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Chapter 4 – “Are you interested”

The wind suddenly blew from the side of the rooftop, dazzling the loose hair of the two of them.

It was a simple look, but Shi Ran had the illusion that he had strayed into Chen Ruoyu’s territory.

But she came to this place first.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s gaze and was not intimidated as Sun Lian was.

Compared with the subordinate relationship that has not yet been connected, the most recent relationship between her and Chen Ruoyu was the object of a one-night stand.

Ambiguous and estranged, it was temporarily closed on this small rooftop.

Shi Ran calmly took out her cigarette case from his coat pocket, waved at the woman who was looking at him, and said, “Do you mind if I smoke”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she retracted her gaze from Shi Ran and stood in front of the railing with an indifferent expression.

She didn’t know where her icy gaze fell.

This reaction inevitably reminded Shi Ran of the scene when she closed her eyes in bed this morning.

Don’t speak, don’t answer.

Shi Ran was not someone who has to earn an answer for anything, and Chen Ruoyu would take it as her tacit consent if she said nothing.

Shi Ran took a slender lady’s cigarette from the cigarette case and skillfully sandwiched it between the index and middle fingers of her right hand.

The silver-white square lighter made a crisp “da,” and the blue outer flame wrapped in the crimson flame kissed the cigarette.

The silent flame slowly burned the white cigarette stick into gray as the woman’s red lips sucked gently, and the smoke disappeared in the air with the smell of mint.

Shi Ran kept a friendly distance from Chen Ruoyu, leaning on the cold railing.

The long hair was half-covered, casual but in a variety of styles, and there was a bit of unnoticed melancholy written in the drooping pupils.

Chen Ruoyu: “She doesn’t understand.”

A crisp voice sounded from the quiet rooftop.

Shi Ran was stunned but quickly realized who Chen Ruoyu was talking about.

She lit the ashes on the cigarette with her index finger, looked up at Chen Ruoyu, and replied, “She used to do modeling before, but it was still children’s modeling, and the crisis experiment will be finished eventually in her hands.”

“A hundred-footed worm dies without being stiff.” Chen Ruoyu said calmly.

Shi Ran heard the words, and the unwillingness in his eyes showed all: “But I never imagined that it committed suicide from the inside.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at it and asked, “You have been doing crisis experiments for seven or eight years, right”

Shi Ran nodded, “Seven years.”

“You can let it go.”

Shi Ran understood what Chen Ruoyu meant but did not answer.

Leaning on the railing, she put the half-cigarette in her hand back to her lips and took another breath.

Shi Ran’s eyes were filled with smoke.

She remembered that on her twenty-fifth birthday recently, she had been happy for a long time.

That was “seven”.

She liked Song Yi for seven years and was with him.

She played Crisis Experiment for seven years and was still working on the art team for Crisis Experiment.

But in the blink of an eye, these two things were like smoke, and they dissipated with the wind.

Shi Ran didn’t know when she went from coexisting with the “crisis experiment” unswervingly to becoming a rebel who now stood on the same front as Xiao Ba and A Jiu and sought a way out.

Most emotions cannot stand repeated torment.

She was like this with Song Yi, and it was the same with the Crisis Experiment.

Neither of them spoke.

The smoke in Shi Ran’s hand burned silently in this space, and the world became silent.

Maybe it was because they felt that the two of them were too quiet now, or maybe it was because they didn’t like to keep “giving up” in their minds, and Shi Ran asked: “What are you going to do next MMORPG “

“No, make cards.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Shi Ran thought for a while after hearing this: “The Hearthstone”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

She looked at the half-lit cigarette in Shi Ran’s hand, crossed the ethereal smoke, and asked, “Are you interested”

It was like a trap that a hunter had carefully laid out for a long time, and finally, Shi Ran, the little fox, walked in unsuspectingly.

The wind circled and blew from the other side of the rooftop, blowing Shi Ran’s long hair behind his ears.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was asking this sentence in front of her, and was startled.

This little fox, who was at ease in the office, could not tell for a while whether Chen Ruoyu was asking if she was interested in her game or if she was interested in going to her studio.


At that moment, there was the sound of the phone vibrating on the rooftop.

Chen Ruoyu neatly took out the mobile phone in her pocket and put it to her ear.

After the people over there said something to her, she simply replied, “Well, I’ll go back now.”

Chen Ruoyu cut off the phone and was about to speak to Shi Ran, but was interrupted by Shi Ran.

Not like a leader but an old classmate, Shi Ran raised her hand, holding a cigarette, and waved to Chen Ruoyu, “I see, bye-bye busy man.”

With Shi Ran’s movements, the wind lifted the long curly hair on the side of her face, adding a bit of laziness to Misty Smoke.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the fox eyes that Shi Ran raised towards her, and there was a calm ripple in her calm pupils.

Then Zhou Yuan in the office received a group message: Chen Ruoyu: Today’s coffee, please.

The sun was warm, and the sky was clear.

It has been cloudy for several weekends in a row.

This week, S City ushered in a rare sunny weekend, and the people in the sun were warm.

Shi Ran didn’t feel like she couldn’t get up from her extra comfortable new bed.

She got up early this morning to put on makeup and went out with a large suitcase.

The taxi that had been reserved stopped on time at the downstairs of the loft apartment where Shi Ran lives now.

The attentive driver wanted to help Shi Ran carry his luggage, but from a distance, he saw this brightly dressed beauty put the suitcase in with one hand.

in the trunk.

Shi Ran smiled at the surprised look the driver gave her.


Shi Ran’s trip was not to see if the weather was good today and carry her luggage for an outing but to take away all the things she left in the house she rented with Song Yi.

She wanted to take advantage of Song Yi to go out to sketch and hurry all the things she left there back to her current home.

Otherwise, Song Yi always thought that this breakup with her was just a joke, and in a few days, she would go home with the cake she ordered and her homework to wait for her.

For this reason, Shi Ran made an appointment for her younger brother Shi Yu to come and help, at the expense of a meal.

Although Shi Ran didn’t go out for an outing today, there were indeed many families who went out today.

The driver looked at the lights in front of them that were on and off and complained about today’s road conditions, but Shi Ran was not irritated.

She was distracted.

Shi Ran had been a child without a family since she was a child.

Her father did not love her mother, and she was sent to her grandmother’s house in the countryside as soon as she was born.

Grandma was an old-fashioned and dogmatic little old lady, and Shi Ran was a “bad girl” who was born to be rebellious.

The two fought with wits and courage, and the relationship finally eased up, and the little old lady left again.

When Shi Ran was taken home, there was already a younger brother, Shi Yu, who was about the same age as him.

He was held by his parents in the palm of his hand.

Since he was a child, he was the only one who gave people color, and no one else gave him.

Fortunately, Shi Yu didn’t grow crooked in this home of a nouveau riche father and mother, and even added some angel buffs, helping Shi Ran a lot over the years.

But despite this, from the outsider’s point of view, the Shi family comprised a family of three and a wild girl who was raised by a grandmother in the countryside.

That’s why Shi Ran always wanted a home that belonged to her.

Even if it’s small, it’s the same as the loft she lives in now.

She regarded the house she and Song Yi rented in the university town as their home.

She bought a bunch of large and small items to make the home as warm as possible.

She had a brief warm-up with Song Yi in that house.

short of maybe a few days, less than a week.

Because Shi Ran still remembers a table of dishes she made on the weekend to celebrate living together with Song Yi, and the fate of them being thrown into the trash.

She thought of Shi Ran being warmed by the sun directly above, and her mood fell again.

If you go astray, how could you achieve perfection

The driver also heard Shi Ran’s inaudible sigh and said: “Do you want to go to school, little girl Look at you, from the Academy of Fine Arts, right Is painting very hard “


I’ve graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.

I’m going to the rented house to pack my things.

” Shi Ran answered briefly and took out a small piece of bread from his pocket.

Cigarettes, as well as small bread, could help Shi Ran relax.

“Is this a job after graduation The rent of the house in the high-tech zone is not cheap, right “the driver asked again.

“I bought it.” Shi Ran replied, with a lot of unexplainable gloom in his eyes.

This was originally a surprise she wanted to give Song Yi, but it became the basis for her not being embarrassed after she left decisively that day.

The driver couldn’t understand Shi Ran’s thoughts, and when he heard “bought it,” he sighed: “The little girl now is amazing!”

Just before he finished speaking, he analyzed the house like ordinary uncles and aunts: “But the loft house doesn’t keep its value.

It’s not worthwhile for commercial water and electricity.

But it’s okay for you young people to live.

It’s safe, and more stairs are great for exercise, right “

Shi Ran felt a pain in his heart when he heard the last sentence of the driver and nodded with a wry smile, “Yes.”

If she had known that she would have to climb up and down every day when she lived in the loft, she would never have made such a quick decision.

The driver’s master was a very talkative person.

With the gap in the loft, he chatted with Shi Ran about the recent house price.

The car stopped and went along with the traffic, and the driver’s topics around the house also changed one after another.

Just when he was talking about reselling second-hand school district houses, the house that Shi Ran and Song Yi rented appeared in her line of sight.


Fortunately, with the driver’s master on the way, Shi Ran’s depressed mood was much better.

When paying the fare, she collected the total amount for the driver, one hundred and forty-three, and she paid one hundred and five.

The wind swirls the dead leaves and makes a rustling sound, and the mottled doorway of the old community was flashing with light bulbs with poor contact.

Shi Ran returned to the place where she once lived.

She took a breath and walked into the unit door with the suitcase in hand.

Once you have entered the poor lane, you should know your way back and stop your losses in time.

It’s just that Shi Ran didn’t expect today that she would feel so regretful when she opened the door.

A slender, strange woman was sitting in a home that should have been empty.

She leaned slightly, and the sleeves of her sweater rolled up to reveal a slender, snow-white arm, and there seemed to be bloodstains where the light fell.

And Song Yi was squatting beside her, giving her medicine.

The cotton swab gently rolled across the bloodshot skin, and Song Yi’s eyes were filled with concentration and tension.

Concentration and tension never belonged to Shi Ran.

The balcony door was open, revealing the chaos all over the place.

The succulent landscape pot that was originally placed on the flower stand fell to the ground, and the delicate petals were sticking to the soil, which looked embarrassing.

“Does it hurt Don’t blame yourself; it’s not your fault, it’s all her fault.

I already said that this succulent was unsuitable for placing it on a lower shelf, but she insisted on putting it here, and an accident happened today.

She is always like this, not careful when doing things…”

“Shi Ran, your pot of succulents is so beautiful! You can put it here, and watch it on the balcony at night, and you will feel much better.

Shi Ran’s ears were now being pierced by voices from the past.

She just stood at the door and watched, never feeling that the light could let her see-through everything like it does today.

The chilly wind silently slipped into the house through the open door, expelling the warm heat one by one.

Song Yi was about to wonder how the door she closed opened, but she saw Shi Ran standing at the door with a suitcase.

The concentration and tenderness that were still written on Song Yi’s face just now turned into surprise and panic and half of the words were stuck in her throat.

She clenched the cotton swab in her hand tightly, stepped forward to grab Shi Ran’s hand, and said, “Shi Ran, it’s not what you think.”


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