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Chapter 57 – Like

The rain outside the window was pattering on the car window glass, and the fine voice could not conceal the beating of Shi Ran’s heart at this moment.

She knew she had a cold and a fever, and the pounding heartbeat made her weak body a little unbearable.

His throat was aching, but the inside of the car seemed to be warmer than before.

Shi Ran felt she couldn’t lift herself up and wanted to go home and take some medicine to quickly get some sleep, but noticed that her apartment building was slowly receding.

Not that she was burned out and the apartment building was moving, but Chen Ruoyu, who sat back in the cab, started the car.

Shi Ran asked in a hoarse voice, “Where are you going”

“Hospital.” Chen Ruoyu answered briefly, looked at the person beside her, and said, “It will be there soon.

You can close your eyes and rest for a while.”

“No…” Shi Ran wanted to refuse.

She had always been sick, and no one cared; she took medicine and slept under the quilt.

If you couldn’t sleep well, try again.

The bed was always more convenient than the hospital.

But the voice fell, and Chen Ruoyu’s voice didn’t sound again for a long time.

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu was executing her plan silently, so she looked at Chen Ruoyu’s face reflected in the window glass, her drooping eyelashes revealing a bit of an obscure gaze.

The forehead touched by Chen Ruoyu’s palm still had the softness between her palms, like melted ice, that made people feel comfortable.

Of course, what she just wanted to say was that you didn’t have to take me to heart like that.

Even a little fox who was used to fending for itself in the jungle, being kept and cared for by humans, couldn’t help but fall in love with this human.

It was time to get off work, and the emergency room in the hospital was like an incandescent star in the night.

Shi Ran’s cold this time was worse than the one in winter.

The thermometer showed 39.5, which was considered a high fever.

“Infusion.” The emergency doctor told Shi Ran’s thermometer.

Then she typed into the computer while looking at the person sitting in front of her, frowning: “Although it’s spring now, you can’t wear so little.

The seasons have changed recently, and many people have caught a cold.

Little girl, you still have a cold.

When you are young, you must protect yourself.”

Shi Ran, who could not lift herself up and always had to argue with others even if she didn’t take care of herself, just nodded sullenly this time, and her body collapsed on the chair.

The emergency doctor just kindly reminded me, and after prescribing the medicine, she took out the card from the card slot: “Okay, you should have a long memory this time.

Just take the card to the nurse station over there.”

Shi Ran heard the words and habitually raised her hand to pick them up.

But this time, before she could raise her arm, a cold white arm appeared in her sight, and she took her card directly.

The doctor sat watching and smiled: “Why am I so sick, and there are people around me, so I have to go by myself Do not be brave.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised when she heard the doctor’s words, and her dull nose smelled the fragrance that was approaching her.

Chen Ruoyu said in a soft voice, “Let’s go,” then took Shi Ran’s arm and helped her to walk out.

The lights in the hospital corridor were a little dazzling, but the mute button was suddenly pressed near the emergency room, which had not been quiet just now.

Whether it was the nonsense of the drunk man or the moaning of the injured person, they couldn’t match the shallow breathing of Chen Ruoyu, standing beside her at the moment.

Can it be relied upon

Shi Ran looked down at the shadow of her and Chen Ruoyu overlapping side by side on the ground.

Her head was a little chaotic.

No one had ever allowed her to rely on her, not even her closest grandmother, who was an enemy.

There were a few chats at the nurse station, and Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu was talking to the head nurse.

Her expression looked light, but it was mixed with some indescribable impurities.

Her coldness in the past had become less pure, and her slightly frowning brows were written with worry.

Are you worried about yourself

Shi Ran thought wandering thoughts could not hear what Chen Ruoyu was talking to the head nurse.

This was the first time Shi Ran was ill, but she was not worried that she would miss any doctor or nurse’s advice.

She was not sure whether she should rely on Chen Ruoyu just now, but she still does.

I don’t know how long it took, but the noise in the corridor became farther and farther, and the elevator went up to the single-ward area on the higher floor.

The door of the ward was opened by the nurse, and there was a faint smell of disinfectant in the room.

Shi Ran didn’t look up at Chen Ruoyu until she felt the cold alcohol on the back of her hand.

“I just have a fever.

Why are you still in the hospital”

“It’s too noisy down there.” Chen Ruoyu replied indifferently, standing closer to Shi Ran, and asked, “Recognize the bed”

Shi Ran seemed to have slowed down a bit, feeling that Chen Ruoyu’s question was contemptuous, and retorted, “I’m already twenty-five, okay Why do I still recognize the bed”

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s eyes with a certain look, and the tight brows just now slowed down.

Looking at the nurse’s movements, she put her hand in front of Shi Ran’s line of sight, hiding the picture she saw: “Then go to sleep, and go home after the injection tomorrow.”

Shi Ran’s aching body froze.

The temperature in her palm was just sticking to the skin near her eyes.

The thick eyelashes unnaturally rubbed against the soft palm.

The accumulated temperature was even hotter than the temperature of Shi Ran’s body at the moment.

It was also that the pain of the needle piercing the skin on the back of the hand came over.

Shi Ran felt that the long silver-white needle was slowly pushed into the back of her hand, and a section of bright red blood flowed back into the transparent needle tube under the light.

It hurt, but it was not so obvious because of the presence of Chen Ruoyu’s palm.

Shi Ran seemed to understand why Chen Ruoyu put her hand in front of her.

This person was always cold, but gentle and just right.

She didn’t speak, but her actions were bright.

Shi Ran’s heart trembled slightly, and she explained to Chen Ruoyu, “I’m not a child anymore.”

Chen Ruoyu felt Shi Ran’s increasingly messy eyelashes twitching on her palm, and she silently said “um.” After the nurse fixed Shi Ran’s needle, she released her eyes from covering her.

Twenty-five years old was indeed not a child, but there were people in this world who would treat you like a child.

Shi Ran had a high fever and opened three hanging bottles.

It was no longer the heating season, and the temperature at night was not as warm as in the summer.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the infusion hanging above her line of sight and gently tapped the infusion tube with the back of her hand.

Then she tucked the quilt into Shi Ran’s body and warned, “I’ll go out and don’t move.”

Shi Ran sat on the bed and nodded politely, silently watching Chen Ruoyu leave, alone in the ward.

This ward was a bit too high-end, and even the sofa opposite the bed looks like real leather.

Shi Ran still remembered that Shi Yu was sick in the third year of high school and lived in such a ward.

She couldn’t remember how much the ward would cost, but she still vaguely remembered Shi Haijun saying that such a ward could not be obtained with money.

Shi Haijun got it from a lot of talented people at the beginning, but Chen Ruoyu just stood in front of the nurse station and said a few words to the head nurse.

Clouds and mud.

Chen Ruoyu’s body differed completely from the extravagant luxury piled up by money but the richness that had been immersed in the past dynasties.

Her whole person exudes a lofty calm like bamboo, and the faint sense of alienation in her eyebrows and eyes was like a flower blooming alone on the high mountain, which was a fatal attraction to Shi Ran, who hates the behavior of the nouveau riche.



The little fox who was hiding in the bushes finally shook her body and walked out from the inside, carefully poking the box.

The light in the ward was gently sprinkled into the room.

Shi Ran, like a doctor who was undergoing an operation, silently cut out her feelings for Chen Ruoyu from the entanglement.


The sound of the door opening echoed from the quiet room, and Chen Ruoyu came back from outside.

Shi Ran originally thought she had something to deal with but noticed that the man had an oval jar in her hand when she came back.

“What did you buy” Shi Ran asked as if nothing had happened.

“Hot milk.” Chen Ruoyu replied, but instead of putting the milk into Shi Ran’s hand, she put the milk directly on the infusion tube hanging by the bed.

The constant coldness on the back of her hand was replaced by warmth, and Shi Ran felt that the coolness on her fingertips was slowly dissipating.

The moonlight outside the window sprinkled a yellowish gauze on the glass.

Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was observing her infusion.

The yellowish gauze was just right on her body.

Wen Huang melted the cold moonlight at night, and the expression on Chen Ruoyu’s face also became less cold.

Shi Ran felt she was being taken care of, that she was being taken care of by others, and her originally awake reason was shaky.

Chen Ruoyu observed Shi Ran bit by bit for a while, and after seeing that there was no problem, she withdrew her gaze.

She looked at Shi Ran, but Shi Ran was looking at her, and her eyes collided unexpectedly.

Shi Ran was like a fox with a guilty conscience, busy withdrawing her gaze.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to let it go, and asked deliberately, “Are you looking at me”

Shi Ran’s heart was beating suddenly.

She knew she had been caught, so she simply leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder directly by relying on her patient status and said, “Sleepy.”

The little fox swept across Chen Ruoyu’s ears with a slightly sick voice, making her not want to hold on to what happened just now.

Chen Ruoyu raised her hand and rubbed Shi Ran’s little face like this, and said, “Then go to sleep.”

Chen Ruoyu’s movements were gentle, her palms pressed against Shi Ran’s cheeks with a bit of ambiguous tenderness.

Shi Ran suddenly wanted to stick around and leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder, looking for a topic: “What did Da Xiong say You raised the cactus I gave you very well, and it won’t die for the time being.”

Chen Ruoyu gave a light “um.”

“Did you know this cactus will bloom even after you take care of it” Shi Ran said, and gestured in front of Chen Ruoyu, “It may be pink, it may be yellow, a small one duo, it’s strange and beautiful, and it feels different from other flowers.”

“You like raising plants very much” Chen Ruoyu asked after listening to Shi Ran’s description.

“Yeah.” Shi Ran nodded, “because people leave, plants don’t.

If I love it well, it will bloom to give back to me.”

“So my favorite was mountain roses.

They are like flowers when they don’t bloom.

I have a lot of varieties at home, such as Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Hierro…”

After chatting and chatting, Shi Ran’s voice became quieter.

The drowsiness, which was just used to change the topic, came suddenly after she leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder.

Chen Ruoyu felt that the head leaning on her shoulder was heavier, and she turned her eyes slightly to look at the person leaning on her shoulder.

The lights in the room were quiet, and Chen Ruoyu’s eyes when looking at Shi Ran, who was sleeping, were like this moonlit night, cold and gentle.

So when would you bloom

The fever probably consumed too much energy, and it was almost noon when Shi Ran woke up.

The quiet in the morning differed completely from the quiet at night.

The bright sunlight fills the entire ward through the glass windows.

A pigeon that had been separated from its companions parked on the windowsill outside the window, cooing rhythmically.

I’m crying.

Shi Ran’s body was sore as if it had fallen apart, but it was much better than the drowsiness last night.

Her throat was dry, and she felt a little thirsty.

She was about to turn over to find water when she saw Chen Ruoyu falling asleep on the bed.

The sun seemed to want to give her a pleasant dream; it gave her the greatest favor and fell on her softly, not dazzlingly.

The fine eyelashes stretched out in front of her eyes, and there was a faint but particularly obvious dark blue under her cold white skin.

The can of milk used to warm the potion was still on the bed.

Shi Ran couldn’t remember when she fell asleep, but in the last second of her memory last night, this person was with her.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to sleep soundly and was not disturbed by Shi Ran’s shadow on her face.

The cherry pink’s lips were slightly open, and her defenseless appearance was moving.

More than just a whim.

It was more about wanting to take it as one’s own.

If the kiss continued, she probably wouldn’t know.

Shi Ran leaned down slowly, thinking about it.

Carefully, she walked and paused, her delicate heartbeat beating in her heart as if she was responding to the unsure love in her heart.

At this moment, Chen Ruoyu’s voice came to mind in the quiet ward.

She still closed her eyes, but her lips were gently moving: “If you want to kiss, just kiss.”


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