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Chapter 39 – Taking advantage of your future girlfriend

The lights in the hall brightly fell on the faces of several people at this moment, and everyone’s expressions were different.

Shi Ran was taken aback, but Chen Ruoyu remained composed.

Shi Haijun was a completely broken dream.

He just stood by and looked at Chen Ruoyu, but just hitting her on her body naturally gave birth to a sense of alienation that she was not in the same class as him.

Shi Haijun immediately realized that the woman sitting opposite his daughter was not simple, and asked cautiously, “This is…”

“This is Chen Yinbing’s daughter, Chen Ruoyu.” Song Tianhai was introduced.

Shi Haijun heard the name familiar and recalled: “Is that the one in the center of the flower and bird picture in the painting exhibition we went to the other day”


Chen has retired from the art world for many years, but his skills are still undiminished.

I had the honor of communicating with everyone two or three years ago, and it’s extraordinary.

” Song Tianhai’s favorite was a meticulous flower and bird painting.

Speaking of Chen Yinbing, he couldn’t help but praise him.

Shi Haijun wanted to introduce Shi Ran to Song Tianhai’s son Song Lan because she had studied fine brushwork for four years in college and wanted to do what she liked.

He was an entrepreneur through and through.

There was no ink in his stomach, and his body smelt like copper.

Now listening to Song Tianhai’s introduction, he could only force a smile, and the adjective was dry: “Yes, yes, this Miss Chen.”

“Is Miss Chen helping Chen manage the gallery now” Song Tianhai continued to ask.

“For the time being, the gallery is still managed by my father and my aunt.” Chen Ruoyu replied with a light tone.

When I had dinner with President Xu a few years ago, I also heard him mention Miss Chen, saying that the several cases where Miss Chen helped President Xu cook abroad were exceptionally beautiful.

I didn’t expect that Miss Chen would come back.

What a job.

Maybe I will rely on Miss Chen for business matters in the future.”

The smile on Song Tianhai’s face had not stopped since just now, and he smiled even more after saying this.

Chen Ruoyu was flattered by the humiliation.

She sat upright on the Taishi chair and nodded slightly.

“You’re welcome.”

Shi Haijun stood aside, a little embarrassed, and asked tentatively, “However, how did you and Miss Chen know each other”

Shi Haijun had never called Shi Ran this way since she was a child, and Shi Yu had never made this kind of fatherly appearance.

Shi Ran looked at him and laughed, holding her chin and smiling back: “Dad, don’t you know We are high school classmates.”

“Classmate…” Shi Haijun’s plan in his heart moved again.

Shi Ran could see through Shi Haijun’s thoughts and deliberately blur the meaning of the speech: “After she returns to China, the two of us will be together.”

After all, who would have thought that the relationship of “getting together” could not be taken on the stage, and someone would say it in front of everyone

Shi Ran was bold, and Shi Haijun looked at the large bags of luxury goods placed at the feet of the two of them, but he never imagined that it was his card.

He believed it to be true and said, “You are not…”


Shi seems to have doubts about our relationship.” Chen Ruoyu’s voice was crisp, and she raised her eyes slightly, showing an overwhelming aura.

Shi Haijun himself was a real man on the outside, and when Chen Ruoyu saw it, he immediately explained: “It’s not Miss Chen like this.

I just never heard of it.”

Chen Ruoyu pursed her lower lip lightly when she heard the words, drew a faint smile, and said meaningfully, “I heard Shi Ran talk about you.”

Shi Haijun couldn’t be clearer about what Chen Ruoyu was referring to.

Just now, Song Tianhai raised Chen Ruoyu like this.

Shi Haijun completely lost his overlord appearance in front of Shi Ran.

He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Maybe the two have been together for a long time, but Shi Ran looked at the current situation and felt that this chance encounter was a game planned by Chen Ruoyu.

She also cooperated with Chen Ruoyu’s words and deliberately dialed the forehead that was in front of her forehead.

The light in this position was very good, and basically, everyone could see the expressions on their faces.

Song Lan, who was standing beside him, was the first to see the flesh-colored Band-Aid on Shi Ran’s head.

This grandfather was considered a second-generation ancestor, and without thinking, he quickly asked, “What’s wrong with Miss Shi’s forehead”

Shi Ran said nothing, only a pair of eyes looked at Shi Haijun with a bit of fear.

Seeing this, Song Tianhai frowned and asked, “Navy, what’s going on”

Shi Haijun didn’t expect Shi Ran to be so straightforward.

With just one movement and one look, he put himself at a disadvantage and hurriedly said, “Missed, missed.”

“Missed” Chen Ruoyu repeated.

Her tone was extraordinarily calm, but it sounded as if an undercurrent was surging.

“It’s not that I accidentally hit Ranran as soon as I got angry.” Shi Haijun explained, sweat pouring out of a guilty conscience in his palms.

He knew that Chen Ruoyu was a powerful person, and he couldn’t afford to offend him, so he hurriedly helped the soldiers and said, “Brother Song, you also know that I usually have a bad temper.

I drank a bit of wine, and I forgot about it as soon as the wind came up.”

“Navy, you are too inappropriate.” Song Tianhai taught a lesson.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Shi Haijun nodded again and again and said to Chen Ruoyu with an excellent attitude, “Miss Chen, I have already recognized my mistake, and I won’t do it again next time.”

Song Lan, who was standing beside him, looked at Shi Ran’s profile, and asked with a rare initiative, “Have you been to the hospital It’s better not to have scars on such a beautiful face.”

“I already have a scar.

Are you still worried about this” Shi Ran said lightly, with a tone somewhat similar to Chen Ruoyu’s.

The sweat on Shi Haijun’s hands became more and more, and even his forehead was sweaty.

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t afford to offend him.

He wanted to use Song Tianhai’s love for Wu to sell his daughter to help his business, but in the end, he shot himself in the foot.

For the first time, Shi Haijun bowed his head to his thorn in the flesh and said apologetically, “Of course I’m sorry.

It’s Dad who is wrong.

Dad is wrong.

Dad promises you, it will never be like this again.

Dad will restrain himself and never lose my temper with you again.”

As he said that, he pointed to the private room upstairs and flattered Chen Ruoyu: “Then, since we met today, Miss Chen will come with us to the private room upstairs, and then the dishes ordered by Miss Chen will also be delivered to the private room together.

It’s your father’s apology to you.

How about washing Miss Chen’s dust”

“I remember Ranran likes to eat pine nut mandarin fish the most.

It just so happens that the pine nut mandarin fish here is the most famous.

Dad, will I order one for you to try”

Shi Haijun had a smile on his face, trying his best to show Chen Ruoyu that he knew Shi Ran.

It was a pity that this little fatherly love that he temporarily piled up had become a label of his incompetence as a father.

Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes to look at Shi Haijun and recalled in a calm tone, “Mr.

Shi, Shi Ran has a head injury and is not suitable for eating fish.”

Shi Haijun choked, and Shi Ran didn’t want to give him a chance to breathe, seized the loopholes in his words just now, and reminded him as intimately as a daughter reminded her father: “Dad, I don’t think this is good.


After all, Uncle Song is the guest you invited today.

Why are you being so neglectful Did you see Chen Ruoyu, so you had to let Uncle Song accompany you Is this today’s table for Chen Ruoyu or Uncle Song of “

Song Tianhai’s expression darkened.

Shi Haijun felt that the fire in the backyard of his home was burning into the front yard, and he was not a human being on both sides of Shi Ran’s provocation.

His hands and feet were a little flustered, and he hurriedly apologized to Song Tianhai, who had finally invited him beside him: “Brother Song, I don’t mean that you know me… I am a quick talker.

I asked Brother Song to accompany you.”

Then he looked at Chen Ruoyu again, and flattered with a smile on his face: “Miss Chen, it’s better than this.

Next time when you are free, let Ranran bring you to the house, and I will ask your mother to cook you a table of good dishes.

Treat you all, okay”

Shi Ran was sitting on the sidelines watching this old man, who was bossy at home, bump into a wall here, so he almost laughed.

In the end, Song Tianhai gave Shi Haijun a face, slowed down his pace, and said to Chen Ruoyu: “Since this is Miss Chen, we will not bother, and say hello to everyone Chen for me.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded slightly.

“Don’t worry.”

Shi Ran waved to Song Tianhai in a clear voice, “Goodbye, Uncle Song.”

She watched Shi Haijun’s decadent back like this until Shi Haijun and his party disappeared.

The smile on her face did not fall.

Chen Ruoyu watched from the side and asked in a light voice, “Relieved”

“It’s so relieving.” Shi Ran nodded fiercely.

“He rarely looks at me with his eyes.

He has never lost face like this in front of me, and he has never said sorry to me.”

“This time he took his face, and he has done nothing to me yet, so it can be regarded as revenge for the two wounds on my head.”

Shi Ran said, as if thinking of something, and said, “Hey, the meal you mentioned was treated to someone.

Is that him”

“En.” Chen Ruoyu nodded lightly.

Shi Ran, thinking back on what he experienced just now, still felt that there was nothing to do without it, and looked at Chen Ruoyu in surprise: “How did you know he would be here today Did you figure him out long ago Will I ask Uncle Song to come here today, and then I will drive”

“No, I just did a little research.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“Through Mr.

Xu” Shi Ran was curious.

Chen Ruoyu shook her head: “No.”

Shi Ran pursed his lower lip and sighed, “Then you are very well-connected.”

“It’s okay.” Chen Ruoyu, still calm, picked up the teacup beside her and drank a cup of tea.

Shi Ran just looked at it like this.

Her fox-like eyes were bent, and she said with a smile: “Then tell me, is this a fox and a tiger’s prestige, taking advantage of your future girlfriend”

Speaking of this, Shi Ran suddenly thought of something, and the smile on his face turned into nervousness: “But, if I said that just now, will it bring you any trouble What if it spreads to your family’s ears Will they not Will you reprimand you”

Facing Shi Ran’s series of questions, Chen Ruoyu did not answer.

She sipped the tea in her hand gently, her drooping eyelashes blocking the fluctuations in her pupils.

Take advantage of it, it didn’t count.

Would it cause any trouble, maybe

Would it be reprimanded Maybe it will.

After a moment of silence, Chen Ruoyu put down the teacup in her hand and chose the answer that reassured Shi Ran the most: “No.”

Shi Ran didn’t believe it: “Really”

Chen Ruoyu nodded.


Maybe she thought that Chen Ruoyu would not lie to improve her conscience, but Shi Ran believed it after asking once.

She looked at the delicious delicacies that the servers brought up one after another and smacked her lips: “I didn’t expect to be in the same boat as you to have such benefits.”

Saying that the porcelain white spoon unceremoniously scooped out a spoonful of taro puree drizzled with blueberry sauce.

The sweet taste of blueberries mixed with the delicate and smooth taste of taro paste, like a swing in summer, swayed in Shi Ran’s mouth, bringing a burst of lemon-mint fragrance.

Shi Ran thought of the smell on Chen Ruoyu’s body.

Shi Ran recalled, looking at the woman sitting in front of her with a sudden curiosity.

Those eyes full of expectation just looked at Chen Ruoyu with some scrutiny and asked unexpectedly, “Hey, Chen Ruoyu.

Why are you being so nice to me “


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