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Chapter 82 – Throwing yourself into the net

The long hair hanging down on the back was rubbed apart by the five fingers, and the sound of breathing became more and more obvious.

Shi Ran stared at Chen Ruoyu’s face, which gradually enlarged in her sight, and slowly closed her eyes.

The light from the window turned Shi Ran’s closed eyes into golden light.

This was the first time she closed her eyes, but she did not feel the loneliness of darkness.

makes her heart beat faster.

The fiery breath was as bright as the summer sun, scorching her skin and the vast world.

When it intensified, covered with tenderness, the kiss of the dragonfly wiped her lips like this.

Be gentle and gentle.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran’s back, making her feel like a cherished baby.

After a long while, the cherry pink lips parted slightly from Shiran, and Chen Ruoyu stared straight at Shiran with her eyes down.

The sun plated her eyes with a beautiful golden layer, and Shi Ran only saw herself in her pupils.

As if a burst of electricity suddenly brushed through Shi Ran’s mind, blood rushed to her brain.

The shadow slanted rapidly on the wall until it was level with the ground.

Shi Ran pressed over and kissed Chen Ruoyu’s lips.

The screw on the ground was pushed and rolled into the distance, and Chen Ruoyu’s long hair was scattered on the light brown wooden floor.

Shi Ran’s kiss was savage, with ten fingers intertwined with Chen Ruoyu’s, diligently absorbing the person who had just teased her.

After kissing until her breathing was messy, Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were covered with a small layer of mist.

After kissing, the shoulder straps of Shi Ran’s long dress fell easily under Chen Ruoyu’s fingers, and it exposed half of her shoulders to the sun with no concealment.

In a trance, the wind from the river seemed to blow Shi Ran’s cheeks, and she suddenly realized that she seemed to have kissed Chen Ruoyu so domineeringly before.

Their undulating chests pressed against each other.

Shi Ran separated slightly from Chen Ruoyu in a trance and asked lightly, “Chen Ruoyu, did we go to that bridge on the day I came back…”

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran above her gaze, and nodded under her gaze, “Yes.”

The words fell, and the orange figure of bean paste passed Shi Ran’s sight.

She seemed to understand why Chen Ruoyu told herself about Nancy or the bean paste, and her emotions were a little unclear: “So I told you about the… bean paste”

Chen Ruoyu gave Shi Ran an “um” and put her hand on her waist.

The fabric of Shi Ran chiffon was not smooth, and the lightness reveals the slightly higher body temperature of the owner, which also allows Chen Ruoyu’s movements to be felt by Shi Ran.

gentle, as if to soothe her uneasiness, guessing that she had no other purpose.

“Bean paste is your cat.

That’s what I thought from the beginning when I brought it home.”

Chen Ruoyu preached this, looking at Shi Ran with sincere eyes.

She gently hooked Shi Ran’s waist, took her closer to her, and said, “And I still prefer your previous style.”

With the voice, the warm breath that hadn’t yet calmed down fell into Shi Ran’s ear.

The man’s words were too serious, but they were ambiguous.

Shi Ran will believe Chen Ruoyu’s explanation, but the small melon seeds of bean paste actually opened the pimples in her heart up early.

She sat up slightly on Chen Ruoyu’s body, straightened the shoulder straps that she had torn down in front of her, raised her eyes slightly, and said, “This is my style too.”

All the light in her line of sight fell into Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight along Shi Ran’s body, and she saw the familiar perversity in her eyebrows.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand resting on Shi Ran’s waist was about to move, but Dousha came over at this moment, sat beside them obediently, and called at Chen Ruoyu in a low voice and angry: “Meow”

In an instant, neither of them had the intention of continuing.

Before Shi Ran could ask what was wrong, Chen Ruoyu said, “It’s hungry.”

Shi Ran immediately got up from Chen Ruoyu’s body, stretched out her hand and picked up the kitten that was squatting in front of her, and put it in her arms without pity: “Pig bean paste, let sister touch it.” Touch.

Have you ever missed my sister I haven’t seen her for so long.

Why are you still such a pig “

Chen Ruoyu walked to the other side of the window to pour cat food into the bean paste.

The crisp sound of the cat food being poured into the small bowl was mixed with Shi Ran’s voice.

I don’t know which sentence hit Chen Ruoyu’s point, let this be: The corners of the person’s slightly drooping eyes raised a little, and a smile seemed to cross between her eyebrows.

Shi Ran keenly caught Chen Ruoyu’s smile and turned to look at her, “What are you smiling at”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word.

She just put the cat food in her hand back on the cabinet and locked it, and then flicked the canned meat in Shi Ran’s arms with the bean paste in her arms, and greeted, “Nancy, come to my mother’s side.”

That was to say, cats can’t touch oranges, and dipping oranges was a foodie.

When Dousha heard the canned food, her whole little head stood up, and the chubby-looking orange struggled out of Shi Ran’s arms at once and ran towards Chen Ruoyu with small steps with its tail wagging.

Shi Ran sat on the spot and was annoyed by this scumbag who only had canned food in her eyes, and only after realizing it did she reflect on what Chen Ruoyu had just said.

She stood up from the ground in such a light motion, walked around behind Chen Ruoyu, and pressed her on the sofa beside her without giving her any preparation.

Shi Ran’s wet lips pressed against Chen Ruoyu’s earlobe, extremely ambiguous, but she asked the teacher to ask the guilt: “Take advantage of me”

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran around her wrist and moved her gaze to Shi Ran while watching the bean paste eat.

“Throwing into the net” Shi Ran repeated the four words from Chen Ruoyu’s interestingly, but there was no anger in her voice.

Chen Ruoyu turned her head and nodded to her as soon as Shi Ran’s voice fell.

The sunlight was slightly westward, and the warmth of the afternoon was still not reduced by half.

The eyes of the two people have entangled in one place again, with the ambiguity that was interrupted by the bean paste just now.

Chen Ruoyu’s palm was against Shi Ran’s arm, and the dampness and scorching heat gradually spread from this place to the whole body.

Shi Ran did not contain her thoughts, bowed her head, and kissed Chen Ruoyu.

The loose shirt was half-faded to the shoulders, and it wrapped the rich green satin flowing in the light in snow-white.

The narrow space made Chen Ruoyu completely trapped in this world by Shi Ran, like a person who was adrift in the ocean and had no choice but to attach to her small boat.

The pushing waves rolled over her body and wet her skirt.

The deep kiss ended when both of them were running out of oxygen.

Shi Ran looked at the person imprisoned under her, smiled deeply, and asked again and again, “Throwing yourself into the net”

The excessively hot breath burned on Chen Ruoyu’s neck and shoulders without reservation, and the cold eyes were also infected with desire.

Chen Ruoyu always knew that it was not Shi Ran who fell into the trap, but herself.

She missed this person’s embrace for a long time.

Her brain was dizzy because of the fiery blood, and her heart beat faster.

“Why do you keep looking at me and not speaking” Shi Ran loosened the hand holding Chen Ruoyu and leaned down maliciously.

The sofa was narrow and unavoidable.

The picks between Shi Ran’s fingers were gently plucking her taut strings.

There was nothing; it was intentionally not enough.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes instantly glowed with a forbidding red, and this time it was her turn to bite Shi Ran’s shoulder.

The chatting started anew from the day Dousha came to this house.

The pause button was broken down into many small buttons, and one by one, they were canceled by Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran’s birthday was on the last day of June, but Chen Ruoyu had deserted the next city two days ago.

However, she was not that keen on her birthday.

Since she was a child, few people remembered her birthday, and no one celebrated her birthday.

Sometimes, a bowl of noodles and an egg in the morning was the end of her birthday.

And the noodles are still noodles.

However, this year I am not so eager to hang up.

Shi Ran thought so, and on her birthday this year, she didn’t even eat eggs and noodles.

In the morning, Shi Ran had just finished some tasks at hand and turned on her mobile phone to get ready to fish.

A message came in on the mobile phone by coincidence: “Dousha mother: come back in the afternoon, what do you want to eat”

Shi Ran changed the remarks on a whim two days ago.

Seeing Chen Ruoyu’s news, Shi Ran was a little surprised, thinking about it, and said: “The bean paste says it wants to eat canned pineapple, shredded chicken breast, and Xiao Ba in Nangang…”

Chen Ruoyu smiled, looked at the traffic light in front of the windshield that had not turned green, and said again: “Ask Dousha if you want to eat Baxi’s ice cream cake.”

Shi Ran seemed to realize what Chen Ruoyu meant and instantly sat up straight.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t do her any favors either, and then sent another message: “Are you free tonight, Miss Shi”

“Then I have to look at my schedule for today.” Shi Ran’s contrived sermon.

After deliberately waiting for a while, she called: “Although Miss Shi’s schedule is very busy today, she still has time to go to Director Chen’s house next door for a meal.”

Across the screen, Chen Ruoyu could imagine the little arrogance written in Shi Ran’s smart eyes, and the cold eyes were bent in the rearview mirror, blooming like a spring rose.

Chen Ruoyu was about to send a message to Shi Ran, but she raised her head as if noticing something.

On the other side of the intersection, there was a familiar white car rushing toward her.

The sun was hitting it straight, and the reflected light was like a scythe of death.

Here, Shi Ran was biting on Xiao Ba’s dried strawberry, and the phone that turned off the screen turned on again.

But what she was waiting for was not news from Chen Ruoyu, but a regular text message from an unknown number: “Farewell to your lover.”


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