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Bo Silins eyes widened slightly.

Did she learn that quickly


His clothes were torn in half.

He had just lifted his body when he saw Su Feifei hugging him and placing a pillow under him.

Bo Silin was speechless.

It was a complete copy of the kiss from last time.

In fact… It was even more than he thought.

She kissed him from the corner of his mouth to the side of his ear.

Finally, it moved to his collarbone.

Then, her soft lips moved up and suddenly pressed against his adams apple.

Bo Silins body trembled and he fell onto the bed, panting slightly.

“Baby.” He grabbed her.

“Wher … Did you learn this ”

Last time, she was still very choppy.

This time, she moved like a speeding rocket.

“Youve taught me well.”

Su Feifei looked up, her misty eyes wavering in the night as she responded to him with his own words.

Bo Silin was instantly defeated.

After a while, he chuckled.

“Then, today…”

He took her hand and moved them down.

“Do you want to learn something else”

Su Feifei raised her eyebrows and her eyes followed her.

Their eyes met, and the night was silent.

“What else”

“Something happier.”

Happier Was there a need to ask

“Yes, I do.” She said.

Bo Silins lips curled up instantly.

Right then, the roar of a motorcycle suddenly sounded.

It directly cut off all the ambiguity.

“The crew is here!”

Outside, Qiu Yes quacking voice was heard.

Bo Silin, who was about to achieve his great ambitions, gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

The veins on his forehead began to throb.

He even had the motivation to kill Qiu Ye!

On this side, Qiu Ye got out of the car with a smile.

He knew which tent Su Feifei and Bo Silin were in with one glance…

There were three drones surrounding the tent, and the drones hovering around had exposed the two lovebirds.

[Someone please open the door! I want to see them!]

[How much do you think it will cost for us to see them kiss]

[If you want my life, I can consider giving it to you!]

[When Su Feifei comes out later, will her lips be the same as the last time Red and swollen]

[The hot search has been reserved just for them today!]

Qiu Ye laughed very happily.

He could tell just by looking at the situation that he must have interrupted a certain best friends good time.

Do you think you can deceive Su Feifei so easily No way! At this moment, the light of justice was shining on this tent.

“Bo Silin!” Qiu Ye took a bite of the bread and called out happily.

“Its time to meet the guests!”

[Is this a love-hate relationship Be honest, you and Bo Siling are the real couple, right]

[The country should send Qiu Ye a partner.

Dont let him keep disturbing our baby Bo!]

When Xiao He and the rest saw this, they immediately jumped out of hiding and stood in front of the tent!

Qiu Ye was shocked and took two steps back.

“F*ck! Why are you guys hiding there!”

“We wanted to ask you the same thing!” Xiao He shouted, “Why did you bring the crew here!”

The next second, the curtain was lifted.

Su Feifei walked out first.

Everyone turned their heads in unison to look at her.

Instantly, the entire place fell silent.

Su Feifei had already changed back into her clothes.

She was wearing a mens jacket, and her black hair was let down.

His face was fair and clean, and her dark eyes seemed to look glossy.

Her skin was flawless, her nose was perky, and her lips were cherry red.

All of her fierceness had disappeared at this moment.

“I… Ill go…” Qiu Ye shouted first, covering his heart.

Xiao He and the others immediately covered their mouths and widened their eyes.

[This is Su Feifei]

[F*ck, arent those two different people]

[Im kissing you through the screen baby girl!]

[Those eyelashes have directly pierced my heart!!]

[I just want to know if Bo Siling had a nosebleed.]

[Did he faint from her beauty]

“Su Feifei, you look so good like this!”

Tiantian walked over and tugged at Su Feifeis sleeve.

“Can you let your hair down more often in the future” she asked with starry eyes.

She became a fan of her looks in a second.

Su Feifei casually tied her hair up.

“Its not easy to work like that.” She said.

Xiao He and the rest swallowed their saliva and looked at her longingly.

Qiu Ye retracted his gaze and said to the tent, “Bo Silin, what are you doing in there Its only been a short while and youre already here You cant do it!”

The Bo family.

Grandpa Bo heaved a long sigh and leaned back in his chair.

“Xuanji.” He said.

“Yes, sir.”

Grandpa Bo wrote on a piece of paper and passed it over.

“Buy these and secretly send them to the island.”

The butler took a look.

Leek seeds


Bull p*nis


What the hell was this list!

“Dont ask, go on.” Grandpa Bo shook his head and turned off the live broadcast.

Today, his Grandson had failed yet again.

Who did he take after

“Hes putting on his clothes.” Su Feifei said.

The bread in Qiu Yes hand fell to the ground with a thud.

He picked it up within three seconds, patted it, and continued eating.

[Qiu Ye, youre good.

As long as you pick it up within three seconds, it wont be dirty.]

[To be honest, I know this rule too.

Even a kid would know.]

Qiu Ye had already calmed down.

Tonight, after the best friend incident, he had finally recovered.

What else could he not bear According to his analysis, things were definitely not what he thought!

Su Feifeis brain had never been able to be understood by ordinary people.

Therefore, this wearing clothes statement must be the ordinary way of wearing clothes.

The curtain was lifted again and Qiu Ye looked over with a smile.

The next moment, the bread fell again.

This time, he couldnt pick it up in three seconds…

Bo Silin had not changed his clothes at all.

His neckline had been torn open and a button was missing.

And that face… They were all lipstick marks!

His lips were already swollen, and he looked like he had been humiliated.

Qiu Ye was speechless.

“What the f*ck This, this, this…” Xiao He shivered.

“No way, no way…”

“Is Su Feifei that fierce Look at his pants! Theyre torn!”

[This is what you f*cking call post-traumatic stress disorder!!]

[The torn pants are the highlight!!]

[Whats going on! What the h&ll just happened!!]

[Why is it the other way around this time!]

[His face is covered in lipstick.

Su Feifei, did you plan on eating him]

[Help!! When can I install cameras in the tent Asking for a friend…]


Su Feifei followed everyones line of sight and looked back.

She immediately raised her eyebrows.

Whats wrong with this face And his clothes and pants… They werent torn to this extent just now, right

Bo Silin looked at her innocently.

“Whats with the clothes Didnt I tell you to change” She asked.

“You tore it, so I couldnt bear to change it.”

Instantly, the audience gasped.

She did that!!

“Alright! Thats enough!”

Qiu Ye roared.

He didnt expect this to happen when he came over to call them!

The two of them were about to turn the survival show into a love drama!

Qiu Ye stepped forward and said, “Im here to inform you of something.

The crew cant break our rules.

So, for the next seven days, well continue to follow the rules of survival.

The people from the crew will draw lots and divide into two groups, some will join Su Feifeis team and some will join Huang Lings team.”

Huang Lings team had chosen him as their temporary leader.

“Next, I will solemnly introduce a new member! This member will be joining Su Feifeis team!”

Qiu Ye suddenly smiled strangely.”You two should get along very well.

Thats because… Hes an old friend of Bo Silin.”

[Qiu Ye, is there something wrong with you]

[There are many hidden meanings behind his smile.]

[He isnt hiding his excitement either.

Its simply written in bold on his face.]

[What old friend Bo Silin has an old friend]

“Come out!” Qiu Ye looked at the crew.

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