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Chapter 64 – “Ah Yu, who are you with now”

The room was quiet, and the sound of the phone vibrating was obvious.

The silent light hit Chen Ruoyu’s face from the bottom to the top of the screen.

She was still staring at the word Shen Yan.

Shi Ran pressed the green answer button for her.

With their eyes facing each other, Shi Ran stared at Chen Ruoyu at such a close distance, still wrapping her arms around her waist with no intention of letting go.

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t figure out Shi Ran’s intention, but Shen Yan’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Ah Yu Are you listening”

Shi Ran heard the sound and put the phone to Chen Ruoyu’s ear, making a mouth shape with her: “Take it.”

Those fox-like eyes contained some shallow smiles, as if there were some bad thoughts hidden underneath.

Chen Ruoyu had nothing to do.

She had completely fallen into Shi Ran’s trap passively.

After clearing her throat, she replied calmly, “I’m sorry.

What did you say just now”

“I said, Sister Yuan, said, you won’t come to my homecoming party.

Why don’t you give me a face like this You just let me go as soon as I come back.” Shen Yan was a little dissatisfied.

“Sorry, a little…” Chen Ruoyu apologized to Shen Yan, and before she finished speaking, her neck felt wet.

Shen Yan’s phone call interrupted Shi Ran bent over and continued the matter, but while Chen Ruoyu answered the phone.

The possessive desire came terrifyingly and quickly; Shi Ran had no time to think about the reason, and the tip of her tongue swept lightly across the skin on her neck, swiping and biting, leaving behind gleaming water stains that were bright red.

The electric current hit Chen Ruoyu’s body.

She continued to hold on to the words that would be interrupted: “There are some things that I can’t go to.”

Shen Yan heard nothing wrong with Chen Ruoyu’s voice and said again: “I want you and Sister Yuan to accompany me to see the house after it’s over.

Why didn’t you come suddenly, Ah Yu”

There was no other sound in the room, and Shi Ran could hear Shen Yan’s words clearly.

Those dark pupils stared at Chen Ruoyu, but did not receive the signal of begging for mercy from Chen Ruoyu at all, and still kissed her neck viciously.

This kind of arrogance that may be exposed amplifies Chen Ruoyu’s nerves.

She was talking with Shen Yan, not listening carefully to every word and feeling the actual touch of the soft tip of the tongue wandering around.

She wondered if Shi Ran was holding her waist; she was already sitting on the ground next to the door behind her.

“Ah Yu” Seeing that Chen Ruoyu was silent again, Shen Yan called her again.

Helpless, Chen Ruoyu had no choice but to come back to her senses and bite the bullet, and reply, “Is your house ready”

“Not yet.” Shen Yan said, “It’s not that Ah Yu has wonderful taste and wants you to help the staff.”

It was another “Ah Yu, ” another very familiar tone.

Shi Ran was upset, and her resentment turned into a tooth mark on Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

“Well…” Chen Ruoyu’s response was forced to be interrupted again.

Shen Yan didn’t know if it was her delusion, but she heard a bit of a seductive tone from Chen Ruoyu’s answer.

She was stunned, and asked, “Ah Yu, who are you with now”

This question made Shi Ran stop.

She was also very interested in how Chen Ruoyu would answer Shen Yan.

But Chen Ruoyu was unexpectedly calm and replied, “With my girlfriend.”

Shen Yan was dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be so direct, and she didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be so quick.

She read out a person’s name in disbelief: “Shi Ran”

Shi Ran felt satisfied when she heard Shen Yan’s reaction for no reason.

The red lips that had been rubbed off a bit were slightly raised, and her sensual face was resting on Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

She didn’t wait for Chen Ruoyu to answer; she replied to the mobile phone receiver: “It’s me.”

Although she had only heard Shi Ran’s voice once, Shen Yan still remembered this figure.

Her expression was a little lonely, and she forced a smile and said, “So you are together, then I will not disturb you.

Ah Yu, I will treat you to dinner alone if I have a chance.”

I invite you, not you.

The meaning of Shen Yan’s words could not be clearer than Shi Ran’s.

The word “rival in love” was enlarged and bolded by her and marked above Shen Yan’s name.

At this point in the conversation, Chen Ruoyu didn’t need to chat with Shen Yan anymore.

She said “goodbye” and hung up the phone.

Shi Ran watched Chen Ruoyu put the phone back in her pocket, rubbed the hand holding her wrist, and said sourly: “Ah Yu is really busy.

This is with me, and when I turn around, I have to be alone with others.

“I won’t go.” Chen Ruoyu replied calmly.

Shi Ran did believe what Chen Ruoyu said to her, but she was still unhappy.

She put her cool fingers under the thin fabric of the person in front of her and said, “I won’t go, so let’s tell President Shen our secret quickly.” Now, you say you won’t go I didn’t even tell Xiao Ba about it.

Chen Ruoyu lowered her eyes slightly and looked at Shi Ran, and asked, “Isn’t this what you want”

Being seen through her mind, Shi Ran’s smile got even worse.

She liked to be so grand, and she liked that Chen Ruoyu knew what she wanted and would do what she wanted.

It was as if she was clearly aloof, but the line on her body that could manipulate her hung down and was held in her hand.

only in her own hands.

“Yes.” Shi Ran replied, leaning over and kissing Chen Ruoyu’s neck again.

She thought she wished she could leave a mark on Chen Ruoyu’s body that only belonged to her so that Shen Yan would not dare to touch her, and she didn’t even want her to have any thoughts.

From the entrance to the bedroom on the second floor, clothes were scattered all over the floor, and the quilt that had just been dried was also fluffy and fluffy on the ground.

Shi Ran still remembered that Shen Yan called Chen Ruoyu “Ah Yu” no less than eight times today, so she also hounded her and called her “Ah Yu” again and again in her ear, childishly and paranoid.

“Ah Yu, don’t you like it”

“Ah Yu, are you feeling well”

“Come here, Ah Yu.”

“Ah Yu…”

That night, the words “Ah Yu” were all around Chen Ruoyu’s ears, it filled the cheeks covered by her arms with red, and Shi Ran’s actions were extraordinarily hard.

This was the first time that she had had such a sense of crisis and was full of alertness.

She had Chen Ruoyu for real at the moment, but she had a feeling of being unsteady in the cotton.

The moonlight shined through the glass without curtains, spilling the comfort of the night into the room.

Chen Ruoyu lay on her side and hugged Shi Ran, and she slept in her arms as she should, wishing to have a good night’s sleep tonight.

The two tossed a little late last night, and the alarm clock woke them up the next day.

After packing up her things and tidying up her clothes, Shi Ran locked the door and saw Chen Ruoyu standing in front of the next-door neighbor’s house.

Shi Ran was puzzled, and looked at the house next door that seemed to be stuck with some paper, and walked over.

I saw the word “rent” written in black and white on the door.

Chen Ruoyu took her pocket and stopped to read it carefully, looking carefully.

Shi Ran remembered the house matter that Shen Yan had mentioned to Chen Ruoyu last night, and her drooping eyes added a gloomy look.

She felt awkward in her heart and asked deliberately, “Why do you want your little love to live with Mrs.


When Shi Ran arrived, she added angrily, “Scumbag.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word and turned to look at Shi Ran.

That icy gaze carried a sense of scrutiny, as if trying to see through Shi Ran.

After a long while, the man intoned, “I don’t have a lover.”

Shen Yan, who did not substitute for Shi Ran’s allegation, seemed to admit that she had a main palace by the way.

Chen Ruoyu’s words eased Shi Ran’s embarrassment, but she still cared that Chen Ruoyu read the rental notice and asked, “Then why are you looking at this thing”

“Check the market price of this apartment.” Chen Ruoyu replied solemnly.

“The apartment I bought was carefully selected, and the market price is worth it.” Shi Ran said the elevator went to the floor where the two of them were.

There are shopping malls at the crossroads, high-end office buildings in the north, buses downstairs, and a subway station a few hundred meters away, which is the first choice for marriage and permanent residence.

After that, Shi Ran raised her head and looked at Chen Ruoyu with a sense of pride.

But she didn’t want this person who would usually keep a little distance from her on weekdays, but this time she was standing next to her like this.

She didn’t know if the last half of the sentence just now sounded like a hint, but in Shi Ran’s line of sight, it was Chen Ruoyu’s ambiguous and deep eyes.

Like touching love.

Shi Ran felt that her heart was beating slightly, and the fine drum beat seemed to write the word “heart” in her heart.

The number of floors in the elevator was slowly getting smaller, and the initial sense of weightlessness was also calming down.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu gave Shi Ran “um” in silence.

Shi Ran felt that “um” was the most certain but most ambiguous word in the world.

She didn’t know whether the word Chen Ruoyu agreed with her talk about the cost-effectiveness of her apartment or whether she agreed with the ambiguity in her words just now because the drunkard’s intention was not drunk.

The elevator was slowing down, and the feeling of oppression in the heart caused by being overweight disturbed people’s thoughts.

When Shi Ran wanted to ask what it meant, the elevator door had already opened, and some work animals from other floors walked in.

She did not ask in the elevator, and the time limit for entanglement was long gone when I got into the car.

Because I woke up late this morning, neither Shi Ran nor Chen Ruoyu had breakfast.

Shi Ran couldn’t.

Chen Ruoyu ate little herself, so it would be worth it to eat less breakfast, but she didn’t.

After Chen Ruoyu put Shi Ran down in a relatively hidden place, she drove to the underground parking lot.

Shi Ran stood in line to order a thick egg double bacon cheese sausage toast, as well as a cup of coffee for Chen Ruoyu.

While waiting, Shi Ran boredly looked at the menu above the service counter and noticed the dark green paper cup that was limited to the season.

When Shen Yan came up yesterday, she took such a unique cup.

She looked at the series titled “Spring Grass Fragrance” with great interest, especially given the cup of coffee that Shen Yan boasted about yesterday—the Thames Massacre.

This person couldn’t help but be missed.

Shi Ran turned around and was about to leave the coffee shop with the breakfast she ordered when she bumped into the heavy smoke coming in from the outside.


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