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Chapter 71 – “Chen Ruoyu, let’s suspend our relationship for a while.”

The surrounding clothes were fragrant, and the temples were shadowed, and every smile was elegant.

Shi Ran’s downed hand touched the cool fabric of the cheongsam on her body, like an outsider in this flashy feast.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing opposite, experiencing a mountain wind and tsunami in her heart.

The sun was shining here, and her piece of wasteland, which gave birth to a bit of greenery, wiped out the sun at this moment.

Every sentence of the surrounding people was like a Ling Chi knife, rubbing the tip of her heart and cutting down the flesh.

She remembered the hand she took out of her palm when she and Chen Ruoyu went to visit Chen Yinbing’s exhibition hall.

It was like a “friend” who could see the light with integrity but only appeared when her family bumped into her.

Shi Ran looked at the bustling people surrounding Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan, her eyes blinking.

Maybe Chen Ruoyu won’t miss her so much if she leaves…

The sun fell on Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

She knew she was caught this time and fell into the trap.

She ignored the greetings of guests from all walks of life around her and walked straight in Shi Ran’s direction.

Song Yi looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was approaching, and said, “Ah Yu, your performance was wonderful just now.

“Shi Ran and I heard it from a distance and said that you and Miss Shen have a tacit understanding.”

She did it on purpose.

Chen Ruoyu knew she was slapped by this person today, and with sullen anger hidden in her cold eyes, she called out in a bitter voice, “Song Yi.”

Song Yi didn’t understand: “What’s the matter, Ah Yu”

She did it on purpose.

She knew that Shi Ran couldn’t return to her, so what she couldn’t get, Chen Ruoyu couldn’t get either.

All the guests around us were not small characters.

Chen Ruoyu endured for a while with her hand hanging by her side, but she didn’t let the farce joke that Song Yi wanted to see staged.

She only said, “Auntie is looking for you.”

Song Yi somewhat admired Chen Ruoyu, smiled at her, and waved to the two of them in a relaxed tone, “Then I won’t bother you.”

After Song Yi left, the atmosphere between the two was a little stagnant.

Shi Ran pursed her lips and remained silent as the surrounding chatter continued.

There was no publicity for torture, no perverse boldness.

She just stood under the old locust tree behind her, and the large green shade blocked the sun and wrapped her in the shadow.

Chen Ruoyu knew that Shi Ran was furious, and she might even be a little disappointed with herself.

She stepped forward, stretched out her hand, and called Shi Ran’s name: “Shi Ran.”

But Shi Ran avoided Chen Ruoyu’s hand for the first time.

The hand that had never failed was placed between the two of them like this, and the sunlight fell on it through the thick leaves, flickering brightly and darkly, making people feel dazzled.

Shi Ran thought that if Chen Ruoyu opened her mouth to explain it to her now, she would believe it.

As long as she explains, even if it was a lie,

But because of this, she didn’t want to listen.

Ling Chi’s wound in her heart was still exuding pain, and it was then that she realized how reluctant she was for Chen Ruoyu, and she couldn’t tell whether what Chen Ruoyu was going to say next was the actual reality.

Still a false lie.


At that moment, the phone in Shi Ran’s pocket rang.

It was Shi Yu’s phone number.

Shi Ran was a little surprised that this person would call her, but when she picked up, she heard a completely unfamiliar voice: “Shi Ran, I’m Song Lan.

Just now your brother suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.”

Shi Ran’s pupils dilated instantly, and her whole heart clenched: “What, how could it recur”

“I’ve been too busy recently.

He stayed up for a few nights.

This morning, I saw his lips were white and something was wrong.

In short, come over quickly.

Uncleie is not someone who could decide.

She keeps saying “yes or no.” Song Lan said, “Mother Shi’s cry came from the other end of the phone, which made people not feel pitiful at all but disgusted.”

“Send me the address, and I’ll go right away.” Shi Ran nodded hurriedly and said yes, hung up the phone, and walked out of the gallery.

Seeing this, Chen Ruoyu also followed behind and said, “I’ll drive you.”

Shi Ran simply refused: “No, I’ll just go out and take a taxi.”

She was avoiding Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu reluctantly pursued her: “This place is remote, and taking a taxi will delay time.”

While speaking, the two hurriedly walked outside the venue.

It was quiet outside the high-tech zone at noon on the weekend.

In the newly developed area, there was no taxi even if you waved, only the traffic lights turned on at the specified time.

Shi Ran’s phone lit up, and Song Lan sent the hospital’s address.

Shi Ran’s brother was waiting for her in the hospital, and Shi Ran had no choice but to obey: “I’m sorry to bother you.”

Her idea of relying on her own had just failed.

Chen Ruoyu’s car was basically driving on the road over the speed limit, and because it was a valuable car, no one dared to be angry with her.

The street trees that flew past the window shook their leaves, and many thoughts flashed through Shi Ran’s mind during this brief journey.

The car quickly arrived at the hospital where Shi Yu was staying.

Shi Ran stopped the car and strode towards the address given by Song Lan.

A third figure also stopped the two.

Shi Yu and Shi Ran’s mother.

Her eyes were all red, and she didn’t know how long she had waited for these two people downstairs.

Her hair was a little messy from the wind.

In the present, Mother Shi had completely lost the feeling of being rich and graceful in the past.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu beside Shi Ran and said hurriedly: “Ruoyu, Auntie, can you help us save Shi Yu and save his father, okay It is good.”

Shi Ran was immediately shocked by Mother Shi’s behavior.

She quickly pulled away Mother Shi’s hand holding Chen Ruoyu’s arm and said, “Mom, what are you doing”

Mother Shi begged with a weeping voice: “Of course, I know you hate your father, but can you let Ruoyu think of a way to save your father They have a big family, so they can do it.

Look at your brother, who was You are the torment of your father’s affairs, aren’t you Haven’t your career been going bad recently”

Shi Ran listened to Mother Shi’s words just for the sake of her son and husband and couldn’t help but ask: “Since you know what I’m doing now, why do you have the heart to trouble me more”

“Mom, can you be sober What your husband has done has already touched the law, and he should get the punishment he deserves.

Don’t think about asking anyone to cheat for personal gain, okay!”

Mother Shi was taken aback by Shi Ran’s reaction and hurriedly added, “Why is this cheating for personal gain It’s helping our family.

Then she looked at Chen Ruoyu next to her and continued: “Ruoyu, you are Ran Ran’s girlfriend, and you are the one who will marry her in the future.

Can you help her parents’ family “

Don’t you all want your future wife to have a father in prison Don’t you all want each other’s family to be innocent I’m also thinking about the future of the two of you.

The family background was clean and matched.

Shi’s mother’s remarks resonated with what Shi Ran heard in the gallery, as the last knife stabbed into Shi Ran’s heart, stabbed from her chest ruthlessly.

This family that had never brought her anything, even the final shattering, had to tighten the blood umbilical cord she couldn’t cut, pull her, and even Chen Ruoyu fell into it together.

“Mom, have you said enough” Shi Ran looked at the woman standing opposite her.

Her expression changed from excitement to indifference.

“Chen Ruoyu is not my girlfriend now.

You can’t stop thinking about me.”

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu suddenly looked at Shi Ran, who was standing beside her.

Shi Mu’s face was even more unbelievably panicked: “What are you talking about, Ran Ran” This is your future.

How can you make such a joke”

“It’s not a joke.” Shi Ran ignored Chen Ruoyu’s gaze and replied indifferently, “Chen Ruoyu is not my girlfriend anymore, so don’t worry about my innocence.

And I won’t allow anyone to flout laws and regulations.

If Shi Haijun comes out, I will report it.”

Mother Shi didn’t expect Shi Ran to be so heartless, and she raised her hand to slap Shi Ran in anger.

But in an instant, Chen Ruoyu raised her hand to stop it.

She was a little furious, and her thin body swayed: “Of course, the one in the ward is your brother! He is the only child of the Shi family! How can you harm him like this!”

Shi Ran sneered, grabbed the expensive Chanel classic suit on Mother Shi’s body, and asked, “I hurt him You know who caused him to be hospitalized Your son is now implicated by your husband, and you As long as you have some conscience and know that you love Xiaoyu, don’t fantasize about Shi Yu, that you can go back to the luxurious life of the past, put down your bad money, and don’t put pressure on him, okay!”

Shi Ran seemed to be venting her emotions, and the questioning voice was finally so loud that the whole square could be heard.

Mother Shi was a master who watched people serve dishes.

Seeing Shi Ran’s appearance as if she was going to eat people, her hand under Chen Ruoyu’s control suddenly softened, her lips were tightly pressed, and she could only cry.

It seems that it was not only her son and husband who were crying but also her fate as a dodder that could no longer survive when the tree fell.

It was also the first time that Chen Ruoyu saw Shi Ran get angry, and the hand that let go of Mother Shi’s arm turned and landed on her shoulder.

The slight tremor was clearly conveyed in her palm, and Shi Ran’s eyes staring straight at the other side only made people feel pitiful and distressed.

“Okay, don’t be angry anymore.” Chen Ruoyu persuaded softly, “Shi Yu is still waiting for you.”

As Chen Ruoyu spoke, her hand gently stroked Shi Ran’s back.

This familiar tenderness calmed her emotions well, but it also made her more confused.

She turned her head to look at Chen Ruoyu, who would stand by her side no matter what happened.

The vines clinging to the stone gallery in the distance were swaying in the wind, and her eyes became obscure.

After a long while, Shi Ran took a breath, calmed down, and told Mother Shi: “Mom, I’m going up to see Xiaoyu now.

Please take away the tears on your face and go up again.

I don’t think I will be moved by your tears, and Xiaoyu will only be more uncomfortable because of your tears.”

After all, Shi Ran ignored Mother Shi’s reaction and walked into the hall of the inpatient department with a hard heart, while Chen Ruoyu followed behind her.

There were not many people waiting in front of the elevator.

Their blurred silhouettes were reflected on the silver reflective elevator door.

Neither of them had many expressions on their faces.

The successive episodes disturbed the originally peaceful piano music.

The elevator was going down gradually when Shi Ran looked at the jumping numbers and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Go back.”

Chen Ruoyu heard the words and set her eyes on Shi Ran.

The light in the elevator room was bright and without temperature, which made this person who was too perverse on weekdays lose her color.

Chen Ruoyu wanted to say something to Shi Ran, but Shi Ran spoke ahead of her: “What I said is true.”

“Chen Ruoyu, let’s suspend our relationship for a while.”

Shi Ran’s voice was deep, as if she had experienced a long struggle.


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