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Chapter 53 – if you care, you will be messed up

Weeping willows blocked the light of the street lamps, and no one noticed what kind of ambiguity was secretly brewing in the dim car.

Shi Ran listened to Chen Ruoyu’s words, and her unrestrained and rebellious heart was about to move, but everyone at the dinner found that they and Chen Ruoyu had not been up for a long time, so they had to come down to find them.

Shi Ran was still hesitating, but at this moment, the phone in Chen Ruoyu’s pocket rang.

The beating screen vibrated and stuck to Shi Ran’s leg, interrupting the ambiguity that had just been entangled between the two.

Chen Ruoyu let go of Shi Ran’s hand and took out her phone from her pocket.

The beating words made her frown slightly.

She said “sorry” to Shi Ran and pushed the door of the car to pick up the phone.

The scorching heat on the back of her hand slowly disappeared in the night wind that poured in when she opened the door just now.

At dusk, the traffic on the street also became bustling.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s thin back outside the window, with some worry written in her eyes.

When Chen Ruoyu took out her phone just now, she glanced at it, and the word “Dad” was beating on it.

Shi Ran still remembered the appearance of Chen Yinbing, who she saw at Song Yi’s birthday party that day.

Although her eyebrows were old-fashioned, they still gave people a sense of distance that was not angry or arrogant.

When talking to herself, her breath was calm, vigorous, and powerful, which was particularly in line with the word “strict father”.

she didn’t know what she had to do with Chen Ruoyu…

Shi Ran was thinking so when the noise from the street came in.

Chen Ruoyu hung up Chen Yinbing’s call and returned to the car.

Her expression looked a little serious, as if mixed with some rare worries, and she said to Shi Ran with consideration: “Sorry, something happened at home.

I have to go back now.”

Shi Ran listened, her heart sank, and she hurriedly asked: “Is it serious Do you want me to help Or should I help you call Sister Zhou Yuan down and let her accompany you back”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s nervous expression and shook her head calmly.

Then, as if to reassure Shi Ran, she looked at the car window on her side and said with a little regret, “It’s rare for you to treat a guest today.

She didn’t have this kind of good fortune yet.”

Seeing that Chen Ruoyu was still in the mood to tell her this, Shi Ran felt that the matter was not too serious.

The fox-like eyes were bent, and she said with a smile, “You Chen Ruoyu are precious.

I have to invite you alone.”

“Okay, I won’t waste your time here.

Go back quickly, and pay attention to safety on the road.”

Shi Ran warned and got out of the car.

It’s just that before the door was closed by her, half of her body came in again.

Shi Ran didn’t know what to do, but for the first time, she felt a little worried about a person: “That… report to me you are safe at home.

If you have anything, you can call me without turning off the phone.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the phone that Shi Ran was shaking towards her in her line of sight.

Her chaotic heart seemed to have pressed down a boulder strong enough to withstand any storm.

She felt that there was no other agreement that would make her feel at ease except for this promise.

Her gloomy pupils lit up with a faint smile and nodded to Shi Ran: “Okay.”

Shi Ran turned around and went to the private room they booked today.

Seeing that Shi Ran came up so late, Xiao Ba immediately came to her side and asked mysteriously, “What are you doing downstairs with the boss Why did it take you so long to come up with this Where is the boss”

“Director Chen went back to her house beforehand.

Let me come up and tell you.” Shi Ran explained calmly.

Zhou Yuan listened a little nervously.

“What’s going on at Ayu’s house What’s the matter”

Shi Ran didn’t know: “She didn’t say it, but it doesn’t look like it’s a serious matter.”

Zhou Yuan felt relieved when she heard the words, patted Shi Ran on the shoulder, and said, “Okay, it’s not a big deal.

Just sit down.

You can eat it right away.”

The choking chili smell permeated the entire box with the boiling pot, and the hot air made the entire box extra lively.

Shi Ran was the protagonist of this party, and everyone’s topic was all around SaRah.

“I direct it.

Our studio is a young dragon and phoenix.

Ah Ran, you are so inauthentic.

How can you carry us behind your back “

“Da Xiong, you’re wrong.

If Shi Ran didn’t reveal her identity all the time, there would be plagiarism on the orange side If I say that today is cool, let’s eat and drink spicy food here, follow SaRah.

There is talk and laughter.

The original painting team on the orange side may clean up the mess with bright lights!”

“Yes, yes, that painter doesn’t know whether it was outsourced or from their studio.

It’s amazing, and imitation can’t imitate the essence.

When our Icarus card is exposed, it won’t be a slap.

Hit the face over there.”

“Yes, yes, this is the gap between high imitation and top matching!”

“What high imitation, look at the rigidity of the color she uses, it’s not even a low-quality and low-quality match.”

“Yeah! My mother, just how she handled the lines, I don’t know if she thought she didn’t learn to draw before.”

Shi Ran sat on the side and listened to everyone choreographing the orange game, and the corners of her mouth never fell.

But when she heard everyone’s comments on Song Yi’s plagiarism, the corner of her mouth fell a little.

It’s just that what she did was not Song Yi, but Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran didn’t know why.

The temptation of the hot pot was clearly in front of me, but Shi Ran was a little absent-minded about what she ate.

Although Chen Ruoyu reassured herself when she was leaving, she also told Zhou Yuan that she should not worry.

But when what happened suddenly settled down in the laughter and laughter, Shi Ran’s anxiety surged up again.

She still remembered what Zhou Yuan said to herself in front of the convenience store bar last winter.

Since the phone call from an aunt was not a big deal, do you think the phone call from dad was usually not good news for Chen Ruoyu

Song Yi plagiarized her paintings, and in the afternoon, she entrusted a lawyer to send a lawyer’s letter to Orange Games and Song Yi.

Shi Ran knew that Song Yi’s biggest backer was the Chen family.

She was worried that Song Yi would go to the Chen family when she was desperate about what happened today, and Chen Yinbing would use the Chen family to put pressure on Chen Ruoyu to let her clean up this mess for Song Yi.

Shi Ran’s conjecture about Chen Ruoyu’s phone call got worse the more she thought about it.

She was always like this.

Often, many things would involuntarily think in a dangerous direction.

It’s just that her deductions in the past were all about herself, but this time it was for Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran’s thoughts were still going deeper, and a familiar voice interrupted the sound of a “bang”.

Xiao Ba drank a little too much, put the glass with half a glass of white wine poured on it in Shi Ran’s hand, and said, “What are you thinking You won’t answer if I ask you Do you feel ashamed of me Did you lie After all these years, Shi Ran, you are a big badass!”

Shi Ran knew she was ashamed of Xiao Ba in the matter, so she followed her words and admitted: “Yes, I’m a big bad guy, Lord Xiao Ba.

You don’t remember the villain.

Please forgive Xiao Ba.

Is it good”

“Not good!” Xiao Ba refused, pushed the wine glass in Shi Ran’s hand into her hand, and said, “One… one wine will wipe out the grievances.”

Seeing this, Xu Mengtian, who was watching, hurriedly stopped: “Xiao Ba Sister, this is a half-cup of white wine.”

“I know.” Xiao Ba said, poured herself a cup, and said to Shi Ran’s cup, “So I’ll accompany you! Hehehe…”

“Okay, drink a glass, even if this incident is in the past, right” Shi Ran was unambiguous and raised her glass.

Not to mention that half a glass of white wine was okay for her, but just because she was a little messy in her heart, she wants this wine to drown it out.

Xiao Ba nodded “yes” and Xu Mengtian quickly took the other hand: “To prevent Miss Eight from going back tomorrow, I’ll record a video here as proof!”

The box in the lighted shot was brighter than in reality, and the two cups clumped together crisply amid the surrounding noise.

Shi Ran held the wineglass, raised her head, and drank it down.

The spicy wine slid down her throat, the irritation made her frown slightly, and then the spicy stimulus seemed to be non-existent, as she was empty.

The wine glasses disappeared.

However, the worries in her heart were not burned away because of this but intensified as if the fire had touched alcohol.

Xiao Ba drank a little fiercely, and it wrinkled her little face into a ball.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly helped her sit down and said in Shi Ran’s ear, “Don’t worry too much about Ayu.

Even if it’s Uncle Chen’s phone call, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised by Zhou Yuan’s penetrating words, and quickly denied it: “Sister Zhou Yuan, you are wrong, I don’t.”

However, Zhou Yuan smiled and helped Xiao Ba to feed the juice smoothly, and then said to Shi Ran: “Some things if you care about them, you will be messed up.

Ah Yu is the safest person to do things, and she will never let herself be in trouble.


Although Shi Ran denied it, Zhou Yuan’s words accurately stepped on her worried mood and helped her relieve the worry she had hidden in her heart like a spring breeze.

Shi Ran wanted to deny it, but Zhou Yuan didn’t give her a chance.

Xiao Ba felt nauseous after drinking too much, so Zhou Yuan helped her to go to the bathroom outside the box.

The whole box where the hot pot was steaming was a little hazy.

Shi Ran just looked at Zhou Yuan’s back, waited until the door was about to close, and then spit out a sentence from her mouth: “I really, no…”

She and Chen Ruoyu were just bedding companions, so she shouldn’t put such a mentality into her.

But the relationship between the two of them seems to be ambiguous from the beginning, and even if it becomes such a relationship, there is no obvious sense of boundary.

But it wasn’t long before Shi Ran wanted to understand.

That didn’t mean they weren’t.

The party ended around 9:40 in the evening, because tomorrow was a rest day, and everyone in the big bear was drunk.

Just like the original painting group gathering last year, it was Shi Ran and Zhou Yuan who took these people back to their residence by taxi.

Tonight’s moon was extraordinarily round, and a bright round hangs above the night, and the dense light sprinkles on the world.

Shi Ran’s eyes were a little drunk, and she squinted slightly, feeling that a bit of moonlight fell on her hands.

“Should we wait for your car to come and go together” Zhou Yuan asked Shi Ran while supporting Xiao Ba.

But before Shi Ran could answer, Xiao Ba, who had drunk too much, hugged Zhou Yuan’s neck and rubbed her neck boldly and boldly: “Sister… Sister, can you accompany me home today”

Shi Ran looked at the usual rabbit-like person, smiled, and shook her head: “No need, Sister Zhou Yuan should hurry back with Xiao Ba.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and told Shi Ran: “Well, you can pay attention to safety when you go back.”

After she finished speaking, she coaxed Xiao Ba with gentle pampering: “Okay, let’s get in the car, shall we”

Xiao Ba was very satisfied and nodded heavily.


The neon lights dazzled the night, and the back of Xiao Ba, who was gently embraced by Zhou Yuan, was always in Shi Ran’s line of sight.

She said that she didn’t want to fall in love in the past, but she yearned for Xiao Ba and Zhou Yuan to be together, and she was very envious.

The night wind roamed under the dark knight, blowing the broken hair hanging down from the temples.

Shi Ran clenched her hand, and the cool breeze penetrated the palm of her empty hand, making her feel a little uncomfortable with the empty palm.

Shi Ran’s taxi driver was a talkative person.

Shi Ran kept returning to her, and the man didn’t stop at all along the way.

It’s noisy, but it doesn’t seem like I’m alone.

For safety reasons, Shi Ran was used to having the taxi driver stop at the intersection in front of the apartment.

Shi Ran involuntarily wrapped the woolen sweater around her body.

The rustling new leaves swayed above her head, and she was a little drunk, but she still felt a little lonely.

Why didn’t you get used to being alone

Obviously, in the past a lot of times, she was alone, wasn’t she

Shi Ran looked at the bright full moon behind the apartment building and felt that it was lonely tonight.

Just before she could dislike the atmosphere tonight, she saw a familiar black car parked downstairs in the apartment in the lower right corner of her line of sight.

The person who took a step before the party was standing next to the Maybach that Shi Ran was too familiar with.

Chen Ruoyu changed into a soft beige knitted cardigan, and the pure cotton white skirt caressed her bare calf in the wind.

She watched Shi Ran walk towards her and pulled the handle of the suitcase beside her, with a gentle smile softened by the moonlight between her eyebrows: “Can you help me for a while”


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