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Third Elder Mu took a deep breath and suppressed the various emotions in his heart before saying reluctantly, “Great Elder, Im afraid theres something going on…”

“Bullsh*t!” Before Third Elder Mu finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by Taoist Mu Qing.

“Dont quibble and say that its a misunderstanding, let alone that you dont know.

I know very well if you were involved in what happened back then.

Im warning you for the last time.

Dont disturb my disciple again, and dont even think about targeting my disciples wife.

Otherwise, Ill settle all the old scores with you in one go!”

“Now, get out of here!” Taoist Mu Qing suddenly got up and pointed at the door, looking like he would attack if Third Elder and the others didnt leave.

Sensing the pressure Taoist Mu Qing released on them, the expressions of Third Elder Mu and the others were as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Among the four elders of the Mu family, Taoist Mu Qing had the highest cultivation level.

The other four elders were all at the sixth level of Ancient Martial Arts.

Even if they joined forces, they werent Taoist Mu Qings match.

Besides, one of them, Mu Sheng, couldnt use his internal energy, and Taoist Mu Qing had two helpers, Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan, and even a few secret guards hiding in the dark.

Under such circumstances, it was obviously very irrational to fight with Taoist Mu Qing.

In the end, Mu Sheng and the others could only leave with dark expressions.

They would discuss the solution after they returned.

However, just before they left, Lu Zijia gave them a big gift.

“Oh right, Im afraid the two elders still dont know, right The head of the Mu family was seriously injured in the battle with Ah Yan last time, causing his dantian to rupture.

With his dantian broken, he naturally cant store any internal energy.

If so, I believe that the leader of the Mu family would become an ordinary person in a few years.

The leader of the Mu family is an ordinary person.

Tsk, tsk.

How interesting.

Ah Yan, dont you think so” Lu Zijia turned to look at the person next to her and asked with a smile, looking extremely harmless.

As soon as Lu Zijia said this, the expressions of Second Elder and Third Elder Mu both changed drastically and they immediately looked at Mu Sheng.

As for Mu Sheng himself, his face was vicious and his eyes were full of hatred.

Mu Tianyan seemed to think that the Third Elder and the Second Elder were not provoked enough.

He added, “Not only can you not store internal energy, but you cant even circulate it.

Once you circulate your internal energy, the crack in your dantian will only become bigger.”

What he meant was that Mu Sheng would already be a martial invalid in a few years, no different from an ordinary person.

As Mu Tianyan spoke, Mu Shengs face became more and more ferocious and twisted.

If it werent for his strong willpower, he would have already killed Mu Tianyan.

Seeing Mu Shengs reaction, Second Elder Mu and the other elder knew that what Lu Zijia said was true.

However, the two of them didnt question Mu Sheng at this moment.

Instead, they waited until they got back.

After all, even if it was embarrassing, they couldnt let outsiders laugh at them!

However, after they took two steps, Lu Zijias cold voice entered their ears again.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you that I wont do business with the main branch of the Mu family in the future.

Unless you leave the main branch of the Mu family, its impossible for me to buy a pill from me.

Alright, Ive said what I needed to say.

Please leave.”

Looking at the backs of Mu Sheng and the others as they left angrily, the temperature in Lu Zijias eyes gradually turned cold, like a piece of thousand-year-old ice, making people feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts.

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