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Chapter 79 – “I’m chasing you again.”

Shi Ran looked at the person standing at the door of her room and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the stupefied woman and reminded her, “I’m going to be late.”

Shi Ran is currently struggling, and the attendance award is her hope.

She politely took Chen Ruoyu’s breakfast and said politely, “Well, then I’ll trouble you.”

“No trouble.” Chen Ruoyu replied and walked into the elevator that had just arrived with Shi Ran.

Then, as if she hadn’t finished a sentence, she pressed the elevator button on the first floor and said, “I’m chasing you again.”

The voice fell, and the elevator door slowly closed in front of Shi Ran.

The warm yellow light fell between the two people standing side by side, and the reflective door reflected Chen Ruoyu’s straight and cold body.

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was not loud but calm and indifferent, as if she was not talking about love.

But any lines Shiran saw in TV dramas and movies made her heart beat out of balance.

She was such a person who was called the boss by her colleagues in the studio and called a goddess by her high school classmates.

Shi Ran never thought she would say such a thing just now.

This was the first time that Shi Ran felt helpless.

Her heart skipped a beat, and the hand holding the breakfast bag tightened again and again.

For a moment, she picked up the bun in her hand and took a big bite, filling her stomach with pasta, which instantly gave her some confidence and pretended to be calm and arrogant: “Oh, then you go after it.”

With the declaration made in the elevator just now, the car was quiet all the way.

Shi Ran’s heart was full of twists and turns, like a lost deer, jumping back and forth in her heart with no rules.

The morning light this morning seemed to be more dazzling than yesterday.

It poured in through the windshield of the car, and it was so bright that the ice seemed to melt.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but glance at Chen Ruoyu secretly.

There was still not much expression on this person’s face, and the cold feeling made people feel like she was like a piece of ice.

It’s just that the light unreservedly plated her facial features with a layer of gold edge and carefully outlined her appearance, and she was beautiful even when she was cold.

The car soon came to the intersection closest to the company, and the traffic lights stopped it from moving on.

Stopping the car behind the white line, Chen Ruoyu looked ahead, lips parted slightly: “Does it look good”

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment, and withdrew her eyes without a trace, pretending to be stupid: “What”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t give her a chance to fool her, and said clearly, “You watched me all the way just now.”

Seeing that she was caught on the spot, Shi Ran was a little embarrassed, like a fox with only fried fur, and asked incessantly, “No way”

“Of course, you can.” Chen Ruoyu’s voice was still flat, and the seriousness made these words ambiguous.

Shi Ran snorted softly, squinted at Chen Ruoyu, and asked, “Is it only me, or other sisters”

There is no need to scrutinize these words, but Shi Ran’s voice is sour.

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she turned her head to look at Shi Ran.

Her dark pupils reflected heavy eyes as if she had something to say, but unfortunately, the red light in the distance turned green.

The car started up again, and Chen Ruoyu resumed her original look of staring straight ahead.

Shi Ran was a little disappointed and slandered in her heart: this green light was Chen Ruoyu’s suitable partner, and she easily escaped her problems.

Just when Shi Ran felt awkward again in her heart, Chen Ruoyu’s voice rang in her ear.

That crisp voice was like a rare breeze in summer, passing through her eardrums, causing ripples in her heart.

“Only you.”

The lost deer plunged into the water, and the gentle lake water seemed to drown people in it.

Shi Ran’s heartbeat was thumping, and her eyes blinked unnaturally several times under the light.

Shi Ran felt that what Chen Ruoyu had given her seemed to be truly unique.

But she still didn’t dare to touch it, resisting the temptation that this box exuded to herself, pretending to be calm.

“Oh,” looking at the approaching office, said: “That…you still leave me at the old place.” Enough.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s reaction and nodded, “Okay.”

She knew she couldn’t be in a hurry.

The closer you get to the last time to clock in, the more people wait in the elevator.

Shi Ran came out of the crowded elevator, stuck at the clock-in time until the last minute, and clocked in, with pride written on her face turned upside down.

Shi Rang sighed in relief, but when she looked up, she saw Shen Yan, who had nothing to do with her, standing near her workstation.

Her expression was vaguely unfriendly, and she walked towards her position with her head held high, but she noticed that Xu Mengtian’s mood seemed a little off.

Shi Ran wondered, “What’s wrong”

Xu Mengtian threw herself into Shi Ran’s arms as soon as she made a sound, sobbing, and saying, “Sister Shi Ran, can you tell my sister that I don’t want to go abroad, I don’t want to leave you”

Shi Ran was even more confused.

Xiao Ba didn’t know where to go, and only Shen Yan could answer her doubts.

She bit her head and asked Shen Yan, “Miss Shen, what’s going on”

Shen Yan: “Dad wants Tiantian to go to the overseas branch for training.

She has the intention of handing over the overseas branch to her in the future, but she is a little unwilling now.

Shi Ran probably understood that this was trouble for the extended family, but she was also happy for Xu Mengtian in her heart.


Xu would hand over such a project to Xu Mengtian, showing that she also had high hopes for Xu Mengtian, and it was a rare opportunity.

Shi Ran persuaded: “Why not You can make a lot of money, sweetie.

Don’t you fantasize about the day you can become a person like Director Chen How can you grow if you don’t go out to experience it “

Xu Mengtian frowned and said bluntly, “But there is no sister Shi Ran abroad!”

Shi Ran had a hunch about Xu Mengtian’s answer and added, “But there will be better people abroad than me.”

Xu Mengtian said otherwise, “I think you are the best.”

However, Shi Ran shook her head, and it was hard to bear her temper: “But I don’t even count ‘good’ for you.”

Xu Mengtian didn’t understand Shi Ran’s words and looked at Shi Ran with a pair of innocent almond eyes filled with tears.

Shi Ran continued, “There are many good people in the world, but not all the people you think are good are suitable for you.

Everyone is a unique piece of the puzzle, and you can only complete it if you find the piece that suits you, isn’t it

When Xu Mengtian heard Shi Ran’s words, she was still a little unwilling, sobbing and saying, “But, but…”

It’s just that she’s been “but” for a long time but still can’t find a reason to refute Shi Ran’s words.

Sweet, you may think that I am very good here, and you may admire me a little because of my style of painting, but if you go abroad and see other moons, you will think I am a star.

It’s not that impressive.

Xu Mengtian blinked her tearful eyes, “Really”

Shi Ran nodded.

“Of course.

Don’t you want to find your piece of the puzzle “

Is it a question sentence or a very tempting question sentence

Xu Mengtian’s tears slowly retreated into her eyes, temporarily accepting what Shi Ran had told her.

Shi Ran looked at Xu Mengtian, who was in a better mood, rubbed her head, and the phone in her pocket rang at that moment.

The person who came with the news was Ah Jiu.

Does Ah Ran have time The coffee shop downstairs invites you to have breakfast.

Shi Ran looked at the last pure meat bun on her table and refused:  “Breakfast is waived.

She probably guessed what Ah Jiu was asking her to do, and then she called again:  “Take me a coffee; I’ll go down to find you later.

As if waiting for her to reply to the news at that moment, Ah Jiu, who has been busy for the past two days, quickly returned to Shi Ran:  “Okay.”

After comforting Xu Mengtian, Shen Yan had to go back to deal with the company’s affairs.

Just as Shi Ran stood up to go downstairs to meet Ah Jiu, she bumped into a line with Shen Yan, who was also about to leave.

The sun fell between the two of them, and Shi Ran couldn’t help but smell the perfume on Chen Yan’s body.

gentle, tougher than Zhou Yuan but not as cold as Chen Ruoyu, giving people a feeling of being distant yet intimate.

Shi Ran was a little uncomfortable.

However, Shen Yan didn’t seem to have any, so she slightly tilted her head to look at Shi Ran and said, “Thank you for this time.”

Shi Ran pursed her lips and smiled, “Mr.

Xiao Shen is very polite.

We are just thinking about Tiantian.”

“It’s not worth giving up the future of the rest of my life for someone who doesn’t belong to her.”

Hearing this, Shen Yan looked at the person who said this thoughtfully, and there seemed to be ripples in the expressionless pupils.

She seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly shifted her gaze from Shi Ran’s side face, smiled gracefully at her, and said, “I have to leave beforehand.”

Shi Ran had no intention of rubbing against Shen Yan’s private elevator and nodded slightly to her.

There was not much verbal confrontation between the two, but the looks in each other’s eyes were full of tricks.

The elevator was still coming this way, and Shi Ran just observed Shen Yan’s back from a distance.

Her elegant and powerful figure is complemented by the well-cut, high-end small suit.

The black hair behind her head is meticulous and meticulous, and the gemstones adorned with it are not a show of wealth and wealth, but complement each other.

Shi Ran looked a little jealous.

What if there were two extremely similar puzzles in the world

The rush hour has passed, and there are few people in the coffee shop.

Shi Ran opened the door and heard the quiet jazz music hovering above the store.

Ah Jiu had ordered coffee and was sitting by the window beckoning to Shi Ran.

Ah Jiu watched Shi Ran come over and introduced her, “Your favorite espresso, and I ordered a piece of black forest for you.”

Shi Ran looked at the pieces of dark chocolate on the cake and smiled, “It really is a promotion and a salary increase, and I’ve also been promoted to heaven.”

“You’re poor.” Ah Jiu said angrily, “I heard you went on annual leave before.

How is your recovery”

“Not bad.” Shi Ran said and then showed a smug smile: “Those idiots paid their due price.

I’m thrilled.”

Ah Jiu echoed, “This is in line with your style.”

After all, they were friends who had been together for over two years.

Shi Ran saw through Ah Jiu’s purpose at a glance, took a bite of the cake, and asked straight to the point: “Why are you looking for me just to catch up with the old days Don’t you use this cake, please To please me “

Ah Jiu looked at Shi Ran’s clever look that saw through everything and said, “Oops,” making no preparations: “Since you asked directly, then I will say it directly.” I want to invite you back to the crisis experiment.

Shi Ran had already guessed about Ah Jiu’s invitation and asked, “Why don’t you have enough people on your art team”

“There are enough people, but I still like your character design very much.” Ah Jiu said, “And I always feel that the design of cards is limiting your performance.” “Character design like Crisis Experiment is more suitable for you.”

Also, everyone in the crisis misses you a lot.

We have discussed the plot of the main event in the next quarter, and we are ready to regroup for the main line.

It’s the goddess’s turn.

Everyone in the original painting group has high expectations for you.

Gao, I also hope that the next skin of the goddess will be drawn by you because it involves a series of painting styles and the cycle is long, so we still hope that you can return to the crisis experiment.

What Ah Jiu said was sincere, and the idea and design were the same as what Shi Ran originally imagined during the crisis.

She knew Shi Ran very well, knew that the goddess was her original intention, and admired Shi Ran very much.

Such a talent was worth fighting with Final and Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran listened to the olive branch that Ah Jiu threw at her and said it was a lie not to be indifferent.

She put so much effort into the skin of the goddess and was even called the goddess’s mother by the players.

Even if she didn’t play, she still liked that character very much.

She thought she would be thrilled if she designed her skin again.

However, it was a difficult problem for her to return from the apostle to the crisis experiment.

Ah Jiu saw that Shi Ran was a little shaken and did not persecute her, and added: “You don’t have to worry.

You can go back and think about it.

Your salary will not be lower than that of an apostle.

After all, you came here.

This is the leader of a group, and as you know, the various configurations of the creative environment of Crisis are better than those of the apostles.

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” Shi Ran nodded.

The chocolate in the Black Forest melts in the mouth and is slightly bitter.

She seems to have a problem with fish and bear’s paws.

If Shi Ran, when she was a child, knew that one day she would be stumped by this ancient problem, she would listen to the Chinese teacher’s lecture on this text.

Shi Ran came back from getting off work in the evening by taking the bus, and she had a big problem in her heart, and she didn’t want to provoke this person who would affect her judgment.

But things didn’t work out.

Shi Ran just walked into the elevator of the apartment building, and saw Chen Ruoyu standing inside from the underground parking lot.

She wanted to turn her head and run, but she walked in under Chen Ruoyu’s calm gaze.

coward what

Shi Ran, adhering to the principle that the enemy does not move and I do not move, stood by the side of the elevator without saying a word.

The red numbers kept beating up, and the quiet scene was still broken.

Chen Ruoyu: “I heard that Ah Jiu from the crisis experiment is looking for you today.”

This person’s voice was colder than usual as if it contained some dissatisfaction.

Shi Ran didn’t expect her to know about this matter, so she frowned.

She still remembered that when she was going to the coffee shop downstairs to make an appointment with Ah Jiu, she met Shen Yan and asked, “It’s your little lover who told you” Of “

Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes and glanced at Shi Ran.

Her eyes became a little heavy under the light, and she said, “I don’t have a lover.”

When the voice fell, Shi Ran felt that the temperature in the elevator seemed to drop by one degree.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu’s expressionless profile, as usual, was reflected in the elevator’s mirror, but Shi Ran felt that her expressionless expression had a stinky face.

Shi Ran thought that Chen Ruoyu felt offended and unhappy with the words that made fun of Shen Yan just now and also became unhappy in her heart.

She slammed her hand into her pocket, turned her face away, and said dissatisfiedly, “No, no, what are you doing with me”

Just as she was talking, the elevator door opened at that moment.

Shi Ran took one step ahead of Chen Ruoyu and strode toward her own home.

Open the door and enter the house.

Shi Ran was just about to put her hand on the doorknob to bring the door over, but she felt a sudden force counterbalance her.

The door that was supposed to be controlled by her was replaced by another person, and her footsteps were also manipulated to cross the threshold.

Without knowing why, Chen Ruoyu followed Shi Ran into her house, her blue-veined hand tightly wrapped around her wrist, and she pressed her against the door that had just closed without saying a word.


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