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Chapter 46 – “Where are you going, sister”

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu’s move was inexplicable.

She glanced at several empty tables not far away and said, “Isn’t there a vacancy over there”

Chen Ruoyu followed Shi Ran’s words with an “um,” and the plate on the table was closer to Shi Ran’s.

Yes, yes, but she just fell in love with the seat beside Shi Ran and sat down next to her, taking no more.

Xu Mengtian was lively and watched Chen Ruoyu sit down and greeted her familiarly: “Sister Ruoyu, you are here.”

“Sweet.” Chen Ruoyu replied, her voice colder than usual.

Xu Mengtian didn’t notice it and continued: “When I came here today, Sister Zhou Yuan told me you would be very busy today.

I thought I could not meet Sister Ruoyu, but it happened here.”

Chen Ruoyu listened and nodded, and said in a calm tone, “Today the company goes to work on the first day, and I have to hold a meeting to follow up with some foreign affairs.”

Xu Mengtian took a bite of the ribs and said, “I heard from my uncle that YT’s progress in foreign markets is a little slow.”

“It’s going well on the whole.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Xu Mengtian signed a long time after hearing the words: “My sister is also tired enough.

Sometimes she texts her and only gets back to me in the middle of the night.”

Then there was a smile of anticipation on her face, and she said, “But my sister will come back when it stabilizes over there.”

Chen Ruoyu did not agree: “It’s still up to Shen Yan’s thoughts.”

Xu Mengtian was extraordinarily sure: “She will come back.

She will always take over a company as big as my uncle’s.

Besides, if you come back, she will come back.”

When Shi Ran heard Xu Mengtian’s last sentence, her heart seemed to be blocked.

This could also be interpreted as friends, or two people of the same magnitude making the same decision.

But Shi Ran felt strangely awkward.

She just watched Chen Ruoyu sitting seriously beside her.

Her thin back was straight, and her hand hanging down beside her silently poked under her coat.

The fingers fell on the thin jeans, and there was a clear touch.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand holding the chopsticks froze for a moment, and she saw the culprit speaking to Xu Mengtian as if nothing had happened: “Is this Shen Yan also the older sister Meng Tian was talking about”

Xu Mengtian nodded and introduced, “Yes, she is my uncle’s daughter, but she doesn’t have my uncle’s surname and follows my aunt’s surname, Shen.”

No matter how Shi Ran heard it, the name “Shen Yan” sounded familiar.

She turned her gaze slightly to look at Chen Ruoyu beside her and asked thoughtfully, “Shen Yan… Your college classmate That friend, I don’t know”

The hand that fell on the lap was dormant quietly, and the stubbornness of its owner was no longer there, but it made people faintly uneasy.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t expect that she would still remember the casual chat with Shi Ran on the bed during the New Year.

She sat calmly and honestly, saying “um” to Shi Ran.

This affirmative voice sounded, and Shi Ran’s feeling of being blocked was not cleared, but even worse.

She raised her hand, holding the chopsticks to support half of her small face, and said meaningfully, in a long voice, “Oh it’s her.”

Before the last syllable fell, Shi Ran’s dormant hand made a circle on Chen Ruoyu’s leg.

It was full of her petty temperament and the extraordinarily inexplicable possessiveness that comes with her at this moment.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to expect that her answer would attract Shi Ran, but she did not expect her to be so reckless.

Circle after circle of provocation was silently amplified in this noisy hall.

The people around us came and went as if countless pairs of eyes were looking at themselves.

What’s more fatal was that the two of them were sitting opposite each other.

known as Xu Mengtian.

This child had a straight temper, and what to say when she sees it if she finds out

Chen Ruoyu didn’t dare to think anymore.

She stretched out her left hand on her lap and held Shi Ran’s left hand on her back, and then, in front of Xu Mengtian, she took the sweet and sour steak from Shi Ran’s plate over.

Shi Ran lost two cities in a row, and her expression was not calm: “What are you doing”

Chen Ruoyu became calm.

In this way, she picked her ribs under Shi Ran’s gaze and said lightly, “I thought you wouldn’t like it if you didn’t eat it.”

“I like it very much!” Shi Ran protested.

She remembered the incident that was caused by Xiao Ba when she was at work and said to the person in front of her unhappily, “I am a very nostalgic person.”

She let out a sigh of relief and said meaningfully: “I just don’t know if some people are like this, or if they can’t tire of eating sweet and sour pork ribs.”

Chen Ruoyu could hear the meaning of Shi Ran’s words, inserted her fingers between her fingers, and gave a soft “um”.

The voice fell, and Shi Ran’s inexplicable desire to win was satisfied.

She raised her head slightly, with a bit of coquettish anger: “It’s better like this.”

“What are you talking about”

Xu Mengtian, who was sitting beside her, sent a protest.

Her eyes were wide open, full of doubts.

“Why do I sound like a riddle, and I can’t understand it at all”

“It’s nothing.

I’m just saying that today’s sweet and sour short ribs are delicious, and you won’t tire of eating them.

Sister Ruoyu even came to rob me.” Shi Ran smiled and took the candy from Chen Ruoyu’s plate.

Vinegar short ribs.

One yard was one yard.

Although Chen Ruoyu’s answer satisfied her, the hatred of eating sweet and sour food couldn’t be let go like this.

Shi Ran took a piece and then took another piece in front of Chen Ruoyu.

Another piece.

Xu Mengtian looked at it, nodded, and replied, noticing nothing: “Indeed, I also think it’s very good.

It’s better than my aunt’s cooking at home.

No wonder it is limited to one serving per person.”

“When my sister comes back, I will take her to eat, and I will also take her to see Sister Shi Ran.”

As she spoke, she looked at Shi Ran expectantly and asked cautiously, “Can I call you sister too”

Shi Ran, who had never liked others to be so close to her, nodded cheerfully in front of Chen Ruoyu: “Yes.”

Chen Ruoyu sat on the side in silence.

Her eyes turned into a dark ball of blackness when she looked at Xu Mengtian.

After the meal, Xu Mengtian said that she still had something to do with her uncle, so Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu went back to the final first.

A few people were going back to the office.

The shadows of the two people who just came out of the elevator and moved forward side by side were a little eerily quiet.

After confirming that the corridor was empty, Chen Ruoyu repeated coldly to Shi Ran, who was walking beside her, “Sister”

Shi Ran knew what Chen Ruoyu was referring to, so she replied confidently, “What’s the matter Sister Ruoyu.”

although she was younger than Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu was laughed at by Shi Ran’s response and was a little helpless, but she also felt a little cute when she called herself that.

She knew that the two of them didn’t have the right to restrict each other’s communication now, and they couldn’t show jealousy to their lovers, so she followed her words: “Go to your house after getting off work.”

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu mentioned this matter quite recently and teased with her hands behind her back: “Didn’t you all say that Xiao Sheng is newly married We just saw each other yesterday, so I thought about it.”

When the words fell, the expression on Chen Ruoyu’s face changed slightly.

She leaned down like this, approached Shi Ran blatantly, and asked, “Newly married”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was still as cold as usual.

The empty corridor magnified the coldness and also magnified the ambiguity between the two of them.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s shadow in her palm, and her heartbeat suddenly sped up.

She didn’t know what happened to her.

She had passed this approach several times at home alone, and she had never had such a reaction.

The little fox pretended to be calm and explained to Chen Ruoyu: “It’s just… a metaphor.

I can’t understand what I can’t understand with reality.

It’s a good thing that you have learned to draw for a few years.

This is the freehand version of the text.”

Chen Ruoyu was silent as if she didn’t believe Shi Ran’s explanation.

The ambiguity of the words was too much to make people fanciful.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were clear, and the light falling from the top of her head fell steadily on her, making her unable to wave it in Shi Ran’s mind.

If only she could stay by her side all the time.

Shi Ran’s chaotic head suddenly came up with such a sentence, which she thought of while chatting with Xiao Ba in the morning.

However, this kind of thought should not be suitable for her mind; they were just simple bed companions.

Even if I was playing dumb riddles with her in front of Xu Mengtian in the cafeteria just now, if one party proposed to end it, then I really couldn’t stay by her side…

Shi Ran had mysteriously vanished.

She pursed her lips, thinking about having a good time, and said, “Since you want to come, then come.”

“But do you need to bring a gift to visit someone”

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran say this, she finally said, “What gift”

“Strawberries.” Shi Ran said, “I want to eat strawberries.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded when she heard the words, said “OK,” and accepted Shi Ran’s request.

Shi Ran felt she was a little unlucky for the new year, and when she was about to get off work, she found her period was coming.

Not being able to be happy at night made her very sad.

But it also made her understand where her abnormal mood today came from.

There was a faint pain in the lower abdomen.

Shi Ran took two warm baby pieces from Xiao Ba and put them in the clothes, which relieved it a little.

She looked at the coordinates of the parking lot that Chen Ruoyu had just sent to her on her phone, hesitated for a while, but still couldn’t send “I’m on my period, forget it today” to Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran was a little selfish and didn’t want the two of them to go home together and become one person.

The loneliness of being alone was especially depressing in today’s sudden situation.

She didn’t know if it was hormones or not.

She wanted Chen Ruoyu to accompany her.

When she got out of the elevator, the icy wind from the underground parking lot made Shi Ran’s stomach hurt.

Shi Ran subconsciously wrapped her coat tightly.

Area D was farther than other areas, and it got colder as they walked.

The hot baby clung to her waist and abdomen, and the tense pain was relieved.

She suddenly regretted it a little.

If Chen Ruoyu didn’t compensate herself later, she would bite.

Suddenly, the bright lights flashed conspicuously in the dim environment.

Shi Ran saw the familiar Maybach again, and the man behind the windshield.

Chen Ruoyu had just arrived, and before the car was warm, she saw Shi Ran coming.

Looking at Shi Ran’s tightly wrapped clothes, she came out of the cab to open the door for her.

Shi Ran was satisfied with Chen Ruoyu’s service and was about to bow her head and sit as the co-pilot, but a scorching heat fell on her neck.

Chen Ruoyu just held the door and frame to control herself in front of her, and asked from behind in a crisp voice, “Where are you going, sister”

Shi Ran’s ears were hot because of Chen Ruoyu’s heat.

She knew that Chen Ruoyu was making fun of herself.

She felt that she still remembered after so long, and her heartbeat was beating violently.

When Xu Mengtian called her at noon, she felt nothing.

But when the name came into Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, the taste had changed, and the ambiguity made people’s cheeks hot and their hearts panic.

The warm air in the car and the cold air from the outside were intertwined in front of the open car door.

Shi Ran realized she had just walked over in the cold, and this person was blowing warm air behind her.

The little fox’s eyes filled with a bit of perverted grief turned her head, and bit Chen Ruoyu’s wrist again.


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