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Chapter 60 – “You are the exception.”

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Shi Ran got goosebumps when she heard Chen Ruoyu’s words, which differed from her own words.

It wasn’t because the smell soured her tone, but she couldn’t imagine that Chen Ruoyu would speak to herself like this.

Shi Ran was a little calmer and commented with no disdain at all: “No tea at all.”

Then she sat up slightly, as if she wanted to show in person, hooked Chen Ruoyu’s neck with one hand, and said, “Sister, what do you want”

Shi Ran’s voice didn’t say how demonic, but when the heat fell and wrapped around Chen Ruoyu’s ears, her heart froze, and her hand on the bed made a wrinkle on the sheet.

The two were so close that Chen Ruoyu could see Shi Ran’s lips when she lowered her eyes.

She couldn’t help but probe over and lightly peck Shi Ran’s lips, then reply, “You.”

Shi Ran never thought that she was just a random remark, but she got such a response from Chen Ruoyu.

This sudden kiss made her cheeks feel hotter than any other kiss, and her lightly blinking eyes revealed a little surprise.

The word “you” was soft, but it made people’s hearts tremble.

She was also someone who wanted to have.

Shi Ran hooked Chen Ruoyu’s neck, her fox-like eyes smiled, and she said to Chen Ruoyu half-jokingly and half-seriously, “But I’m already my sister’s.”

When she was done, she kissed me.

It was as if she was retrieving the kiss that was interrupted by Xiao Ba and the others just now.

The sound of the nurses’ wheels rolling in the corridor outside the door reminded the two of them that this was a hospital that should be clean and sparse.

At that moment, Chen Ruoyu was bending down and kissing her little fox, her fingers passing through Shi Ran’s long loose hair, and she was kissing her lover, who could finally express her jealousy openly and honestly.

It was already 5:30 after Shi Ran’s needle injection.

The sky was approaching evening, and the sky where spring and summer met was slow to fall.

Chen Ruoyu was about to drive to the parking lot, but Shi Ran stood at the door of the inpatient department and looked at the night market opposite the hospital.

The incandescent lamp lit up the stalls that came one after another, attracting the attention of passersby.

Shi Ran took Chen Ruoyu’s arm with no hesitation and said something sweeter than the usual young couple: “Honey, do you want to date me today”

The sun was tinged with the feeling of dusk, adding a faint orange tone to Shi Ran’s otherwise dull face.

Those eyes looked like they were going to be tricked, blinking and looking at Chen Ruoyu with bright anticipation.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes stopped on Shi Ran’s face.

Her heartbeat quickened because of the way she addressed herself and the act of holding her arm.

How could she disagree She nodded and followed Shi Ran to the night market street opposite.

The night market had just begun, and there were more stools than people who came in.

Shi Ran looked at the west and looked like an amorous emperor.

Her face was full of love for all kinds of food.

“I haven’t been here for a long time to visit the night market.

It’s open today.

After the new year, I am busy with work, and I have to draw for the father of the sponsor.

You know, from this street, it is a short walk from our house, which is very convenient.

Chen Ruoyu paused for a while and asked, “Is it because I want to draw a sketch, so I don’t come often”

Shi Ran raised her head slightly and asked, “Sister, do you eat vinegar dumplings”

The meaning of Shi Ran’s words was self-evident.

Chen Ruoyu glanced at the little fox holding her arm and did not speak, but she was annoyed at what she did just now.

She should just throw that apple in the trash can.

Seeing that Chen Ruoyu was ignoring herself, Shi Ran took Chen Ruoyu’s arm more intimately and said, “If my sister minds, I don’t mind my sister taking care of me, so I have only one gold master mother.”

Chen Ruoyu stopped when she heard the words and looked at Shi Ran as if she was looking at a canary.

After a long while, she spoke slowly to Shi Ran, “I don’t mind.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised by this answer.

She played the role to the end and said with a smile: “My sister is broad-minded.

She doesn’t look like my girlfriend at all.

Her colleague gave me an apple, and she couldn’t be jealous already.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she followed Shi Ran’s words and said, “Your girlfriend has a tiny mind.”

“How small” Shi Ran asked.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t hide it, and told the truth: “It’s tiny.”

Shi Ran listened and arched her nose at Chen Ruoyu, showing that she did not believe it very much.

As soon as the complaining words came to her lips, Shi Ran’s attention was attracted by a stall not far away: “Yeah, fried skewers!”

She walked faster with Chen Ruoyu, came to the booth, and asked, “Boss, are you ready”

The boss seemed to know Shi Ran and said to her in a familiar tone, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, and I thought you moved out.

The little girl has to wait for a while; the oil here is hot, and it’s fine.

Hurry, you pick first.”

With that said, the boss handed Shi Ran a plate.

Shi Ran took the plate and didn’t rush to choose, but said to Chen Ruoyu beside her, “Would you like to sit there and wait for a while There will be a lot of oily smoke here later.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t like the smell of oil smoke, but it was not unbearable to stay with Shi Ran for a while.

It was just that she was thinking about Shi Ran, and Shi Ran was also thinking about her.

When she finished speaking, Shi Ran went to the table and chair set up by the boss to pick out a clean maza for Chen Ruoyu, and said, “Come, sit and wait for me.

I’ll invite you to eat the most delicious food in the world later.”

Chen Ruoyu was very curious about the delicacy in Shi Ran’s mouth and listened to her words and wait for her here.

The owner, who was still cleaning up the booth, watched the interaction between Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu with great interest and laughed and joked: “Little girl, if you guessed correctly, then this is your girlfriend, so you are busy these days.

Are you in love”

Shi Ran smiled.

She remembered Chen Ruoyu’s birthday, and she panicked and denied that Chen Ruoyu was the person she liked.

The surrounding lights dappled her vision, which made her feel a little emotional.

It may be to make up for the regret of that day.

“Yeah, it’s my girlfriend.

Look good,” she said generously this time.

The boss heard the words and looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting beside her.

The sky was dark, and the surroundings were noisy, but she was clean, not like someone who would come here.

The boss nodded.

“It’s beautiful; it’s like a star on TV.”

Then she added: “Little girl, you look good too; you two match up.”

Shi Ran was thrilled when she heard the boss commenting on her and Chen Ruoyu.

The agreement with Chen Ruoyu just now was only a couple in the internal test, but it did not halve the sweetness of love at all.

Shi Ran was happy and had a good appetite.

Looking at the dazzling array of snacks in front of her, she added a bunch of chicken legs to the plate.

The sky was getting dark, and the surrounding lights made the person standing under the light more and more obvious.

The hastily tied ponytail swayed with her movements, sweeping across the slender and white neck, looking bright and splendid.

Chen Ruoyu sat aside and couldn’t help but glance two more times and with two more eyes.

The memories also rushed to her eyes with the illusory lights around her.

She still remembered Shi Ran in high school as well.

She was articulate and the first person she saw when standing with a group of people was always here.

She didn’t know that Shi Ran’s life was not smooth and happy, but she only felt that she had the freedom that she couldn’t touch, and she was deviant.

For Chen Ruoyu, the expectation after school was that she could find Shi Ran’s back on the road, and then watch her go to eat raw fish, feed the stray cats with what she couldn’t eat, and take off her school uniform and walk into the Internet cafe…

She was like Icarus, attracted by the sun and swallowed by the sea.

It was then, and it is now.

“What are you thinking, so ecstatic”

Just when Chen Ruoyu’s thoughts became deeper and deeper, a casual voice pulled her back to reality.

When Chen Ruoyu saw that Shi Ran was already standing in front of her carrying a large bag of food in her hand, she said knowingly, “I bought it back.”

Shi Ran nodded and showed Chen Ruoyu a big bag of fried skewers she bought and a big bite of starch sausage from her hand: “The starch sausage here is better than the grilled sausage in any supermarket.

It’s all delicious! Would you like to try it”

When Shi Ran said it, her eyes were shining for this starch-based sausage with no nutritional value.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the starch sausage that was bitten by Shi Ran, and didn’t mind at all leaning over and biting it.

Shi Ran looked at it, her eyes curved: “I thought you would not accept it because of your cleanliness.”

Chen Ruoyu chewed and swallowed slowly, and replied lightly, “You are the exception.”

Shi Ran smiled even more.

“Then I have an enormous face.”

Then she looked at Chen Ruoyu again and asked expectantly, “Is it delicious”


It was delicious.

The taste of starch dipped in the sauce was salty and sweet, and it was rough but made people feel an aftertaste.

However, this was not enough for Chen Ruoyu to nod in approval under Shi Ran’s gaze.

It was the owner of this starch sausage that made her nod her head in approval.

Chen Ruoyu felt it was not the starch sausage that tasted good, but the starch sausage bitten by Shi Ran.

She likes to be led by Shi Ran in her world.

It was getting dark, and more people were walking around.

The night market was a paradise for social and animal solace after a busy day, and it was also a high-tech zone.

People who work overtime like to come here.

The alley seemed a bit crowded.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t like this kind of situation where people were next to each other, and her pace gradually became faster.

It was not until the cool wind from the exit of the night market blew across her face that Chen Ruoyu felt relieved.

She breathed a sigh of relief and turned to talk to Shi Ran, only to find that the person was gone.

She separated from Shi Ran.

Chen Ruoyu’s heart suddenly tightened, and although she knew that Shi Ran would not lose her, she still panicked.

The mobile phone beside her ear was rhythmically beeping a busy tone, and Shi Ran would not notice that the phone was ringing because of the noisy crowd in the night market.

Chen Ruoyu just stood at the exit of the night market, the crowd of people shrouded in lights, and the wind rushing from the river behind her made her feel lonely.

She caught the person in her hand, and she lost it like that.

“Chen Ruoyu!”

A loud cry came from the bustling crowd at that moment.

Chen Ruoyu saw Shi Ran suddenly appear from the crowd, carrying a lot of delicious food and a bright smile on her face just for herself.

She was like a deer suddenly rushing out of the forest, running towards herself.

He slammed into her hunter’s arms straight as she threw herself into a net.

After a long time, Chen Ruoyu sat alone in a dark room and finally understood.

She was not a hunter, and Shi Ran was not just a fox.


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