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Chapter 42 – Shi Ran pursed her lips, her heart beating fiercely.

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was still as cold and indifferent as in the past as if she had just given up an irrelevant position.

A few people watching the fun just watched Shi Ran sit down next to the empty seat beside Chen Ruoyu.

There was no liveliness they wanted to watch, and it was messy for a moment.

What’s happening here

Instead of sitting on the seat next to her “girlfriend”, she had to sit opposite her, and Chen Ruoyu asked her to sit down.

Shi Ran felt the gazes of these people towards her, so she turned a blind eye to Chen Ruoyu and said: “It’s early.”

“Arrived five minutes earlier than you.” Chen Ruoyu answered lightly, putting her bag behind her waist.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip and asked deliberately, “Waiting for me specifically”

When Chen Ruoyu heard this, she followed Shi Ran’s words and said “um” honestly.

Shi Ran took advantage of this, and regardless of whether or not it was true, she looked at Chen Ruoyu and pursed her lips, smiling.

Black hair and red lips, as bright as the little sun outside the window.

At that moment, Song Yi, who had just gone to the bathroom with Zhang Ran, came in.

She witnessed the entire process of Shi Ran sitting beside Chen Ruoyu, gripping Zhang Ran’s arm.

But she still said nothing.

Under the watchful eyes of several people at the banquet, she sat back in the chair with her bag with a terrible expression.

The box was filled with awkward silence, and those present should understand, no matter how they didn’t understand.

Song Yi and Shi Ran have broken up.

Everyone knew that Shi Ran was chasing Song Yi at the beginning, but now that they broke up, no one knew about it.

Besides sighing, it also made people curious.

Shi Ran was not a good person, so a few girls went to see Song Yi, wanting to repeat her words: “How is Song Yi doing recently Why don’t you often see your paintings in your circle of friends recently Are you in a bad mood”

This sentence touched on Song Yi’s most sensitive things at once.

She nodded with a guilty conscience.

“Yes, the state is not very good, and I am not satisfied after a few paintings.”

“What’s the matter Are you out of inspiration” the man asked again, with a concerned tone.

Song Yi listened to this man’s question and looked up at Shi Ran, who was sitting opposite, but her eager eyes couldn’t wait for Shi Ran to raise her head, so she had to shake her head and say, “It’s nothing, just busy with graduation.”

Zhang Ran couldn’t see it, and raised her voice: “It’s not just graduation.

Has there been less distraction recently Everyone has lost weight in the past few months.

Why do you think you are like this, and no one cares about you”

“Zhang Ran.” Song Yi listened and pulled Zhang Ran’s arm.

She didn’t tell Zhang Ran to stop talking.

Naturally, Zhang Ran didn’t stop and continued: “People patted the buttocks and left, which kept you up at night.

Did she feel distressed”

Shi Ran couldn’t hold back her voice.

She heard Zhang Ran arranging herself like this, and she stabbed her eyes straight at her.

“Isn’t it because I’ve done too many unfortunate things at night”

The voice fell, and everyone’s eyes turned to Song Yi.

Shi Ran’s words were too straightforward, and anyone could immediately tell that Song Yi was cheating.

Song Yi felt everyone’s dazzling eyes, and her hands on her legs tightened.

Her original intention was to make Shi Ran hurt herself, but she didn’t want to get the opposite result.

Instead, she shot herself in the foot.

The strange stillness was not dispelled by Wang Nianyin’s several activities.

Shi Ran watched Song Yi reluctantly laugh from a distance, happy and depressed.

If it wasn’t intolerable, who would commit an act of self-harm

At that moment, the plastic wrapping dabbed Shi Ran’s soft palm.

Chen Ruoyu lowered her hand and put candy in Shi Ran’s palm like a conjuration.

Shi Ran didn’t need to look to know that what Chen Ruoyu gave her was the plum candy she usually likes to eat.

Since she gave it to Chen Ruoyu once, this person had often carried it in her pocket, as if she was more addicted than herself.

The cool fingers stayed in Shi Ran’s palm along with the candy and gently hooked her fingers.

The sudden sweetness and the softness of the fingertips appeased Shi Ran’s strangeness just right, and Shi Ran just silently hooked the hand that Chen Ruoyu didn’t intend to pull away.

The closer it was to the time set for the party, the denser the people who came, and soon all the people in the circle were full.

Shi Ran counted many more people this year than last year, and couldn’t help but sigh in her heart that the three words “Chen Ruoyu” had more appeal than Wang Nianyin.

When the dishes were served, someone couldn’t help but start: “When will Ruoyu come back this year”

“November.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“We came back so early, and we don’t even know.” The man sighed, and then someone picked up: “Ruoyu, which company are you working for now”

“YT Games.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“Is it the producer of new game development I remember YT Games didn’t seem to launch any very competitive games this year.” A boy asked, “I heard Zhang Ran say that YT is a little old.”

“Yeah.” One person nodded and said, “YT didn’t launch a doomsday future city, but it didn’t work on building carrots.”

Speaking of which, the man seemed to remember something.

He looked at Zhang Ran, who was beside him: “Isn’t Zhang Ran the one who built Radish’s studio”

“That’s right.” Zhang Ran nodded, looking at Chen Ruoyu opposite with a seemingly friendly smile.

“Why didn’t Ruoyu come to our Orange Games and choose YT I seemed to have heard that our company was going to have a foreign team, but when I asked later, I didn’t know why I was passed.”

“Although our oranges have made several popular styles this year, and the requirements for the production team have also increased, you can come to me at that time.

Maybe you can stay.

Do you dislike me, an old classmate “

Shi Ran sat and listened and rolled her eyes brightly at her.

These people’s words were interesting.

Mingli said that she was friendly and willing to help old classmates, but in fact, she was secretly poking in front of everyone that Chen Ruoyu’s team was not good, and her vision was not good.

Not a very good gaming company.

“No.” But Chen Ruoyu didn’t give Zhang Ran this chance.

She answered her question at the end of the sentence in a light voice and said mercilessly: “Our team requires the company to have an independent development engine, and Orange Games is the first candidate.” The first round of screening has already been screened out.

When the voice fell, Zhang Ran’s face was a little unbearable.

Chen Ruoyu’s words were very clear, not that Chen Ruoyu didn’t want orange games, but Chen Ruoyu didn’t want orange games.

It was screened out in the first round.

“What is an independent development engine”

At that moment, there were several whispers in the box.

Many people in the class were not in the game industry, and they were very unfamiliar with the term Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran curled her lips and took the responsibility of explaining the term: “An independent development engine is equivalent to the foundation of a tree.

If a company’s game relies on other companies’ development engines, it is like a foundation.

Unstable: no matter how big the tree is, it will fall down when the wind blows.

Maybe you look at this tree now, but once the foundation to which it is attached is pulled away, she will be finished.”

Shi Ran looked up at Zhang Ran, who was sitting opposite, and Zhang Ran’s face was ugly.

This person bragged a lot this year by relying on the architectural radish.

She was the chief planner and bragged everywhere about the “great achievements” of killing YT, but she didn’t want to hit a wall with Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran gave her a fist.

She bragged so much, and the co-authorship company was nothing more than that.

Zhang Ran was quiet, and Chen Ruoyu’s work ended.

He Miaomiao, who was sitting on the other side of Chen Ruoyu, hesitated for a while, then turned to look at Chen Ruoyu and said in a low voice, “Ruoyu, I heard you had experience working in an investment bank when you were abroad, and I just have a question to ask you.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded.

“You said.”

He Miaomiao: “It’s me who graduated as a graduate student this year.

I just received the internship notice from Chengyi and Chenghai.

I’m still very hesitant about which company to go to.

Chenghai can be turned into a regular after an internship, but… I’m worried about going to Chenghai.

I can’t be left behind, and I also lost such an excellent opportunity as Chenghai.”

“I think it’s better to choose Chenghai.

Chenghai is so good, and it is considered a little famous in China.” A person came in.

“That’s right, and I heard that Cheng Shu is under a lot of pressure.

One of my college classmates went there after graduating from graduate school last year and ended up staying until the early morning every day.” Another person echoed.

“But Chengyi earns more, and there are more opportunities to go abroad for exchanges.”

There were a lot of financial students in the class, and when He Miaomiao mentioned this, she talked nonstop.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t agree with any of these people’s words, and only asked He Miaomiao, “Which one do you prefer”

“It’s a transcript.” Miaomiao’s voice was small, and she was a little unconfident when these people said it.

Chen Ruoyu listened and nodded, but when she was about to speak, she felt a blunt, sharp corner cut across her leg.

One by one, it brushed her calf like nothing and swirled gently at the ankle.

Chen Ruoyu knew that this was Shi Ran’s foot without looking at it.

The little fox was holding the harmless little face with one hand, and the rest of the class watched with interest how Chen Ruoyu was going to solve this problem for He Miaomiao.

He Miaomiao was on the academic committee of the class, and the weak and weak were like He Miaomiao.

Her relationship with Chen Ruoyu was the best in the class.

Shi Ran often sees the two of them coming out of the teachers’ offices for various subjects together.

The memory of the past was slowly awakened, and in Shi Ran’s mind, the picture of He Miaomiao’s turning back in her seat and asking Chen Ruoyu a question.

The small table was full of books and papers; the two small green heads were leaning against each other, and the fluffy hair hung under the humming fan in the summer classroom, entangled.

Shi Ran was unhappy; she didn’t like He Miaomiao.

She hadn’t felt this way before, and now she didn’t like it very much.

Especially when she heard Chen Ruoyu’s soft voice.

She was very upset.

The unpleasant result was that she willfully cocked her legs under the tablecloth and grandly seduced Chen Ruoyu, which only they would dare to do when they were together.

Chen Ruoyu was not an uncontrollable person, but this time it was Shi Ran who provoked her.

Beneath that calm face that seemed to think was an uneasy heartbeat.

Chen Ruoyu just looked at this little fox with a sly smile and reminded her not to make trouble.

However, Shi Ran did not obey.

Instead, she acted more boldly and said to Chen Ruoyu, with her mouth shaped, “Boring.”

Chen Ruoyu had absolutely nothing to do with Shi Ran.

After sinking for a while, she reluctantly lowered her hand as if it was natural and precisely held Shi Ran’s ankle that was protruding towards her.

The long boots tightly wrapped the skin at the ankle, and the warmth couldn’t be transmitted, but it magnified the touch.

This little fox’s bad intentions all turned into a stiff body, and she spat a few times, but Chen Ruoyu held it even tighter.

Those pitch-black eyes squinted slightly towards her as if to say: it was too late.

Where do you want to go

This was Shi Ran’s first willful act, and it was also the first time she was caught.

Shi Ran wanted to take her ankle away from Chen Ruoyu’s hand, not thinking that this person was more courageous than she thought, and the hand holding the ankle became a little tighter because of her resistance.

One moment, one moment.

Chen Ruoyu imitated Shi Ran’s talent, gently traced her ankles with her hands, and said to Miaomiao, “My suggestion is to transcribe.”

Shi Ran pursed her lips tightly, her heart beating fiercely.

But this person seemed to be nothing, with no strange expression on her face: “I think you know better than me how much Chengyi is bigger than Chenghai.

Even if you only stay for a year, you will learn more than you would in Chenghai.

There are many small and medium-sized companies, and…”

Shi Ran didn’t remember what Chen Ruoyu said later.

Chen Ruoyu’s fingers kept spinning on her sensitive nerves, and her fair cheeks were flushed red by the heat above her head.

In the end, a few people were convinced by Chen Ruoyu’s analysis and insights.

They got up to toast her, and Shi Ran was relieved.

The bright light of the bathroom fell on the mirror, and Shi Ran stood in front of the mirror with her bag to touch up her makeup.

Her face was indeed red, and the lipstick between her lips was smudged by her just now.

Shi Ran felt a little sad when she thought that the gorgeous makeup that she finally painted on today was completely messed up by Chen Ruoyu’s provocation.

She thought awkwardly that she would have to make up for it one day, and there was a bit of jealousy in her eyes with amber-colored contact lenses that the cool breeze hadn’t blown away.

After finishing, Shi Ran was about to go back with her bag, but she didn’t want to see Song Yi walking in at the door.

Shi Ran didn’t want to have much contact with her, but Song Yi blocked the only exit in the bathroom in advance: “Shi Ran, I want to apologize for what Zhang Ran said to you.”


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