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Chapter 66 – “Look at you, so you have a gentle side.”

The darkness of the emergency passage made even the sound of people’s breaths clear, and Shi Ran’s forearm with her sleeves rolled up against Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

The temperature alternated in the cool environment.

Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s words, raised her hand, and stroked her chin.

Shi Ran’s skin was thin, but it did not discount the flesh on her face in the slightest, and there was no excess on her face.

Chen Ruoyu’s fingers rubbed the bones of this human body through the flesh and skin, like a boat slowly pushing out the waves on the lake, smooth and delicate.

from chin to chin, and then that finger was pressed to the lips.

She pressed a small piece of white out of Chen Ruoyu’s lips, and then Shi Ran bit this wanton finger.

Shi Ran raised her eyes silently to look at Chen Ruoyu as if to say whether she had had enough fun.

As if she had had enough fun, Chen Ruoyu leaned over and kissed Shi Ran’s lips.

Chen Ruoyu’s lips were softer than the pads of her fingers, and the tip of her nose touching each other was a gentle sweetness.

It was just that it did not reconcile her to this.

The moment she pulled her fingers away, she invaded Shi Ran’s mouth with moisture and warmth, which was completely rare for her domineering.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand that hooked Shi Ran’s hand gradually fell down, and Chen Ruoyu reached out to find her hand.

The fingers were intertwined, and there was the sound of someone coming out of the elevator separated by a wall.

Shi Ran’s head was full of unspeakable excitement, and the entanglement between her tongues made her feel a little dizzy.


At that moment, the phone in Shi Ran’s pocket rang.

Xu Mengtian waited left and right, but couldn’t wait for Shi Ran to come, and called her in a hurry.

Shi Ran buttoned the back of Chen Ruoyu’s hand, signaling her to let go.

But this person seemed to know who the caller was, and only withdrew from the aggressive tongue but still rubbed her lips with Shi Ran.

It wasn’t until the call was about to be hung up that Chen Ruoyu let go of Shi Ran.

Shi Ran just leaned against the wall with Chen Ruoyu’s strength, with anger in her eyes, panting unsteadily.

She glanced at the caller ID, and after thinking about it, she picked it up: “Hello, sweet.”

“Sister Shi Ran, why haven’t you come yet” Xu Mengtian was a little anxious.

Shi Ran was embarrassed: “Sorry, Tiantian, I suddenly have something to deal with.

I’ll let Xiao Ba go.

Xu Mengtian frowned, and the nervous expression on her face turned into a stagnation: “Sister Shi Ran, you promised me.

How can you go back on your word”

Shi Ran’s voice gave her a great sense of disappointment.

Shi Ran sank a little, but still couldn’t fool this one, and said to her seriously: “Sweet, understand what I mean.”

“Since you called me sister when you first came to the studio, of course, I have treated you as my sister since then.

Do you understand”

Xu Mengtian looked at the carefully prepared items in the trunk, and her shoulders collapsed.

She was a little unwilling, and expressed to Shi Ran obscurely: “But you are so good to me.

I don’t want to just treat you as my sister, can’t I”

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip, thinking about how not to hurt the little girl, and said in a soft tone: “Sweet, I treat you well, take care of you, and give pointers to your paintings, all because I treat you well.

As my sister, I will give you pointers, help you revise, give ideas, and sometimes even care about you and Xiao Ba, and it is precisely for this reason.”

It was the love of the strong for the weak, not the heart-to-heart between lovers who expected nothing in return.

Xu Mengtian was a little reluctant to believe it: “Is it just like this Could it be”

Before she could finish speaking, Shi Ran said, “um,”: “Sorry Tiantian, it’s because I didn’t pay attention to it, which made you have such an illusion.” I will pay attention to it in the future.

Shi Ran changed the subject again and said, “Of course, I hope we can no longer rely on me for Tiantian soon and can be on our own.

You won’t let me down.

“I will not let my sister down.” Xu Mengtian nodded.

The little girl quickly digested Shi Ran’s refusal to herself, and she was full of fighting spirit like Xiao Qiang, who couldn’t be beaten to death: “I will find my sister again!”

When Shi Ran listened to Xu Mengtian’s words, she couldn’t help laughing.

She didn’t answer Xu Mengtian directly; she only reminded her: “Don’t talk about that; go back to the studio; the underground parking lot is freezing.”

“Okay.” Xu Mengtian nodded.

Shi Ran said nothing and cut off the phone.

The extinguished screen stopped the light in this small space, and a sigh spit out from Shi Ran’s lips.

She persuaded Xu Mengtian, but she didn’t seem to have completed the persuasion completely.

This little girl, who was not deep in the world, was still looking forward to the future.

But the future’s so far away, maybe the little girl who said she likes her has found her true destiny.

What about yourself

What would the future of you and Chen Ruoyu be like

Maybe even Shi Ran didn’t realize it.

She didn’t know when she had included Chen Ruoyu in her world and her consideration for the future.

The wind blew into the safe passage through the gap in the door, and it blew a little cold on people.

Shi Ran thought so, and raised her eyes to look at Chen Ruoyu, but she didn’t want to meet this man’s line of sight looking at her.

Shi Ran didn’t know how long this person had been looking at her, whether she had just watched it or had already watched it for a long time.

She felt guilty, as if she had done something wrong.

She raised her head, pretending to be perverse, and asked, “What are you looking at”

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran expressionlessly and replied in a leisurely voice, “Look at you, so you have a gentle side.”

As the man said that, she hooked a strand of Shi Ran’s long hair with her fingers, twisted it in her hands with interest, and rolled it mercilessly.

Shi Ran naturally smelled the taste in Chen Ruoyu’s tone, leaned on the door list and tilted her head to look at this person, deliberately staring at her hickey-printed shoulder blades covered by the shirt, and said: “Did you not see enough of my gentle appearance last night”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer Shi Ran’s words, and Shi Ran didn’t wait for her to put her hand between the two: “Compensate me.”

“What” Chen Ruoyu was puzzled.

Shi Ran: “I didn’t even get enough to eat because of you.

Pay me a bunch of snacks.

He was talking about another thing about calling Shi Yu on the rooftop, but it was also because of Chen Ruoyu.

After a pause, Chen Ruoyu put her hand on Shi Ran’s: “Let’s go.”

Shi Ran was a little confused by Chen Ruoyu’s sudden attack: “Where are you going”

“Go where you can buy those things you want.”

As Chen Ruoyu preached, she opened the door that she had locked with one hand, and the other hand was not released for a long time.

Shi Ran also held her in this way.

In this dark world where no one travels, no one would see it.

The two of them had just come out of the company building when they saw two people approaching from a distance who did not understand the style of this place.

Shi Ran was still perplexed, but she looked up and into the distance before coming to a halt.

Chen Ruoyu’s father and aunt actually came to the downstairs of the company where Chen Ruoyu works.

Shi Ran’s heart, which had always been fearless, turned out to be cowardly, and she was as nervous as if she had met her own parents.

In contrast, Chen Ruoyu was much calmer.

She faced the two people walking by and said, “Dad, aunt, why are you here”

Chen Shi smiled, and the seriousness on her face when she looked at it from a distance disappeared instantly, and she said, “Isn’t this your dad’s art exhibition set in the high-tech zone Today we are going to see the layout effect, thinking that the neighborhood is yours The company just came here to see you first.

I just wanted to call you and look, you came down.

Chen Yinbing still had a serious face and ordered Chen Ruoyu, “Just in time, you ain’t driving, come and see with us.”

After speaking, she looked at Shi Ran, who was standing beside Chen Ruoyu, and asked, “Do you want Xiao Shi to go too”

This voice sounded like it was asking for opinions, which was different from Chen Ruoyu’s order above.

Shi Ran was overwhelmed, looked at Chen Ruoyu, then at Chen Yinbing and Chen Shiwei, and said, “Is it alright” I haven’t seen my uncle’s art exhibition, so won’t I cause any trouble for my uncle”

Chen Yinbing shook her head: “No, just.”

Chen Shiwei stood beside Chen Ruoyu and said to her, “You don’t know, your father really likes the little sparrow that Shi Ran painted on Yiyi’s birthday, and later found a small scroll to frame it.

I don’t know if the more I live, the more I go back, the childish innocence has not faded away.

Shi Ran was even more embarrassed to hear it.

Not that she was arrogant and staggering.

Although she had taken meticulous painting in college for a few years, her strong colors were always fancy in front of the world of Chen Yinbing’s ink painting, which could be recognized by the boss.

She couldn’t even think about it.

Shi Ran was really humble this time: “I was just painting for fun.

Thank you, Uncle Chen, for showing love.

However, Chen Yinbing nodded in approval: “It’s very rare to draw like this.

Come and see it with me.

You young people can keep up with the times, and you can also give me some opinions.

Shi Ran was oblivious to compliments.

She nodded and followed Chen Ruoyu into the car that Chen Shiwei drove across the road.

Chen Yinbing sat on the co-pilot’s seat and closed her eyes, but Chen Shiwei didn’t make the car too quiet.

While staring at the car driving in front of her, she said, “Ruoyu, where have you been living for the past few months How come you don’t even know your aunt Yan If you want to send you something, you can’t find anything.

To the place.

“I just found a place, and the surroundings are quite convenient, so I didn’t ask Aunt Yan to come over.” Chen Ruoyu replied without changing her face.

Chen Shiwei nodded, didn’t give up, and warned: “Your house is about to be renovated in the next two days.

Live back or you have to live back.

Your father is at home alone.

You haven’t married yet.

Stay with her at home.”

The old-fashioned Chen family had little objection to Chen Ruoyu’s sexual orientation.

It was like a small wave surged to the shore, pattered the dam and retreated.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to talk about this issue, so she nodded to Chen Shiwei and said nothing more.

Shi Ran felt a little more uneasy just mentioning letting Chen Ruoyu move home.

Although Chen Ruoyu came to live in her house at first, she just wanted to live in her house, but after so many days, Shi Ran got used to living with Chen Ruoyu.

At first glance, she still had a lot of resistance in her heart.

Not reluctant resistance, but unwilling resistance.

Even if that place was her home.


Something fell from Shi Ran’s absent-minded hand onto the padded car, and as the car turned, it rolled to Chen Ruoyu’s feet.

Chen Ruoyu felt a slight touch of this thing and looked down to find that it was an orange that Chen Shiwei had handed to Shi Ran just now in the car.

She bent over to help Shi Ran pick up the orange and reached out to hand it back to her.

It was just that the orange returned to Shi Ran’s hand, but that hand was clasped together with Chen Ruoyu’s.

Chen Ruoyu’s body froze suddenly, showing a nervous and surprised expression for the first time.

Although the two of them were sitting close to each other, they would only quietly interlock their hands and would not be noticed, but the one sitting in front of them was her aunt, and the other was her father.

It’s hard to explain the ending.

Shi Ran did it on purpose, so she hooked Chen Ruoyu’s hand, raised her eyes, and spoke to her with a mouth shape, “Whatever.”

What she cares about is that Chen Ruoyu just told Chen Shiwei where she lives.

Although Chen Ruoyu was trying to prevaricate on this matter, it was indeed a loss.

She moved the fingers Shi Ran held onto her palm slightly, and gently scratched her palm as if begging for mercy, wanting her to let go and then go back.

It was at this moment that Chen Shiwei’s voice suddenly rang out in the carriage: “Ruoyu, what are you doing”


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