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Chapter 80 – What if I said I needed you to stay more than anyone else

The room was dark, and the light projected from the window barely drew the silhouettes of two people standing at the door.

Shi Ran was wrapped around a pair of wrists by Chen Ruoyu with one hand, and she was full of absolute possession and pressed against the door.

What followed was an ardent kiss.

Holding the fragrance of this person, she pressed Shi Ran’s lips like a rainstorm and a gust of wind, and pried her teeth open without giving her any preparation.

Shi Ran’s soft and moist tongue provokes Shi Ran’s nerves, and her nerves tremble with too much shock.

She could feel the anxiety full of Chen Ruoyu’s kiss pushing her shoulders, barely struggling to ask, in the interval of breathing, “Chen Ruoyu… Do you know what you are doing”

Chen Ruoyu half-dropped her eyes.

Her heavy pupils stared at the person who was in her arms for a second.

At this moment, time seemed to become dull, but Chen Ruoyu’s fluctuating breath could not be calmed down.

She clasped Shi Ran’s wrist like this, and her voice trembled with some waking up: “What if I said I didn’t want you to leave What if I said I needed you to stay more than anyone else”

There was no eye contact, just a sentence, but Shi Ran felt her heart beating violently in this quiet environment.

With her already shaky rationale, she made a sound of impending collapse.


The sound of the phone vibrating suddenly came from the quiet environment.

It was Chen Ruoyu’s phone.

It’s just that this person seems to have not heard it, still holding Shi Ran on how the phone vibrates to remind her.

In the end, Shi Ran held her heart beating indiscriminately, curled her fingers around Chen Ruoyu’s shirt, and reminded her, as if changing the topic, “Chen, Chen Ruoyu.

If you don’t answer the phone, they will hang up.”

Maybe the reminder to look at the phone was sent by Shi Ran, and Chen Ruoyu was finally willing to pay attention to the beating phone.

The caller ID was Mr.

Xu’s phone number.

Chen Ruoyu regretted listening to Shi Ran’s words to see the call, but had no choice but to let go of Shi Ran’s hand and go out to answer the phone.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu stopped halfway through going out.

The corridor outside was bright, the door was opened with a gap, and the golden light that fell out illuminated most of the man’s body.

She looked back at the man standing at the entrance and said, in a positive and serious tone, “Shi Ran, what I said is true.”

The room was pitch-dark, hiding a person’s reaction deeply.

Shi Ran didn’t respond to Chen Ruoyu for a long time, and the light in her eyes quickly disappeared with the sound of the door closing.

It was dark all around her, and the breath that Chen Ruoyu had just pressed to her ear was like a shining beacon in the vast sea.

Shi Ran’s figure was reflected in the window glass.

She raised her hand like this, her slender fingers skipping the lips that the man had just kissed.

missing and bewildered.

The phone was opened by Shi Ran’s ghost, and the photo album showed the photo of her and Chen Ruoyu by the bridge.

Even after so long, she still misses that night, and misses her carrying herself in the dark world.

Like two lonely travelers who can only rely on each other.

Shi Ran thought about it, and the vision in her pupils became blurred.

She looked at the thousands of neon lights outside like this, and her scattered vision divided the light spots into small hexagonal squares, one after another, and spliced them into a series of stacked light blocks under the adhesive of the night.

Is the piece of the puzzle that fits this person really you

The weather was not bad over the weekend, and there were relatively fewer people in the hospital after the peak flu season.

The smoky purple dress was swayed by the wind.

The light fabric swept across the owner’s bare calf like the wings of a butterfly, and the long, straight hair poured down like a waterfall, sweeping across the smoky purple ocean, just looking at the back.

It makes people feel elegant and intellectual.

Shi Yu was still leaning on the pillow and holding the tablet to watch, and the door was pushed open from the outside.

Shi Ran walked in from the door, and Shi Yu felt she looked different today, so she frowned and said, “Sister, are you going to change your style”

Shi Ran pulled up her skirt and sat on the chair, and she said, “Why, can’t you”

Shi Yu was still more accustomed to the style of Shi Ran’s statement and smiled: “It’s not impossible, it just doesn’t feel like your style, and I’m not used to it.”

Shi Ran gave a “cut” and said, “Why don’t you recognize your sister and me after you change your clothes So isn’t your love for your sister and me too superficial”

“That’s right, look at how good-looking your sister is.” “That’s right, look at how good-looking your sister is.” Shi Ran, who was sitting beside her, nodded in agreement, and handed Shi Ran the apple she had just cut for Shi Yu, “Of course, eat the apple.”

Shi Ran was still a little unaccustomed to the kindness of Shi’s mother towards her.

She took the apple and said indifferently, “Thank you, Mom.”

Mother Shi pursed her lips and smiled.

The distance between them still takes time to get familiar with.

However, compared to the motherly love in Shi Ran’s exploration and exploration, Shi’s mother is much more comfortable and skilled with Shi Yu.

She watched Shi Yu pick up the tablet again and said, “Did Dr.

Wang warn you, fewer points” Heart, cultivate well.

Why do you look at these things again”

“Mom, I’m fine.

If you let me just lie here, I’m going to grow grass.” Shi Yu refused to obey, so she cast a look of help at Shi Ran.

Shi Ran also knew Shi Yu’s temperament, so she helped her and said, “It’s okay, mom, just let Shi Yu see it, or she won’t live in peace.” She can’t leave all the company’s affairs to Song Lan.

You let her do everything.

If she doesn’t do it, it will make her unable to rest properly.

Although Shi’s mother still did not want Shi Yu to be a little tired, she still agreed to Shi Ran’s persuasion.

The knife peeled the apple in circles, and Mother Shi said, “But you can’t stay up late at night.

Doctor Wang found out that you feel good.

“Understood” Shi Yu said in a low voice, with some reverence for Doctor Wang in her eyes.

Shi Ran heard the words and asked curiously, “Mom, does Dr.

Wang come here often”

Mother Shi nodded: “Yes, this Doctor Wang is worthy of being a famous doctor in the world, but she is more responsible than those other doctors.

Xiao Yu has come to us a lot for this operation.

Shi Ran thought it was strange.

A doctor of this level should not be busy every day.

How could she come to see Shi Yu in the ward every day Shi Yu’s luck is really so good

She nodded in agreement with Mother Shi: “That’s really rare.”

Then she said: “When Xiao Yu’s list comes out, I’ll go to Dr.

Wang and ask about Xiao Yu’s condition, by the way.”

The matter is left to Shi Ran, and Shi’s mother is also relieved.

She thought a little, then just nodded and said yes.


Wang’s office is on the third floor, so it can be considered a peace amid the commotion by isolating the people coming and going downstairs.

Various examinations showed that Shi Yu was recovering well.


Wang told Shi Ran to observe Shi Yu for another week before she could be discharged from the hospital.

It’s pretty good news.

“I’m really bothering you this time, and I’m bothering you to run by my brother’s side every day.” Shi Ran said.

“No trouble.” Dr.

Wang said politely, and then changed the conversation again, saying: “And if Miss Shi wants to thank you, thank Miss Chen.

She gave little thought to your brother this time.

If this child hadn’t come to me after surgery, we might not have had this fate.

When Shi Ran heard the second half of Dr.

Wang’s words, it seemed as if a stone had been thrown into her heart, and ripples suddenly exploded on her calm lake.

“I thought that Miss Chen might have something to do with your family about this matter, so I kept telling myself not to talk about it.” Dr.

Wang continued, “But I think that your father’s matter has passed, and this matter has passed.

I should tell you if I can’t preach it anymore.

The doubts in the ward were answered in this sentence.

Shi Ran nodded to Dr.

Wang with an obscured look, “Yes, thank you very much for telling me about this.”


Wang: “You’re welcome.

Shi Yu still needs to notify me in time if there is any problem, so there is no psychological burden.”

It was said that there should be no psychological burden, but Shi Ran let out a long sigh when she came out of Dr.

Wang’s office.

She quickly accepted that Shi Yu’s escape this time was because of Chen Ruoyu’s relationship, but suddenly there was nowhere to thank her.

She didn’t know until now that what Song Lan said about Xiao Yu’s good luck was actually Chen Ruoyu.

The vending machine at the end of the corridor flashes its lights cyclically, and Shi Ran’s eyes inexplicably fall on the row of milk diagonally ahead.

The black and white cow cans reminded her of home, and the warmth of winter flowed through her fingertips, so she scanned the code to purchase a can.

The milk fell from the rear shelf into the outlet, making a muffled “bang”.

Just as Shi Ran bent over to get it, she noticed that a shadow fell on her.

The familiar fragrance smelled better than the disinfectant in the hospital.

Shi Ran didn’t have to look up to know that this person was Chen Ruoyu.

She was a little surprised, and when she looked up, she met Chen Ruoyu’s gaze as well.

The light skirt floated between the two, brushing Shi Ran’s calf against Chen Ruoyu’s leg.

She looked at Shi Ran’s outfit like this, and her eyes flashed with an unexplained emotion, and she said, “What a coincidence.”

Shi Ran took the milk out of the outlet and said indifferently, “I should say this.”

“Why are you here It doesn’t look like you’re sick, it’s you… “

Just before Shi Ran could speak the thorny words again, Chen Ruoyu interrupted, “Song Yi.”

Hearing this name, the expression on Shi Ran’s face became a little playful: “When did you two get along so well”

“She failed to commit suicide by cutting her wrists.

She is recuperating in the hospital.

” Chen Ruoyu spoke succinctly.

Shi Ran was taken aback: “How could this be”

The outlet remembered a “bang.” Chen Ruoyu bent down and took out the hot milk that had just fallen out, but her voice was not disturbed by this action at all: “Maybe she realizes she has no talent and can’t think about it.”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was calm and indifferent, but the sarcasm was extraordinarily obvious.

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows and said, “That’s rare.”

The place at the end of the corridor is not crowded, and the sun is shining through the windows on one side.

The two people stood together holding milk like this, and the juxtaposed shadows were projected on the white wall on one side.

The picture looked like rare warmth.

Shi Ran hesitated for a while, looked at the person standing beside her, and said, “Well, thank you for Xiao Yu.”

Chen Ruoyu understood that Shi Ran knew what she had done for her before, but her face changed a little.

She just replied calmly: “It’s nothing, it’s a big help.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised by Chen Ruoyu’s answer and felt that this sentence was quite in line with her personality, so she gave a perverse smile from her nose, turned her head to look at her, and said, “You don’t want to beg me for anything.

Is it any good “

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes to look at Shi Ran.

The light cast a hazy color on her cold eyes, and the dark green shirt was like the surging ripples on the seabed, which made her have an unfathomable yet gentle and gentle feeling.

Without waiting for Shi Ran’s reaction, Chen Ruoyu took her hand and said, “Let’s go then.”

Shi Ran’s heart skipped a beat, and she looked at the man for unknown reasons: “What are you doing”

Chen Ruoyu did not explain, but said, “You will know when you arrive.”

Shi Ran was extremely puzzled, but she followed this person downstairs and got into her car.

The sun gradually rose above the dome, and the scorching sunlight fell on the store’s door plate.

The four characters in “Vet Hospital” were obvious.

Shi Ran still remembered the cat that Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan raised together, and they were a little conflicted about this place: “Why did you bring me here”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word, and took Shi Ran to push the door in.

The nurse who was standing in the room saw Chen Ruoyu and greeted her with a smile: “Miss Chen, you are here.

Nancy has been recovering well in the past two days and can be discharged today.

Chen Ruoyu nodded slightly, “Excuse me.

I’m here to take her home today.

Miss Nurse nodded when she heard the words, “Then come with me.”

“Nancy, look who’s coming.”

I don’t know if I heard Miss Nurse’s call or smelled the owner’s scent, but an orange cat stood up from the cage.

Shi Ran followed behind, looking at the cat from a distance, and felt a little unfamiliar.

Chen Ruoyu turned around and noticed the distress in Shi Ran’s eyes, so she walked out of the way and said to her, “You can try it by calling it.”

Shi Ran seemed to realize something, and there seemed to be a flow of surprise in her eyes looking at Chen Ruoyu.

She stood half-squatting in front of the cat’s cage, but she didn’t shout “Nancy”: “Bean paste”

Shi Ran’s voice was not very loud, and she was full of doubt.

But it was this sound that received a response from the cat inside.

“Meow,” it called out softly, and the emerald green eyes reflected Shi Ran’s appearance when she was young.


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