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Chapter 81 – “Is this a bribe”

In the late autumn of S City, the heat of midsummer was gone, and the sports school uniform jacket she wore was tied to Shi Ran’s waist.

There is an old lady who sells bean paste in the snack street close to the school.

The bean paste buns are delicate.

Shi Ran is a frequent visitor there.

She often buys a large portion and eats it while walking.

On this day, she still bought a large bag of bean paste from the old concubine and ate it while walking.

The bean paste bag just taken out of the cage was still steaming, and the delicate bean paste melted in your mouth.

It’s just that before Shi Ran could taste the next one, an external force suddenly pulled the bag containing the bean paste on her wrist.

Before she could react, the bag on her wrist was thrown away by something flashing.

That is bean paste.

Shi Ran was furious.

For a foodie, the hatred for food is undeniable.

She looked at the bushes that were shuddering from being hit by the little thing and ran after it.

In the end, Shi Ran finally found her bean paste bag deep in a flower bed.

And the thief who stole her bean paste bag.

The bean paste was dirty, and the little face was like a roll in the mud.

The palm-sized body was buried in a bean paste bag and devoured, meowing non-stop.

Shi Ran stood aside and watched, only to think that this kitten with a little orange had bad eating etiquette.

Maybe looking at it pitiful, she didn’t step up to scold it, just stood behind it like she was watching something interesting.

It was just this attention that made Shi Ran notice that there was a female cat lying beside it.

Logically speaking, this kind of cat should be very vigilant against humans, and it will not let its children go out to find food, and after finding it, it will lie down without eating a bite.

Shi Ran had an awful premonition in her heart, and when she walked over, she saw white foam on the mouth of the female cat.

They poisoned it to death!

This is the second time Shi Ran has experienced the passing of life.

The first time was a month ago in the morning.

Shi Ran went to the bed to ask the little old lady to have breakfast with her, but the old lady who always scolded Shi Ran never spoke a word to Shi Ran again.

She’s gone, better than this cat, dying of old age.

But Shi Ran still felt sad.


A harsh cat meow came from Shi Ran’s ear, and before she could react, there were two more scratches on the back of her hand.

Dosha was extra vigilant.

Not knowing whether to let Shi Ran touch its mother, or whether she was afraid of this sudden appearance, she rushed over and scratched her paw.

Shi Ran was in pain, and the sadness in her eyes turned into sullen anger.

She knew the kitten might protect its mother, but she also knew that the mother was dead, and she should find a hole to bury it, just like a little old lady.

Shi Ran looked at the scattered bean paste buns, reached for one, and opened the cap facing the airplane ear: “Do you still want to eat it”

The sweetness of the bean paste drifted along with the wind.

The bean paste smelled the smell that attracted it from the roadside and walked over to the bean bag that Shi Ran threw.

The next second, she bowed her head and ate.

What a bad cat who forgets Ben when she eats it.

Shi Ran thought so, stretched out her hand with two blood marks, and gently brushed the hair on Doshas’s body.

This kitten is only three or four months old.

What can I do without a mother who takes care of it

It was probably Dousha’s life experience that resonated with Shi Ran, and she had the urge to adopt this kitten.

But even she could not wait to lose her house, and she would not allow her to bring the cat back to raise it.

After thinking about it, she built a small nest for it in the wastepaper box discarded from the garbage station and hid it in the bushes and weeds.

In a lush place, she pulled a few long humulus over to make a natural barrier.

Shi Ran also remembered that old people have the habit of picking up cardboard boxes.

She thought that someone nearby would pick it up and sell it for money, so she poured out her paint box from her school bag and wrote a lot of threats with red paint on it.

Cursed cursed not only the person who took this card, but also her family.

The old man doesn’t care about herself, but she cares about her family.

At this age, they don’t want white-haired people to send black-haired people.

Shi Ran was satisfied with her design, squatted outside and rubbed the kitten’s head, rarely showing her first smile these days: “Look, you have a home too.”

The bean paste also seemed to understand it, raised the small face covered with bean paste, and said to Shi Ran: “Meow”

If you want to go back to the past, it still feels like it was just yesterday.

But seven years have passed.

Shi Ran thought she might not have recognized it if it weren’t for the particularly characteristic white hair on top of Dou Sha’s head.

“I remember it was the day of the heavy rain in the city of S.

I went to look for it, but I couldn’t find it, and even the nest with it was gone.

Shi Ran recalled, with some emotion, “I was praying it must be well-meaning people adopted it, but they never thought that it was you.”

Speaking of this, Shi Ran was a little puzzled: “Then how did you know about it I remember I was afraid that the old lady would take its nest and sell it for waste, and hide it tightly.

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she turned her head to look at Shi Ran, and the expression of Shi Ran when she was young was reflected in her heavy eyes.

There are always some behaviors that are embarrassing to export, and they are bound to be hidden in time.

“Passing by.” Chen Ruoyu spoke softly, as if it were just a passing conversation.

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows, “That’s quite a coincidence.”

Chen Ruoyu did not continue this question, but told the story later: “I took it out of the country after I went abroad.” I came back last year and fell ill the day before I saw it.

I was in a hurry to return to China, so I had to entrust it to Shen Yan and wait for her.

When I came back this year, I brought it back again.

So Nancy was not raised by me and Shen Yan, but by myself.

Now it has only one owner, which is me.

When Shi Ran heard Chen Ruoyu’s last words, the awkward knot in her heart was pulled away.

That deadlock that she once thought was an unsolvable one turned out to be a completely solvable one.

There is no ambiguity, no co-breeding.

It’s just that I had to entrust it when I was in a hurry to return to China, and then I took it back.

Shi Ran’s heart was clear, but her face was still tense.

She raised her head slightly, pretending to be arrogant and saying, “Who wants to listen to you”

Then she seemed to think of something, and she asked nervously, “How did the bean paste come to the hospital Did you get sick “

“I didn’t look good in the first two days.

After eating, I came to the hospital.” Chen Ruoyu explained.

There are some unexpected answers, but they are extraordinarily reasonable when pressed on this round orange.

Shi Ran’s face instantly burst into an unbearable smile.

She tapped the glass and teased the bean paste in the cage, and said, “Bean paste, why are you still such a pig You deserve your orange.

Shi Ran looked at Dosha, who was wronged, with a soft “meow”.

After teasing Dosha for a while, Shi Ran turned to look at Chen Ruoyu and said, “So can I continue to call her Dosha”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes.”

Her eyes stopped on Shi Ran, who was teasing the bean paste again.

The dark water contained deep affection: “You can raise it with me.”

Shi Ran was obviously stunned when she heard the words.

The reason she cares so much about Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan raising Nancy together is because she knows the self-evident ambiguity of raising a cat together.

It was precisely because of this realization that the fox’s eyes raised slightly, bending into a beautiful arc.

Shi Ran nodded quickly, and her voice was crisp: “Okay.”

The elevator went up to the floor where Shi Ran’s house was, but Shi Ran didn’t go back to her home.

She was standing in front of the next-door neighbor’s house with an air box filled with bean paste.

This was the first time she came to Chen Ruoyu’s house next door.

After opening the door, she felt a familiar yet extremely unfamiliar feeling.

Chen Ruoyu took out two pairs of unopened slippers from the shoe cabinet, showing which pair Shi Ran should wear.

Shi Ran looked at the familiar rabbit and tiger, and said decisively, “Tiger.”

It was as if the old thing was repeating itself.

Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran’s answer and took out the rabbit slippers for her.

Shi Ran had the words “public revenge” written in her eyes, but she still obediently put on the slippers Chen Ruoyu gave her.

The layout of Chen Ruoyu’s house is the same as that of Shi Ran’s house, but the atmosphere in it makes Shi Ran feel completely different from herself.

She walked inside, her eyes slowly fixed on the second floor.

A log-style wardrobe desk, and a bed against the wall of your home.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s stopped gaze with a guilty conscience in her eyes.

However, this cunning fox noticed nothing wrong, pointed to the second floor and sighed at Chen Ruoyu: “Chen Ruoyu, your home is symmetrical with mine!”

Chen Ruoyu breathed a sigh of relief, “um,” and put on the slippers she had put under the shoe cabinet.

Two rabbits are in two parts of the room.

Shi Ran noticed a large open box standing abruptly in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and was a little curious: “What is this”

Chen Ruoyu glanced at it and said, “Cat climbing frame, just arrived yesterday.”

Shi Ran looked at the person in front of her, whose ten fingers did not touch the spring water, and asked, “What”

“You will.” Chen Ruoyu said, but there was a bit of Shi Ran’s daily scorn in her tone.

Shi Ran suddenly felt a sense of being fooled, “So this is what you said about raising it together You handle the kryptonite, and I am responsible for the liver.

After speaking, Shi Ran glanced at the bean paste in the cage again: “Then you sit back and enjoy the success.”

I don’t know if the bean paste understood, but I heard Shi Ran’s voice and looked at her, looking at its long-lost owner with a pair of round innocent eyes.

Who can say no to a cat

Shi Ran didn’t know, and she couldn’t, anyway.

After chatting with Chen Ruoyu, Shi Ran released the bean paste.

Adhering to the principle that she is also half the owner of bean paste, she sat cross-legged on the carpet and read the installation instructions for the cat climbing frame.

The sound of flames burning silently came from the kitchen at the entrance, and Chen Ruoyu sat on the small glass pot she took out of the refrigerator.

The white porcelain spoon stirred the thick white fungus soup, the blue-red flames wrapped around the transparent bottom of the pot, and the cold temperature slowly became warm.

These two people do their own thing without disturbing each other, but they don’t seem like alienated individuals at all.

The noon sun shines warmly through the floor-to-ceiling windows, spreading warmth in this quiet room.

The Tremella soup was stewed by Chen Ruoyu for a long time, but within a few minutes, a hint of sweetness filled the house.

It’s just rare, Shi.

Ran didn’t notice it.

The long hair that was hurriedly gathered at the back of the head was a little messy, and they placed the various parts and accessories on the ground in different categories under Shi Ran’s arrangement.

At that moment, she was looking down at the instruction book spread on the ground.

Those beautiful fox eyes seemed to glow, full of seriousness and concentration.

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t bear to interrupt Shi Ran’s work, but she still handed her the small bowl: “Eat first.

Then do it after eating.

Shi Ran just wanted to refuse, but saw the glass bowl that broke into her sight.

The tremella stew was viscous and smooth, and a few water chestnuts cut into small pieces were wrapped in it, and the whole thing was crystal clear and extraordinarily beautiful.

Shi Ran took it and looked at Chen Ruoyu with her head raised slightly, “Is this a bribe”

Chen Ruoyu looked at it and nodded simply, “Forget it.”

Shi Ran smiled with satisfaction.

She was just eating the cat climbing frame when she remembered her precious bean paste.

She pointed to the parts that she had placed on the side close to Chen Ruoyu and said, “Well, can you assemble the rest of these little things I’ll eat them.

When we’re done, let’s get dressed together.”

Shi Ran was still too embarrassed to trouble others, and she looked at Chen Ruoyu with a little confidence.

But Chen Ruoyu didn’t refuse.

She nodded and sat beside Shi Ran and assembled small things according to her instructions.

In this way, the two of them changed from being apart to being together.

The sunlight made their shadows juxtapose together, and the hair floating in the light seemed to be entangled.

As Shi Ran had expected, Chen Ruoyu had hardly ever done such a thing, and she was a little jerky even with small, simple things.

Shi Ran was holding the small bowl and tasting it slowly, and out of the corner of her eye, she realized that Chen Ruoyu had something wrong.

Shi Ran immediately replied, “This is not right.”

She stopped when she heard the words, and she frowned and wrote a dazzling puzzle: “Where”

Shi Ran explained to her seriously, “Here, you shouldn’t go this way, go this way.”

It’s just that it’s not detailed enough, and it takes brain cells.

Shi Ran simply put the bowl in her hand, put her probe to Chen Ruoyu’s face, and pointed to her, “Here, take it off, and then face this way.”

Shi Ran explained to Chen Ruoyu, then raised her head and looked at her.

But it wasn’t those cold eyes that met.

The faint aroma of tremella rock sugar slowly rose in the summer, and Chen Ruoyu’s sight seemed to be covered with a layer of coldness.

She stared at Shi Ran like this and leaned toward her.


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