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Chapter 59 – “You are my girlfriend now, so you can be a little more selfish toward me.”

Shi Ran’s temptation was undoubtedly a result of Chen Ruoyu’s question.

Just when she was swaying and could not confirm her true intentions, a bomb covered with honey was thrown at her, and it exploded in her heart with a bang.

Shi Ran blinked her eyes dully.”… Try But I don’t know…”

Chen Ruoyu knew what Shi Ran was going to say, but she interrupted before she could finish, “How would you know if you didn’t try”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was soft, coaxing the fox that was sticking out from the bushes: “It’s equivalent to the internal test of the game.

You and I stop it.”

Shi Ran was tempted.

“Won’t you delete the file”

Chen Ruoyu nodded and put all the initiative in Shi Ran’s hands: “You can.”

Shi Ran listened with a rare serious expression.

Her hand was pressing against Chen Ruoyu’s neck, and the overlapping arteries tapped her wrist one after another.

She knew that Chen Ruoyu, who was waiting for her answer, was also nervous.

If there was color in silence, the world at this moment must be filled with pure white.

Shi Ran admitted Chen Ruoyu’s proposal seduced her and that the beautiful box was facing the little fox, exuding the most seductive light.

Shi Ran moved her arm around Chen Ruoyu’s neck, but she still agreed and said willfully, “Then delete the file.

Don’t think about the end.

You won’t even have to be friends with you.”

“Okay.” Chen Ruoyu nodded in agreement.

She could feel her weight in Shi Ran’s words, and when the sunlight rubbed her eyes, it turned into a gleam in the spring sun, and it was written that dreams come true.

Kissing was also natural.

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t wait to reach Shi Ran’s lips, picking up the lips that were finally branded with her brand.

although it is only temporary.

Only later did Shi Ran know that there was no such thing as “deleting files” between her and Chen Ruoyu.

Memories were not game data, there was no way to coexist, and what Chen Ruoyu brought her was not just a memory, but a heart that penetrated the blood.

If she wanted to forget, she could only cut off the blood vessels wrapped around it one by one.

But that thing was her heart.

As if feeling something, Shi Ran slightly separated from Chen Ruoyu and asked earnestly, “But, am I being selfish by doing this”

However, Chen Ruoyu said, “Everyone is selfish.”

She raised her hand and brushed Shi Ran’s cheek gently, and mumbled, “You are my girlfriend now, so you can be a little more selfish toward me.”

Shi Ran still felt like she was in a dream.

She looked at the person in front of her and murmured, “Girlfriend…”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, confirming it with her.

Shi Ran watched.

A smile was carefully and slowly raised on the corner of her lips, and the arm around Chen Ruoyu’s neck tightened a little, as if hugging the baby she was always after.

Shi Ran’s nose brushed against the cold aroma, and she felt that this action was familiar to her.

She suddenly remembered that on the night Chen Ruoyu was drunk, she hugged her like this.

She seems to be a baby in the eyes of others.

The consequences of hugging were drum needles, which were discovered by Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran didn’t know how long the drum needle had been, but a small hill bulged on the back of the thin hand.

Shi Ran’s pain was extremely slow, and Chen Ruoyu reminded her to cry out the pain.

Changed hands and got another stitch.

The head nurse reattached the medical tape to Shi Ran with a serious expression: “The drum needle can be swollen for so long.

Why don’t you pay attention at all I know that you young people are a little careless now, but this time you can’t drum the needle anymore.

You have just two hands.

The next time you drum needles, it’s time to hit your wrists.”

Shi Ran listened to a phantom pain in her wrist, nodded obediently, and watched the head nurse leave.

She and Chen Ruoyu were the only two left in the room.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting beside her, and retorted, “It’s all your fault.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t refute it, and just sat next to Shi Ran and pressed the back of her bulging hand.

Time had passed noon quietly, and the afternoon sun had fallen into the room with some weakened brightness.

With her back to the window, Chen Ruoyu followed the falling light and shrouded her in a faint sense of haze.

Her downcast gaze fell on the back of Shi Ran’s hand impartially.

The sun went against her line of sight, illuminating the entire world as illusory.

Shi Ran’s heart throbbed, giving birth to a very subtle feeling; a little joy, a little pride, and a little satisfaction.

Chen Ruoyu, such a high-ranking person, actually cares about people, and her concern was for herself.

Shi Ran’s gaze was too blatant, and Chen Ruoyu felt a little uncomfortable.

She raised her head and asked, “Are you looking at me”

Although her words were doubtful, they were more of a certainty.

Shi Ran heard she was exposed, and no longer had the guilty conscience of last night, so she asked confidently, “Can’t you”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

This was her girlfriend.

Of course, she wants to watch as long as she wants.

She thought so, raised her hand and touched her pocket, and took out a plum candy from it.

“Do you want to eat it”

Shi Ran was sick and had no taste in her mouth, so of course, she took the plum sugar when she saw it.

The brown-red glass ball rolled around in her mouth, colliding with her teeth and making a slight knocking sound.

Shi Ran sat cross-legged on the bed, looked at the person beside her, and asked with smiling eyes, “Have you ever heard of a beautiful meal”

After getting along for a long time, even though today was only the first day of their trial operation, Chen Ruoyu knew what Shi Ran meant.

She raised her eyes wordlessly, looked at Shi Ran sitting in front of her, and deliberately said “no.”

The shadows on the wall seemed to be attracted to each other, getting closer.

After Chen Ruoyu said “no”, the truth of practicing proper knowledge became a tacit understanding between the two.

The sunlight gradually softened, and the tips of the two noses touched each other gently.

In the small space, the mild sweetness tasted ambiguous.

The kiss was also gently testing each other, like two young people who had just been together—first love.

“Ah Ran!”

The sound of the door opening suddenly echoed from the quiet ward, and Xiao Bay rushed in nervously.

Shi Ran’s reaction was faster than Chen Ruoyu’s; she quickly straightened her body, and the ambiguity in the room instantly disappeared, leaving nothing.

Xiao Ba came in behind Zhou Yuan.

Chen Ruoyu was just sitting down when she seemed to realize something.

She grabbed the reckless Xiao Ba and explained to Shi Ran, who was sitting on the hospital bed: “Xiao Ba heard you were sick and hospitalized one day.

They are all uneasy.

I asked Ayu about your ward at noon, and I brought them here after work.”

Shi Ran noticed that Zhou Yuan’s words were “they”, not “she”, and was still guessing who was following.

Xu Mengtian brought a fruit basket and walked in.

“Sister Shi Ran, how are you It shocked me to hear that you took a leave of absence and were hospitalized today.”

Shi Ran smiled embarrassedly, “It’s nothing.

Maybe it’s because the internal test of the apostle went well recently, and the pressure will be less.

When you relax, it is easy for people to get sick.”

Xiao Ba made a “cut,” and ruthlessly criticized: “What, it’s clearly because you wore too little yesterday and caught a cold.

You will wear so little next time it rains, and it’s still like this.”

Shi Ran listened, picked up an orange from Xu Mengtian’s fruit basket, and threw it at Xiao Ba, “You know as much.”

Xiao Ba caught it with a backhand, made a face at Shi Ran, and picked up the orange to eat.

Xu Mengtian watched, took out an apple from the fruit basket, and asked expectantly, “Sister Shi Ran, do you eat apples”

Shi Ran looked at the glowing red apples in the fruit basket, but had some thoughts of wanting to eat them.


Shi Ran raised her hand to pick up the apple from Xu Mengtian’s hand but didn’t think Xu Mengtian didn’t give it to her, but picked up the fruit knife on the side, sat on the chair beside the bed, and wanted to peel the apple for Shi Ran.

Zhou Yuan felt strange, “When will Tiantian cut apples”

“I’m not very good at it.” Xu Mengtian replied, but the knife was obediently peeling the apple in her hand.

Xiao Ba deliberately teased: “You are still not very good.

You can marry back and be a daughter-in-law.”

Shi Ran subconsciously raised her head and glanced at Xu Mengtian, who quickly lowered her head.

The girl’s shyness disappeared for a moment, but they could see clearly it.

Zhou Yuan also picked up an apple from the fruit basket and deliberately teased: “Ayu, do you want to eat apples”

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were filled with ice, and she said coldly, “Don’t eat it.”

Zhou Yuan was not intimidated at all, leaned closer to Chen Ruoyu, and whispered, “I know what you are eating.”

Zhou Yuan smiled, with two big characters written brightly in her eyes.

Chen Ruoyu withdrew her gaze expressionlessly, stood by the window, and ignored others.

The clean window glass reflected the scene around the hospital bed, and Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were staring at the man on the hospital bed.

She had a way with Zhou Yuan, but she had no way with Shi Ran.

Her little fox was slow to die.

Xiao Ba and Xu Mengtian chatted with Shi Ran about the interesting things that happened in the company today.

When they talked about the time when the big bear got stuck in the narrow passage again trying to take a shortcut, the three of them laughed.

The laughing flowers trembled, and it attracted all the nurses at the nurse station: “Several, the patients need to rest.

The volume of chatting and talking should not be too high, and the visiting time should not be too long.”

The nurse’s expression looked serious, and the three of them immediately shut their mouths obediently.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the potion that Shi Ran was hanging from and said, “Okay, we also see that Shi Ran has nothing to do, so let’s go.

There is still a small half-bottle, so don’t disturb her.”

Little Eight nodded and got up.

“Okay, let’s go.

See you at work tomorrow.”

Xu Mengtian handed Shi Ran the apple she had just cut in her hand and said, “Sister Shi Ran, here’s the apple for you.”

Shi Ran took the apple, waved to the three of them, watched them leave the ward, looked at Chen Ruoyu, who had brought them to the door, and sighed, “It’s really hard for them to come to the hospital to see me, especially Tiantian, who even sent them to the hospital.

It’s nice to have such a big fruit basket.”

Chen Ruoyu closed the ward door expressionlessly and did not respond to Shi Ran’s sign.

Shi Ran didn’t notice that something was wrong with Chen Ruoyu, and she looked at the apple that Xu Mengtian had just handed her, feeling a little distressed: “Even though this apple was too big, do you want to eat it I’ll give you half.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the apple in front of her, and her eyes flashed a bit of incomprehensible emotion.

She sat beside Shi Ran’s bed, took the apple, and touched her thigh through the quilt: “Don’t you want to eat apples Why don’t you share them with others If Tiantian is sad, don’t you feel bad for your sister”


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