like to eat everything, but I don’t like durian.”

Chen Ruoyu was used to playing games with people in the mall, and she didn’t like someone who was too shrewd in calculating everything.

However, the shrewdness of Shi Ran just now made Chen Ruoyu disgusted and even felt that the fox in front of her had an aura.

This was not her first exception.

The word “Shi Ran” was already a special case for her.

“You’ve got to take good care of it for my snacks.

We agree.”

Chen Ruoyu was proud of her eyes, and her hand hanging on one side shrugged slightly.

Then she lifted it from Shi Ran’s side as if she couldn’t restrain herself and tried her best to restrain her, and gently landed on top of her head, and replied seriously, “Okay, I promise.”

The breeze was still floating gently, but Shi Ran’s ears were filled with the sound of her heartbeat.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand was cold, but it was full of scorching heat when it landed on top of her head.

Shi Ran lowered her head.

Chen Ruoyu’s palm was not heavy.

With this warmth, she met Chen Ruoyu’s pair of brown short boots in her dazed vision.

No one had rubbed Shi Ran’s head as gently as Chen Ruoyu, and no one had made any promises to Shi Ran.

She was the first.

When Shi Ran was twenty-five years old.

The last day of the year was a rare sunny day.

There was another snowfall a few days ago.

The entire software park was covered in silver, and the sunlight was exquisite.

The two minibusses sent by the hot spring villa parked downstairs in the company building attract the envious eyes of many people who have been forced to work overtime.

When Shi Ran arrived, the original painting team had already boarded the car, and the not-heavy suitcase rolled on the flat ground with a crisp clicking sound.

She dressed up carefully today, thinking about New Year’s Eve.

She wore a red coat that she rarely wore on weekdays.

She was originally a goblin with strong colors, and the red made her more affectionate.

Xiao Ba was the first to notice her, greeted her from a distance through the window, and showed an extraordinarily exaggerated expression of surprise.

Seeing Xiao Ba’s reaction, Shi Ran was very proud and gave Xiao Ba a wink.

Her red lips were even brighter than the sun.

The driver watched Shi Ran come over and took the suitcase in her hand thoughtfully from a distance, urging her to get in the car to warm up.

Shi Ran was not polite to her either, and she got into the car as soon as she entrusted the suitcase.

“Ah Ran, you look very good today.” Xiao Ba watched Shi Ran get into the car and praised her without hesitation.

“Thank you.” Shi Ran smiled, and after sitting down beside Xiao Ba, she took out a bag of crab cucumber seeds in her pocket and gave it to her.

“Ah Ran, teach me how to draw these eyebrows.

Every time I draw, the eyebrows are asymmetrical.

” Nina expressed her envy.

Shi Ran was pleased, but before she could say “Okay,” she was interrupted by an exclamation: “Hey, isn’t that Xiao Mei from the modeling team How did she come out with Chen Ruoyu”

One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and everyone lay down in front of the left window glass.

Shi Ran just sat like this, and before she even had time to put her backpack down, she looked out the window.

Chen Ruoyu changed into a brighter coat today, and the foggy blue color made her look less like a stranger than she used to be.

And Xiao Mei, whom other people said was walking side by side with her, and the bow on her head was swaying with her movements, looking extra lively and agile.

“Damn it, the boss is looking for a girlfriend!”

“I’ll see.

I’ll see.”

“No, why do I think Xiao Mei is posting backward”

“That’s right, the boss doesn’t care about her.”

“I heard that Xiao Mei had ulterior motives for Chen Ruoyu since she was recruited into our final.

The modeling team knows about it.”

Shi Ran listened to everyone’s discussion, stared at Xiao Mei, who was standing beside Chen Ruoyu, and said, “Why don’t we know”

“Because there is a time difference between the modeling team and the original painting team.” As Da Xiong explained, “I guess she wants the boss to get in their modeling team’s car.”

“Hey, I don’t like this sister-in-law, and I don’t want the boss to go to their car.” Xiao Ba shook her head in the Tangshan dialect.

“Me too,” Nina said, similarly.

Shi Ran snorted coldly, raised her hand, and pushed open the window glass in front of her.

The cold wind suddenly poured into the warm carriage like this, catching everyone by surprise.


Two crisp glass knocks came from the quiet square in front of the office building.

Chen Ruoyu stopped abruptly and raised her head.

She saw Shi Ran sitting at the source of the sound.

She just leaned against the window, holding the delicate little face with one hand, her eyelashes slightly drooping, and she wrote a little playfully.

With her red lipstick today, she looks extraordinarily hard to mess with and extraordinarily seductive.

“Not yet” Shi Ran asked.

A stream of light flashed across Chen Ruoyu’s cheeks as if a smile flashed.

She resolutely apologized to Xiao Mei, who was entangled in her and walked straight to the car where Shi Ran was.


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