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Chapter 8 – The warm breath circulated between the two noses that were very close to each other

The sunlight in the winter afternoon brought a bit of warmth, passing through the golden ginkgo tree trunks, and the atmosphere was vaguely ambiguous.

Shi Ran could feel Chen Ruoyu’s light and slow breathing, and the warm breath circulated between the two noses that were very close to each other.

It was the fragrance she was most familiar with.

The sudden anger came to an abrupt end, and for a moment, Shi Ran felt that the entire world was quiet.

Her alcohol-backed heartbeat jumped out of the wind, rustling the ginkgo tree trunk and amplifying infinitely in her ears.

She wanted to kiss Chen Ruoyu.

Her body was pushed by the desire amplified by alcohol, and she slowly approached Chen Ruoyu.

And Chen Ruoyu just stood there, looking down at the lips that were pursed together.

little by little…


The kiss did not fall, and a sudden suction sounded in this quiet and ambiguous space.

“What’s wrong” Chen Ruoyu asked hurriedly, looking at Shi Ran’s suddenly lowered head.

“Smoke.” Shi Ran looked at her hand in pain and felt helpless with the cigarette in her hand.

The ash from the cigarette was overwhelmed and fell vertically into the back of the owner’s hand.

She could have avoided this incident, but she suffered for nothing because of her impulsiveness just now.

Shi Ran looked at the back of her hand, and her slightly drunk eyes became clear.

What happened that night should have been unpopular and forgotten, so how could she be so excited just because she met her

Shi Ran knew she shouldn’t think so, but she almost did it just now.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to be unaware of her standing on the spot with no movement or was tacitly agreeing to her behavior.

Shi Ran shook her head abruptly, feeling that the guessing behind her was a little too outrageous.

How could Chen Ruoyu agree to her behavior

Shi Ran separated her gaze from Chen Ruoyu, who stood beside her.

The meal for the two of them took a long time, and the sky already had some traces of the setting sun.

The hazy light fell on her face, which made her cold and alienated.

“Do you need me to get ice cubes” Chen Ruoyu asked in confusion when she saw Shi Ran’s gaze at her.

“No, I’m just annoyed.” Shi Ran retracted her gaze and answered naturally.

“You shouldn’t smoke.”

After a brief episode, Chen Ruoyu drove Shi Ran towards Shi Ran’s new home.

Maybe it was luck.

The two of them didn’t encounter a few red lights along the way; Maybach walked smoothly on the main road of the city and soon arrived downstairs at Shi Ran’s new house.

Shi Ran’s new home was a combination of business and residence, and there was a large shopping mall downstairs, making life extraordinarily convenient.

Because it was a relatively high-end residence and the property was in place, after seeing a Maybach parked at the door and watching Shi Ran take out a box of things from the trunk, a few young men in suits immediately stepped forward to help.

Shi Ran watched the young men do their jobs and politely invited Chen Ruoyu to “Go up and have a glass of water.”

“No, the company still has something to do.” Chen Ruoyu politely declined.

Shi Ran exaggerated “wow” when she heard the words and said, with a somewhat playful smile, “Then are you taking time out of your busy schedule to help me”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu replied decisively, her voice exceptionally calm.

Shi Ran felt the answer was boring and pouted in dissatisfaction, “Although it is not a busy schedule, thank you today.”

As she said that, she opened the foam box that was extra protected by her and handed a round ball wrapped in white toilet paper to Chen Ruoyu: “Hey, here it is.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the little thing that felt a little tingly in her hand, and asked, “What”

“Cactus.” Shi Ran replied, “Go back and find a pot to plant and put it next to your computer.

You are a busy person who must look at the computer every day.

It’s always right to protect your eyes, right “

“That’s right.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly, looking down at the cactus in her hand.

The unchanging gaze changed unnoticed as if a little smile flashed.

Shi Ran was busily re-closing the baby foam box that she had opened but did not see this scene.

As she carried the box out, she said, “I won’t waste your time.

Chen is busy.

It’s just that Shi Ran hadn’t left when a soft call came from her side: “Shi Ran.”

Chen Ruoyu just took the cactus that Shi Ran gave her and put the barbecued pork rice packed from the restaurant on the foam box Shi Ran was holding.

Shi Ran was stunned when she saw it and was also a little surprised: “This is packed for me.

You won’t eat it”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu nodded, and put the ginkgo leaf she cut off her beard just now into Shi Ran’s hand.

“And this.”

Chen Ruoyu’s hand was stiff, and the finger pads holding the leaf pole brushed against Shi Ran’s palm, leaving a slight chill.

It was an unusual move, but Shi Ran’s heart, which was leaning against the foam box, thumped and thumped.

The ambiguity was at the door of the restaurant just now.

The two didn’t chat anymore.

Chen Ruoyu sat back in the cab and drove away.

Shi Ran just watched the Maybach merge into the sea of people and traffic, and the golden leaf in her hand was turning.

As the sun sets, darkness envelops the city again.

After Shi Ran cleaned up the house, she collapsed on the sofa, tired.

She looked at the neon lights outside the floor-to-ceiling window; the ginkgo leaves on the table reflected on the glass, and the scene of being next to Chen Ruoyu in the afternoon came to her mind.

It was said that the wind in winter was chilling to one’s bones, but Shi Ran felt a warm current when she thought about it.

Chen Ruoyu just stood under the ginkgo tree.

Every beam of light seemed just right.

Shi Ran has a skill that she didn’t know whether to count as a talent or an occupational disease.

She could remember any picture that she thought was beautiful, even if it flashed by.

Then, when she was alone, she used my eyes as a pen to retouch the pictures in the memory palace one by one.

She just sat on the sofa like this, sketching Chen Ruoyu’s face lazily and carefully.

First, she suddenly met those cold eyes.

Her thick and delicate eyelashes dropped slightly, hiding emotions that no one could see clearly, and when her left eyelid was closed, there was a small mole that was difficult to detect.

Have a mole

Shi Ran paused, and her fox-like eyes narrowed slightly.

She was a little surprised by the sudden appearance of her own, but there was nowhere to confirm it.

She didn’t accompany Chen Ruoyu day and night, not even for familiarity.

But why did she suddenly think of a mole hidden under her eyelid And it’s accurate to the left.

Shi Ran leaned on the armrest of the sofa, a little distressed, and the curly hair of the shawl fell from the top of her head, covering most of her face.

It was also that the phone she placed on the table vibrated, and the words “Shi Yu” were beating wildly on the screen.

Shi Ran looked at the source of all evil today and left her for a long time until she guessed that the phone was about to be automatically disconnected by the system, and then she picked it up, and he was not happy when she picked it up: “Yo, were you busy Shi Is my sister dead or alive “

Shi Yu scratched her newly permed wool roll over there and said: “Oh, sister, don’t be angry.

I suddenly received a reply from Teacher Xiao this morning, so I had no choice but to dove you.

This is not my name.

Let Sister Ruoyu help you.

She is much more stable than I am.”

“Hmph.” Shi Ran listened with a sneer.


Chi, is more important than your old sister and me”

“It’s not the same.

I just returned to China, and I haven’t opened my social circle yet.

Of course, I have to seize every opportunity.

Besides, I haven’t delayed your move today.

I don’t want that meal.

No, I’ll ask you.

When are you free I’ll be there on call, okay” Shi Yu begged for mercy with a smile.

As expected of Shi Ran’s younger brother, her words of mercy were so heartfelt.

Shi Ran just now felt a lot better with her resentment, but she continued to maintain the majesty of her eldest sister and inquired: “Then tell me, you haven’t opened your social circle.

How did you meet Chen Ruoyu After making it clear, I can consider forgiving you.”

“Damn, Sister Ruoyu.” Shi Yu’s voice instantly relaxed.

“Sister Ruoyu and I have known each other for a long time.

I go to a university with her.

She helped me a lot as a volunteer in the language class.

It was also because of her help that I was able to adapt to life there so quickly.

It looks weird, but it’s not bad.

I ask her questions and she answers me.

She is super nice.

When Shi Ran heard Shi Yu’s explanation, she frowned and asked thoughtfully, “Why is she being so nice Is there something wrong with the two of you “

“What’s the matter How many women dare to chase after a woman like Sister Ruoyu I just watched from a distance and treated her as an older sister.

” Shi Yu added, “Of course, she has a strong desire to survive.

It’s your sister in line behind you.

Shi Ran’s mood improved instantly, and she said with a smile, “You have a conscience.”

Then she looked at the ginkgo leaves on the table and asked, “Then do you know why she went abroad to study”

“Why Isn’t it just for those reasons like, gilding, exercise, and living and developing abroad in the future.

” Shi Yu took it for granted, as if he remembered something different, and said: “But I heard that Sister Ruoyu’s family doesn’t seem to support her going abroad that much.

Her father is a master of fine brushwork painting.

It is said that he is very good at painting flowers and birds.

One painting can top the income of Lao Chen’s company for an entire year.

Her family seems to be very good.

The master of fine brushwork and the uncle and aunt are also very good.

Shi Ran couldn’t help sitting up after hearing this.

She came not for the traditional Chinese painting but because of Song Yi.

She took four years of meticulous painting as an elective in college, and she also painted many works that were praised by the teachers.

Song Yi’s current tutor, Chen Yuanshan, taught them.

Chen Yuanshan, Chen Ruoyu…

Song Yi also said that the two of them grew up together.

“In that case, her family should also train her according to meticulous brushwork.

How could she be allowed to study business abroad ” Shi Ran thought to herself and said it to Shi Yu.

Shi Yu shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that.

It seems very taboo to be asked this question by others.

I heard this news from Senior Sister Chen Yan accidentally.”

“I miss you too.” Shi Ran sighed after hearing this and immediately expressed her disgust for Shi Yu.

“Che, at least I know something, but you don’t seem to know anything.” Shi Yu countered.

Shi Ran disdained quarreling with Shi Yu.

She turned over and took the ginkgo leaf on the table, and said, “I will know about your sister, eventually.”

“Then I wish you success.”


The two of them spoke one by one and quickly ended the conversation.

She originally thought to ask Shi Yu for a secret answer, but it turned out to be foggy in exchange.

Shi Ran couldn’t understand, so she simply lay on the sofa and browsed the circle of friends, thinking about changing her mind.

When she opened it, she saw that Chen Ruoyu, who was lying on the list, had posted an unprecedented circle of friends.

or job postings.

[Looking for the entrance to another world-Final studio recruitment]

Shi Ran remembered that Chen Ruoyu said she wanted to go back to the company for a meeting after sending herself home, and thought that was mostly because of this.

After all, it was a team brought from abroad, and it still needed to replenish its blood when it was stationed in the country.

Shi Ran was a little curious and clicked on the link posted by Chen Ruoyu in the new studio beside her.

There was not a sizable gap in the studio, and there was no need to recruit new people for important core positions.

Apart from copywriting and planning, Shi Ran also noticed that the word original painting of the character was written in the art group at the back.

Her current position in the crisis experiment was the original character painting.

She was very familiar with this job.

She also meets all the conditions listed in the recruitment, but there was only one that made her very puzzled.

Those with similar work experience are preferred… Recruit one person.

Others do not have this condition, just like a pit dug for a radish.

In fact, according to the new studio composition, it was the most convenient and fast to transfer people directly from the business department, but she didn’t know why Chen Ruoyu did not directly transfer people from the crisis experiment but recruited them.

Maybe the boss had a big boss’s consideration.

If she were me, seeing the Sun Shiren brothers and sisters, she wouldn’t even have the idea of letting them down.

But since recruitment was open, you could try it as an editor, right

Shi Ran looked at the words “original character painting” on the screen and said that it was false to be unmoved.

In this way, the new studio with its semi-finished project does not have to worry about the project being blocked in the middle of the development, and the hard work is wasted.

It was a paradise for original paintings.

But if the crisis experiment was no longer there, should we continue to do the original painting

Shi Ran had an unknown Weibo account with millions of followers, and a business card could be sold for four or five figures.

Speaking of which, if you had more contact points, you could live a life, and your life may be freer than now, but you would meet more people who didn’t speak human words.

Shi Ran thought about it, hesitantly withdrew from this recruitment that was suitable for her, and thought about visiting the circle of friends again and continuing to change her mind.

She didn’t know why Shi Ran had never felt that the circle of friends was as boring as it was today.

It only took her less than ten minutes to read all the things that happened to the people she knew and didn’t know today.

After that, the finger that kept sliding stopped on Chen Ruoyu’s job posting again.

The minute hand turned slowly on the wall.

Shi Ran looked at the iPad on her lap and still submitted her resume.

Although she was not necessarily the radishes, she could not be hanged on a tree either.

Shi Ran put down the iPad in her hand and went to the kitchen by the door to wash an apple and eat it.

I was just waiting for her to come back with the washed apple, only to see the breathing light of the mobile phone with the screen off flashing.

Chen Ruoyu: Come to my office for lunch tomorrow at 12 o’clock.


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