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In the past, it was the original owner who delayed his going to school.

Now, whenever she wanted Dawang to go to school these days, he would always use his age as an excuse.


Han Qingsong looked up at her.


Lin Lan, “You think that he doesn’t have to go to school since he is too old”


Han Qingsong, “…I didn’t say anything.”


Lin Lan said, “I’m going to talk to the teacher now; you talk to Dawang.

As long as he should go to school in order to make sure that he doesn’t remain ignorant.

It wouldn’t be good for him to merely know how to fight.


Erwang smiled and said, “Going to school doesn’t necessarily make one less ignorant though.”


As soon as his eyes rolled, Lin Lan realised that his youngest aunt and uncle also went to school, but they didn’t turn out to be that smart.


Even so, they still have to go to school.


Lin Lan asked Erwang to cook and at this time, Maisui led Xiaowang back into the house.


Xiaowang played with the flute.

Although there was no tune that he could follow, he could at least play each note.


Lin Lan did not hesitate to praise her son, “My child is awesome!” The child’s hands were small and he couldn’t block all the holes that were on the flute, so it was considered pretty good that he could still make sounds from the instrument.


Xiaowang immediately guarded his three loyal listeners and went to experiment with the flute.


Lin Lan left the house to find Han Yongfang first.


It had been raining for the past two days and the members did not have to go to work, but some work still needed to be done.


The Directors of the Revolutionary Committees in the other villages were all part-time workers and they either held meetings or treated guests all day long.

However, Han Yongfang had been going to work with the other members, so the old members liked him.

Han Yongfang was a restless man— leading people to see the rivers and canals all day long.

He also didn’t hesitate to check on the corn, peanuts, crops and the like.


Now was the critical period of maturity, so things could not be delayed.


Lin Lan found Han Yongfang in the courtyard of the Brigade.

He was resting with some old men to smoke and play.


Lin Lan explained what she meant, expressing that she wanted Dawang and Sanwang to go to school with Erwang and Maisui.


Han Yongfang looked at her in surprise, “All four”


The other old men were also very surprised— was she joking How could it be that easy to supply a house full of students It was not easy for a child in a family to go to school full-time.

Looking at the families who have children as students, they were the ones who worked the hardest and were technically the poorest.

Unless the family breadwinner was a cadre, those families have to work and offer more of their funds to support their child.


If a child did not do their share of work to earn work points, and the family still needed to set aside funds for the child’s living expenses, school tuition fee, supplies and so on, it would take about three working adults to be able to support a student.


Yet, she actually let all four of her children go to school.

Even if Han Qingsong changed jobs that provided him some form of salary, that would be nonsense.


Everyone thought she was joking and being unrealistic.


Han Yongfang didn’t question her, but said, “Go if you want.

It wouldn’t be weird for a soldiers’ family to go to school.

Our village doesn’t charge tuition fees, but just make sure to buy books by yourself.”


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