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Su Ji raised her eyebrows and thanked her politely.

However, after thinking about it, she added, “actually, the Pei Corporation is also looking for a spokesperson…”

Pei Xi did not even hesitate for a second.

“That is none of my business.”


At 1 oclock in the afternoon, Xu Mingzhi came out of the study.

She had changed into a formal suit and had light makeup on.

She was shockingly beautiful.

Wei Wei followed behind her, talking on the phone in a foreign language.

“Of course, the Xu Group will consider continuing working with Sam first, but…”

On the other end of the phone, Sams manager was very aggressive.

He interrupted her, “I really didnt mean to interject, but Sam broke his arm coming here to meet with CEO Xu.

Hes in a very bad mood now.

If the Xu group is not sincere, you should prepare the termination fee.”

Wei Wei was patient.

“I hope you wont be unreasonable and unforgiving.

Although CEO Xu has decided to come back at the last minute, the project in Continent M will continue.

Its just that the investment will be reduced.”

When they reached the entrance of the first floor, Xu Mingzhi stopped and waited for Wei Wei for a while.

Although Wei Wei was capable, she was very passive.

Before she could even finish her sentence, Sams manager hung up on her.

Xu Mingzhi asked, “he hung up ”

Wei Wei pursed her lips, “yes.”

Xu Mingzhi tugged at the collar of her suit, her expression unchanged.

“Lets meet there and talk later.

At most, well terminate the contract.”

Wei Wei agreed and went to open the door for her.

She didnt forget to remind her, “boss, were not in the right this time.

Dont act rashly.”

Xu Mingzhi frowned.

She didnt like the feeling of being controlled by others.

Wei Wei opened the door and was stunned.



Su Ji had just returned.

When Xu Mingzhi saw her daughter, she smiled for the first time that day, “baby, where did you go today”

I was talking to a friend,” Su Ji replied.

Xu Mingzhi noticed something.

“Baby, the bracelet on your wrist is…”

Yesterday, she didnt have this.

Su Ji was the apple of Xu Mingzhis eye.

Even if she only changed her hairstyle slightly, she would be able to notice it immediately.

The only people who would buy this for her was either her or Pei Huai.

Su Jis hands drooped down without a sound, and her sleeves covered the bracelet.

“I just bought it when I was shopping with my friend.”

Xu Mingzhi was skeptical, because she seemed to have seen this bracelet at an auction in A City a few days ago.

It was said that it was dug out from the tomb of one of the princes from the great Shang Dynasty.

As it was related to the great Shang, she paid special attention to it.

However, most bracelets looked similar.

Wei Wei reminded her, “boss, its almost time to meet them.

Xu Mingzhi frowned.

“Baby, mom might be home late today.

If you want to eat anything, ask Aunt Wu to make it for you.”

Su Ji smiled and said calmly, “Ill go with you.”

Xu Mingzhi smiled lovingly.

“Ill take you shopping next time.

Today, Im going to talk about business…”

Not only was it a serious matter, but it was also quite tricky.

Su Ji replied calmly, “I know.

Its about the contract with Sam.”


Xu Mingzhi turned to look at Wei Wei.

Wei Wei immediately stood up straight.

“Im sorry, I told her about it…”

Su Ji replied, “I forced her to.

Please dont blame her.”

The mother-daughter pair used to discuss business together.

Since she knew about it, Xu Mingzhi did not try to hide it from her.

“Alright, you can come with me then.

The people there wont speak nicely.

You can sit behind me.

Dont worry.”

Su Ji smiled and did not say anything.

The three of them walked to the car, and Wang Zhicheng drove.

Su Ji was behind and sent a message to Pei Huai.

[ “How was it” ]


Pei Huai replied with a voice message, “waiting for the test result.”

Su Ji could hear that he was drinking something.

[ “Thanks, Ill get it from you later.” ]

[ “Send me the address.

Ill send it to you later.” ]

[ “Alright then.” ]

Sam was also heading to the agreed location.

The people in the car were fearless and were discussing how to set the price later.

Sams wrist was in a cast, and he looked like he had a stomach ache.

The scene of the two people ganging up to make fun of him yesterday was still in his mind.

“They better pray they dont see me again, otherwise, Ill make sure they suffer!”

He didnt know that he would be meeting them again soon…

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