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Chapter 47 – Appropriate for her.

The days after the Spring Festival were much longer than the winter ones.

The last ray of the sun falls on the ground, but it cannot penetrate the underground parking lot.

The dim environment was empty and sparsely populated, and the cold and damp smell of dust was silently brewing a secret ambiguity.

Shi Ran abruptly bit the exposed part of Chen Ruoyu’s wrist, and the two canine teeth were more presumptuous than the last time they rubbed against that piece of skin.

She bit Chen Ruoyu a bit, but she noticed Shi Ran’s emotional fluctuations and asked calmly, “Who messed with you”

“You.” Shi Ran let out a sigh of relief.

She stood face-to-face with Chen Ruoyu like this, and the warm air in the car just fell on her waist, which was sore because of her menstrual period.

She felt a little aggrieved: “I just had my menstrual period.”

The underground parking lot was secretive and gloomy, like a ruthless prodigal son who would discard women who couldn’t bring her pleasure.

However, Chen Ruoyu was not a ruthless prodigal son.

She heard Shi Ran say this, and there was no loss in her eyes.

Instead, she raised her hand, rubbed her head, and said, “Get in the car and take you home.”

The warmth of the palm fell on the top of the head, seeping into the nerve endings little by little.

Shi Ran was a little happy and sat in the car obediently.

The car slowly drove out of the underground parking lot, and the setting sun dyed the sight of the two people red with orange.

Chen Ruoyu drove into the traffic and asked distractedly, “Is there any brown sugar at home”

“Yes.” Shi Ran nodded.

“Are you taking ibuprofen” Chen Ruoyu asked again, and the speed of the car slowed down.

“Don’t eat.” Shi Ran shook her head.

Her mood was much better than before, and the pain in her stomach was relieved.

With her brain cells active, she said again: “Have you not heard a word `Please enjoy the unavoidable pain` I am practicing.

Chen Ruoyu: “This is the instruction in the Harvard library.”

The implication was that it was not scripture for practice.


Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu was a little boring and looked away from the window in dissatisfaction.

There was a green brand pharmacy by the road, which was integrated into the bushes and street trees of the green belt and flashed by at a sped-up speed.

Chen Ruoyu’s car drove faster on weekdays, and it was not dark when she got downstairs to Shi Ran’s house.

The setting sun fell through the glass and fell into the room without the lights, and the entire room, illuminated with orange, had a warm feeling of returning home late.

“Where’s the brown sugar” Chen Ruoyu asked after changing her shoes.

“Refrigerator, but there should be no hot water at home.” Shi Ran answered, and took a kettle with a pot of pure water.

The sound of the kettle working was very subtle.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was about to open the refrigerator door, and instructed, “You sit first.

I’ll go to the toilet, and I’ll do it myself when I get back.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word, looked at Shi Ran’s back hurriedly, ran to the toilet, and still opened the refrigerator door.

She first put several large boxes of strawberries in her hand into the refrigerator and then took out the brown sugar.

The sound of boiling water gradually grew louder, and a white mist emerged from the spout, and the water-boiling switch jumped off with a click.

Chen Ruoyu found a clean cup, poured the brown sugar into it in an orderly manner, and then poured the water that had just boiled into it.

Then she took the pot and poured the remaining hot water into the empty thermos pot, refilled the pot with pure water, and put it back in place.

This set of procedures had concluded.

The water in the glass silently turned a beautiful reddish-brown, with a hint of sweetness in the clean air.

When Shi Ran came out of the bathroom, she saw that the brown sugar water and the strawberries she asked for from Chen Ruoyu at noon had already been placed on the table.

She felt a little sour in her nose.

No one had been so nice to her.

It was so good that everything she needed and liked would be prepared for her.

It was just the effort of going to the toilet.

Shi Ran took a deep breath, turned her hands behind her back, and used her wickedness to cover up the slight movement in her heart: “You’re so kind to me.”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu replied, motioning for Shi Ran to come over.

“If you don’t drink it, it will be cold.”

“Then I have to hurry.” As Shi Ran said, she sat beside Chen Ruoyu and picked up the cup of brown sugar water she made for her.

The brown sugar water that Chen Ruoyu poured would not be too sweet for the throat, nor would it be light and tasteless, and after a while, half a cup went down.

Then Shi Ran seemed to realize something, stopped drinking water, and turned to look at Chen Ruoyu: “Are you going”

Chen Ruoyu said otherwise: “Stay a little longer.”

As she said that, she took the strawberry in front of Shi Ran a little further: “I just washed it.

It’s a little cold.

I’ll eat it later.”

“Co-authoring is for fear that I will steal it.”

Shi Ran smiled, put the clean glass in her hand on the table, and reached out to open the drawer a few times on the table.

The drawers were full of all kinds of candies.

Besides the black-brown plum candies that occupied a large part, there was also a long-shaped twist candy that was the most conspicuous.

Shi Ran took one out, bent down, and looked up at Chen Ruoyu, who was beside her: “Do you want to eat”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head.

She didn’t enjoy eating this kind of candy very much.

Shi Ran said it was just right.

She pushed the drawer back and then slumped directly onto Chen Ruoyu’s lap.

Like a cat walking on the road, touching porcelain, or a fox.

Maybe the relationship between the two people could have had such close contact, but Chen Ruoyu watched Shi Ran lying on her lap so intently that her heart beat uncontrollably.

She rarely saw Shi Ran at such a close distance with no ambiguous things happening.

The light above her head mixed with the orange sunset imprinted Shi Ran’s profile in Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

Her long black hair hung down on the side of her face, and her lips were soaked in brown sugar water that smelled like candy.

There was no obvious seduction to this person, but she just naturally rested on a “pillow” that would make her comfortable.

Humans and animals were harmless, but they were tempted to commit crimes.

Chen Ruoyu felt it was impossible to continue like this, so she opened the topic: “Why do you like to eat so much”

“Because eating makes people feel better,” Shi Ran replied.

She didn’t have any intention of seducing Chen Ruoyu, but just now she felt that if she was lying on Chen Ruoyu’s lap, it would make her feel comfortable.

Sure enough, she fell on Chen Ruoyu’s lap, and the clean fragrance came from the back and side of her face, and the cold and gentleness made her feel extra comfortable.

The comfort was a strange comfort as if they were supposed to get along.

On a sunset evening, snuggle together, watch TV, and chat about interesting things at work.

Warm and harmonious, it was like what a home should have.

Shi Ran frowned slightly when she thought about it.

How could she have such an idea She and Chen Ruoyu were just ruthless bed partners.

Shi Ran attributed all this to the abnormal hormones in her menstrual period, and continued with the sugar in her hand: “Sweet can make people feel happy, and sour can make people feel that the pain is nothing more than that.”

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something again and made a long “ah-” sound.

Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s voice, and her eyes became a little more worried: “What’s wrong”

“I want to eat oranges.” Shi Ran painted, “Ugly oranges are huge and they are very hydrated.”

Chen Ruoyu felt she had been falsely shot and wanted to be angry, but she still couldn’t give birth: “I’ll buy it for you when your period is over.”

“Really” Shi Ran was a little surprised.

“Really” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

“That’s good.

I still want to eat ice cream.” Shi Ran said casually, and suddenly looked up at Chen Ruoyu, “By the way, do you know about Xiao Ba and Sister Zhou Yuan”

“Well.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

She knew it earlier than Shi Ran.

“Xiao Ba is so easy to deceive.

I agreed with a box of ice cream.” Shi Ran’s words contained a bit of resentment.

“What if it was you” Chen Ruoyu asked.

“If it were me…” Shi Ran thought about it for a while but didn’t take it seriously, and gestured as if a joke, “That would have to be a big box, and it would have to be Baxi.”

“You know, their ice cream cake is delicious.

I bought a strawberry ice cream cake for my birthday last year.

It was delicious…”

Shi Ran described it excitedly, but suddenly curled up in the middle of the sentence.

“What’s the matter” Chen Ruoyu asked worriedly, feeling Shi Ran’s body tense.

“My stomach hurts.” Shi Ran replied, her voice a little shaky.

“It’s getting cold.” Chen Ruoyu judged.

Shi Ran was aggrieved:”… but I just thought about it for a while.”

“I can’t think about it.” Chen Ruoyu announced ruthlessly.

Shi Ran felt that this was cruel and wanted to refute it, but felt an oppressive warmth coming from the top of her stomach.

Chen Ruoyu reached out her hand from behind her silently and started rubbing her aching stomach.

Chen Ruoyu sat upright with a bitter expression, but her movements were gentle.

In this way, she sent the warm temperature of her palm into Shi Ran’s cold stomach through the sweater.

The faint fragrance made Shi Ran feel a little more comfortable, and she felt a little awkward at the same time: “Is this also learned from Shen Yan”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu denied, “I learned from my aunt.”

Shi Ran said with an “oh,” feeling that it was almost the same, and said with emotion, “I feel you can do everything, and I also feel that you have a lot of secrets.”

Will it do anything Not so.

But there were indeed many secrets.

After sinking for a while, Chen Ruoyu seemed to have made an impulsive decision.

Looking at the back of her biggest secret, she asked calmly, “Then do you want to know”

However, she did not get Shi Ran’s usual curious response.

The air became too quiet.

Chen Ruoyu looked down at Shi Ran in confusion.

The corner of her mouth evoked a helpless smile in the next second.

She didn’t know if her movements were too gentle, but Shi Ran fell asleep on her leg.

The little one was curled up in her arms, much more obedient than usual.

When Shi Ran woke up again, it was completely dark outside.

The lights were still on in the room, and the chandelier in the living room spread light to the second floor.

Although it was not dazzling, it allowed people to see everything around them.

Shi Ran sat up slowly from his bed, perplexed.

She still remembered that she was on the sofa with Chen Ruoyu before she fell asleep.

She was domineering on her legs, and she was rubbing her stomach, which was naturally beautiful.

She also said that she was not leaving and would stay a little longer.

Shi Ran didn’t know how long it would take to stay a while longer, but now she woke up and lay on the bed without Chen Ruoyu beside her.

She was a little lost, sitting on the bed and holding the quilt for a long time.

Sure enough, this unsightly scene could only fleet

Shi Ran hated her somewhat hypocritical appearance now and made all her abnormalities the same as when she got off work, all of which were attributed to her menstrual period that came suddenly without warning.

It was just that Shi Ran’s menstrual melancholy lasted a little while.

When she was wearing slippers and was about to go downstairs to find something for dinner, she smelled the rich aroma of chicken soup.

Not the still aroma that was kept warm in a pot, but a soulful aroma that permeated the entire house.

Shi Ran was a little surprised and surprised, leaning on the stair railing and looking towards the kitchen at the entrance.

The small pot that she had bought and had not used a few times was standing on the gas stove, and it was the source of the aroma that was tumbling inside.

Immediately after, a hand holding a handful of noodles entered her line of sight.

Chen Ruoyu was still in the apron she wore last time, and she was cooking a long, late dinner with her back to herself.

Although she had seen Chen Ruoyu in an apron once, Shi Ran still couldn’t imagine how virtuous Chen Ruoyu was when she was cooking.

She always felt that she was such a cold and aloof person.

How could she cook Even every time she eats with her, she eats so little.

Shi Ran once felt that she didn’t even eat fireworks in the world…

“Wake up”

Shi Ran thought so but was interrupted by a crisp voice.

Chen Ruoyu had already noticed the slight footsteps going downstairs, and calmly turned around to look at the person with a small head on the stairs, and said, “Get ready.

It was time to eat.”

She was still as meticulous as usual, with only a few inadvertently falling strands of hair hanging down on the side of her face.

The noodles were tumbling in the pot with the boiling chicken soup, and the steaming heat surrounded the ice cube-like person from behind, making her look like a lot of human warmth.

“Hey!” Shi Ran responded with a smile, stepped on her slippers, and went downstairs, taking over what Chen Ruoyu had interrupted just now.

But she saw it today, and she felt it was abrupt and appropriate.

Appropriate for her.


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