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Meeting the Organization Again

“Hello, Brother He…” The celebrities greeted Shi He one by one.” Were here to accompany Miss Manman. ”

“Miss Manman Who allowed you to call her that” Shi He retorted.

Who dared to call his little sister by her nickname

“We…” The people looked at each other, not knowing what to do. They looked at Shi Man, hoping that she could speak up for them.

Shi Man looked at the celebrities in front of her and was very curious. The men she had come into contact with when she was an agent were all more powerful and strong. She rarely saw such fair-skinned weaklings, let alone those with exquisite makeup on their faces.

Seeing that Shi Man was just staring at them in curiosity and not saying anything, the few young hunks looked at Ning Hui for help.

Ning Hui stood up to smooth things over. “Its rare for Manman to come to play, so I called them over to accompany her. Im afraid that Manman wont be happy…” Ning Hui paused for a moment and continued, “She keeps thinking about that person surnamed Yi.”

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Shi He was silent for a moment when he heard what Ning Hui said. What Ning Hui said made sense. He had dated many girls and knew very well that the best way to forget someone was to fall in love with another person.

Although he didnt like the people in front of him, he felt it wasnt impossible for them to make Xiao Man happy.

“Find a place to sit.”

Seeing Shi He relent, the few young hunks hurriedly sat around Shi Man.

For some reason, Shi Man was actually dressed so beautifully today! Although she had only put on light makeup, she looked especially pure and charming in her uniform. It made them a little tempted.

In the past, Shi Man was always dressed in a mess and had heavy and exaggerated makeup on. It was not that she was not good-looking, but she was a little scary. Therefore, they regarded the past sessions as work.

Now, not only could they get money, but they could also…

A boy was fantasizing when he subconsciously reached out to Shi He. Shi He grabbed him and said, “You better behave yourself.”

The piercing pain in his wrist woke him up. He hurriedly nodded and admitted his mistake.

Originally, if Shi He didnt make a move, Shi Man would have done it herself. However, since someone was guarding her, she couldnt be bothered to do it herself.

A few young hunks began to play with Shi Man, and the atmosphere in the private room gradually became hot.

A waiter came in to deliver wine. After seeing Shi Man, he secretly stuffed something into her hand and quickly left.

He was from Immaculate. Shi Man had seen him before. There was a black S-shaped tattoo on the back of an Immaculate mercenarys left ear and neck. She had seen it when the waiter placed the wine.

She opened her palm. In her palm was the packet of chocolates that the person had just given her. She read the words on the package.

80% concentration of black art


Shi Man smiled and found an excuse to leave the private room. She came to the door of the SVIP80 private room.

At this moment, Sean and the others were trading in the private room.

The guard at the door knew Shi Man and opened the door for her respectfully.

“Second Boss, Boss is here.”

Shi Man walked in and raised her eyebrows when she saw the table full of guns and ammunition. Was he trading firearms in such a place

Sean seemed to have sensed Shi Mans thoughts. He introduced the supplier to her and explained, “The Nightless City has its own security and means. Its safer to trade a small amount of equipment here.”

Shi Man nodded without comment.

Sean was more experienced in such matters than she was. There was no need for her to get involved.

“Why did you call me over” Shi Man asked directly.

Sean had specially asked someone to dress up as a waiter and sneak into her private room to call her over. If it wasnt important, he definitely wouldnt have gone through so much trouble.

“Boss, were going back to M City.” After Sean gestured for his subordinates to bring the supplier out, he said to Shi Man, “I have something to give you before we leave. I wanted to visit you at your residence, but I was afraid that you didnt want to make it public. Coincidentally, we met this time.”

With that, Sean lifted the box beside him, opened it, and placed it in front of Shi Man.

Inside the box was an exquisite silver pistol.

The barrel was carved with roses coiling around it, and there were a few dazzling red diamonds on the spear. It was very dazzling.



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