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Chapter 89 – “Ms.

Shi teaches well.”

The bright light fell on the marble floor, refracting the almost dazzling light, and a few clear high-heeled shoes rhythmically sounded in Xiao Ba’s ears, but within a few seconds, Chen Ruoyu appeared in Xiao Ba’s line of sight with an expressionless face.

Xiao Ba has never felt that she can wake up so quickly from alcohol.

While her brain was fighting against alcohol, she instructed her to explain clearly: “Boss, I confess, I saw nothing, I just drank too much, saw nothing, saw nothing!”

There were simply no silver 300 taels here.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t need to examine the tone of this person’s words and saw Xiao Ba’s guilty conscience.

There was still no expression on her face, but her voice sounded a little easy-going: “It doesn’t matter if you see it.”

Xiao Ba was stunned for a moment, and the nervousness and apprehension of breaking through the secret made her a little unsure of how to react.

Chen Ruoyu glanced at Zhou Yuan, who was standing behind Xiao Ba, and continued: “Originally, I should have told you about this matter.

I kept A Yuan a secret, so don’t blame A Yuan.”

Xiao Ba shook her head again and again when she heard the words: “No, no, no, how could I blame A Yuan.”

Xiao Ba listened, lightly stroked Xiao Ba’s shoulder, and reassured: “Okay, no one will blame you.”

Then she looked at Chen Ruoyu and Shi Ran who were standing at the door of the bathroom, and said, “The four of us have been out long enough, let’s go back, lest they really get suspicious.”

“Yes.” Shi Ran agreed.

She knew that Xiao Ba was now an enormous question mark, so she grabbed Xiao Ba, and the four of them split into two pairs and walked back.

Is there a sound from the passing box that the heavy door can’t block Xiao Ba’s absent-minded look was still a little surprising.

She quietly looked back at Zhou Yuan and Chen Ruoyu who were walking behind, saw Zhou Yuan’s gentle smile at her, and saw that Chen Ruoyu was about to turn her head to look at her actions, so she quickly turned back.

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s head poking out her head, and couldn’t help but tease: “You’re so scared, are you sober”

Xiao Ba felt that Chen Ruoyu should not be able to hear their conversation, and spit out the breath in her heart: “Wake up, can you stay awake”

“Are you so afraid of Chen Ruoyu” Shi Ran couldn’t help but ask.

She and Chen Ruoyu used to be classmates.

The day before Chen Ruoyu came to the company as the new leader, they became sisters of the artillery company.

It may be because of this excessive familiarity that Shi Ran had no fear of Chen Ruoyu at first.

Speaking of which, she was actually about what kind of existence Chen Ruoyu was in the eyes of others.

Xiao Ba thought and said, “It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just that, you know, leaders naturally have an aura of oppression.

That’s how the boss is.” Xiao Ba thought and said, “Although it’s a bit too serious to say that she’s not angry and arrogant, but she really is.

It’s this feeling, like… a wolf king with her own territory.”

Shi Ran nodded in approval after listening to Xiao Ba’s description.

To say that she looks like the leader of the wolf king was still somewhat similar, and the wolf has a specific smell, which was also true of Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran’s thoughts sounded like this, but Xiao Ba on the other side seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and her face changed instantly: “Mom when I hug you this morning, the boss won’t be angry!”

Shi Ran almost forgot this.

Xiao Ba didn’t say this.

She looked at the culprit who caused the situation just now and said, “Guess what”

When Xiao Ba heard Shi Ran’s tone, she immediately became nervous, “Then I won’t be fired! I still like our studio very much…”

Shi Ran: “Why is it so serious”

As she spoke, she patted Xiao Ba’s shoulder to reassure her, and said, “Fortunately, I sacrificed my life to comfort you.”

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Ba’s mind couldn’t help but flash the picture she had just glimpsed.

I don’t know if her brain has completely woken up.

She just glanced at the picture, but it played repeatedly in her mind like a small movie in front of her.

Incredibly restless.

Xiao Ba always felt a little unreal, and cautiously confirmed to Shi Ran: “So you are really with the boss”

Shi Ran nodded, “Of course.”

There was still some undissipated alcohol in Xiao Ba’s head.

Hearing Shi Ran’s words, she continued to ask: “When did it happen How could you not tell me”

Shi Ran was a little embarrassed.

The matter between her and Chen Ruoyu was complicated, and even a little bloody.

The two of them are like a twisted and reversed ribbon.

Although the process was reversed and repeated, at least the ending was not bad.

Shi Ran thought about it and simply blurred the date: “It’s just these two days.”

Xiao Ba doesn’t obey, if she doesn’t gossip, she won’t be called Xiao Ba, “Which two days are these two days”

Shi Ran thought for a while and followed the date of their public test: ” it was when the boss had a car accident recently.”

When Xiao Ba heard Shi Ran’s words, she blurted, “I said how could you ignore my half peach.”

She smiled again and said, “It’s rare that someone is more important to you than food.”

Listening to Xiao Ba’s teasing, Shi Ran stretched out her hand and tapped her forehead: “Look, you understand.

You are not the one who was frightened just now.”

Xiao Ba raised her chin with a “cut” sound and tightened her hand around Shi Ran’s arm: “I have your backing.

What am I afraid of”

Speaking of this, Xiao Ba thought of something interesting, and her eyes were smiling: “Ah Ran, when are you going to tell the people in the studio about this Now Or tomorrow I think we will wait.

Silly Big Sister and the others will definitely be shriveled, and then turn their heads and become your son-in-law, then I will pretend to be a tiger by then.”

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s appearance that she had already dreamed of before realizing it and pushed open the door of the box in front of her.

She looked at the chatting and laughing colleagues in the box, who were heart-to-heart, and those who were not.

The next second, she made a zipper action to Xiao Ba, reminding him: “But before you raise your eyebrows, please ask Xiao Ba.

Confidential for now.”

“I respect Ah Yu’s thoughts and will do nothing that bothers her without her permission.”

Although Shi Ran declined Ah Jiu’s invitation to return to the crisis experiment, because of the smooth operation of the apostles recently, the original painting team was not too busy, so Shi Ran was seconded by Ah Jiu to take part in the related goddess, etc.

skin design for the character’s Futuristic City series.

Because the skin was related to the new event story that will be launched soon, the Future City team has a tight schedule and heavy tasks, and Shi Ran was busy flying.

A few people in the group hurried and finally completed the final version of the person setting the draft on the last day of the working day.

As the group leader, Shi Ran walked towards Ah Jiu’s office with the sorted documents.

The lights illuminated the entire corridor brightly, and the little-known shortcut was silent only with the sound of Shi Ran’s footsteps.

Thinking that she can finally be released today, Shi Ran’s footsteps were filled with obvious joy and ease.

Only with the sound of a door opening, the only sound of footsteps in the corridor disappeared.

Shi Ran was pulled into the unoccupied conference room.

Before she could react, her bare shoulders were against the glass partition wall that was blown cold by the air-conditioning wind, while her fragile head was resting on a warm body.

The familiar fragrance fell on Shi Ran’s shoulders again, and Chen Ruoyu imprisoned Shi Ran in her arms in a possessive posture.

The two were so close, that their breathing gradually became hot.

This road was indeed inaccessible, but it was also in the company, and it may be discovered.

Shi Ran didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be so bold, and asked nervously, “Why are you here”

“If I don’t reply, I can only come to find you.” Chen Ruoyu replied, her voice was calm and indifferent, but her words were unexpectedly straightforward.

How could Shi Ran still not understand, she raised her hand and wrapped her arms around Chen Ruoyu’s waist, and asked, “Aren’t you happy”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word, just stared straight at Shi Ran.

Those dark pupils reflected the natural light outside the window, and there was some bright dissatisfaction hidden under the coldness.

Shi Ran knew she was indeed a little too busy these days, so she comforted her: “Come on, the final version is completed today, and then… um…”

But before she could finish speaking, Shi Ran’s lips were blocked.

Chen Ruoyu kissed Shi Ran.

The kiss was not gentle, with dissatisfaction and domineering, and even the palm behind Shi Ran’s head showed absolute desire to control.

Shi Ran’s scalp was numb from the pain of biting, and she changed from her habit to gain dominance and become a submissive under Chen Ruoyu’s control.

The bright summer sun in her sight scorched her eyes, making her feel like she was experiencing a sun shower.

Slowly, Chen Ruoyu gradually kissed down.

Kissed her cheek, then chin, and finally her neck.

The delicate skin pressed against the soft lips, and the violently beating pulse beat brightly on the man’s lips.

Shi Ran suddenly woke up from her drowsiness, struggling to vibrate the vocal cords that raised her neck, and a broken voice fell from her lips: “Chen Ruoyu…”

The voice shook Chen Ruoyu’s ear close to Shi Ran’s lips, and she stopped her movements gently.

The drooping shirt material was silently fluctuating because of gasping, Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran as if to calm her breath.

After a while, Shi Ran reluctantly regained some of her breath.

She was still leaning against Chen Ruoyu’s hand, which was inserted into her long hair, and retorted, “You have learned badly.”

Chen Ruoyu replied calmly, “I learned from you.”

Shi Ran still felt that Chen Ruoyu was too presumptuous, but couldn’t bear to blame.

She really likes Chen Ruoyu like this.

I like her arrogance and paranoia when she wanted her just now.

Shi Ran’s slender fingers gently traced Chen Ruoyu’s lips stained with her lipstick, and her rounded nails pressed stubbornly, pressing a bit of bloodshot red on those weak lips.

Shi Ran slowly raised her eyes and looked at Chen Ruoyu, and intoned, “Do you know you are so likable now”

Chen Ruoyu was sealed by Shi Ran’s fingers, unable to speak, and did not want to speak.

Just a few seconds after the voice fell, the red and bloodshot lips cracked, the teeth pressed against the fingertips, and the tip of the tongue skipped the fingers.

Very suggestive.

Shi Ran’s heart beat fiercely, and she couldn’t help but say, “Fairy.”

However, Chen Ruoyu said seriously, “Ms.

Shi teaches well.”

Those cold eyes were stained with all kinds of amorous feelings because of the kiss just now, but the buttoned shirt was written with abstinence and loneliness.

Shi Ran’s ears turned red when she heard “Mr.

Shi”, and the fox, who was used to being arrogant and provocative, blushed for the first time when she was teased.

A little nervous and helpless.

Shi Ran squeezed the document in her hand and said, “I won’t tell you, I have to hand in the last version.”

After all, Shi Ran was about to slip away from Chen Ruoyu’s arms.

However, just after this action was half completed, Chen Ruoyu once again controlled it in her hands.

Chen Ruoyu refused and looked at each other with cold desire in her eyes.

Shi Ran knew she shouldn’t be tempted by beauty, but when Chen Ruoyu’s lips fell together, she still obeyed.

Never mind.

The clock slowly turned from an acute angle to an obtuse angle, and there were several laughing conversations in the corridor.

In this unmanned conference room, Chen Ruoyu pressed Shi Ran and kissed her once more.

In the afternoon, when I got off work, my heart was floating.

A red Porsche parked under the office building and instantly attracted countless eyes.

Holding an enormous bouquet of roses, Song Lan successfully entered YT because of his status as the noble son of the Song Group, and successfully came to the front desk of Chenxi Studio.

The lady at the front desk looked at such an enormous bouquet of roses, not to mention what the person in the back looked like, her eyes lit up: “Hello sir, may I help you”

Song Lan: “Is there a person named Shi Ran here, can you help me get her out”

The lady at the front desk knew Shi Ran and had a good relationship, so she politely asked, “May I ask you, sir, who are you from Ah Ran You need to register here.”

Song Lan listened, pulled out a hand and scratched his nose, and said, “Who is it… If you insist on saying it, then Shi Ran and I kissed…”

The voice fell, and a figure stopped in the corridor on one side.

Chen Ruoyu stood not far away and looked blankly at this strange man, her lips were still dyed with the red she just plundered from Shi Ran.


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