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Chapter 84 – “I like you”

The wind pushed the cloud that wanted to block the sun and slowly drifted away from the sky framed by the window frame, and the sun suddenly became brighter.

The layout of this room was almost the same as the ward Shi Ran stayed in last time.

The faint smell of disinfectant makes people sober.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s eyes and understood what she meant to her.

The rustling sound of the quilt being pressed down sounded in the quiet room.

Shi Ran just half-knelt on Chen Ruoyu’s bed and hooked one hand around Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

With a sly smile in her eyes, she stubbornly said two cruel words to the patient who was still wearing a bandage on her head: “willing.”

“You have so many secrets.

How can I know that there will be another sister and a sister who looks similar to me in the future”

Chen Ruoyu’s long hair smelling of disinfectant was wrapped around her fingers by Shi Ran.

Shi Ran teased the secret of Chen Ruoyu that she had been mindful of that she knew little about, and pretended to be mysterious and reminded: “Or I suddenly there is another you next to me.”

Chen Ruoyu was a little confused, but she felt that Shi Ran was not eating Shen Yan’s vinegar, and asked inexplicably, “What other me”

Shi Ran looked at the tablet that Chen Ruoyu had held back on the table in the corner of her room.

She was so stubborn that she didn’t want to expose Chen Ruoyu just like that, so she just smiled condescendingly and said, “It’s the other you.”

Chen Ruoyu still didn’t understand.

A small hill was frowning between her flat brows.

She didn’t know if the gauze on her head diluted the sense of coldness and alienation on her body, and there was a slight sensuality on her indifferent face, but it was also somewhat cute in contrast.

Shi Ran saw Chen Ruoyu showing such a distressed expression.

She stretched out her finger and gently placed it between her eyebrows, showing a fearless smile.

Shi Ran’s touch tickled Chen Ruoyu’s heart, and with a bit of domineering, she raised her arms around Shi Ran’s waist.

She put Shi Ran’s body close to her and ordered unreasonably, “Tell me.”

Shi Ran snorted softly.

She leaned down and held up Chen Ruoyu’s face with both hands, soft finger pads groping the curve of her jaw casually and ambiguously as if she was teasing a noble and arrogant cat, “Director Chen has to think for herself.

If I tell you, didn’t you just throw yourself into the net “

Shi Ran had to let Chen Ruoyu find the answer by herself.

Chen Ruoyu was more sure of Shi Ran’s vengeance.

She remembered the sentence she had told her at home recently, and she still refused to let it go.

But she was also vengeful.

and like to be rewarded.

Shi Ran’s eyes flashed, and before she could react, Chen Ruoyu pressed her down with one hand and lowered her body.

The kiss dipped in the smell of disinfecting alcohol suddenly fell, and the tongue was sealed by the intruding tongue just after the oxygen was sent into the mouth.

This person’s mouth warmed the smell of disinfectant, which Shi Ran didn’t like, and turned into a cool feeling that was well accepted.

Some people relied on their injuries to do whatever they wanted.

The quilt covering the two of them was like a pure white sea, reflected on the empty wall on one side, undulating.

Chen Ruoyu’s slender neck was raised under the light, and Void’s hand tightly hugged Shi Ran’s neck for a second.

She was like driftwood floating in the ocean, and beneath her was the sea given to her by Shi Ran.

The air conditioner was running in the silent room, and the calm sea was like a curved line dividing the wall on one side into pure white and dim.

Shi Ran gently stroked the sweaty hair on Chen Ruoyu’s forehead and deeply understood why it was best not to torment the patient.

The two of them cuddled with each other on the narrow hospital bed for a while, then Shi Ran tangled Chen Ruoyu’s hair and asked, “What are you thinking about”

“When can I see another me” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip lightly, feeling a bit of vinegar in the air, looked at Chen Ruoyu with a smile, and said, “Then do you know what I’m thinking”

Chen Ruoyu: “What”

“I hope the hospital can widen the beds.” Shi Ran spoke seriously, but with such a tone in her voice.

Chen Ruoyu’s mind couldn’t help but flicker over the intimate situation that the two of them had been leaning against each other just now.

She only glanced at Shi Ran and didn’t answer.

She was still very satisfied with such a narrow little bed.

At least the fox had no way to move, and could only stay by her side honestly.

But Chen Ruoyu’s idea was shattered not long after, and Aunt Yan was about to come in after cooking the sick meal.

Fortunately, it was summer, and they only wore skirts.

The two of them were not so presumptuous just now.

When Aunt Yan came in, Shi Ran sat upright on the chair beside her.

After eating lunch that was about to become dinner, Shi Ran thought that the bean paste was still at home waiting for someone to come back, so she prepared to pack up and go home.

It was almost evening, and the light in the room was dim.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who was about to open the door and leave, and suddenly called out to her: “Shi Ran.”

Shi Ran also stopped, put her hand on the doorknob, and turned to look at Chen Ruoyu: “What”

As soon as the sound fell, the room suddenly became quiet.

Chen Ruoyu just sat on the hospital bed and looked at Shi Ran.

Her lips pursed together.

There was no sound for a while.

She just wanted to say “I like you” to Shi Ran, but when the words came to her mouth, she felt the words come suddenly and inexplicably, like an uncontrollable popping candy that jumped at her.

The edge of her mouth, but then quickly melted in her mouth.

Chen Ruoyu shook her head, “Nothing.”

Shi Ran stood at the door and looked at it but seemed to see through Chen Ruoyu, smiled, and asked confidently, “Chen Ruoyu, did you just want to say that you like me”

Hearing what Shi Ran said, Chen Ruoyu did not deny it, and gave her a soft “um”.

Since it was discovered, there was no need to hide it in one’s arms.

Hearing this answer, Shi Ran smiled even more.

She also said “um” to Chen Ruoyu, pushed the door, and walked out of the ward without waiting for her reaction.

So was she.

She also likes this person.

The elevator seemed to be stuck at the point where Shi Ran arrived and stopped right in front of her.

Shi Ran walked into the elevator alone without a smile.

The silver-white wall reflected the lights overhead.

Shi Ran pressed the button on the first floor and secretly slandered it in her heart.

However, the thought flashed through her head, but she was stunned.

Where did she learn this method from

The slight weightlessness of the elevator descending squeezed the memory of the past, and the dark night sky turned the warmness of the elevator into a coolness.

The warm yellow of the street lamps illuminated Shi Ran’s picture of that day, and also illuminated Chen Ruoyu’s face, smudged by alcohol.

“Does that sound like me”

“You are… Shi Ran.”



Shi Ran remembered.

On the night when Chen Ruoyu was drunk a long time ago, she also answered herself the same way.

Shi Ran only felt that Chen Ruoyu was drunk and was learning about herself, but when she subconsciously learned from Chen Ruoyu’s original answer and answered her, she realized that Chen Ruoyu seemed to answer herself at the beginning.

She appears to like me.

And like me from the beginning,

just like me.

Because Chen Ruoyu was hospitalized, Shi Ran took care of the bean bag’s diet and daily life.

It was rare to rest on weekends, there was no alarm clock, and there was no emergency overtime phone call, so Shi Ran slept until the third day.

The summer sun came in softly through the plain white curtains, and the wind from the air conditioner was very comfortable.

Shi Ran was enjoying the rare beauty of the soft pillow but suddenly sat up in a second.

There seems to be an orange next door that hasn’t been eaten since the morning.

And recently, to prevent the bean paste from stealing and gaining weight, she even put the opened cat food in her home.

Shi Ran’s footsteps sounded messy from the stairs.

Shi Ran didn’t even comb her hair and ran to the next house with the big bag of cat food.

It’s just that the door opened, and Shi Ran was greeted by a quiet room full of summer heat.

The sound of the air conditioner running faintly rang in the room, and the place was as quiet as if there were no cats.

Shi Ran’s guilt rose to the top level.

She put the cat food in the living room and called out to Dousha: “Dousha, Nancy, mommy is here to feed you food.

Mommy knows it’s wrong.

Mommy will never forget you again.”

It’s just that Shi Ran had searched the entire first floor and the only thing the size of the palm of your hand was the orange color of the beanbag.

Shi Ran was a little worried and blamed herself, so she hurried up to the second floor to continue looking for the cat.

Just as Shi Ran went up to the second floor, she heard a rustling sound coming from above the bookcase from a distance.

Dousha was lying on top of the bookcase, staring at Shi Ran with bright green eyes.

Angrily and aggrieved, she bared her small fangs on both sides and called out with a lone voice, “Meow—”

It’s like saying: Shit shoveling, how can you forget to feed me! Do you not love me anymore

Shi Ran felt even more guilty when she heard it, and immediately took a can, flicked it at the bean paste, and coaxed: “Bean paste, come down.

Mommy will open the can for you, okay”

As soon as she saw what she liked to eat, the humming of the bean paste stopped instantly.

The white gloves slowly propped up the somewhat cumbersome body, and without waiting for Shi Ran to raise her hand to catch it, it jumped down on its own, and landed on Chen Ruoyu’s bed briskly and neatly, with an exceptionally perfect movement.

If you ignore it, sweep down a delicate wooden box placed above the bookcase by Chen Ruoyu.


A bookcase that was not high enough for bean paste was deadly to a wooden box.

Before Shi Ran could save it, the box fell to the ground and fell into two halves.

The delicate engraved pattern was lying on the ground, and a lot of bright red origami roses rolled out of the box like this, and they kissed the walnut-colored floor, which looked impactful.

Shi Ran stared at this somewhat poignant picture for a long time.

She didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to have such things, and she couldn’t understand why Chen Ruoyu would hide these things in such a precious-looking box and put them hidden away.

She felt that these things should have some special meaning to Chen Ruoyu.

After Shi Ran opened the can of the beanbag, she squatted down and thought about helping Chen Ruoyu fix it.

Shi Ran picked up the box on its side, and a few origami roses rolled out disobediently.

It was because they rolled out like this that Shi Ran discovered that there was still a letter at the bottom of the box.

The slightly yellowed envelope had a red heart painted on it, which looked familiar.


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