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Chapter 73 – Shi Ran noticed the shadow blocking the light

The singers on the stage sang the love that did not match this night, and under the feasting and feasting was the decadence of the wine glasses colliding together.

Chen Ruoyu wanted to take another sip of wine, but as soon as she raised her hand, someone took the cup from her hand.

Zhou Yuan sat next to her, saying, “I haven’t arrived yet.

Why did you drink it up by yourself first “

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer.

She took her wine glass out of Zhou Yuan’s hand again.

Zhou Yuan felt this person was abnormal and ordered a drink from the bartender, then turned around and asked, “What’s the matter She was not at home with her girlfriend this weekend, but she came out to ask me for a drink and broke up.”

It was just that Zhou Yuan couldn’t think of it.

Chen Ruoyu nodded lightly after her voice fell.

Zhou Yuan’s face was full of surprise, she knew better than anyone how much Chen Ruoyu liked Shi Ran.

But since she nodded and admitted, it meant that there was something that even Chen Ruoyu couldn’t adjust.

Zhou Yuan was concerned and asked, “Break up What’s going on Your family knows you don’t agree when you are together.

Or does her family know “

Before Zhou Yuan could finish speaking, Chen Ruoyu shook her head and said, “Today’s art exhibition, I brought Shen Yan to expand YT’s social circle, which was designed by Song Yi.”

Zhou Yuan frowned and scolded, “Why does she always haunt this person”

After speaking, she turned the conversation again and asked, “Does Shi Ran mind She must have heard a lot of voices around her.

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “She didn’t say it, but I think she took it to heart.”

“It’s also my fault.

I should have reported to her from the beginning.

I just thought that she was very concerned about Shen Yan, and I was afraid that she would not have a good day today…”

Chen Ruoyu paused for a while, and her downcast eyes were filled with frustration and self-blame.

She raised her hand and brought another sip of wine to her mouth, and said in a low voice, “It’s all excuses.”

The glass reflects the bizarre lights above the bar, and the incandescent light illuminates people’s sight, but at a certain moment, it was eye-catching.

Chen Ruoyu eased the cup with her fingers and said, “I want to protect her and give her the most stable environment, but I don’t want to be the only one who can hurt her.”

Zhou Yuan said otherwise: “If you care, you will be confused.”

After speaking, she said again: “Actually, these problems can be explained and run in.

Is it a big deal to break up”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head, “Her mother is also in trouble.”

Zhou Yuan guessed a few points and tentatively said: “Is it her father’s business that wants your Chen family to help unblock…”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “She doesn’t want to drag me down.”

Zhou Yuan sighed, with a little relief and admiration on her face, but more regret: “I knew it.”

She took her own wine from the bartender, took a sip, and then said: “Our studio protects her, so she is under a lot of pressure now, and the surrounding voices are questioning her, so it’s easy to not hold back.”

“You said, if you hadn’t been working behind the scenes to protect her, A Ran would have easily fallen into the hands of Mr.

Wu and the others.

These people’s methods are really inferior.

” Zhou Yuan said, tenderly.

Her expression was full of disgust.

“I just don’t know if Aran knows that you have done so much for her.

Will she choose to start over with you”

Zhou Yuan’s words were not very sure, and her soft voice seemed to test.

She thought that Chen Ruoyu had done so much for Shi Ran in the past that even if a stone was found, it would definitely be moved back.

“It’s wrapping her up.” Chen Ruoyu reminded Zhou Yuan lightly.

The alcohol smoked her eyes with a thin layer of mist.

She gently turned the glass in her hand like this, and the glass inside was exactly the same as when Shi Ran reunited, and it was shot on the crystal clear glass wall with no resistance, leaving traces of water stains.

After sinking for a moment, Chen Ruoyu murmured again, “Zhou Yuan, do you know Icarus”

“Of course.” Zhou Yuan nodded.

How could she not know about Icarus, the character in the story promoted by the apostle this time was in Greek mythology

It was just that Chen Ruoyu still had doubts about whether she would want such a person who was not very prominent in the splendid Greek mythology of the gods as the major force.

And this time, without waiting for her to raise this question, Chen Ruoyu told her to listen to her: “A long time ago, when I first read the story of Icarus, I always thought Icarus was stupid since I could escape from that small building island.

Why do you want to be greedy for the sun.

I thought, if I were Icarus, it would never be like this.

But until that day, I saw Shi Ran, who was drawing on the blackboard at the back of the classroom, and I finally understood Icarus.

“The feeling of seeing the sun as you wave your wings and prepare to escape from the island.”

In Chen Ruoyu’s sight, the bar with loud lights turned into a high school classroom filled with the warm sunshine of early autumn.

When she came back from the math teacher’s office with the exercise book in her arms, she saw Shi Ran sitting on the stack of desks and chairs.

The white chalk simply outlines the human body.

The complicated process becomes extraordinarily easy and relaxed in her hands.

Every stroke was neat, like a chess piece, without regret.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t like to draw, she didn’t like it since she was a child.

Chen Yinbing was rigid and strict, and her uncles and aunts were also unsmiling.

She never imagined that a person would laugh while painting, and the smile was so assertive and bright, as if all the light fell on her.

She was the sun that illuminated her vision.

Later, Chen Ruoyu found out that this person was too flamboyant but that unrestrained freedom and unruly kindness were all she yearned for.

She still remembers the throbbing in her heart when this person threw the love letter she wrote to her.

She knew this thing didn’t really belong to her, but this time she wanted to ignore the rules and be arrogant.

“I think if I were Icarus and Shi Ran was the sun, then I would repeat the same mistakes when I heard it.

When I ran to the sun, my wings were melted by the heat, and I fell into the sea.

The first day of the week begins with tension and exhaustion.

It was almost noon when she got off work, and Xiao Ba finally found time to touch her mobile phone and fished happily.

It just didn’t take long when Shi Ran heard Xiao Ba’s scolding voice in her ears: “I’m so convinced, there’s no end to it.

Must I hold SaRah and hold on This idiot is the only one here.

With rhythm, can the little host ban her permanently”

Shi Ran hadn’t figured out what was going on, but Xu Mengtian leaned over and said, “Little eighth sister, don’t be as knowledgeable as a fool, just report and block the blacklist.

Our apostles will have a public beta next week.

Who was this Get out of the group again.

Shi Ran reacted to the conversation between the two and said calmly, “What did she say Give me the screenshot.

Xiao Ba hurriedly covered her phone, saying, “Don’t look at this kind of thing with dirty eyes.”

Xu Mengtian was a little curious that Shi Ran had been staring at the computer all morning, but the tablet was put aside without moving: “Sister Shi Ran, what do you want this thing for”

Shi Ran continued to sort out some screenshots on her computer and smiled, “I just want to teach them a lesson if I do nothing.”

Xiao Ba and Xu Mengtian were confused, but they looked at each other as if they realized something, and their faces showed the same joy: “A Ran/Sister Shi Ran, are you planning to use legal weapons to defend yourself Your legitimate rights and interests! “

Shi Ran smiled at the two of them and was about to say something else when the phone rang.

It was Song Lan’s call.

Although Shi Ran’s first impression of Song Lan was not very good, she was running around for Shi Yu these days.

She answered the phone, a little worried and nervous: “What’s wrong with Song Lan”

“Shi Ran, don’t be so nervous, it’s good news.” Song Lan joked, “Shi Yu’s surgery has ended.

Professor Wang performed the operation on him himself.

This kid is lucky.

Professor Wang is an expert in this field.

She ran into him just two days after returning home.”

Shi Ran’s eyes lit up instantly.

“Really That’s great.

Song Lan listened to Shi Ran’s rare laughter these days, laughed along with it, and added, “But the results of the consultation just now came out.

Professor Wang meant it was an emergency.

The operation at 1 o’clock in the afternoon is expected to take four hours, can you be there”

“Of course.” Shi Ran nodded without hesitation, “Xiao Yu, I will definitely come back to accompany him.”

After hanging up, Shi Ran asked Zhou Yuan to leave.

There was a traffic jam on the road, so she hurried to the hospital, and Shi Yu was about to be pushed into the operating room.

Shi Ran was still breathing heavily, so she held Shi Yu’s outstretched hand and said, “Xiao Yu, don’t be afraid.

I’ll be waiting for you outside the door.

Heal me.”

Shi Yu was very weak, and his bloodless face smiled at Shi Ran: “Sister… don’t worry.”

This sound was really too small, like misty smoke, if it weren’t for the quietness of the hospital, Shi Ran could not hear it.

She shook Shi Yu’s hand cautiously, nodded calmly to him, and watched the nurse push Shi Yu into the white door, her heart aching.

The red light outside the operating room turned on, and Mother Shi waited nervously in front of the door.

After sitting down for a while, she stood up and looked into the glass on the door, where she couldn’t see anything at all.

The wait was too long, everyone was looking forward to opening the door, and was afraid to open the door.

Shi Ran didn’t like this feeling and took out her laptop from the bag.

Song Lan bought coffee from outside.

After passing it to Shi’s mother, she sat next to Shi Ran, “What are you doing”

Shi Ran took Song Lan’s coffee with one hand and said, “Xiaoyu takes care of his business inside, and I take care of mine outside.”

She did nothing else this weekend, but went to the police station, and was now preparing to solve the trouble with herself and the apostle on her own.

Song Lan was curious and saw that what was displayed on Shi Ran’s computer screen was SaRah’s Weibo account, and she had already typed a large paragraph of text in the input box.

If the words do not express any emotion, they were just ordinary words, but if there was a story attached, they were not just words.

Shi Ran posted the evidence of her own work-study program she had compiled these days, preferring self-revealing scars, showing that Shi Haijun did not take the responsibility for raising her, and she did not need to take this responsibility.

Consequences for her.

Song Lan read silently by the side, and out of the corner of the eye was this woman with a calm expression and firm eyes.

She pursed her lower lip lightly, pointed to the top row, and suggested, “Is there a word here that your situation as a child would be better.

After all, we are playing the sympathy card now.”

Shi Ran didn’t even look at Song Lan, and refused her proposal without hesitation: “I’m not playing the sympathy card, I’m just stating the facts.”

Song Lan felt a little ashamed when she heard Shi Ran say this.

She was tall and sat beside Shi Ran to block a lot of light.

it was just that when Shi Ran noticed the shadow blocking the light; she thought of Chen Ruoyu.

If the person beside her now was Chen Ruoyu, she would never say that.

It turns out that the help given to her was also different.

The long Weibo post was quickly edited and sent out.

Shi Ran looked at her avatar and exhaled, but there were many obscure emotions in her eyes.

Shi Ran felt she should be able to quickly return to her original state, just like when she broke up with Song Yi.

The warm gas from the coffee misted her vision, and her unease hinted that she was missing someone.

Someone who can give her peace of mind no matter how disturbed she is.

Shi Ran sniffed the smell of disinfectant in the hospital corridor, which she couldn’t get used to no matter how long she smelled it, and then she reacted bluntly.

—Ah, so this was lovelorn.


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