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Chapter 74 – On the clean table was a large handful of plum candies

The spring is bright, and the warm wind blows through the weeping willows in the courtyard, setting off a sparkling wave on the calm lake.

Yan Ning leaned on the mahogany table in the small hall of the study, looked at the phone with interest, and said, “Hey, this little fox in your family has two brushes.”

Chen Ruoyu was standing in front of the table, holding a fine pen and hooking peach blossoms onto the rice paper.

She was not interested in Yan Ning’s words, but when she heard the word “little fox,” she paid little attention: “What’s the matter”

Yan Ning looked at SaRah’s Weibo and said, “Three or two sentences can change the direction of the wind.

She really dares.

But it’s true.

This kind of family has brought her such an experience, and it doesn’t belong to her anymore.

The price of it is really hard for passers-by to see.

The more Chen Ruoyu listened to Yan Ning’s words, the more she felt that something was wrong.

She put down the pen in her hand and turned on the phone.

Only then did she realize that the vibration on her mobile phone was not a random push but a clarification from Shi Ran.

Yan Ning: “You said that the situation of your apostles being suppressed by Wu De’s group will be reversed because of this”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the wind direction below Shi Ran’s comment area and nodded lightly: “Yes.”

“Then does she help you” Yan Ning asked again.

Chen Ruoyu still gave a faint “um”.

But she would rather not.

Chen Ruoyu knew that Shi Ran’s method was the most effective but also the most radical.

No one would choose to expose their own scars if they were not forced to do so, and Chen Ruoyu has repeatedly avoided this method.

However, Shi Ran still did so.

Today, the apostle will be officially tested in less than five days.

She didn’t let everyone’s efforts go to waste because of her, and she took care of the overall situation to make Chen Ruoyu feel distressed.

When Yan Ning heard Chen Ruoyu’s answer, she raised her eyebrows and tilted her head.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word.

She lowered her head and tapped the keyboard of her mobile phone as if she was talking to someone about something.

In the documentary that Yan Ning opened with wicked interest, there was a picture of foxes waiting for an opportunity to prey on birds.

The male voice on the TV explained eloquently: “Wild foxes are always vigilant.

They are not comfortable being raised by humans.

They know it is necessary to maintain the basic ability to survive in the wild.”

Yan Ning listened, leaned over to Chen Ruoyu and asked, “Then are you letting people go to nature”

“You are not afraid of your prey running away with other hunters.”

Otherwise, Chen Ruoyu hung up the phone and resumed painting: “I’m not a hunter, and she’s not a prey either.”

Yan Ning looked at this man’s aloof and reserved appearance, couldn’t help but smile, and mercilessly revealed Chen Ruoyu’s chat record she had just seen secretly: “Some people say to let people go to nature, not be afraid of someone.

I stole it, but behind my back, I let my people go to the police to collect evidence and clear up the relationship.


“Necessary intervention is still necessary.” Chen Ruoyu replied calmly, and with a light touch of the fine brush dipped in pink paint, a peach blossom bloomed on the drawing paper, which was bright red and bright red.

Yan Ning looked at the peach blossom on the paper, which was as perfect as the ones above, and jokingly complained: “It’s true, it has to be hidden so you don’t have a wife.”

As soon as the words fell, Chen Ruoyu lifted her hand holding the pen and looked up at Yan Ning.

Those dark eyes hide some intimidation, and although it is not sullen, it is enough to make one’s heart palpitate.

Yan Ning hurriedly begged for mercy and bowed: “I was wrong.

I was the one who said the wrong thing, my eldest lady.

You are so considerate and warm-hearted, you really can’t find it with a lantern.

I really admire the villain.

This eyebrow, please be sure to do it for me well.”

Yan Ning spoke with a lotus spit out of her mouth.

At first, Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to bother with her.

After she finished speaking, she looked away and continued to draw her eyebrows according to Yan Ning’s original thoughts.

In order to avoid causing trouble for her mouth, Yan Ning stood by and watched Chen Ruoyu’s drawings quietly, but in the end she couldn’t help but sigh: “That is, Ayu, you can draw me every time I am satisfied.

Others don’t know how many versions to change.”

Speaking of this, Yan Ning seemed to think of something and suggested, “Ah Yu, do you want to draw another fox I’ll let Ah Qing embroider it, and then I’ll make you a carrot-colored round-neck robe.

It’s autumn, so it must be nice to wear.”

“Change the moon white,” Chen Ruoyu said.

“Why” Yan Ning was puzzled, “This color doesn’t match well in autumn.”

Chen Ruoyu did not rush to answer.

The brown paint drew the last tortoise shell pattern on the rice paper, and the man said slowly: “Water overcomes fire; it can hold down red.”

Shi Ran’s clarification caused the still erratic wind direction to turn towards her.

Looking at the comfort in the comment area, she felt that her breath over the years could be regarded as spitting out.

Because at the end of the clarification, Shi Ran also said that after she would report to the police for those malicious rumors, defamation, and threats, many of the people who attacked her in the first place came to apologize to her, especially the people who sent her horrific pictures before.

Shi Ran watched the other party explain to her that what he said was just a quick pass, and she sneered and ignored the past without thinking much.

All the pain can only be truly felt when it falls on the body.

Regret and begging for mercy is just an unwillingness to get rid of legal sanctions.

Shi Ran didn’t believe it and was too lazy to think about it.

She remembered Putin’s words: forgiveness is God’s business, and their duty is to send these people to God.

The next day, Shi Ran came out of the police station and couldn’t believe it.

Her alarm was handled quickly, and the police told her that the matter would be dealt with seriously and that the results would come out soon.

Everything went smoothly, as if everything was in place and she only needed to walk through the police station’s gate once more.

The sun seems to be brighter than it was a few days ago; a golden light is hanging in the sky; and the summer heat wave is ready to move.

Shi Ran had a bit of money, so she walked out of the police station and went to the opposite bus stop to wait for the bus.

It’s just that before she was hot, she received a message from Shi’s mother: “Your brother is awake; he wants to see you.”

The spring breeze is floating, and the leaves are full of vitality.

The taxi was heading far under the streetlights at the previous intersection, but Shi Ran finally raised her hand and took a taxi to the hospital.

Shi Yu still had various instruments plugged into his body, but his spirit was obviously much better than before.

After going through these things, Mother Shi also faced the reality.

She also replaced the Chanel suit with a swollen face and a fat man with a relatively cheap skirt, and she was cutting apples for Shi Yu.

Seeing Shi Ran walk in, Shi Yu reluctantly raised his hand and waved at Shi Ran.

Shi Ran’s nose was astringent, and Shi Yu scolded as the situation improved: “Stinky boy, you can’t help but take care of your body.

You’ve already been stabbed, and you’ll be stabbed again! Are you a cat One life is not enough for you! “

Shi Yu reminded Shi Ran, “Sister, I’m a sick patient,” as if she were about to eat herself.

Shi Yu’s bed was empty.

Shi Ran pulled up a chair and sat beside Shi Yu’s bed.

Shi Yu looked at Shi Ran, who was the same as usual, smiled, and said, “Mom said you didn’t go back yesterday, and you stayed with me all night Have you been home for a long time and had a good night’s sleep Bar.

Shi Ran didn’t answer directly, just shook her head and said, “I’m not tired.”

Shi Yu didn’t believe it: “I can’t cover the dark circles under my eyes.”

Shi Ran hurriedly took out the mirror from her bag when she heard this—she went to the company and the police station with such a face today.

It’s just that when the mirror was opened, Shi Ran looked at it carefully for a long time, but she didn’t see any dark green under her lying silkworm, but she felt more and more that her makeup today was exquisite.

Xu is really lacking sleep, and people are dull.

Shi Ran looked at it for a long time before she could react, and squinted at Shi Yu: “Stinky boy, lie to me”

Shi Yu said confidently, “It’s clear sister, you have a guilty conscience.”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand and pulled Shi Ran’s hand, persuading her, “Go back to sleep, sister, it’s enough to have mom and auntie nurse here.”

Mother Shi also put down the fruit knife in her hand, and it was rare for Shi Ran to think about it: “Yes, Ran Ran, you have been running around for your brother these two days.

Go back and rest.

Mother and aunt Xiaoqin are together.

Take care of Xiaoyu.

Shi Ran actually felt relieved when she saw Shi Yu had woken up.

I don’t know if it was because of her restlessness that she couldn’t hold back her tiredness, which made her suddenly feel exhausted.

After sitting for a while, she nodded and replied: ” Well, then I’ll leave Xiaoyu to you, Mom.”

Mother Shi nodded, repeating the words “rest assured” to her until she took Shi Ran into the elevator, the oath in her eyes, as if she really wanted to support the siblings.

When I came back from Shi Yu, it was already rush hour.

The bus has a wider field of vision than a taxi.

Shi Ran sat by the window and watched the last orange of the sun engulf the blue sky.

When she got to the downstairs of the apartment, the entire sky was covered with a brilliant sunset, and the clouds looked red as if they were on fire.

As Shi Ran said to Chen Ruoyu at the beginning, she has been in Shi Yu’s ward these days and has not been home for a few days.

Stepping into the elevator of the apartment building again makes her feel both unfamiliar and familiar.

The next-door neighbor’s rental notice was gone.

Shi Ran looked at the brand-new house number and thought that she would have a new neighbor.

Shi Ran’s door is not a smart lock, so she doesn’t worry about not being able to open the door if she’s not at home for a few days.

The huge floor-to-ceiling windows frame the sunset she watched all the way into the house, and the twilight red makes the house look a little empty.

Shi Ran put the key in the bowl at the entrance as usual, and the dull voice showed that there was still a key lying inside.

The home is still the same as it used to be, as if nothing had changed, but Shi Ran really feels that this place differs from the past.

On the clean table was a large handful of plum candies, and the black and white monotonous packaging was trapped in the setting sun.

The first time Shi Ran saw it, her eyes blinked uncontrollably, and the messy teardrops were divided and reorganized by the eyelashes.

She didn’t want to feel sad or cry, but she just didn’t know what was going on, and the tears rolled out disobediently.

She has been avoiding him; there is no place to escape, and she is constantly reminded in this home that she is the only one left.

The warnings she gave herself at the desk on the fifth day of the new year still didn’t work.

She was great at ruining relationships.

Her cautious emotions that day pulled her down like this, and the room became darker and darker, as if an invisible abyss was swallowing her whole.

The sky has completely darkened, the lights in the high-end hotel are bright, and each private room is like a world.

Chen Ruoyu was chatting with the deputy sitting in the main seat.

There were only three people in the large room, which seemed extravagant.

While chatting, Chen Ruoyu’s cell phone vibrated, and the person who came to the message was Zhou Yuan: “Shi Ran sent me a message and wanted to ask for annual leave.

Do you approve”

This news is not all about Zhou Yuan’s request for instructions, but more about tipping off Chen Ruoyu.

When Chen Ruoyu looked at it, her eyes sank a little.

It was not Chen Ruoyu’s first thought to let this person out of her sight.

But she also knew that when the dust had almost settled, she should let Shi Ran go out to relax, so that she could better see the truest thoughts in her heart.

Therefore, even though she knew she could not see her in the next half month, Chen Ruoyu still agreed.

“Xiao Song said she was here.”

“Xiao Ning, you said this Xiao Song so well, I’m really curious.”


Qin, you have discerning eyes and pearls.

You must like Xiao Song.”

Chen Ruoyu explained to Zhou Yuan here and heard the key points of the conversation over there.

While talking, the door of the box was pushed open from the outside, and the floating wind brought in a sweet aroma.

Chen Ruoyu sniffed and raised her eyes slightly to look at the late person.

“I’m really sorry, Mr.

Qin and Mr.


There are some traffic jams on the road, so you have been waiting for a long time.”

Song Yi was particularly embarrassed to bow and say hello to the few people sitting in the box, but when she raised her head, her face froze.

Chen Ruoyu looked at her expressionlessly.

Her eyes were cold as if she was looking at prey that had thrown itself into a snare.


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