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Chapter 88 – pushing each other and eyeing the nectar brewed by each other.

The light fell gently in the ward, and the immense windows framed the quiet and leisurely world in the summer afternoon.

The red velvet choker tied around Chen Ruoyu’s neck was like a tie on a gift, and she caught Shi Ran’s gaze brightly.

The snow white and dark red are intertwined, and the movement of breathing drives the light to circulate on the bandage.

Under the coldness, there are all kinds of styles that go against it.

Shi Ran rolled her throat gently, turned around slowly, and asked knowingly, “What should I do”

“Let me take a bite.”

Chen Ruoyu spoke to Shi Ran calmly, with a little chuckle at the end of her words.

Shi Ran was still a little wicked and didn’t want to let Chen Ruoyu succeed like this.

However, Chen Ruoyu swallowed all her words before she could say them, and her warm lips came up again with a temperature that seemed to have not disappeared recently.

Chen Ruoyu’s kiss was extraordinarily gentle.

Her delicate kisses lightly sucked Shi Ran’s lips.

Her fair neck floated up and down as if she was tasting.

Shi Ran likes Chen Ruoyu’s kisses very much; it always makes her feel that she is being gently wrapped by someone who only belongs to her.

The wind blew through the small flowers blooming in the flower bed outside the window, and the bustling made the petals of the two flowers intertwine, pushing each other and eyeing the nectar brewed by each other.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu separated slightly from Shi Ran.

Those wet lips kissed from the corner of Shi Ran’s mouth to the cheek, finally landing on the earlobe.

As if deliberately, but also as if she was deliberately debating the question, Chen Ruoyu hooked her lips and whispered in Shi Ran’s ear: “It’s delicious, it’s sweet.”

The current passed by in such an instant that Shi Ran couldn’t hold back her emotions and stirred her sanity.

Shi Ran leaned over and pressed down when she noticed the well-dressed man in front of her, and the supple skirt also fell on Chen Ruoyu’s lap.

Shi Ran’s eyes were half closed, and Chen Ruoyu’s breathing was reflected in her dark eyes.

Those cold eyes were full of desire, enough to make anyone give up the bottom line.

“I’m hungry too.”

Shi Ran said, then raised a hand and rubbed Chen Ruoyu’s cheek, neck, collarbone…

Chen Ruoyu felt it sensitively but was interrupted by a call.

Shi Ran: “Ah Yu.”

This soft call completely collapsed Chen Ruoyu’s remaining rationality.

Her breathing became heavier, and she was dragged by Shi Ran like this, stepping on the crumbling ruins, watching the man’s slender fingers like a pilgrimage brigade, slowly and firmly down, stepping over The hills and plains were finally swallowed by the soft velvet cloth on her body.

The shadow was projected on the wall by the light, and Gu Qiwang’s breath sounded silently along with the raised neck…

Since the beginning of summer, the weather has been getting hotter day by day, and the iced American style in the coffee shop is far more prevalent than in the winter.

Shi Ran came to the studio with the coffee that she had finally queued up to buy and saw the large box that had been placed on the long meeting table in front of the original painting group and put it on her workstation.

Shi Ran was a little surprised, “This is”

Xiao Ba dragged the chair and slid over, saying: “We just decided that the boss’s cactus will not die in a while, but this big box of snacks has an expiration date, and over one month has passed in the past six months.

It’s been a month, and I’ll give you an award in advance.

Shi Ran felt that this was an unexpected joy and took the large box of snacks with great fun, saying, “It’s just the end of the month, and the landlord’s family has no food left.”

Xiao Ba smiled and knocked on the box, and called Shi Ran with no intention: “Ah Ran.”

It sounds a little flattering.

Shi Ran knew that Xiao Ba’s purpose was for the bag of dried fruit that Zhou Yuan had made a bet on before, so she raised her chin to her generously and said, “Take it yourself.

It’ll allow you to pick another one.”

Xiao Ba was overjoyed, holding Zhou Yuan’s bag of snacks and hugging Shi Ran’s neck tightly: “Wow, Ah Ran, you are so nice! As expected of my Ah Ran! “

It was then that Xiao Ba suddenly felt a cool breeze brushing across her back and drilling straight into her neck.

Before she could understand what was going on, she heard Big Bear’s voice, “Boss.”

Xiao Ba heard the sound and turned around.

Chen Ruoyu was standing in the aisle not far away.

As always, her expression showed no emotion, but her always cold eyes seemed to have formed a layer of ice.

Xiao Ba shuddered when she saw it, inexplicably, and subconsciously let go of the hands that were holding Shi Ran.

And the big bear who stopped Chen Ruoyu just now walked up to Chen Ruoyu and said with a smile: “Boss, I heard that the first quarter of the apostle has surpassed the crisis experiment.

Will Boss give us a celebration banquet today “

Chen Ruoyu glanced blankly at the well-informed Big Bear, then skipped Xiao Ba and stood in front of Shi Ran.

She half-dropped her eyes so that no one could see the slightest emotion.

She was just standing in the same picture as Shi Ran, which gave people an inexplicable sense of being evenly matched.

Chen Ruoyu just stared at the big box in front of Shi Ran and asked, “Win”

The emotions of the others were tense in front of Chen Ruoyu, but Shi Ran seemed to be the only one in red in the quiet and cool tones.

She picked up the box on the table and showed it to Chen Ruoyu with no sense of distance, “Yes.”

The man smiled brightly and brilliantly, with a smug look in his eyes.

Chen Ruoyu also gave a low laugh in her heart and took out the bag of durian candy from the big box that Shi Ran was holding, like a grandiose division of the spoils.

Not waiting for the people around them to keep their eyes on them for a long time, Chen Ruoyu looked at the big bear and knew: “The location is your choice.”

“Okay!” Da Xiong replied.

At the celebration banquet, no one cares about the “grand” of the two people just now.

Although it was a long time ago Sun Lian was dismissed, the apostles and the crisis experiment did not have such a big hatred, but the quarterly running water surpassed the crisis experiment, which still made everyone’s morale extremely high.

In the evening, the celebration banquet was lively and lively.

In the high-end box of the hotel, everyone was drinking and boxing, thinking about a better future.

And in the corner where no one was paying attention, Shi Ran quietly stood up from her position.

As one of the main heroes, she wanted to go to the toilet to hide from drinking.

Slightly drunk, the bright lights in the corridor were scattered in front of Shi Ran’s eyes.

The sound of high-heeled shoes overlapped on the soundproofed carpeted floor.

Shi Ran deliberately went to an inaccessible toilet, stood in front of the mirror, and let out a sigh of relief.

Then there was no sound of the tap in the quiet space, but a muffled sound of something hitting the door.

The light seemed to be shaken by the movement, and the dangling skirt fabric was pushed in half by Shi Ran’s legs.

Chen Ruoyu was pushed by Shi Ran against the small door of the toilet compartment on one side, and her left leg was exposed from the slit of the suppressed skirt.

Shi Ran was a little drunk, but she still found out that Chen Ruoyu was following her all the way.

She pressed her against the door like this, hooked her red lips, and looked at this person closely: “What You are so afraid of losing me that you have to follow me to the toilet “

Chen Ruoyu was not found to be weak after being restrained at all, but looked directly at Shi Ran and replied calmly, “Yes, I’m afraid someone will hug you again.”

Shi Ran listened and couldn’t help but tutor twice.

“What” Chen Ruoyu was puzzled.

“Why didn’t you think you were so jealous before” Shi Ran embraced Chen Ruoyu’s waist and teased ambiguous.

Shi Ran’s voice was a little low and magnetic, brushing the tip of Chen Ruoyu’s ear and causing a burst of numbness.

Chen Ruoyu’s heart pounded, and the boiling blood made her eyelashes droop.

After a while, she looked at Shi Ran again with a bit of indifference and replied in a soft voice, “I eat dumplings with vinegar.”

Shi Ran listened to Wu and smiled, “What a coincidence.

So do I.”

“Otherwise, why don’t the whole family not enter the house”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu admitted it.

Again and again, the ambiguity of ridicule has been dyed with even more scorching colors.

Both of them are very sensitive and concerned about the word “family”.

There was silence echoing in the enormous bathroom, sparks rubbed in each other’s eyes, and the kiss was natural.

The tip of her tongue touched, and Shi Ran’s hand was inserted into Chen Ruoyu’s long hair.

The fluffy hair wrapped around her fingers, which was warmer than the coldness that this person usually showed.

Loud chatter in the box poured into the corridor from the open door and then disappeared as the door closed.

The drunk Xiao Ba staggered out of the box.

She felt nauseous, and without looking for Zhou Yuan, she walked to the bathroom not far away, leaning against the wall.

However, she went the opposite way, moving further and further away from the bathroom she had stepped into when she came.

Then she touched the inaccessible bathroom in the southwest corner of the floor.

The sign that was clearly saying do not enter was in the middle of the road, and Xiao Ba looked at the sign and walked around while leaning against the wall.

The bright lights separated many shadows in Xiao Ba’s sight, and from a distance, she saw two figures touching each other.

It seems to be Ah Ran and the boss…

Ah, Ah Ran…

Ah, Ran

Xiao Ba’s dizzy head suddenly woke up.

She thought she had read it wrong, stood at the door and rubbed her eyes, and was completely stunned the next second.

Shi Ran was pushing a woman against the door and kissing her.

That person seems to be the boss!

Xiao Ba instantly understood what happened to the cold air she suddenly noticed this morning.

Almost out of a survival instinct, she staggered and walked out quickly, but in a panic, she slammed into something soft.

The gentle and warm fragrance covered her nose, and Xiao Ba looked up and saw Zhou Yuan, who was just looking for her.

Zhou Yuan was a little nervous looking at Xiao Ba’s appearance: “Xiao Ba, are you alright Why does your face look a little bad Are you uncomfortable Do you want me to help you “

However, Xiao Ba hurriedly covered Zhou Yuan’s eyes, trying to prevent her from seeing her good friend’s relationship with the boss: “No, no, no, I don’t have to go in.”

Zhou Yuan felt that Xiao Ba was completely in three hundred taels of silver here, which was simply too strange.

But Xiao Ba didn’t let Zhou Yuan take her in and dragged Zhou Yuan to leave: “A Yuan, let’s go, I’m much better, and I don’t want to vomit.”


A rising questioning voice came from the bathroom at this moment.

Just the second after Xiao Ba turned around, Shi Ran was already leaning on the door frame of the bathroom entrance.

Her fox-like eyes were smiling, and she looked at Xiao Ba with a bit of ridicule: “I didn’t expect that I would still.

Does it work “


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