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Chapter 90 – as if there was rain waiting to come into her body.

The days in summer are longer than in other seasons, but the sky still has the feeling of sunset.

The sunlight slanted in from the window on one side and fell on the enormous bouquet of roses that Song Lan was holding in his hands.

Chen Ruoyu’s face was calm, but her actions were not thoughtful, even impulsive.

She looked at Song Lan, who had just said those words, and walked to the front desk with heavy footsteps.

Her voice sounded aggressive and cold with possessiveness: “Why didn’t I know my girlfriend had a kiss with you”

The front desk area was directly connected to the elevator, and the large space that was originally hot in summer seems to have a cold wind at this moment.

Chen Ruoyu’s shadow fell in front of Song Lan in the light, and the forceful aura was vividly displayed through those pitch-black eyes.

Song Lan felt that his breathing was about to stop.

For the first time, his second ancestor, who was not afraid of anything, broke out in a cold sweat on his palms.

He finally understood why Shi Yu stopped him again and again today.

The lady at the front desk stood aside, feeling as if she had eaten a huge melon.

In the next second, Shi Ran’s phone vibrated wildly, and the news of the [FA paddling competition group] instantly reached 99 .

Shi Ran was stunned when she saw the constantly updated news on the phone and the things added by the lady at the front desk.

She didn’t expect that Chen Ruoyu would announce her relationship with others faster than herself, and she didn’t expect that Song Lan would come to the company to find her with no warning.

She knew that Song Lan was somewhat naive, but she did not expect this person to be so naive.

Shi Ran stood up from the sofa holding the phone and said, “Ah Jiu, if there is no problem, I will go first.”

“What’s the matter, I’m in a hurry; didn’t I say I’d invite you to dinner tonight” Ah Jiu was stunned for a moment.

Shi Ran waved her hand, opened the door and turned back to Ah Jiu, and said hastily, “No, next time.”

The lights quickly passed Shi Ran’s line of sight, and the originally quiet corridor was disrupted by the knocking sound of messy high-heeled shoes.

Shi Ran knew that, according to Chen Ruoyu’s temperament, this impulsive path of sovereignty showed that she cared about Song Lan’s existence.

Isn’t that certain

She had been embarrassed about Shen Yan for so long, and now that Song Lan appeared in front of her, she couldn’t guarantee that she would not be embarrassed.

Shi Ran hurried to the entrance of the business department.

The quiet atmosphere made her feel that she was not at the front desk but in an Asura field.

The two of them didn’t know what to say just now, so they stood facing each other, and the large bouquet of bright red roses between them was particularly eye-catching.

Shi Ran glanced at the rose hastily and then stood in front of Chen Ruoyu: “Chen Ruoyu.”

Chen Ruoyu turned her head calmly when she heard the sound, and asked in a light voice, “When did you kiss”

Shi Ran was also confused.

To avoid Shi Ran’s greater trouble just now, the lady at the front desk deliberately concealed the more gossip-inducing things at this level.

“Song Lan, why didn’t I know we kissed”

Song Lan touched his nose and recalled, “That’s what my dad told me a year ago.

He asked me to go on a blind date with you, saying that our two families had an agreement before that if the two families had a baby A man and a woman will exchange marriage and make up a good word.

That sounded great, but Shi Ran’s purpose couldn’t be clearer.

She sighed and explained to Song Lan helplessly: “Song Lan, you also know that it is the 21st century now, so this kind of agreement between the elders still counts.”

Song Lan also nodded, “I know.”

But his words didn’t end there.

Then he continued: “I just found out from my aunt two days ago that you haven’t been in a relationship yet, so I just wanted to chase you.”

After saying that, Song Lan stopped for a while.

He had always been in love and faced a lot of embarrassment in the face of a life that was far more mature than himself.

After a while, he mustered up his courage, looked at Shi Ran, and said, “Shi Ran, I really like you.”

But such courage can only be useless in the wrong place.

Shi Ran smiled politely at Song Lan and bluntly refused: “Sorry, Song Lan, I already have a girlfriend, and I like her very much.”

Boom! boom! boom!

It was like countless fireworks exploded in an instant, and Chen Ruoyu’s lonely heart was instantly illuminated by all kinds of fireworks.

She turned her head to look at the person standing beside her like this.

Her dark pupils were full of certainty, and her calm expression was written with rare seriousness.

This was the first time Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran say that she liked her.

There was no chaotic and hazy ambiguity in the night, sober to hear the fact that she admitted she liked her.

The setting sun casts a light orange layer from the window, reflecting on everyone’s faces.

Some people are heartbroken; others are heartbroken and lonely.

Hearing Shi Ran’s words, Song Lan tightened his hand holding the rose, and his bright eyes dimmed a lot.

He repeated, “Yes, you already have a girlfriend.”

Song Lan looked like a big golden boy and that was disappointing.

Shi Ran could see that his tail was wagging and it fell down with a snap.

Every golden hair was going down.

Shi Ran looked a little unbearable but still refused bluntly: “Sorry, I can’t accept your liking.”

Song Lan hesitated for a while, then gathered up his courage again, and said, “Then take the flower.

You can’t let me go back heavily with the flower.”

As he said that, Song Lan forced a smile on his face as if he was saving his face.

But Shi Ran still shook her head and used English to cover up the cruelty of rejecting her again: “sorry.”

The successive failures made Song Lan sigh heavily and sighed half-jokingly, “Today is a Waterloo day in the history of my pursuit of girls.”

Shi Ran listened and laughed and joked, “You have to go through a lot of failures.”

Song Lan couldn’t help but sigh, “Ah… Shi Ran, you are such a ruthless woman.”

Shi Ran said seriously: “I’m ruthless towards you is the best response to you.”

Listening to this, Song Lan hugged the flower in his arms again and muttered to himself, “That’s how it should be.”

After he said that, he thought for a while, and finally put the bunch of roses that would be sent on the front desk, and said to the young lady at the front desk who was standing behind: “The flowers are for you.

Take good care of them.

They are all very good flowers.

It’s been a long drive.

“Okay.” The lady at the front desk was a little surprised and happily accepted the gigantic bouquet of beautiful roses.

Song Lan watched as his rose was given to others by himself, turned to look at Shi Ran, and then looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside her.

Some are unwilling, some are convinced.

He had to admit that Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu were indeed a good match.

Not wanting to think about the hurried confession that he came here this time, Song Lan glanced at the elevator that was about to come up and waved to Shi Ran, “Then I’ll leave Shi Ran.”

Shi Ran also politely waved goodbye to him.

The elevator door opened slowly, and Song Lan took two quick steps and jumped in.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran and watched Song Lan, and found that this person seemed to be extra gentle to everyone who liked her.

Somewhat awkward

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s back as she bid farewell to Song Lan and said, “Have you seen enough”

The voice sounded flat, but Shi Ran felt the vinegar smell emanating from the person beside him.

She raised her lips and turned to look at Chen Ruoyu, her voice sweet and sly: “No.”

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were lowered, and her expression was calm, feeling that the mountains and the rain were about to come, and the building was filled with wind.

But before the rain came, Shi Ran hooked Chen Ruoyu’s hand and said affectionately, “You can never see enough.”

been played.

But Chen Ruoyu couldn’t help Shi Ran.

“Is the work done over there” Chen Ruoyu asked.

Shi Ran nodded.

“Then pack up and go back to the studio.”

Chen Ruoyu released Shi Ran’s flattering hand that she held with her.

Shi Ran probably guessed what Chen Ruoyu’s purpose was.

—Now that the whole studio knows what happened between her and Chen Ruoyu, she definitely can not explain it to everyone when she goes back.

Shi Ran thought about it and looked at Chen Ruoyu innocently with twinkling eyes like this, rarely softening her temper: “Ayu, won’t you accompany me”

But she didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to give an extraordinarily calm “um.”

Shi Ran’s eyes were instantly filled with loss, and the poor little fox dropped her ears and tail.

How much she usually likes to eat melons, how terrified she was now waiting for everyone’s cross-examination.

At this moment, a faint notification came from above Shi Ran’s head: “You are still temporarily seconded in the crisis experiment.

Go to the crisis to clock in and get off work, and go back tomorrow.”

This cold-hearted person was still soft-hearted.

She was her fox, letting herself go home to bully her.

Shi Ran hadn’t realized what was waiting for her when she got home, and her whole body was filled with the luck of escaping death.

A few sparrows flew past the orange-red evening sky outside the window.

She had never felt that the sunset could be as beautiful as it was today.

Chen Ruoyu was sitting on the sofa watching the live broadcast of Bean Paste Forgetting Me and having dinner when her legs suddenly sank.

Shi Ran just sat next to Chen Ruoyu with a box of ice cream in her arms, put himself down, and lay on Chen Ruoyu’s lap.

like a proud fox.

Or a fox who threw himself into the net.

“Why, can’t you lie down” Shi Ran asked Chen Ruoyu deliberately, looking at Chen Ruoyu’s gaze.

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu nodded, her eyes still falling on Shi Ran.

In the hot summer, Shi Ran only wore a large white shirt in the air-conditioned room.

Those slender legs were placed on the sofa wantonly and flamboyantly, and they looked much more delicious than the vanilla ice cream in their hands.

The sound of iron objects colliding came from the quiet room, and the heroine in the movie playing on TV locked another heroine in a cage.

Chen Ruoyu gently stroked the long hair on the side of Shi Ran’s face.

Her fair fingers wrapped around the long black hair, and she couldn’t tell who was imprisoning whom first.

The things that happened before getting off work suddenly turned over in Chen Ruoyu’s mind, and the sudden worry about gain and loss was highlighted by the music of the movie.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran.

Her tone was light but full of paranoid possessiveness: “Sometimes I really want to lock you up here so that you can never leave me again.”

Shi Ran held the wooden spoon of ice cream and smiled suddenly: “I should say this.”

Shi Ran moved her head, resting on Chen Ruoyu’s lap.

The red lips lifted in the light, and the smile became paranoid: “Don’t get rid of me in your life, Chen Ruoyu.”

The ice-cream air-cooled breath rose upwards and brushed the exposed auricle.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes trembled as her name sounded from another person’s mouth with possessive words.

The orange sunset was like the sea at low tide, slowly fading from the sky, but the dim room was filled with more and more ambiguity.

The shadow that was originally far away gradually approached in the weak light.

Chen Ruoyu lowered her head and kissed Shi Ran’s ice cream-stained lips.

The cicadas in summer are still tireless in the evening, and the muffled sound passes through the glass.

Shi Ran’s lips were vanilla flavored, and there was a bit of ice cream on them that she sucked lightly.

The numbness on the tip of the tongue had become addictive.

The sound of the bag being torn open resounded in the room, mixed with the sound of the movie, faint but particularly obvious.

Shi Ran’s heart beat faster and faster as if there was rain waiting to come into her body.


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