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Chapter 87 – pay attention

The consequence of being caught by Chen’s elders was that Shi Ran was sitting on the sofa very upright now, as well-behaved as a doll.

She never thought in her life that one day she would directly or indirectly disclose her relationship with Chen Ruoyu to the Chen family in this way.

This was the top nightmare, okay

And it’s the kind that doesn’t even wake up.

Chen Ruoyu, calmer than Shi Ran, looked at the three elderly people standing at the door, and said, “Dad, why are you all suddenly here”

“I came from the gallery with your aunt and uncle and just wanted to come here to see you.” Chen Yinbing said, and then his eyes fell on Shi Ran.

He looked at the cake on the table, and asked, “Is it a birthday”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes, today is Shi Ran’s birthday.”

“That’s it.” Chen Yuanshan nodded, slowed down from the picture he saw just now, and reminded her with his hands behind his back: “Young people can understand, but you still have to be careful when you are together.”

Chen Shiwei also slowed down and warned: “Second brother is right.

In the future, we have to develop the habit of locking the door.

In case any of you change clothes in the room, wouldn’t it be a joke in such a big place”

Shi Ran’s face turned red.

She thought it was enough of a joke just now.

Chen Shiwei noticed that Chen Yinbing, who was far calmer than herself and Chen Yuanshan as soon as she entered the door, was extremely puzzled: “Brother, I don’t think you were surprised at all just now”

Chen Yinbing glanced at Chen Shiwei after hearing this, and said, “I’m also surprised.”

The acting was clumsy, and it can even be said that there was no acting at all.

But Chen Yinbing indeed noticed it very early, whether it was the New Year’s phone call or the orange that fell on the car.

Chen Yuanshan didn’t care if Chen Yinbing was there or not.

She stood opposite Shi Ran, smiled at her, and said, “I will come to your side often from now on, but I’m not allowed to make excuses.”

Shi Ran wanted to go to Chen Yuanshan’s studio for a long time to take a class.

People can’t stand still, so she nodded readily in response: “Yes, Teacher Chen.”

While talking, Chen Shiwei sat next to Shi Ran and said with a smile, “Second brother is thrilled now.

I think Xiao Shi is a good kid.

He is good at painting and is clever.

Auntie came in a hurry this time.

Next time, next time you come to eat at home, my aunt will give you a big red envelope.

Shi Ran was a little flattered and hurriedly refused: “No need.”

“Why not” Chen Shiwei rejoiced in her heart, and then asked, “Xiao Shi, I didn’t ask you carefully, how old are you this year”

Shi Ran felt the invisible pressure that Xiao Ba would describe to her every year after coming to her own family’s elders, and she replied obediently, “Auntie, I’m twenty-six this year.”

Chen Shiwei thought about it for a while, then nodded in approval: “It’s good that we are half a year younger than our Ruoyu.”

Then she thought of something, looked at Shi Ran, and asked with concern: “By the way, how is Xiao Shi’s family doing recently I was worried for a while when I heard that something happened to your family.

The topic became inexplicably awkward.

Chen Shiwei, Shi Ran’s father, had no bad intentions; he simply cared about Shi Ran.

Shi Ran also understood, smiled politely, and replied, “It’s okay, it’s all over.”

“Then your mother…” Chen Shiwei wanted to ask more, but was interrupted by Chen Yinbing, who was standing beside her: “Okay, don’t rush to ask after these things.

Did the inspection report from last week come out “Come, Xiao Shi, come and accompany me to Ruoyu to see the doctor.

When Chen Ruoyu heard Chen Yinbing say this, her heart suddenly tightened: “Dad, Shi Ran she…”

Just before she finished making excuses, Chen Yinbing said to Chen Ruoyu, with a bit of a joke: “Don’t worry, I can’t eat your people.”

After that, Chen Yinbing was given another chance by Chen Ruoyu, who looked at Shi Ran, who was sitting in the middle, and said, “Let’s go.”

Shi Ran knew that she and Chen Ruoyu could not avoid contact with her family.

Since Chen Yinbing found herself, she had nothing to back down from.

Chen Ruoyu recovered well.

The doctor told her to pay attention to the affected part of her wrist and not to tap the plaster cast, so she ended the inquiry.

When the two came out of the office, Shi Ran owed Chen Yinbing half a body and followed them as quietly and obediently as they came.

A few people were waiting in the elevator, and the quiet lights seemed to be like a galaxy between the two of them.

Chen Yinbing glanced at Shi Ran and said, “It’s so quiet, it’s not like you anymore.”

Shi Ran knew that what was supposed to come was finally coming, so she released her tightly clenched hand and answered honestly, “Nervous.”

When Chen Yinbing heard this, a smile appeared in his eyes.

He thought Shi Ran’s answer was interesting and turned his face to Shi Ran.

His expression deliberately slowed down: “I, is it so scary”

is a little.

Shi Ran murmured in her heart and smiled at Chen Yinbing without saying a word.

Chen Yinbing probably knew what Shi Ran was thinking, and without waiting for her to answer, she continued, “I’m thrilled to know that you are with Ruoyu today.”

Shi Ran couldn’t help but glance at Chen Yinbing, and was very flattered by her evaluation of herself: “Actually, uncle doesn’t need to be so relieved…”

Chen Yinbing said otherwise, “You don’t know, Ruoyu will only show different emotions about things related to you.

Only when you are by her side will she have human emotions.”

“You should be able to see that my father was not very interested in Ruoyu, and she was far from my father.

She has been alone all these years.

I’m really worried about this child.

I’ve been reflecting these days; it’s indeed my father’s dereliction of duty.

But now that I know you’re by her side, I’m relieved.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip unnaturally, not knowing what to say for a while.

She had never been good at getting along with her elders.

She was at odds with the little old lady, and she was also at odds with Shi Haijun.

She was calm and peaceful as if there was never a relationship between her and her elders.

As soon as the voice died, Chen Yinbing stretched his hand into the inner pocket of the suit.

The flat suit was pulled into folds, and he took out a beautiful small wooden box from it: “Come on, open it and look.”

Shi Ran took the box that Chen Yinbing had handed over for some unknown reason and carefully opened it in front of Chen Yinbing.

The silver-white light was soft and crystal clear from the bracelet wrapped in soft cloth, and it was reflected in Shi Ran’s dark pupils.

She took the bracelet out of the box in surprise.

The silver-white bracelet was engraved with delicate patterns, which were the same as the bracelet on her left wrist.

“I saw you cherish this bracelet at first, but every time I see you later, I see you carrying it, so I drew a pattern and asked someone to order one.

Good things must come in pairs.” Chen Yinbing explained.

Shi Ran was flattered: “This gift is too precious, uncle.”

However, Chen Yinbing said, “Gifts are important, so why use the money to measure them This bracelet has been in the making for a long time, but the timing is short.

It was worn today.

Maybe this is the fate between you and our Chen family.

Shi Ran’s heart was always warm when she heard it.

As Chen Yinbing said, this bracelet cannot be measured by money.

What matters is Chen Yinbing’s care for himself.

He was a master of fine brush painting, and it was really easy to draw a pattern exactly like the bracelet on his hand, but if he could draw a bracelet for himself with a pen, no one could ask for it.

Shi Ran seldom had the care given by her elders since she was a child, and the bracelet Chen Yinbing gave to her became warmer in her palm.

Chen Yinbing quietly watched Shi Ran, saw the changes in her eyes clearly, and said, “Uncle wishes you a happy birthday, and I wish you and Ruoyu to be with you forever and never give up.

Promise uncle, you must do it, okay “

Shi Ran nodded firmly to Chen Yinbing: “Definitely.”

As she said that, she put the bracelet on her right hand and showed it to Chen Yinbing.

“I do not accept returns for seven days for no reason.”

Shi Ran notably said “you girl” to Chen Yinbing, and then stepped into the elevator that had just opened the door.

The two returned to Chen Ruoyu’s ward together, and Chen Shiwei saw Chen Yinbing coming back and stood up, “Since the eldest brother has come back, we won’t disturb Ruoyu to rest here, so we will go back.”

“I’ll see you off.” Chen Ruoyu said and stood up, but before she could step out, Chen Yuanshan pressed her back, “No need, just take a good rest, that’s all.”

After all, the three of them left Chen Ruoyu’s ward without letting them off.

As soon as Chen Shiwei walked out of the ward, she looked at her two brothers and asked what she had been thinking about: “eldest brother and second brother, do you think Xiao Shi is the son-in-law or daughter-in-law of our Chen family”

“Son-in-law.” Chen Yuanshan said.

“But Ruoyu is bigger than Xiao Shi.” Chen Shiwei was a little unwilling.

Chen Yuanshan shook his head: “It’s fading, it’s not a matter of age.”

“But I feel like Ruoyu’s temperament, Xiao Shi may listen to her more.”

“Shiwei, you are wrong.

I taught Xiao Shi, and Ruoyu should not be able to restrain her eccentric temperament.

The two were gossiping about the two children, and some couldn’t tell the difference.

They all looked at Chen Yinbing, who was listening quietly as usual: “Brother, what do you think”

However, Chen Yinbing smiled, and the first two people walked into the elevator and said, “The secret must not be revealed.”

The departure of several people made the ward quiet again, and the sound of cicadas became dull and fleshy through the glass.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who looked very relaxed, and asked, “What did Dad tell you just now”

Shi Ran was a little proud, stretched out her hand high, and showed Chen Ruoyu her new bracelet: “Jian Jiang!”

“Now you can’t rely on your account in the future.

My uncle has given me a betrothal gift.

Shi Ran’s voice was cheerful enough to infect anyone, and countless stars were shining in those dark eyes, dazzling and eye-catching.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it and said, deliberately in a light tone, “You promised to marry me.”

Shi Ran heard a hint of shame and annoyance flashing in her eyes and hummed at Chen Ruoyu, “I won’t tell you, Dousha is still waiting for me at home.

I have to feed it.”

With that said, the man was about to get up and leave.

But she didn’t want to.

The next second, Chen Ruoyu reached out and clasped her wrist.

Shi Ran lost her center of gravity and fell into Chen Ruoyu’s arms.

She was embraced by Chen Ruoyu in a possessive posture.

The warm breath burned on her neck unreservedly.

Chen Ruoyu leaned over and bit her earlobe gently, her lips pressed against her ear, and said, “I’m hungry too.”


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