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Chapter 61 – “Ah Yu, give me face and smile.”

Sometimes, hugging you across the sea of people not only brings you an extra-heavy hug but also makes your feet accidentally twist because of too much momentum.

This time, Shi Ran finally realized what it meant to be happy and sad.

She was supported by Chen Ruoyu and jumped on the sidewalk with one foot.

Her face was full of pain.

She just saw Chen Ruoyu standing there alone and felt that she was lonely, so she wanted to rush over to hug her.

Whoever wanted to be hugged was hugged, and her feet twisted along the way.

“Ah Ran is so pitiful.” Shi Ran felt her Wei was not light, and she had not recovered until now.

It was also Chen Ruoyu who supported Shi Ran with one hand and squatted in front of Shi Ran.

Shi Ran understood the meaning of Chen Ruoyu’s action and was a little flattered: “Are you going to carry me”

“Can’t you” Chen Ruoyu said and put Shi Ran’s hand on her back.

Shi Ran was a little embarrassed, but also a little moved.

She could only jump home when her foot was twisted, and she had to be reprimanded by the little old lady with a knife and a tofu heart.

Shi Ran just leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s back carefully and wrapped her hands around her neck in front of her, all the fried skewers and snacks all over her wrists dangling under Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

The night wind blew slowly across the river, and with the feeling of her feet in the air, Shi Ran’s clothes floated.

Chen Ruoyu looked thin, but she was quite strong.

Her slender forearms gripped Shi Ran’s legs and walked straight toward home.

Shi Ran looked a little surprised at the direction Chen Ruoyu was walking: “Aren’t you going to the hospital to drive”

“Not far, I’ll be home in a while.” Chen Ruo Zeyu replied.

She didn’t want to put Shi Ran down at all.

Her little fox was lying on her back, and the scent of the little roses diluted by the hospital disinfectant became clear as they touched her skin.

The night covered the entire city in a layer of secret color.

Chen Ruoyu carried Shi Ran on the road through traffic in such an upright manner, which made her feel extremely happy at the moment.

After walking for a short while, Shi Ran still didn’t feel that Chen Ruoyu’s steps slowed down.

She lay on Chen Ruoyu’s back and asked in a low voice, “Do you think I’m heavy”

But she didn’t want to get an extraordinarily honest reply from Chen Ruoyu: “Well.”

This syllable instantly shattered the warmth in Shi Ran’s heart.

She rubbed Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder in dissatisfaction and retorted, “straight daughter.”

However, Chen Ruoyu carried Shi Ran back on her back and rubbed Shi Ran’s invisible tenderness with her eyes focused on the road ahead: “It is precisely because I can feel your weight that I have the proper sense of having you.”

Two sentences, one suppressed and one raised.

Chen Ruoyu’s words were like a spring breeze blowing from her face, and she wiped Shi Ran’s face with this mild coolness, making her face hot for a while.

Shi Ran lightly rested her head on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder, pretended to be arrogant, and said, “You guys are as good as ice cubes; your serious words are so provocative.”

Chen Ruoyu said, “I only treat you.”

Boom! boom! boom!

Shi Ran’s heartbeat slammed into her heart, like fireworks suddenly rising on the bank of the river, and her universe was splendid.

Shi Ran finally had a proper sense of her love affair with Chen Ruoyu after feeling the temperature transmitted to her by Chen Ruoyu’s palm and back.

Is this what love feels like

The river that winds out of the night market gradually widens.

The wide river reflects the night scene on both sides of the city.

The bright lights fall into the river, sparkling like a galaxy of stars.

Shi Ran didn’t know if it was because she was leaning on Chen Ruoyu’s back or if she felt that tonight’s style was extra gentle.

The scenery on the water gradually filled Shi Ran’s line of sight.

She patted Chen Ruoyu on the shoulder lightly and said, “Let me down, take a break, and look at the scenery.”

Chen Ruoyu did not refuse; she said “OK” and let Shi Ran down.

The traffic flow at night was faster than during the day, like the eagerness of people returning home after getting off work.

There was a wind blowing on the river, causing layers of ripples, and these two people just stood by the bridge, like rebels in a busy world.

What does it feel like to differ from the world

I was lonely, but also free and comfortable.

Shi Ran bit the baked gluten in her hand, and out of the corner of the window, she saw Chen Ruoyu standing beside her.

She erased the word “loneliness” from her heart.

If it was two people, then only freedom and comfort were left.

The lights on the roadside swayed the shadows of the trees and cast a shadow on the night scene.

Shi Ran looked at the scenery on the river bank and suddenly called out to Chen Ruoyu: “Chen Ruoyu.”

“What’s wrong” Chen Ruoyu turned her head slightly and looked at Shi Ran.

“I want to hear from you about your years abroad.” Shi Ran said.

Suddenly, curiosity and yearning for this person’s past occurred.

Shi Ran wanted to know Chen Ruoyu and wanted to know what happened to Chen Ruoyu in the seven years when she was not involved.

“Okay,” Chen Ruoyu agreed, and asked again, “Where do you want to listen”

“I want to know why you suddenly went abroad.” Shi Ran said.

Chen Ruoyu thought for a moment and said, “Because I want to get rid of my family.”

“Because of Song Yi” Shi Ran asked cautiously.

Chen Ruoyu shook her head: “Not all of them.”

She looked at the city that was becoming more and more intoxicated by the dark knight, and said, “For meticulous painting, I can’t say that I love it enough to dedicate my life to it, so I want to go out and have a look.”

I wanted to see if she could get closer to Shi Ran’s world if she rushed out of this world.

Shi Ran nodded and asked again: “I heard from Sister Zhou Yuan before that when you first went abroad, you were all working and studying abroad.

Are you tired of working and studying abroad”

“It’s okay.” Chen Ruoyu said the past events came back into her mind, “My landlord is a lady who likes fine Chinese brushwork very much.

I will paint her regularly, except for the rental fee.

You can also get a considerable income, so I didn’t feel exhausted.

After that, I met Mr.

Xu at the school’s entrepreneurship exchange meeting, and it went a lot better.”

“So that’s the case.

I thought I was exhausted like a dog every day.” Shi Ran said and took a bite of the octopus ball.

He does not mean that.

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran’s words, she turned her head and asked, “Are you also working hard”

Shi Ran nodded, shaking her head with a fork in her hand, and said, “Art is burning money!”

“You know, that man wouldn’t let me learn this in the first place, saying ‘Shi Ran, if you go your way, I won’t pay you a penny!’.

I thought, who are you I didn’t raise me much.

Why should I listen to you Then, like you, I violated my father’s order and started work-study programs.

For the whole four years, I worked and earned money by myself, and I went to YT as an intern in my third year of college..

Shi Ran unconsciously remembered the first meeting with Xiao Ba and Ah Jiu and said, “Actually, it’s not too hard; they’ve all come here.

And then SaRah’s fame also rose, and Party A asked for the draft.

There are more, especially my father, the gold owner.”

Saying this, Shi Ran’s eyes showed a smile, and she said to Chen Ruoyu with great excitement: “Oh, yes, you know, my gold master father is also called Icarus.

What kind of fate do you think we have”

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran’s remarks, she felt a little relieved, despite her distress.

I feel distressed because I feel that Shi Ran’s past seven years have not been easy, but I am relieved because of the name Icarus.

She once thought that SaRah was the reason that she did not dare reveal her identity in a foreign country, but she did not think that Icarus had also saved the sun.

It turned out that in the years when she was not by Shi Ran’s side; she played such a very important role.

Chen Ruoyu was thrilled.

It was great to help her.

Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu didn’t respond to her for a long time, thinking that she was jealous again when she mentioned the gold master’s father, so she deliberately opened the fried dumplings she had just bought at the booth, poured vinegar into them, and put them up: “Do you want to eat dumplings”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t see Shi Ran’s actions just now; she only watched her bring the dumplings to her mouth and opened her mouth in obedience.

The skin of the fried dumplings had the sweet smell of this fresh meat, but when Chen Ruoyu chewed it, the sour taste fell on her taste buds along with the gravy.

The strong vinegar smell made her frown, and her usually stony expression also collapsed.

A small piece was broken.

“Hahaha, you’ve been fooled.” Shi Ran felt a nasty sense of satisfaction at seeing Chen Ruoyu’s reaction.

Even though she did something wrong, she still wasn’t afraid that Chen Ruoyu would laugh angrily.

Chen Ruoyu was not angry either.

She recovered from the sour taste, but she just gave Shi Ran a helpless look.

Seeing her trembling with a wicked smug smile, her squinted eyes were full of happiness, and not feeling sick.

Never mind.

What else do I care about with her Seeing her smile at me was the most beautiful thing in the world.

After laughing for a while, Shi Ran consciously stopped.

She dipped in vinegar and ate a fried dumpling, and said seriously to Chen Ruoyu: “Chen Ruoyu, it’s fair for the two of us to be together.

I can be jealous, you can be jealous.

I can be unhappy, you can too.

You can even express all your emotions and thoughts to me.”

As she spoke, she patted her chest.

“I have a big heart and can accommodate all your emotions!”

The traffic behind her scattered the light, and Shi Ran became the only focus of Chen Ruoyu’s sight.

This was the first time she had heard someone say this to herself.

She had long been used to carrying everything on her own, and others thought she didn’t need help.

But it was just Shi Ran, and she gave herself the right to throw away her armor.

As if a warm river flowed into her glacier, melting her square edges and corners, Chen Ruoyu suddenly didn’t know how to express this emotion.

She looked at Shi Ran like this, imitating her appearance, staring at her earnestly, nodding and saying, “Indeed.”

Shi Ran followed Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight, quickly realized the meaning in this man’s tone, and became a little annoyed: “Chen Ruoyu!”

It was just that her anger came and went away quickly.

Before she raised her hand, Chen Ruoyu took it into her arms.

The two of them were about the same size, and when they stood a little closer, they rubbed their ears.

The sudden distance also warmed Ye Feng.

Chen Ruoyu leaned into Shi Ran’s ear and replied seriously, “I will.”

Shi Ran never thought that one day a person’s voice could be so warm, making her feel that the entire world had become summer.

She was held in Chen Ruoyu’s arms like this, listening to her heartbeat calm down a little, and asked softly, “Are you going to complain about the past that the Chen family brought you”

Chen Ruoyu breathed a sigh of relief, and the heat brushed Shi Ran’s ears to write suddenly.

“I am very grateful for all the experiences in the past.

I don’t think my life abroad at the beginning wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t made use of the things brought from the Chen family.

It will go so well.

Nor would there be a chance to see you again in a new identity.

Chen Ruoyu added to her heartbeat.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu’s words almost coincided with her thoughts, and said with approval, “So people still have to live more transparently, and when necessary, they don’t need to be so backbone.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, and together with Shi Ran, they looked at the scenery of the river bank on one side.

From the night market, the narrow river flows through the city and merges into a river, and the cruise ship sways forward with its golden lights on, disturbing the brilliant lights reflected in the distance.

Looking at it, Chen Ruoyu heard a call coming from her side.

“Chen Ruoyu, smile.”

Shi Ran took a picture of the distant river scene with her mobile phone, and the steady camera turned to her and Chen Ruoyu as she spoke.

The bright night scene behind the two people under the screen frame also clearly sets off the faces of the two people in the center of the lens.

Chen Ruoyu just watched Shi Ran shake the broken hair from the side of her face, and naturally leaned on her shoulder.

The woman’s tone was rare and gentle, raised the corners of her mouth and bent her eyes, and said, “Ah Yu, give me face and smile.”


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