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Note: Yes, it starts here, I checked twice.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ scoffs at ‘The World-building God’ by asking if he really isn’t expecting the Transmigrator to come and show sincerity first.]

[‘The World-building God’ yells back saying it’s noisy.]

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ tells you that the ‘The World-building God’ sponsored a sacred reward.]

[‘The World-building God’ cries out, what is he supposed to do if you say it like that!]


Did World God sponsor me something

“God prepared a gift for me, and I almost returned it without opening it.”

[‘World-Building Words’ is heartbroken by the dry summary of the situation.]


I can’t.”

With that being said, the choice seems to have been decided.

[ Do you want to select ‘Sacred Reward’ (Yes No)]


[‘The World-building God’ is greatly delighted.]



Suddenly, a large gift box appeared in front of me and settled in my arms.

It was very heavy.

[ ‘Costume Set of the Leader of the World Order’ has been acquired.]

(Note: For ‘Strict Order and Goodwill’ religion I will use the Vatican, for the religion of World God, I will use World Order)

What Costume set

I opened the box lid.


An elegant, pure white dress that a goddess would wear, a loose cloak with delicate embroidery, and beautiful jewels gleamed in the box.

[ ‘World Order Costume Set – Leader’

This is a luxury costume sponsored by ‘The World-building God’.

When worn, charm, dignity, elegance, and charisma increase by 200%, making missionary activities easier.

Note: It is recommended that the cloak be worn together because only the dress is too erotic.]

“I know, right Wow……for a moment, I thought the genre was Rofan.”

“There is such a thing.

Anyway, it’s so nice…… As expected, our God is the best……”

[‘The World-building God’ sees that you liked it, smiles warmly, and shrugs his shoulder.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says they chose the dress together.]

[‘The World-building God’ draws a line not to take credit in it.]


After I was impressed, I closed the lid of the box.

Rectifying the hazy expression on my face, I pointed out an important fact.

“But I can’t wear it.”

“There is no stat increase related to battle so I want to take care of it.”

The Leader’s costume went straight into my inventory satchel bag.

The day I will take it out again…… Well, frankly, it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ was looking forward to seeing you wearing it, but says it’s a pity.]

[‘The World-building God’ says that the day to wear it will soon come.]


Right then, the embers of the bonfire completely disappeared.

Just in time, it was a dark night when the moon did not rise, as a result, deep darkness fell on the surroundings. 

I hurriedly lit the bonfire again.


It took about 5 seconds for the light to come back.


A locked voice called me.

I was surprised.

Thesilid, who had slept unaware of the fact that I was talking with Agnes just before, was suddenly looking at me with soft eyes.

It’s strange to think so, but it felt like he woke up because it was dark.

He usually sleeps with the lights on at night.

“Did you wake up You can go back to sleep.”

“I slept enough.

I’ll take on night watch for you.”

“Well, alright.”

While wrapping the blanket around his body, Thesilid threw more firewood into the bonfire. 

The main character likes bright light.

I thought it was a good combination and started talking to him.



“A gentleman shouldn’t touch a lady.” 


The setting value of the main character was a faithful and sacred knight and I was happily waiting for the embarrassing response to my joke.

“If I touch you, won’t I die by your hands” 

“……Uh, well, yes.”

I had nothing to say when he came out with a serious reply, so I decided to keep quiet and close my eyes.

Meanwhile, at a similar time. 

There was a bit of a commotion in the ‘Transmigrator’s Community Chat’, where Ellet had not looked since her first day because of her jealousy towards the childcare transmigrators.

Of course, they were friendly at first.

As follows.

[Genre Change Aspirant]: Looking for a way to quickly earn 10 billion cash in modern settings.

[A Successful Fan]: If it’s a modern setting, aren’t all of them somewhat a hit on average Just get used to it.

[Genre Change Aspirant]: I don’t like it.

[Monster Chef]: Please refrain from speaking with a full stomach ㅠㅠ.

There are a lot of crazy transmigrators of fantasy that can’t even eat kimchi and ramen here ㅠㅠ.

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: completes the 103rd floor of the Tower of Trials.

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Huh Mister Hidden Power, didn’t you just complete up to the 102nd floor not long ago Great, great!

[Cider Pass 381]: It’s starting again haha.

[Original addict 7]: If you broke through the floor, you can honestly just boast about breaking it instead of pretending to be looking for a target. 

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: Why are you being so mean when it comes to attacking the tower Do you have an inferiority complex

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Mister Addict is just too talkative, don’t be heartbroken sir.

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: I don’t really care.

It just feels like he’s picking a fight because I’m an S-class.

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Oh my.

You were S-level!

[Daddy’s Girl]: S-class is cool…I’m an F class….

[Genre Change Aspirant]: But isn’t the rating the same as the worldview

[No.1 Hunter’s daughter]: It is widely believed in the chat that the world view rating = the level of the transmigrator, but in my case, I was assigned according to my aptitude and constitution. 

[Genre Change Aspirant]: OMG.

Then that means you are cool.

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: hahahaha

[Cider Pass 381]: Oh, did ASHP come again It’s an S-class, so anything becomes an argument.

[Original addict 7]: In the era of 1 million transmigrators, S-class seems to have increased a lot.

It’s not that big of a deal now.

[No.1 Hunter’s daughter]: Really When I was transmigrated, there was an uproar saying that it was an S-class that came out about 1 in 100,000 people.

[Tyrant’s Daughter 5]: I actually saw it.

It was the sister in my line, and she was making a look of losing her country after receiving the grade, and a Welsh Corgi wagged its tail brightly in front of her.


If he had a hand, I think he would have asked for a handshake hahaha!

[Apple of the Eyes11]: It was my front number, so I remember it too! That older sister was serious about the childcare genre.

[Tyrant’s Daughter 5]: Was it the RUWS (Return until you save the world) that she transmigrated in The waiters felt sorry for her, but they heard that she had purchased the after-life insurance full-package, they changed their attitude.


[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Oh my.

Full package.


[No.1 Hunter’s daughter]: I wonder what she’s doing right now.

If you’re watching the chat, please send something!

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: If she didn’t show up until now, I think she’s just dead.

S-class is different.

Less than 10% chance of survival.

[Cider Pass 381]: A personality that makes people dead because they don’t get attention; where else did that 10% come from

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: It’s true.

There are estimated to be at least 10 S-class people, but I’m the only one who’s active in the chat room.

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Huh.

So, the only S-class alive now is Mister Hidden Power

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: Y.

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Crazy.

Hyung, how about a friend request…….

[Cider Pass 381]: You are proud of making unfounded claims.

[Daddy’s Girl]: That’s enough.

It’s ugly to see an S-level flipping.

The quarrel ended with the victory of the ‘Attention Seeker with Hidden Power’.

A social consensus was made in the chat window not to be rude to a precious ranker.

It was then.

[Notice]: Congratulations! ‘Kill Hill’ has accomplished the achievement of ‘Completing the first SS-level Transmigrator Tutorial of the Transmigration Bureau’!

As soon as Ellet received the tutorial reward, the achievement advertisement function hidden in the chat system lit up.

[A Successful Fan]: OMG.

[Monster Chef]: OMG.

[Cider Pass 381]: What.

What is this

[FFF-level Physical Skills]: Awesome.

[Genre Change Aspirant]: SS level

[Tyrant’s Daughter 5]: True story

[A Successful Fan]: The only SS class in the age of 1 million people……

[Harem Construction Worker]: This is……You really have no choice but to admit it.

[Cider Pass 381]: Wow, who is Kill Hill Have you seen them

[Cider Pass 381]: Kill Hill bro Sister Answer me.

If there is no answer, even rants will do

[Original addict 7]: Look at how quiet he is.

As expected, this one is a real master.

[Tyrant’s Daughter 5]: Mister Hidden Power is suddenly quiet.


[Cider Pass 381]: That’s why you shouldn’t brag.

Come over and tell us how you feel about it lololol.

Mister Hidden Power reaction is so funny lololololololol.

That day, the transmigrators waited for Kill Hill to appear, but it was a long time later that Ellet turned on the chat window again.


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