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Chapter 83 – Some people are haggard towards Yi Xiao

It was a bright summer day outside the window, but Shi Ran felt her fingers were instantly cold, and the words displayed on the phone screen made her body feel colder than the icy wind in the three-nine days of winter.

Although the text message did not name her lover, the first lover Shi Ran thought of was Chen Ruoyu.

For a second, Shi Ran’s world was filled with candy-colored happiness because she finally had someone to accompany her on her birthday today.

This second was when the candy world collapsed into a mess.

The chaotic heartbeat was like an irregular drum beat.

It hit her heart hard.

Shi Ran had never been so restless as she was today.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu’s office blankly and expectantly.

It’s just that the frosted glass can’t see through a figure inside, and just now she asked herself how the person who was on the road could appear in the office building in such a second.

Shi Ran’s hands were shaking when she dialed the number for Chen Ruoyu.

The busy tone of beeping came from her ears, and the original painting team sounded the voice of the big bear and the others discussing.

The noisy people were annoying, but Shi Ran only hoped to hear Chen Ruoyu’s crisp voice in the next second.

“Sorry, the user you called is busy…”

A mechanical female voice came from the other end of the phone, and Shi Ran’s whole heart seemed to be thrown from the sky.

She looked at the entire original painting group, and for a moment she didn’t even know who to turn to contact Chen Ruoyu.

A feeling of helplessness was swallowing her up in a panic.

“Ah Ran, crispy peach, delicious.”

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba, who came back from the tearoom, broke open a peach with her bare hands and handed it to Shi Ran, but Shi Ran looked at her but suddenly thought of something, and suddenly stood up from her position.

“What’s wrong”

“Hey, you don’t eat peaches anymore Where are you going”

Before Xiao Ba could finish her sentence, she looked at Shi Ran with a confused look and walked out.

What concerns me is chaos, Shi Ran understands.

She forgot that there was a Sister Zhou Yuan in the original painting group.

Here, Shi Ran hurriedly walked toward Zhou Yuan’s office and bumped into a person.

She walked so fast that her shoulder hurt so badly, and a familiar voice came from her ear: “What’s wrong Why are you so panicked, Shi Ran “

It was Zhou Yuan.

Shi Ran was a little anxious, worried that Chen Ruoyu would be swallowed whole by the fear that something would happen to her, and she didn’t care about the pain, so she hurriedly asked, “Sister Zhou Yuan, can you contact Chen Ruoyu now”

Shi Ran’s state, Zhou Yuan’s expression sank slightly, and she asked in a low voice, “Do you know anything”

Shi Ran’s heart sank suddenly when she heard Zhou Yuan ask her this.

She quickly called up the text message she had just received on her phone and hurriedly asked, “Sister Zhou Yuan, someone sent me a text message a few minutes ago.

Could you tell me something happened to Chen Ruoyu “

Shi Ran’s voice was as calm as possible, but Zhou Yuan could still hear the suppressed panic under her voice.

This was the first time she saw Shi Ran with such an expression.

She hurriedly held Shi Ran’s hand to help her stabilize her mood: “Don’t panic, listen to me first.”

“Ah Yu had a car accident.” Shi Ran admitted, but she didn’t finish the sentence.

Shi Ran didn’t even have time to feel the pain in her heart, and she added: “But it’s nothing.

There were a few cars on that road.

Ah Yu turned the steering wheel in time, and the airbag protected her very well, but there were some abrasions on her forehead and a bit of a fracture in her left wrist, but everything else was fine.

Shi Ran couldn’t believe her ears, and the feeling of panic still hovered over her head.


“Really” Zhou Yuan nodded, “and why did I lie to you If something happened to Ah Yu, I would tell you.”

“I came here to pack Ah Yu’s things and send her to the hospital.” Although it was a minor injury, Uncle Chen wanted her to stay in the hospital for observation for a while.

She couldn’t be free, and she was thinking about working.

“You said that if she was unconscious and went to the ICU for rescue, would I come to help her clean up these things”

Everything Zhou Yuan said was justified, and everything else was just a false alarm.

Shi Ran’s taut strings finally loosened, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Her eyes were filled with the joy of escaping death: “Is that so”

Zhou Yuan watched the entire process of Shi Ran’s expression changing, and couldn’t help but say with a smile, “I’ve never seen Ah Ran lose your temper like you are today.

Are you so worried about our Ah Yu “

Shi Ran was exposed to the secret in her heart like this.

Shi Ran hurriedly denied it: “No, no.”

“I’m just… just worried that something happened to her, and no one cares about her.”

When Zhou Yuan heard the words, she followed Shi Ran’s expression and said, with some regret, “So it is.

I wanted to take you to see Ah Yu.

You know that her family is in the ward now.

Going to see her alone is difficult to explain.

Shi Ran scratched her face lightly and said, a little embarrassed: “That sister Zhou Yuan… I think my boss had a car accident.

As an insider, I should visit her.

Zhou Yuan looked at this arrogant and duplicitous person just now.

The smile on her face did not dissipate, and she said with a smirk, “Little fox.”

“Then clean up the things in Ah Yu’s office for me; the tablet on her desk, and the red-shell folder.” Shi Ran and Zhou Yuan ordered what Chen Ruoyu wanted, and in the end, they did not forget to deliberately “and the cactus on Ah Yu’s desk.

She’s not been in the office for the past two days in the hospital.

She can’t worry about this little thing, and they left the task to you.

You remember to water it regularly and then give it to you.

Ah Yu sent a message to report.

Shi Ran listened and responded one by one, and then went to Chen Ruoyu in two separate ways with Zhou Yuan’s soldiers.

The round cactus was bathed in sunlight, like the only color in the black and white desert of Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran was satisfied with the state of the cactus she gave to Chen Ruoyu.

The soft finger pads pressed against it like a naughty cat, tickling the sharp thorns on it.

Feed the cactus once, find the red folder… The last one was to bring Chen Ruoyu’s tablet to the desk with her.

Although Shi Ran was just an ordinary original painter, the secretary’s work was also exceptionally neat.

She arranged everything she had packed and put it on the table, but when she put it into her handbag, she accidentally touched and opened the screensaver of Chen Ruoyu’s tablet.

Shi Ran was not interested in Chen Ruoyu’s tablet cover, but when she saw the cover on the tablet, she paused.

It was a picture of a young girl sitting on the city of steel, overlooking the entire city, and it was a private draft that she had just given to Icarus two days ago.

The so-called private manuscript was a manuscript that existed only between the painter and his employer and was not widely distributed.

But it was such a thing, how did it quickly flow into Chen Ruoyu’s hands, and she even set it up as a tablet screen saver

A big question mark appeared in Shi Ran’s heart, but suddenly flashed in her mind the question she asked Chen Ruoyu on the bridge when she was drunk that day, and the answer Chen Ruoyu gave her.

“Then why didn’t you come to me”

“I always.”

The sun shone straight on the tablet in Shi Ran’s hand, and the cover of the lock screen gradually dimmed and was touched again by someone.

Shi Ran remembers that Holmes once said to Watson in the four signatures: “When you eliminate all the impossible situations, the rest, no matter how unbelievable, is the truth.”

Looking at her painting, she had an incredible and reasonable guess.

Is Icarus Chen Ruoyu

Zhou Yuan’s car drove quickly, and the scorching summer sun mixed with the whistling cicadas became the background music of the journey.

In less than 15 minutes, she took Shi Ran to the hospital where Chen Ruoyu was.

Even though she had received the news that Chen Ruoyu was all right, Shi Ran did not wait for the next elevator that was still descending, and without hesitation, the crowd in the elevator room walked into the elevator that had just reached the first floor.

Zhou Yuan watched calmly from behind and walked in with an unnoticed gratified smile on her face.

There are many people in the elevator, and everyone has different expressions on their faces, but they also have almost the same tension.

The silver-white door vaguely reflected everyone’s expressions on it, and Shi Ran didn’t notice it.

The tension on her face was more obvious than anyone in the elevator.

The elevator soon came to the floor where the senior nursing ward was located, and the familiar feeling made Shi Ran think again of the day she was with Chen Ruoyu and the faint frown she had when she talked with the nurse.

Was she more nervous that day than she was now

Shi Ran was thinking about this, raised her head and looked away, but met Shen Yan, who was also walking towards them.

The expression on Shen Yan’s face looked more serious than usual, so she stopped in front of Shi Ran under the gaze of the two, and said, “Shi Ran, can you come over”

Zhou Yuan pulled Shi Ran slightly, stood in front of Shi Ran a little, and shouted as a reminder, “Ah Yan.”

Shen Yan was a little helpless: “Sister Zhou Yuan, you don’t have to be so nervous.

I don’t know how to eat people.”

Zhou Yuan was still a little worried when she saw it, and only said: “Ah Yu is still waiting for us to enter.

Don’t let her wait.”

However, Shen Yan rarely got caught because of the word “Ah Yu” and insisted on saying to Zhou Yuan: “Sister Zhou Yuan, you go first, and I will explain it to A Yu myself later.”

Shi Ran was also a little curious about what Shen Yan wanted to say to herself, so she shook Zhou Yuan’s arm and said, “Sister Zhou Yuan, I’ll go over with President Xiao Shen and come back soon.”

Shi Ran smiled at Zhou Yuan, then walked over to Shen Yan generously and said, “Let’s go.”

Shen Yan admired Shi Ran’s attitude a little and smiled back at her.

The corridor in the ward area was unusually quiet, except for the clack of heels hitting the floor, which was not a tacit sound.

The two walked to the inaccessible safe passage one after the other, Shen Yan held the door for Shi Ran, watched her walk in, and said half-jokingly, “You just come with me so unguarded, don’t be afraid of me.

Push you off here”

Shi Ran couldn’t help laughing when she heard it.

No subordinates showed respect to their superiors, and no one else was falsely flattering the daughter of the Xu family.

She sighed, “Then this method is too obviously cheap.”

Shen Yan leaned her shoulders against the door and said to Shi Ran lightly, “If only you didn’t exist in this world, it would be fine This is a blind spot for monitoring.

With our status as a family, I can.

They can escape criminal justice.

Shi Ran, however, commented, “Miss Shen, your acting skills are not good.”

If I had seen it from the stairs that day, I would never have thought you had anything to do with Chen Ruoyu.

The playfulness on Shen Yan’s face disappeared at once, and there was still some frustration in her eyes: “Really”

“Yeah.” Shi Ran nodded, straightforward.

“I also acted as the heroine of a troupe when I was in college.” Shen Yan added a little unwillingly and then changed the conversation and said to Shi Ran: “I won’t make trouble with you.

You know who caused this car accident.”

“Song Yi.” Shi Ran replied intuitively.

She couldn’t think of another person who had such resentment toward herself and Chen Ruoyu at the same time.

“Yes.” Shen Yan nodded.

“It’s your ex-girlfriend, Ah Yu’s so-called cousin.

She is more seriously injured than Ah Yu and is still in the emergency room.

I have helped the Chen family find the best doctor, hoping to keep her life intact.

Keep it.

“Then send her to prison.

The two families don’t communicate with each other.

Shi Ran continued.

She said this in a gloomy voice, but in her heart, she could not wait to let this person die immediately if the rescue failed.

But if Song Yi died because of this, Mother Song would become a poor woman who lost her daughter.

With her dodder-like temperament, she would become a piece of the Chen family who could never pick off the candy.

As long as Song Yi doesn’t die, the two of them will completely lose the principal that can be sold miserably.

The Chen family’s greatest forgiveness was the lack of contact between old age and death.

Dodder had no vines attached to it, and they only left it to survive.

Shen Yan smiled when she heard Shi Ran’s words: “She is right, I will never be you.”

Shi Ran didn’t understand the sudden remark, and was startled unnaturally.

Shen Yan also explained, “This is Ah Yu’s idea.

I don’t know if she has broken learning with you, or if there is really a tacit understanding between the two of you.

As Shen Yan said, there was some appreciation in those deep eyes, but more still, she was unwilling.

She had to face this woman who was more in line with Chen Ruoyu than herself and recognized: “Shi Ran, you are very smart.”

But compared to what you can see clearly about this person, you don’t seem to be so clear about the things between you and Ah Yu.”

Shi Ran was silent when these words sounded.

The smell of disinfectant was evident in the inaccessible corridor.

Shi Ran’s hand that had been holding the handbag with the Chen Ruoyu tablet tightened slightly.

Even if there was bean paste, there was also Chen Ruoyu’s obvious favoritism towards herself.

She still doesn’t know.

This time, she discovered another secret that was hidden by Chen Ruoyu, but this time, the secret of Chen Ruoyu was about herself and her.

Leave the other third person alone.

but still a secret.

Shen Yan looked at Shi Ran, who was thinking, and continued: “I think you should know that I like Ah Yu.

In fact, everyone in the studio knows her, but after all these years, she still does not.

I’m tempted.

I actually felt a little jealous of you when I first saw your photo.

Tiantian also said that we look alike, just because you appeared in Ah Yu’s world earlier than me, so first I like you.”

But then I slowly learned that we are too far apart.

I thought you were very unsuitable for Ah Yu.

You are a flamboyant and outgoing person, and standing beside Ah Yu is a little out of place.

I am really unwilling.

But it was the words you said to Tiantian that day that made me understand that the two of you are the two pieces of the puzzle that absolutely fit together, and I’m just the wrong piece with similar extroverts and completely different colors.

Shi Ran admitted that Shen Yan was better than herself, and she had thought so from the beginning when she saw her standing with Chen Ruoyu.

But when the person who she thought was excellent praised herself and showed such a frustrated expression, it made her, who had always been generous with honors and praise, a little overwhelmed.

“You… don’t need to say that.”

Shen Yan shook her head, “Although I like Ah Yu, I hope that Ah Yu can be well.” She was in poor health and full of malice; I had never seen her before.She passed it rashly like this.

She used to take care of it slowly before, and she was drawn from the bottom of the pot.

This time, she stayed up for a few nights, everyone was exhausted, and the fire burned the other party.

I don’t think I will say it, but you know it.

Who is she for “

“I don’t know how many lives of Ah Yu’s luck have been used up to survive this time.

You are her last hope.

Shi Ran, promise me you will cherish her.

Shi Ran felt very guilty.

Shen Yan said with sincerity,

She took annual leave because she wanted to see her heart clearly.

Because of what happened to Shi Yu, she went to the little old lady’s house.

In the same hospital filled with the smell of disinfectant, Chen Ruoyu begged herself not to break up with her.

Some things were decided ruthlessly, and she thought she avoided everything, but when she looked back and thought about it, she only felt that the last time was like a knife, sharply slicing through her soft heart.

Shi Ran lowered her head and nodded, “I see.”

The dim light in the stairwell stretched the shadow of the person, and Shi Ran sank for a while before looking up at Shen Yan: “By the way, Mr.

Shen, do you know why”

The question was what Shen Yan said just now, “You don’t seem to be so clear about the matter between you and Ah Yu.”

“Because she never told me personally that she liked me.”

When Shi Ran preached, her slyness was written in her curved eyes.

Shi Ran and Shen Yan are not friends, at least for now; their more appropriate identities are rivals in love.

After talking about this, they had nothing else to say, so Shi Ran walked to Chen Ruoyu’s ward with the things in her hand.

She walked a little faster, and the quiet corridor was filled with the sound of her striding footsteps.

Shi Ran pushed open the door and walked into Chen Ruoyu’s ward, and the first thing she saw was a bandage wrapped around her head.

The cold whiteness of the skin formed a strong contrast with the whiteness of the bandage.

No blood stains could be seen from the wound that had been treated, but Shi Ran still felt pain from the thick gauze.

The quilt with the smell of disinfectant surrounded Chen Ruoyu’s body, almost covering the left arm hidden under it.

The slender arm was caught in the plaster, and the sunlight outside the window fell on it, making it even more fragile.

Zhou Yuan stopped cutting Apple’s hand, got up, and said, “There are still some things in the studio.

I’ll go out and make a call.”

The sound of the door opening and closing sounded twice in this ward in a short period.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who was standing at the door with some doubts: “Why can’t you come”

Shi Ran recovered from her distress upon hearing Chen Ruoyu’s voice.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu’s not-so-good face and asked cautiously, “Are you okay”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head and said honestly, “It’s alright, the inspection has been done.

Except for these two obvious traumas, there is only a slight concussion.”

“Then how can you say it’s all right” Shi Ran didn’t expect the latter half of the test results, and she spoke in a louder voice, which abruptly cut through the silence in the ward.

The voice was harsh, but because Chen Ruoyu felt that Shi Ran was nervous, she had a lot of untimely joy in her heart.

She stretched out her hand towards Shi Ran, motioning her to put her hand over, and then asked, “I heard from A Yuan that she sent threatening text messages”

This “she” was obscure, but the two of them knew it well.

Shi Ran nodded.

Instead of putting her hand on Chen Ruoyu’s palm, she sat next to her and rubbed her face.

“It scared me to death.”

like the sudden relaxation of a tight string.

This was the first time she had shown fear of people, and the lingering fear of death makes her afraid to this day.

Chen Ruoyu was relieved to see that Shi Ran was really worried about herself, and the expression that Shi Ran showed distressed her.

So she carefully stretched out the other hand with the plaster cast, gently stroked Shi Ran’s head, and said, “Sorry, I didn’t handle it well.”

Shi Ran shook her head.

However, Chen Ruoyu then assured: “There will be no next time.”

Shi Ran clearly knew what others had promised her, but she became more and more saddened.

This person had been thinking about herself all the time, but her head was still wrapped in gauze.

“Candy” As Chen Ruoyu said, she took out a plum bag of sugar from her pocket.

When she heard the food, Shi Ran opened her mouth to Chen Ruoyu naturally.

Some people complain that bean paste is a foodie, but they don’t think about who it is.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s little face held by her palm, and recalled with a little smile in her eyes, “I am a sick patient.”

Shi Ran listened and showed an aggrieved expression to Chen Ruoyu.

I have no choice.

Seeing Shi Ran’s expression, Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to tease her at all, and she still peeled one off with one hand.

The fingers that were fixed on the wrist didn’t have time to withdraw, and Shi Ran’s lips were wrapped around them, which were moist and soft, making people palpitate.

Chen Ruoyu quietly rubbed her fingers, looked at the culprit who was only concentrating on tasting candy, and asked tentatively, “What did Ah Yan say to you”

When the words fell, Shi Ran pushed the glass candy against the left side of her mouth, and the little face on the left side swelled accordingly.

She blinked her eyes, a little sly: “President Xiao Shen said that some people are haggard towards Yi Xiao.”

Chen Ruoyu moved the hand that was being pressed by Shi Ran when she heard the words, and rubbed her little face with her fingers, with a bit of doting tenderness in her tone: “Then are you willing to watch her continue to be haggard”


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