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Chapter 77 – “You may not lose it this time.”

The two looked at each other in the crowd, and neither of them greeted the other in silence.

The light reflected in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes, and Shi Ran felt as if those eyes flashed a ray of light after seeing her.

Shi Ran’s anomaly quickly discovered, leaned over to her, and said, “What are you looking at, so fascinated Do you like the theme I designed too much “

When Shi Ran heard the sound, she immediately retracted her gaze, looked at the entrance where the red balloons were piled up around her, bent her eyes, and complained with a smile, “I feel you will send me to the bridal chamber in the next second.”

“Do you have a partner Even if you are sent to the bridal chamber, you will be alone.

” After a few days of absence, Xiao Ba’s mouth can speak more than usual.

She added: “Little Widow.”

Shi Ran was choked by Xiao Ba’s words.

She didn’t know what to say and smiled and tapped Xiao Ba’s head: “Then I’ll send you in.”

Shi Ran looked around at the people and said, “Let’s be a pair of little widows.”

Shi Ran, who had been in the crowd all the time, heard that she came over, took the little eight in Shi Ran’s hand, and said, “Our little eight won’t mess with you.”

The voice fell, and the art team sounded like a roar of everyone.

Xiao Ba was a little embarrassed by the coaxing and hurriedly explained: “No, it’s not what you think!”

However, Da Xiong debunked: “Actually, we already knew.

Last week you and Sister Yuan holding hands in the back were photographed by Nina.”

Nina nodded smugly on the side and agreed: “It’s like this, no couple can escape our eyes.

Besides, the two of you are so obvious that your love will overflow.

Xiao Ba blushed shyly when she heard everyone say this, patted Nina’s hand, and retorted: “Oh, don’t use a few new Chinese words that you have learned.”

Shi Ran looked on and rubbed Xiao Ba’s head with a smile, but her smile was obviously not as good as before.

Nina stated that Zhou Yuan and Xiao Ba’s love will overflow and cannot be ignored, so was it not obvious that she and Chen Ruoyu were not at all, or compared to Shen Yan, even if she was in the same frame as Chen Ruoyu, it was not at all.

Without the deliberate leisure of the annual vacation, Shi Ran’s exiled thoughts flew back uncontrollably, and a little spark could ignite them.

The surroundings were still lively with laughter and giggling, and Xiao Ba’s cheeks were flushed with ridicule.

Shi Ran was also chatting and laughing with everyone, but in the gap between the laughs, she couldn’t help raising her head and deliberately skipping the surroundings.

The warm sunlight brightened the entire art group, but the space away from the crowd became dim.

The person who Shi Ran wanted to take a second look at was gone, leaving only a gust of wind passing through the corridor, pulling up her long hair, making her eyes empty and full of loss.

After the welcoming ceremony, Shi Ran returned to her workstation.

While packing up her workstation, she listened to Xiao Ba talk about the melons she had missed these days.

I heard that this round of war without gunpowder ended last Friday, and Chen Ruoyu’s team leader, Xiao Shen, won a big victory.

President Wu was out, Sun Lian was kicked out of the crisis experiment, the main planner became the new producer, and Sun Nian, who came to power because of her relationship, attracted a lot of complaints inside and outside the game, also stepped down, and now the main beauty of the crisis experiment was Ah Jiu .

Xiao Ba sighed: “Our YT has really undergone earth-shaking changes in the past half month.”

“Yeah.” Shi Ran nodded in agreement with some relief on her face, “As expected, Ah Jiu has survived, it’s difficult.”

“It’s just that she has been busy flying recently, otherwise she would have been shouting with us in the group long ago, and she would have to clean up the mess for Sun Nian.” Xiao Ba said, with some resentment in her heart, “I heard that the crisis experiment is this month.

The activities are not very well done, and the flow of water has dropped by half.

Although Shi Ran had expected that the crisis experiment would happen under Sun Nian, she was surprised to hear that the running water had dropped so much, “This is really enough for Ah Jiu to be busy.”

Just as she said that, a mobile phone appeared in front of Shi Ran.

With a bright smile, Xu Mengtian put the phone in front of Shi Ran and shouted expectantly, “Sister Shi Ran.”

Shi Ran was stunned: “What is this for”

Xu Mengtian: “Tonight there is a special celebration party for you.

Choose one of these places.

You won’t stop coming, will you “

Speaking of which, the man’s expression became tense.

“How could it be” Shi Ran could not understand the style, so many people welcomed her, which made her feel unprecedented happiness.

She looked at several party locations that Xu Mengtian showed herself, and clicked on the first page: “This is a party.

It looks like you can eat, drink, sing, and play games.”

Xu Mengtian nodded and agreed, “I think so too! It will be very interesting if we eat and play.

After speaking, the little girl raised her head in anticipation and then saw Chen Ruoyu, Zhou Yuan, and Shen Yan passing by.

Adhering to the principle of lively people, Xu Mengtian greeted: “Sister, Sister Ruoyu, Sister Zhou Yuan, tonight we will welcome Sister Shi Ran to celebrate.

Are you coming”

Shi Ran raised her head subconsciously when she heard the words and stalked towards the corridor as if unintentionally.

Shen Yan was walking between the two of them together.

She didn’t know if it was an angle problem, but she seemed to be getting closer to Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran looked unpleasant, and before Chen Ruoyu could turn her gaze to her side, she lowered her head first, leaving only an obvious sullen look for Chen Ruoyu, who came later.

“Of course.” Zhou Yuan smiled softly and agreed with one bite.

“I still have something to do, so I won’t go.” Shen Yan refused.

After getting two of the three answers, Zhou Yuan looked sideways at Chen Ruoyu and asked, “Ah Yu, won’t you not come”

Shi Ran heard Zhou Yuan’s words, and her heartbeat was beating against her chest.

She didn’t look up.

She still pretended not to care, but she still had some inexplicable expectations.


After a long while, Chen Ruoyu’s cold voice sounded in the silence, and her eyes fell calmly on Shi Ran.

The awkward fox wouldn’t look up at herself.

Just like Xiao Ba couldn’t control herself every time she got together in the past, at the party celebrating Shi Ran’s return, this person was drunk again.

When Xiao Ba noticed Shi Ran’s snow-white face was flushed from drinking, he grabbed Shi Ran’s arm and said, “Come on, Ah Ran, we need another one.”

“Damn it, I’ve seen all the paintings you’ve posted these days.

I like it so much! How can it be so beautiful Is this the difference between humans I have to respect you, SaRah! “

Shi Ran was the protagonist of this party, and now she was a little drunk.

She habitually picked up the wine at hand and was about to drink with Xiao Ba, but she didn’t want to be held down.

The illusory light above her head was mottled in Shi Ran’s line of sight, and the thin white fingers buckled on the cup slightly raised the outline of a beautiful bone.

She didn’t even have to look up to confirm; she recognized the owner of the hand at a glance.

-Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu: “You’ve been drinking a lot.”

This person did not know when to sit here, and the loud musician’s voice made her voice unique and cold.

Shi Ran narrowed her eyes slightly, propped up the table, turned to look at Chen Ruoyu, and asked, “So what”

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s eyes and said calmly, “I’ll drink for you.”

Shi Ran drank a little, and her reason wandered back and forth on the edge of laxity.

She still remembered the picture of Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan in the same frame in the morning, and she never let go of the cup that was held by Chen Ruoyu.

Those slender fingers gently traced the edge of the cup, and the dark red blurred the user’s lip print on it.

Shi Ran smiled, and her fox-like eyes lifted upwards: “Ah Yu wants to drink for me, or does she want to kiss me indirectly”

Shi Ran’s voice was not too loud, but it fell into Chen Ruoyu’s ears clearly.

The smell of alcohol made people’s breath hot.

Chen Ruoyu saw ten thousand amorous feelings in Shi Ran’s eyes, and even she seemed to be a little drunk.

Shi Ran took her cup from Chen Ruoyu’s hand, clinked the cup with Xiao Ba neatly, and drank it all.

The long hair that was loosely draped over her shoulders fell on her back, and her raised neck was white with a hint of temptation written on it.

She leaned on the table like this.

Her raised eyes were even more crooked than before.

She said to Chen Ruoyu, with a slight smile, “No way.”

The newly stained wine stains hung on the lips, reflecting the light crystal clear, burning in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes.

It was only then that Chen Ruoyu discovered she had not seen this person for only half a month, but she thought of her far more than in the past seven years.

It’s like she’s deliberately pranking Chen Ruoyu, and it’s like she’s thrilled and presumptuous about everyone’s special celebration for her.

Shi Ran just drank cup after cup with Xiao Ba and the others, and at the end of the drink, she got drunk.

In the early morning of the S-City, there was no longer the harsh spring chill, and the warm wind from the summer was still immersed in the wine.

After the party was over, everyone was discussing how to send the drunk person home to Zhibai Zhang.

Shi Ran stood up first and said, “You guys discuss it slowly; I’ll just go back by myself.”

Big Xiong looked at Shi Ran and couldn’t stand still, so she hurriedly said, “How can this work” You’re all drunk.

How can we be at ease when you go back alone “

“I’m not drunk.” Shi Ran waved her hands in denial, clutched her pocket, looked at the surrounding people naively and vigilantly, and said, “That’s my house.

None of you can go there!”

Shi Ran’s disapproving attitude was obvious, and a few people who were still sober were in trouble.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t know she came over from there, stood beside Shi Ran, supported her body with one hand, and said, “Then I’ll take you off, okay”

The summer wind was gentle, but this person’s voice had a hint of coolness.

Shi Ran’s drinking eyes looked in the voice’s direction and reluctantly recognized, “You are… Chen Ruoyu.”

Chen Ruoyu did not answer, but accompanied Shi Ran childishly, nodded, and said, “It’s me.”

Then she repeated, “So, was it okay”

When the words fell, Shi Ran didn’t answer, but just leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s body like a fool, staring at this man with burning eyes.

No one knew what Shi Ran was looking at, and no one knew what she saw on Chen Ruoyu’s face, but after a while, she put her hand into the pocket she had been protecting.

The key that hung the little fox was slapped into Chen Ruoyu’s hand; the little fox’s sharp ears poked into her palm, and the dull pain felt like her master.

The wind blew softly from one side, and Shi Ran’s hand on Chen Ruoyu still didn’t let go.

She looked at the person in front of her, leaned to her ear, and in the next second, Chen Ruoyu’s heart skipped a beat.

Shi Ran: “You may not lose it this time.”


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