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Chapter 63 – A passionate kiss blocked her lips

Shi Ran rarely had such intimate contact with someone.

Seeing Xu Mengtian approaching like this, a strange light flashed in both her and Chen Ruoyu’s eyes.

It was just that Shen Yan interrupted the eye contact between the two.

She switched the coffee in her hand to another hand and approached Shiran elegantly and politely.

“Hello, you are Shiran.

I heard Tiantian say you many times.”

Shi Ran didn’t know if it was because of Chen Yan’s address to Chen Ruoyu just now, but Shi Ran felt the aura radiated to her by the person in front of her was not so friendly, so she put away the presumptuousness of getting along with other people in the past few days, and only politely shook hands with her and said, “Hello, Mr.

Shen. I’ve heard the name for a long time.”

The moment they clasped together the two hands, Shen Yan smiled at Shi Ran.

She had indeed heard Shi Ran’s name from Xu Mengtian, but she had caught the name from Chen Ruoyu a long time ago.

The news of Mr.

Shen’s return quickly spread to the studio.

During the conversation, people from the planning, art, and programming groups all walked over to this side.

Shi Ran had never seen such a lively look before.

“President Xiao Shen is back!”

“How are you abroad Did you bring us gifts”

“How come I didn’t hear the news and came back so suddenly”

Facing the flood of questions, Shen Yan responded like a stream: “Because I miss you, I bought a plane ticket and flew back as soon as the thing over there was over.” There are also gifts and specialties, and I will ask Xiaolin to give them to you later.

Bring it up.”

“Long live President Xiao Shen!”

Everyone cheered, but a little girl asked meaningfully, “Mr.

Shen, is it because you miss us”

When the words fell, many people looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing by the side, and even Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu.

It was just that this person didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end; only a pair of eyes looked at Shi Ran, who was standing by the side without a trace.

Those dark pupils were extraordinarily calm, as if saying to her: “Nothing.”

The onlookers wanted to continue teasing and coaxing, but Chen Ruoyu’s cold and emotionless face made no one dare to offend.

Still, Shen Yan solved the embarrassment, tapped the little forehead, and said, “You are the only one who talks a lot.”

“Oh, I don’t care about you.” The man said again, “You said you came back so suddenly this time.

Where do you live”

Shen Yan replied, “The house hasn’t been fixed yet.

Of course, I’ll stay in the hotel first, but don’t worry that I won’t leave when I come back this time.

I will fight with you to the end.” Shen Yan replied, Zhou Yuan must be curious about Shen Yan looking at these people.

It was terrible, and she dispersed: “Okay, okay, let’s talk about these things after dinner.

Ah Yan, let’s go.

President Xu is still waiting.”

“Well.” Shen Yan nodded and waved to everyone.

“Let’s go first.”

As soon as the words fell, Shen Yan followed Chen Ruoyu and Zhou Yuan towards the conference room under a dozen pairs of curious eyes.

People came and went quickly, and in the end, only Shi Ran was left standing there watching the back of Shen Yan’s departure.

This person didn’t seem to have much, but she exudes an aura that makes people not dare to be too arrogant.

She looked gentle, but she was firm on the inside.

Shi Ran didn’t know what was going on with her either.

Seeing the picture of Shen Yan and Chen Ruoyu side by side, she couldn’t tell what happened.

Not long after Shen Yan left, the Xiaolin she mentioned came to the Final with several assistants.

She prepared gifts for everyone in each group, as she said.

Once again, Big Bear volunteered to pick up the things from the original painting group.

She laboriously stood in front of the long conference table in front of the original painting group with a big box and asked everyone to line up to pick it up.

Xiao Ba didn’t know where she went, so Shi Ran took a copy for her.

It was just that the thing was about to be sent to her, but the big bear’s hand paused and looked at Shi Ran thoughtfully.

Shi Ran was not in a good mood at first, and it was very uncomfortable to be stared at by the big bear, and asked coldly, “What”

The big bear hissed and said thoughtfully, “I think Ah Ran, you look a little familiar.”

Shi Ran was puzzled, took what the bear was holding in her hand, and asked, “What is familiar”

Suddenly, the big bear seemed to think of something, and she greeted the people around her and said, “Look, does A Ran look like our President Shen”

She didn’t know whether it was because of the question of “who is like who” or because of the word “Mr.

Xiao Shen”.

When the big bear said this, Shi Ran immediately surrounded her with many new eyes.

Several pairs of eyes stared at Shi Ran as if they were about to dissect her, and they all said, “It’s similar!”

Xu Mengtian was not qualified to take part in that kind of meeting.

After sending Shen Yan away, she came back.

Hearing what these people were saying from afar, she hurried up and curiously asked, “What”

Big Bear: “Do you think Aran looks like your sister”

Xu Mengtian’s eyes suddenly lit up, as if she had found a like-minded person and shared with everyone, “Right! I’m not the only one who thinks it’s like it!”

Then she opened the photo of Shen Yan on her mobile phone, put it on the side of Shi Ran’s face, and said, “Eyes, it’s eyes! Sister Shi Ran and my sister both have the same dangling eyes, and they are all equally bright and exquisite! “

As soon as these words came out, everyone nodded in agreement, “Yes, yes.”

Shi Ran felt even more depressed after hearing this.

She smiled at the big guy, said “Really”, and left without looking back.

She was not angry with these people; she was furious with these people.

In the past, when Shen Yan didn’t come back, everyone was glad, and no one mentioned the word “like.”

Shen Yan was here, and she had become one with her.


In terms of first-come-last-arrival, she was indeed the one who came later.

Shi Ran stepped onto the clean tiled floor and walked to the workstation.

The lights of the art team shook the tiles on the ground so that they were reflecting light.

She thought clearly and transparently, but she still couldn’t relieve the unhappiness in her heart.

Shi Ran had a strange premonition that Shen Yan would come, and the atmosphere that she had been accustomed to changed silently.

And she didn’t like such sudden changes.

Xiao Ba also came back to the workstation.

Shi Ran’s tone was a little sour, and she put the gift box sent by Shen Yan on the side of Xiao Ba’s table and said, “This is from Shen Yan, a foreign product.”

Xiao Ba was not excited about this, but put the gift in front of her listlessly: “Thank you.”

Shi Ran was immersed in her own emotions, and she could also sense that Xiao Ba was abnormal.

She pushed her affairs away and rowed the chair to Xiao Ba’s side.

“What’s wrong”

Xiao Ba was depressed.

“I seem to have some conflicts with our Xiao Yuan.”

Shi Ran frowned, “What does it mean to be like Isn’t it just a commotion How can it seem like a commotion”

Xiao Ba straightened up and explained to Shi Ran: “I just think Zhou Yuan doesn’t tell me anything.

She is always gentle with me as if she can handle everything for me, but I also want to carry some for her.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but squint her eyes: “Are you sure you’re not showing love in disguise”

“No.” Xiao Ba denied, a little anxious and full of confusion in her voice, “I just don’t want to be a person who can be seen thoroughly by her, but I know nothing about her.” I admit I like her, but I find there are a lot of things about her I don’t know.

I don’t even know if she has a sister at home who just started high school.”

Shi Ran fell silent.

She seemed to hear a resonance about passing Xiao Ba.

It was just that Xiao Ba didn’t return to herself when she saw Shi Ran like this, wrongly because she didn’t understand her own thoughts, and she looked at her with drooping eyes: “Ah Ran, don’t you understand You’ve always been the one who protects people, right”

Shi Ran shook her head unexpectedly.

She thought she was too.

She thought she was exclusive to Chen Ruoyu, someone who knew everything she had and shared secrets with her.

But she never thought about it.

In fact, she didn’t know Chen Ruoyu in many places, and she still had many secrets that she didn’t know, just like the sudden appearance of Shen Yan today, the jokes in the eyes of familiar colleagues.

It was their friend from their production team abroad.

There was the voice of the big bear chatting in the distance.

Shi Ran knew that if she wanted to join in now, she could still go in.

Everyone was fine.

It was just that the light and shadow reflected on the tiles were like a sudden galactic gap.

made Shi Ran feel like she was an outsider.

Chen Ruoyu was very busy today, so she didn’t come across lunch.

The two still met in the D area of the underground parking lot after getting off work.

Fortunately, Chen Ruoyu was not too busy to go home with Shi Ran tonight; otherwise, Shi Ran might have had to take the key and draw a big fox on Chen Ruoyu’s Maybach.

The two entered the elevator, and the elevator went to the floor where Shi Ran’s house was located, and no one spoke.

Chen Ruoyu walked in front, and Shi Ran followed behind her.

The bright lights intertwined with the silence of the corridor, and they converged on the only person in her sight.

The collar of the shirt was meticulously pressed against her neck, and the metal buttons tightly locked the skin below the neck.

Chen Ruoyu skillfully took out the key to open the door.

Her drooping eyelashes drew out her cold aura, and some thoughts just happened.

No lights were turned on in the room; it was quiet everywhere.

Chen Ruoyu used to turn on the light first when entering the door, but someone grabbed her wrist.

The door closed with a “click” from the outside, and the light cloth was pressed against the solid wood door, and the coolness kept coming from all directions.

However, in front of Chen Ruoyu, she was the opposite of warm, even fiery.

Shi Ran pressed Chen Ruoyu against the door; the heat from the tip of her nose staggered, and they could touch each other with a slight movement.

Outside the window, the lights of the entire city came in, which dimly illuminated Shi Ran’s pupils, but in Chen Ruoyu’s view, it was useless.

Her eyes were pitch black, like this night, without a trace of emotion.

Chen Ruoyu noticed something wrong with Shi Ran just now.

She was just about to say something, but a passionate kiss blocked her lips.

Shi Ran kissed Chen Ruoyu like this, depriving her of her breath and tracing her lips tirelessly.

Anger and unease suppressed tenderness, and the messy kiss was like a torrential rain in spring, abusing fragile flowers.

Chen Ruoyu was panting heavily, forced to separate from her, and reminded unsteadily, “Shi Ran… go in…”

Not angry, just begging for mercy.

Shi Ran should have followed Chen Ruoyu, but she didn’t know why when she heard her words, she wanted to put her here.


At that moment, Chen Ruoyu’s pocket against the door vibrated, and her phone rang.

Shi Ran watched Chen Ruoyu struggle to take out her phone from her pocket and saw two words jumping on it.

Shen Yan.


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