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Han Qingsong nodded, “With uncle looking out for me, I can save myself from much trouble.

One day, I’ll go and have a drink with him.”


Han Qingyun smiled and continued to watch him sew the quilt.


Han Qingsong glanced at him, “Do you really want to help me sew”


Han Qingyun quickly shook his head.


Han Qingsong said, “If you have nothing else to say, then you can leave.

I already know what you needed to tell me.”


Han Qingyun smiled at Lin Lan before he walked over to the yard and whispered to Lin Lan, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t know how to sew, ask my mother and my sister-in-law to help you.

Third brother is a dignified director; it wouldn’t be good if the word spreads of him sewing a quilt.”


The men in the village basically do nothing when they go home.

They wouldn’t even clean up if they spilled some water, let alone do the housework.


He raised his head to meet Han Qingsong’s gaze from the window and waved his hand, “Third brother, I’m leaving.

I’ll have a drink with you when I have time.”


Lin Lan returned to the room and said with a smile, “That young fellow Qingyun is a nice guy.

He’s compassionate and righteous.”


Back then, when Han Jinbao was playing tricks on Lin Lan, Han Qingyun helped.


Han Qingsong continued to sew the quilt.


Although it was still bright outside, the room was getting dark early, so Lin Lan lit the oil lamp.


On the other hand, Han Qingsong had finished sewing the quilt.


!!! Director Han, you are truly amazing!


Han Qingsong checked and found that there was still time, so he motioned for Lin Lan to bring the other one and sew it together.


Although there were two military quilts at home, they were single quilts.

They were thick enough but not wide enough, and could only be used by one person each.

Besides, there were no matching bed sheets for those either.


Han Qingsong and Maisui could each have one, Lin Lan and Xiaowang would then share a big one and the other three brothers would have to also share a big quilt.


Lin Lan prepared two pieces of cotton and fabric to sew.

The previous bed sheet was a self-dyed blue cloth made of other quilts, which was the most rustic kind.

This bed was a yarn-dyed cloth that Lin Lan bought and it looked much better than the indigo dyed indigo cloth.

The three colours of red, blue and green looked particularly bright in the dim room.


Lin Lan only made one quilt.

The rest of the fabric was planned to be made into jackets for Maisui.


The two of them spread the natural lining, cotton wool and the three-colour plaid together.

Their speed was much faster and Lin Lan’s movements were light and fast.


After laying it down, Han Qingsong first sewed the four sides of the quilt.


“Mother, my eldest brother went to fight with others again!” Erwang ran home and shouted.


He put the basket against the wall and hung a sickle on the wall of the main room.

He turned around and picked up the bowl to drink some water.

When he looked up, he saw his father sewing a quilt on the kang, “Pfft…cough…cough…”


Lin Lan hurriedly patted him on the back, “What are you sputtering for”


It was as if Erwang had seen a ghost, “Mother, mother…he, my father, he…”


“Why are you making such a fuss This is your father being versatile.

In fact, you should learn a little bit from him and you will have an advantage in finding a wife in the future.”


Erwang drank his water silently.


Lin Lan remembered Dawang’s fight again and said to Han Qingsong, “I have to go to the uncle Secretary Head and the principal to have Dawang go to school with them.

He’s only two years older, would they not allow him to attend classes even if we give them the money”


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