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Chapter 78 – The tongue went out with a silvery moonlight depression.

The night wind wrinkled the calm lake surface of the roadside decorative pool, and the ripples reflected the waves of the street lamps above.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t know if Shi Ran’s words had any other meaning or were a simple and unintentional exhortation, but the wine-like breath made one’s ears warm, and a gap in her eyes, which had always been calm, also cracked.

Shi Ran finally compromised and gave up the taxi that had just stopped.

Shi Ran’s stable car seat made her relax, and she leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder after the car started.

The roadside lights flew from the car window and entered again.

Chen Ruoyu just stared at Shi Ran’s face in the blink of an eye.

The messy long hair was rubbed on the side of her face without pity, and the familiar charm and perverseness were written on her pale pink face.

Chen Ruoyu had to admit that she missed it very much.

She misses her so much.

The city at midnight was quiet and noisy, and the lights of the night market in the distance were like day.

Chen Ruoyu recognized at a glance that this was the way home she took with Shi Ran on the first day together.

Shi Ran also called her Ah Yu for the first time on the bridge in the distance.

She made herself laugh.

The beautiful memories of the past were surging, and Chen Ruoyu sighed softly and uncontrollably.

The long hair hanging in front of Shi Ran was blown, and it seemed to scratch her cheek.

At the last crossroads leading to Shi Ran’s house, the taxis, which were running unimpeded with a green light, stopped at a traffic light that turned red for a while.

Maybe the hair has just now made Shi Ran a little more conscious.

She opened her eyes in a daze, and like Chen Ruoyu, she saw the bridge not far away.

Shi Ran was still drunk, watching the car stop and raising her hand to open the door.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were quick, and she stopped her: “What are you doing”

“I want to get off.” Shi Ran replied.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t know what Shi Ran was thinking.

She only looked at her frowning face and asked nervously, “What are you doing out of the car Do you feel like vomiting “

Shi Ran shook her head like a rattle, pointed at the bridge outside the window, and said, “Bridge, I want to go back through that bridge.”

“You can walk home only by crossing that bridge.”

Shi Ran said seriously, and Chen Ruoyu’s eyes also became more complicated from a single nervousness.

She knew that the drunk Shi Ran was arrogant and easily exposed her emotions, and she understood what she was thinking now, so she said to the driver in front, “Master, please step aside and put us down later.”

The driver was a little worried: “Little girl, it’s dark today.

Are you two little girls a little unsafe”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head, “Our home is nearby; it doesn’t matter.”

Hearing this, the driver glanced at Shi Ran, who was leaning on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder and was mumbling about crossing the bridge, and nodded: “If you don’t get off the bus, this little girl will not give up.

Girl, wait a minute.

Pay attention to the safety of the two of you when you get off the bus.

If you can’t get her by yourself later, you can call me and my aunt is always on call.

The driver took out her business card from the car box, and Chen Ruoyu felt a little warm in her heart.

She took the card and nodded slightly to the man: “Excuse me.”

After crossing the intersection, Chen Ruoyu took Shi Ran out of the car.

The taxi driver gradually disappeared into the darkness while driving.

Chen Ruoyu supported Shi Ran’s arm and asked softly, “Are you satisfied”

The night wind blew across the water, dissipating the warmth of early summer.

Shi Ran fluttered the messy hair floating in front of her, turned her face, and smiled at Chen Ruoyu.

She didn’t answer or nod her head, but just lowered the hand that was held by Chen Ruoyu and held it with her.

Chen Ruoyu just let Shi Ran hold it, and walked step by step towards the apartment building with thousands of lights in the distance.

Tonight was fifteen, and the moon was glowing in the sky, making the stars dim.

Shi Ran looked at the moon, halted, turned to look at Chen Ruoyu beside her, and said, “Why do you keep cats with others”

Her voice was a little vague, and the wind didn’t sound very real.

Chen Ruoyu was stunned for a moment.

How are you ..”

However, Shi Ran didn’t give Chen Ruoyu a chance to defend herself, and then asked, “Why are you still so nice to others”

The alcoholic and treacherous thief stole all the things that imprisoned her in her heart and uncontrollably asked Chen Ruoyu one by one: “Why do people know you so well and know you well, but I know more and more about you.”

“Why do people think that you have something to do with her What has your relationship with her been in the past seven years: a lover, a lover, or a lover who loves each other”

Chen Ruoyu knew that the person Shi Ran was referring to was Shen Yan and that Shi Ran was concerned about her relationship with Shen Yan.

She gripped Shi Ran’s hand for a few minutes.

She was about to answer “Neither”, but was directly pulled forward by a force.

The drunk Shi Ran was arrogant, grabbing Chen Ruoyu’s hand and pulling her into her arms at once.

Those drunken eyes just stared straight at Chen Ruoyu’s enlarged face, with surprise written in her line of sight, and asked, “I ask you, are we two alike”

Chen Ruoyu doesn’t like violence.

She felt that such behavior was rude and even had no effect on her.

But today she was violently pulled by Shi Ran, but she felt a little like it.

The sudden closeness made Chen Ruoyu’s heartbeat uncontrollable.

She saw Shi Ran’s face was written with savagery and rebelliousness.

Most of what was written was the unwillingness to be revealed.

This sly fox was always like this, hiding her truest thoughts in the eyes that could deceive everyone.

The more she cares, the less she expresses it.

When you get drunk or drink too much, your brain can no longer control your mouth, and all the concerns in your heart will come out.

This was the last time my room was soaked in water.

This time, she recalls Shen Yan’s existence as well.

Chen Ruoyu calmed down a bit after thinking about it, looked at Shi Ran’s eyes, and answered seriously, “It’s not like that.”

But Shi Ran didn’t seem to hear it, clenched Chen Ruoyu’s hand tightly, the savageness in her eyes never faded, and warned: “I tell you, Shi Ran is Shi Ran, not a substitute for anyone.” If you want to follow your father’s way, unless you wait for that person to die.

Even if she dies, I don’t want to! “

If you say pause, pause, and if you say restart, start over.

That’s not possible.

Coax me again.

If you can’t coax me, I won’t go back with you! “

Shi Ran was a little aggrieved.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was “forcibly” chosen to send her today, and asked, “Do you want to start over with me I’ve been gone for half a month, and you haven’t come to see me once.

I’m back.

Did it delay the two of you in love Am I in the way Did I disturb the two of you on a date tonight “

Not minding, but minding very much.

Chen Ruoyu shook her head and said seriously, “Nothing.”

Even when the words fell, she raised her hand that was hanging aside, and as a staunch atheist, she talked about the gods of the West: “I swear to God.”

Shi Ran had already said that she had no ability to distinguish Chen Ruoyu’s words at all, and that drinking alcohol deprived her of her right to think.

When she heard Chen Ruoyu say this, she felt grievances in her heart, and her eyebrows twitched into eight characters: “Then why don’t you come to me”

Shi Ran shook Chen Ruoyu’s hand and mumbled, “I’ve always been here.”

Shi Ran was suspicious.

Chen Ruoyu looked at her and asked, “Then do you miss me”

When Shi Ran heard the words, she responded quickly and denied: “It’s only a fool who misses you.”

Yes, only a fool would be awkward with herself.

As if realizing that she was the fool, Shi Ran’s eyes suddenly turned red.

She stared straight at the person in front of her and said to her angrily and irritably, “Liar.”

The voice fell, and before Chen Ruoyu could react, she felt her neck being pressed, and then her lips were covered with a softness.

and stomach pain.

Shi Ran bit Chen Ruoyu’s mouth mercilessly.

like a disobedient kitten.

A faint smell of blood permeated from Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, and the small place Shi Ran bit into exuded pain that could not be ignored.

She frowned in pain, but there was no sullen expression on her face.

She only asked in a soft tone, “Have you relieved your anger”

She was so soft that she didn’t seem like she was going to pay the price if she was offended.

Shi Ran wanted to say “no,” but she just stared at Chen Ruoyu standing in front of her.

The wind was blowing slowly from behind her, and the wine made the atmosphere between the two of them too ambiguous.

The bloodstain on Chen Ruoyu’s lips was like a lonely plum blossoming in the snow.

The battle damage was fascinating.

I missed this guy.

I miss her kisses.

Shi Ran’s brain was incapable of thinking, and her brain, which had long since escaped without a shadow, couldn’t restrain her.

It was as if some longing was roaring out from the depths of her heart, clamoring for her to lean forward with an out-of-control electric current.

I’m going to kiss her.

The drink poured into Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, and Shi Ran finally kissed it.

This kiss of hers was not so gentle.

Her slender hands pierced through the long hair on Chen Ruoyu’s neck, controlling her not to retreat, attacking the city and aggravating her breathing.

The warm wind and the open environment constantly stimulated Chen Ruoyu’s brain.

Every car whizzing past made her nervous, but it also made her feel an indescribable excitement.

The moonlit night was silent, and the tongue went out with a silvery moonlight depression.

Chen Ruoyu’s string called “restraint” blew away, and her heart beat faster than the wind was blowing.

She was coerced by Shi Ran like this, voluntarily dropped the line of defense, and unconsciously accepted and responded.

The next day, the vibration of the alarm clock rang in the room like a hammer drill through the head.

There was a rustling noise in the quiet house, and Shi Ran sat up abruptly from the bed on the second floor, her hair disheveled.

This was the second time she’d had a drink.

Shi Ran didn’t know how she got back last night; her head hurt terribly, and her mouth hurt for no reason.

Did you eat an iron rod last night

Shi Ran was at a loss, glanced at the time on her phone, and didn’t even bother to explore what she did last night.

She suddenly found out that this alarm clock was an alarm clock that told her she should go out.

She now has only half an hour left to lose her full attendance this month!

Wash your hands, brush your hair, and change your clothes.

Shi Ran pressed down on her frizzy hair with water.

She was about to put on some lipstick and go out for a taxi to work when she heard a knock on the door, “Dangdang.”

Shi Ran’s mentality exploded.

She was going to be late.

Why would anyone come to find her in the morning

Could it be that the alarm clock was too loud just now and the new neighbor next door was noisy

Shi Ran was full of questions, stepped on her slippers, walked to the door, opened the door, and said, “Not good.”

The word “meaning” was still in Shi Ran’s mouth, but she was stunned for a moment.

Standing in front of her house was none other than Chen Ruoyu, with a plate of breakfast in her hand.

Shi Ran was a little sluggish: “Why are you…”

Chen Ruoyu disapproved.

With a smile on her cold face, she greeted politely: “Hello Miss Shi, let me introduce myself.

I live next door to your house now, and I am your new neighbor because you are not at home during your annual leave, so I couldn’t visit you.”

“It’s breakfast.

Need a ride”


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