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Chapter 32 – It hurts a bit, but I still want to let her come

The room with the warm air turned on was much warmer than the outside, and the snow on Chen Ruoyu’s coat melted into the water before it was dusted off.

Shi Ran was still a little awake.

She followed the subconscious and hooked Chen Ruoyu’s neck, who was hugging her.

She accidentally touched the ice and asked, “Is it snowing”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

The snow was the snow on the pine trees that she accidentally bumped into when she took a shortcut with Zhou Yuan when she came up.

“Are you still asleep” Chen Ruoyu asked and put Shi Ran on her bed.

“No sleep.” Shi Ran said, still did not let go of the hand that was hooking Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

Chen Ruoyu was forced to bend over like this, with her arms supported by Shi Ran’s side.

The distance between the two seemed to widen, but they had not been pulled apart at all.

Four eyes facing each other.

Shi Ran’s fox eyes raised slightly to look at the woman who had confused her thoughts this afternoon.

Chen Ruoyu also looked at the woman, who made her so eager to come back at night to see her without saying a word.

“Do you know everyone has to pay for their actions” Shi Ran slowly exhaled at Chen Ruoyu and asked her in a low and magnetic voice.

Chen Ruoyu said nothing, and there was no expression on her face.

She just watched Shi Ran perform for herself in her eyes, her eyes as silent as the sea was brewing a fiery flame.


The shock suddenly fell on Chen Ruoyu’s forehead with a crisp sound.

Shi Ran raised her hand unexpectedly and gave Chen Ruoyu a head scratcher.

Then she neatly turned around and got out of bed, and laughed arrogantly in front of her: “Director Chen, it’s overdue.”

“Have you never heard of a poem Flowers can be folded straight or must be folded.

Don’t wait until there are no flowers to break the branches.

The lights in the room became much clearer than before, and Chen Ruoyu didn’t have any offending sullenness on her face.

She watched Shi Ran recite the forcibly quoted poem with a smile behind her back, but she felt as if her heart was suddenly scratched by a little wildcat.

It hurt a bit, but she still wanted to let her come.

She wanted to see how many tricks she had.

Shi Ran took revenge, stepped on her shoes, and sat down on the porch leading to the hot spring in the backyard.

She looked at a few stars scattered in the sky, and said to Chen Ruoyu, who was still in the room behind her, “I think our auras are very compatible.”

Chen Ruoyu paused while holding the blanket and asked calmly, pretending not to care, “Why do you say that”

“Because you never murdered me when I was fooling around.” Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting beside her, thought about it, and then corrected: “Maybe your ice cube face doesn’t work for me.”

“You know, I don’t do this with her, with my family, or even with my grandmother.

Either I have nothing to say, or two or three sentences will lead to disagreements.

My dad doesn’t like me either, you know.

The two of us…”

Shi Ran’s words stopped abruptly.

She wanted to say that she was like Chen Ruoyu.

However, she suddenly realized that Chen Ruoyu might not think so.

Her own family was a nouveau riche family that had caught up with the good times in business.

The whole family was luxurious and glittering.

I am afraid that others would not know that the family was rich.

It differed from old money, like Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran made an incorrect guess.

Chen Ruoyu nodded at her, draped the blanket in her hand over Shi Ran’s lap, and agreed with a faint voice: “It’s a bit like that.”

The warm air of the hot spring pool made people’s cheeks warm, and the gap that Shi Ran saw just now was re-stuck by Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip, smiled at Chen Ruoyu, and said embarrassedly, “It’s okay, my dad is not as deep as yours.”

As she spoke, she lifted her long hair that was blocking her temple on the right side and asked mysteriously, “Did you see anything”

Chen Ruoyu got closer to Shi Ran when she heard the words.

The light above the two of them fell on the white and delicate skin in sight.

Even without makeup, it was still as delicate as snow.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were walking in it, but she vaguely saw a low mountain peak.

She seemed to realize something; her brows wrinkled, and she recognized softly: “Scar”

Shi Ran nodded, put down her upturned hair, and said, “This is my freshman year when I told my dad that I like women, and he smashed it for me with an ashtray.”

“Shi Yu didn’t go abroad and he could still protect me, so this old man didn’t continue to beat me.

You know, it was almost, almost to the temple.

I’m going to die.”

Shi Ran said with a proud expression, but Chen Ruoyu’s heart throbbed when she heard it.

She knew that Shi Ran wasn’t doing well, but she didn’t expect it to be so bad.

“My grandmother often said that my life was too big.” As she continued talking like this, the pride on Shi Ran’s face slowly faded, and her eyes became a little more lonely.

“But sometimes I think, is this fate my blessing or my curse”

Chen Ruoyu saw Shi Ran’s change more clearly than anyone else, and said in a light voice, “It is always better to live than to die.”

Then she seemed to be afraid that Shi Ran would have some bad thoughts and added: “If you kill yourself, you will go to hell.”

It was just that Chen Ruoyu had always had a cold temper and wouldn’t appease people.

This was like a threatening warning, but it had no beneficial effect on the emotional world.

Instead of being intimidated, Shi Ran opened her hands and made a ferocious expression, threatening: “Then I will become a demon and scare them to death first.”

“No, Shi Ran.” Chen Ruoyu’s voice sounded more serious than usual.

“No.” She repeated her command, her gaze fixed on Shi Ran.”Live.”

Shi Ran was a little stunned when she saw Chen Ruoyu’s reaction.

She noticed that Chen Ruoyu was serious about this topic and asked cautiously, “You… Do you want me to live”

“I hope you can live more than anyone else.” Chen Ruoyu replied with no hesitation.

Shi Ran’s desolate ambition suddenly hit like a truck, which gave birth to the words she said.

She didn’t know why Chen Ruoyu had such a reaction; she was just joking, but she took it so seriously.

Shi Ran wanted to explain to Chen Ruoyu that she was just talking, but she didn’t want to take back the warmth she gave her.

She had been an unloved child since she was a child.

Her parents’ care was all about Shi Yu, and Song Yi’s love for herself was also full of utilitarian falsehoods.

She couldn’t imagine the scene where she was cared about, but Chen Ruoyu gave her the answer today.

Maybe because her birth was accompanied by her own mother’s death, she cares so much about such things.

Shi Ran thought so, and the corner of her mouth lifted again for Chen Ruoyu.

She stretched out her hand, pretending to be arrogant, and promised the person sitting next to her: “Although I don’t want to die that much, since you said so, I will reluctantly agree with you.”

The slender little finger swayed in Chen Ruoyu’s sight, and Chen Ruoyu knew that this was the behavior of a child pulling hooks.

But when she pursed her lips and wanted to refuse, she raised her eyes and saw the smiling expectation in the eyes of the person in front of her.

Never mind.

Just childish this time.

Chen Ruoyu surrendered and also stretched out her little finger and hooked Shi Ran together.


It was also at this moment that a bright ball of light crossed the line of sight of the two of them, like an inverted meteor flying towards the sky from the earth.

Shi Ran was so surprised that she forgot to put her hands down, raised her head, and looked up at the light of the fireworks.

I saw that when the fireworks rose to the dome, they exploded countless stars with a bang, and they were extraordinarily dazzling in the night sky.

Shi Ran looked at it and couldn’t help sighing, “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful!”

And Chen Ruoyu sat beside her like this, watching her dark pupils rise with the continuous fireworks, filled with countless stars, and the turquoise and greenstone in the background became a foil to her amorous feelings at the moment.

Chen Ruoyu followed Shi Ran and nodded, “Well, it’s really beautiful.”

After the fireworks show continued until midnight, Chen Ruoyu’s shoulders slumped as she heard the continuous “Happy New Year” coming from the distant mountains.

This person, who had always been the ablest to stay up late, had rarely survived midnight.

She sniffed the familiar warm and fragrant fragrance around her and staggered to sleep.

Chen Ruoyu’s movements this time were even softer than the previous one, and she carefully picked up Shi Ran and walked towards her bed.

Shi Ran might also be tired.

When Chen Ruoyu put her on the bed, she could only hear her humming in dissatisfaction, but she didn’t open her eyes.

She didn’t hook her neck again and didn’t open her eyes suddenly.

Shi Ran rested on the soft pillow like this, and her usual perverted face looked extraordinarily well-behaved under the soft light.

Shi Ran’s face was shrouded in a shadow, and the forehead hair that had been lifted was lifted again.

Chen Ruoyu leaned down slowly, secretly, and tenderly kissed the scar on Shi Ran’s easily invisible forehead.

The cold wind raged outside and blew a sharp horn, but the house was still warm.

Although this world was lonely and indifferent, there would always be someone who would hug you carefully, willing to kiss your wounds and scars.

When they came out of the hot spring resort on New Year’s Day, everyone threw themselves into the final stage of New Year’s Eve, striving for a trouble-free Chinese New Year.

Shi Ran’s character design went smoothly.

The first draft came out.

Several people who were not optimistic about her before expressed their approval and praise, and she became the first person in the entire group to relax.

On New Year’s Eve, there were lanterns and colorful lights everywhere.

Shi Ran slept until eleven o’clock in the morning under the bright sun but was woken up by the vibrating sound of the phone, which she suddenly remembered by the bedside.

Shi Ran was a little angry when she got up.

She touched the mobile phone by the bedside, thinking that she must scold the person who called her, but found out that the caller was her mother.

Shi Ran suppressed her temper and called out gently, “Mom.”

“Of course.

Are you going home for the Chinese New Year today Mom misses you a bit.” The woman’s voice came from the other end of the phone, and it sounded a bit like her mother’s warmth.

Shi Ran hesitated.

The year before, her father knew she was with Song Yi and had a big fight with her at the New Year’s Eve dinner, but she didn’t go back last year.

This year…

Perhaps knowing Shi Ran’s concerns, Mother Shi said: “This year is Xiao Yu’s first year back.

You can come back today, and our family will have a pleasant reunion.

This is the phone number your father told me to make.

He misses you too.”

Shi Ran knew that her mother’s words contained a certain beautification element, but it was the first time that her father asked her to go back to eat.

Some were soft-hearted.

“Come back, my mother asked my aunt to make you your favorite pine nuts and mandarin fish, as well as six balls.

Come back and celebrate the New Year together, okay” Seeing that Shi Ran hadn’t responded for a long time, Mother Shi changed to temptation with delicious food.

Shi Ran’s voice was always soft in Shi Ran’s memory, which made people feel unbearable to refuse, and with the blessing of food, Shi Ran nodded: “Okay, I’ll pack up at four or five o’clock.”

When Mother Shi heard the words, she immediately smiled and nodded again and again, “Okay, okay, Mommy is waiting for you at home.”

Shi Ran was listening on the phone and felt happy.

It was the first time she had been welcomed like this by this family.

Although she had just gone home for a New Year’s Eve dinner, Shi Ran took a long time to clean up.

She only changed her makeup and face, which made her hands sore.

Finally, even the clothes were changed together, and the clock hanging on the wall just reached four o’clock.

Shi Ran cleaned up the takeaway bento that was lying on the table and stepped out of the door with her pair of off-white long boots.

Throw out the trash and get in a taxi.

Shi Ran’s car had just driven a few meters away, but she saw Shi Yu sending her a message: “Sister, Dad found out about your breakup.”


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