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Chapter 31 – Adults can’t do this kind of thing

Ever since she found out that Shi Ran had blocked herself, Song Yi thought of many ways to contact Shi Ran, but Shi Ran refused to pay attention to herself.

Shi Ran finally picked up her phone today, but the voice she didn’t want to hear was actually from Chen Ruoyu.

Song Yi’s heart throbbed for a moment.

A twisted unwillingness was running wild in her heart, and she asked, “Where’s Shi Ran Why do you have her phone”

Chen Ruoyu glanced at the bathroom with incandescent lights and replied bluntly, “She’s taking a shower.”

“Take a shower.” Song Yi repeated, her tone instantly filled with anger, “Are you in her house Why are you in her house Chen Ruoyu!”

Song Yi was so angry over there that she didn’t even care about the politeness on her face and called Chen Ruoyu’s name on the other end of the phone.

Chen Ruoyu listened but was still calm, glanced at the sound of the shower, stopped in the bathroom, and hung up on Song Yi directly.

“Hello Chen Ruoyu! Chen Ruoyu!” Song Yi was furious when she saw the phone that was suddenly hung up and threw the phone out with a flick of her hand.

Zhang Ran was taken aback, while Wang Nianyin was extraordinarily calm, picked up Song Yi’s phone that had been dropped on the ground, and asked, “Xiao Yi, what’s the matter Why does Chen Ruoyu answer the call from Shi Ran”

“I don’t know either.

You know, she told me that Shi Ran was going to take a bath!” Song Yi sat down on the sofa in a panic, panting heavily.

“The two of them want to.

What are you doing”

Zhang Ran looked at Song Yi’s appearance and couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Yi, you might as well forget it.

You and Shi Ran have broken up for so long, and she didn’t come back to you licking her face as she had in the past.

Maybe she…”

It was just that before Zhang Ran’s persuasion was finished, Song Yi first stared at her with red eyes, “Impossible! Even if it is, I won’t give her to Chen Ruoyu.”

“I don’t want it, and she can’t either.”

“Song Yi, don’t you think you’ve been comparing yourself to Chen Ruoyu But she even…” Zhang Ran looked at Song Yi, who was almost paranoid, and couldn’t help but say, but halfway through, Wang Nianyin stopped her with a look of the mouth.

Wang Nian hugged Song Yi, who was a little unstable, moved gently to soothe her, and analyzed: “Don’t worry, I don’t think Chen Ruoyu can do such a thing.

Do you want to hit Shi Ran Shi Ran must not have told her about it, and the relationship between the two of them must not be that close yet.

It may just be a coincidence that Shi Ran went to take a bath.”

Song Yi’s heart was broken by Wang Nianyin’s words, and the tears in her eyes stopped just like that: “She did it on purpose.”


Chen Ruoyu admitted she did it on purpose.

She just didn’t want Song Yi to contact Shi Ran again.

She just didn’t want to give Shi Ran to anyone again.

If possible, her selfish desires even wanted her to take Shi Ran away that night and hide it in a place where no one could find her, so that she could have it alone.

But the reason was always restraining her crazy thoughts, like the reins of a tireless horse galloping on the grassland, tightly restraining the morbid paranoia in her heart.

A little chuckle came from Chen Ruoyu’s ear.

Shi Ran didn’t know when she had finished bathing, so she leaned against the glass door wrapped in a soft white bath towel.

Her wet long hair fell on her shoulders like this, and the condensed water droplets ran down her hair across her chest.

The exposed white, under the bright light, plunged into the abyss of sin.

She looked at this expressionless man with interest and asked with scrutiny, “Aren’t you afraid that I will be angry if you spread my rumors like this”

Chen Ruoyu put away the look in her eyes, raised her eyes calmly, and asked, “Aren’t you taking a shower”

interested Chen Ruoyu answered the general, Shi Ran smiled and nodded: “Yes, yes.”

Shi Ran rubbed her long hair with the towel in her hand and walked toward her bed.

Chen Ruoyu stood there, watched Shi Ran sit in front of her, and asked, “Did you block her”

Shi Ran naturally knew who “she” was in Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, and she even heard the phone call between Chen Ruoyu and Song Yi just now and was very satisfied.

Shi Ran casually lifted her legs, wiped her hair, and replied, “She’s so annoying.

I don’t know why she’s been mad recently.

It stopped for a while, and then it’s like this again.”

Chen Ruoyu probably guessed that it was her reply to Song Yi that day, which made her have the bad possessiveness that she had grown up with.

Chen Ruoyu pursed her lower lip lightly and said: “She always gets what she wants from childhood to adulthood, but there are always things in the world that she can’t get.”

“Yeah, she has lost nothing.

She will get what she wants.” Shi Ran agreed, her eyes becoming obscure.

“She is now giving me what I wanted in the past, but she doesn’t know.

I haven’t wanted these things for a long time, and the things she brought are just superficial.

The wind pushed a cloud to block the sunlight in the room, and Shi Ran looked a little lonely when the shadow fell.

Chen Ruoyu stood opposite Shi Ran like this, feeling distressed.

She wanted to ask what she wanted and wanted to give it to her now.

But she also understood that she couldn’t tell herself so easily what she wanted.

She was a fox and needed to be guessed at.

Shi Ran’s cell phone vibrated, and a text message from Song Yi was sent to the number that was not blocked in time: “Shi Ran, Chen Ruoyu answered your call just now.

I don’t know if she was with you or not.

She is used to staying abroad; maybe she has developed this habit.

I heard from my uncle that the surrounding friends are quite mixed…”

Shi Ran looked at Song Yi’s text message and couldn’t help sneering.

For the first time, she saw Song Yi’s superb ability to confuse black and white and directly showed Chen Ruoyu the text message: “Your cousin has a lot of skills.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at a small hill, slightly frowning between her brows, and then vanished.

When she saw Shi Ran’s reaction, she knew she didn’t believe it.

“I broke up with her a long time ago.

Everyone is an adult.

It’s my freedom to make friends with whom I want.

I want her to take care of it.

” Shi Ran spoke in a fit of anger and neatly blocked and deleted it.

One train.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran and was burned by her bold words.

She eventually nodded calmly.

This was indeed her freedom.

Also, it was freedom.

Shi Ran’s long wet hair fell off the towel hanging above her head little by little and finally fell to the ground unnoticed.

Shi Ran was angry and helplessly bent down to pick up the towel, but saw that between the light and shadow, one of her feet was stuck between Chen Ruoyu’s feet.

There were some drops of water hanging on the white instep, and the silver-white high-heeled shoes were full of abstinence.

They were parallel in a line like this, looking like some obscure oil painting from the last century.

Somehow, Shi Ran looked up at the silver high-heeled shoes.

The drooping wide-leg trousers stretched out the person’s slender waist, and even the top button on the pure white shirt was meticulously buttoned, as if controlling her whole body in a tightly stitched space, but it also exuded an extraordinarily deadly temptation.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip lightly, raised her eyes, and walked up.

A pair of dark pupils suddenly entered her line of sight.

Only then did she realize that Chen Ruoyu’s eyes had always been on her.

The fox didn’t even notice the back she exposed when she bent down just now, and it reminded Chen Ruoyu of that night.

She didn’t know if Shi Ran’s words just agitated her already eager heartstrings or if Song Yi’s text message stimulated them.

The moment Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, she gradually approached her without saying a word.

Like a white tiger dormant in the depths of the jungle, she crawls close to her delicious fox.

The fox also sensed the approach of the white tiger and looked at her silently and slowly.

The temperature in the room rose silently, and the closer distance interacted with each other’s breath, pushing them towards the burning heat.

Both of them realized that if no one left, what would happen next But no one left.

Shi Ran looked directly at Chen Ruoyu like this, sniffed the coldness of the warm fragrance on her body, and felt that this matter had nothing to do with love and love but just the accumulation of pure desires.

And she just said that when she was an adult, it was understandable to do such a thing.


At that moment, the sound of the phone vibrating came from the room.

This time it wasn’t Shi Ran’s phone, but Chen Ruoyu’s.

When Chen Ruoyu took out the vibrating mobile phone from her pocket, her complexion became a little darker than before.

It was just that she had to answer the phone call at work, and things were interrupted and it was impossible to continue.

“Hello, I’m Chen Ruoyu…”

The ambiguity in the room disappeared with Chen Ruoyu’s cold and emotionless voice.

Shi Ran still kept her original movements, watching Chen Ruoyu in her sight merge with the opposite light, eyeing her in her memory.

In a different color…

She didn’t know if it was because this episode didn’t go to the end, or because Song Yi’s behavior just now was too annoying, Shi Ran’s interest was reduced, and the hot springs with Xiao Ba and the others didn’t feel very refreshing, and the lunch at noon also felt less.

Something delicious.

And Chen Ruoyu once again took off half of her pants and ran away, recognizing no one.

She answered the call and went out to Zhou Yuan.

They didn’t come back until everyone made an appointment to watch the fireworks after dinner.

Shi Ran looked at the room where she was alone, inexplicably had little interest in things, declined the invitation from Xiao Ba and Nina to go to the top of the mountain to watch the fireworks against the cold wind, and stayed in the room alone.

As if intentionally waiting for something.

The time was approaching when the old and the new alternated; the sky had long been completely dark, and the familiar sky of childhood was once again full of stars.

Shi Ran stared at the stars for a while, then lowered her head abruptly, her breath blowing the soft white carpet of fluff to one side.

The room was quiet and deserted, and she just looked at her bare feet, scratching the carpet of fluff with her toes like a child.

Boring and grotesque, like when she was sitting in a field of wheat and couldn’t figure out why her parents didn’t want her.


Shi Ran couldn’t understand, and the sleepiness of running around today also made Shi Ran close her eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, Shi Ran felt she was gently picked up from the ground, and the fragrance of the cold outside penetrated her nostrils, which made her shudder.

“Feel sorry.”

A cold and clear voice came from Shi Ran’s ears.

She knew dazedly that the person she was waiting for had returned, and she asked in a sleepy, soft nasal voice, “You’re back.”


Chen Ruoyu replied like this, with the falling snow still hanging on her shoulders, that she didn’t have time to sweep away.


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